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Evan Rachel Wood Explains Reason For Split With Marilyn Manson

And I’m really grateful for this.  My sheets are sweat soaked every night as I anxiously toss and turn, head thrashing to and fro, pulling at my hair as the questions race through my mind.  “Why?  Where did it go wrong?  Can they work it out?  How are either of them even famous?  What color lip liner does Marilyn Manson wear and can I get it at Sephora?”

I am convinced that celebrities that ask for privacy are the biggest attention whores out there.  Ever notice how they go on about their breakup that no one cares about?  It’s like “Well he really liked anal and I didn’t and then one night he just slipped it in without asking and that was the final straw.  I ask for your privacy at this time.”  Puhleeze.  So here’s her official statement on the split:

Manson has been by my side and taken care of me through the best and worst times. I love him as a person and as an artist. I will always be proud to have been a part of that.

If any more attacks are made on us, it is the act of a desperate, selfish person, who is angry to no longer be a part of my life. No further comment will be made and we request our privacy at this time.

Right.  Because whenever I love someone as a person and an artist, that’s it.  You’re outta here.  Obviously it could never work.  Anyway, Evan, why not just be honest with him?  Like “you were so much more attractive to me when you were married to someone else.”

And I want to see the long line of bitter and sobbing fools who are just so devastated as to no longer be a part of Evan Rachel Wood’s life.  No such people exist except in her echoey little head.  As a final observation, it amuses me how she calls him “Manson” because she’s embarrassed to be screwing a guy named Marilyn.  What a bitch; he didn’t seem to mind screwing a girl named Evan.

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  • Maybe she just got sick of that contact buzz she got off him everytime she had skin contact with him. Dude, lay off the drugs.

  • Oh how hard it must be to be one of “the beautiful people, the beautiful people” Poor things.

  • I love that picture cuz she looks all pretty and dainty and he looks like a damn monster.

    And I love her statement…. making me curious with “If any more attacks are made on us, it is the act of a desperate, selfish person, who is angry to no longer be a part of my life. ” and then directly after asks for privacy.

    It’s sooo like the person who is like “OMG I HAVE THE CRAZIEST SECRET!!! YOU WILL DIIIIIIIE!!!!!!!!!! oh but I can’t tell you.”

    It’s just like shut up, then don’t say anything. I hate when people do that.

  • I can’t say I find him appealing as an artist but in the interviews I’ve heard he sounds extremely intelligent, thoughtful, and sensitive, so maybe that’s how he attracts the ladies. His public persona is part of his act.

  • I don’t like his appearance, but you got to give him some credit, he is a really smart guy, I would recommend you watch the interview he did with Henry Rollins. People/the media in general always pass a quick judgment on him because of his appearance.

    As for Evan, she just seems to be young and stupid and after his money. I thought it was just ridiculous when she started to change her appearance right away when she started dating him, I thought it seemed…a bit desperate? like she had to match him in order to fit in. That’s just my observation..

  • Ouch, Wendie. I always liked Evan Rachel Wood. She’s a good actress. And while I’m not fond of Marilyn Manson’s music/style, he does seem very intelligent.

    Oh well, whatever.

  • I want to know…. how does MM get these girls to go out with him!??!?!!? He has the prettiest girls, and he wears a full face of makeup!!!!! I want to know what the attraction is. I really do.

  • It’s more or less the same statement everyone gives and her statement is pretty vague so I don’t get your pointless rant.

  • Evan suffered his meaningless personality, until she got her name, talents out to the right actor agent connections from publicity concerning their freaky relationship and kicked Manson’s sorry, ugly, absurd phoney-goth butt to the curb, as she owns the house he was staying in, her rules are the law. Dita is probably gut-bust laughing all the time.

  • I’m sorry, but Evan Rachel Wood is an awesome actress. If you were to peruse the reviews of her movies on Rotten Tomatoes, you’d find that most critics (e.g., Roger Ebert) would agree. That said, I don’t get her relationship with him. Ugh.

  • oh, and I am not discounting the fact that MM is very intelligent… he could be a really quite lovely person. I am just saying he looks like a monster. And, on purpose.

    I think Evan was going through some weird teenage rebellion thing…. trying to shock her family/friends/fans with all of this. After time, the excitement of that probably wore off.

  • I understand what ThatLisa is saying. He might be the extremely intelligent and I’m sure highly interesting – but would YOU fuck him?

  • you people all have a right to your opinion,thats one of the rights we have as humans…I personally think that marilyn manson is the hottest guy that ever lived..I would fuck him 100000000000000 times..just seeing his face makes me blush..I have always been attracted to him, im almost 30 and have thought this for over 10 years..Im not some dollar store goth, most ppl look at me like wtf is wrong with me when I say how attracted I am to him, but I am so , I can TOTALLY see how he gets hot women…he is so fucking hott….*drools*

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