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Celebs Come Out to Pretend Like They’d Be Caught Dead Shopping at H&M

Oh, H&M, how I love thee. Home of the $8 sweater and the $20 pair of jeans. Home of racks and racks of cheap clothing that would have looked positively awesome on me when I was 14, before I had breasts and hips and body fat to take into account.

So I’m thrilled to see celebs like Nicky Hilton and Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton show up to celebrate some manner of dumb holiday promotion at H&M, even though we all know that the outfit Nicole Richie is wearing right now retails for more than the entire second floor.

Also there: Mena Suvari, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Ryan Cabrera, Michelle Trachtenberg, Mandy Moore, Jessica Stroup and Garcelle Beauvais.

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  • Wha? H&M clothes are waaay expensive over here in the UK.
    Primark kicks way more ass.

    Nicky Hilton looks like she has a broken neck in this pic, and Nicole looks like she’s just woken up from a coma in the middle of H&M and is wondering where the hell she is and who all those people are, but decided to smile because of the camera.

  • I always find it funny how much H&M differs all over the world…I’m from Sweden (you know, H&Ms home country…) and it’s like the only place I shop! Reasonable prices and sizes that fit me (I am not skinny anywhere!)… It’s even regarded by some fashion snobs to be a lowly/cheap place to shop… Funny that they seem to have some high-class stamp in the UK, being so much more expensive, and seem to have small sizes in the US…and not the same prices everywhere (which does NOT happen here). You find them in everywhere here, there are even two in my little town!