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Uh … Guys?

I’m sorry to be a buzz-kill right now, but Prop 8 looks like it’s going to pass.

Very disappointing, California.

Why the hate?

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  • This is why civil rights shouldn’t be up for a vote. The majority will always vote to suppress the minority. This isn’t over, not by a long shot.

  • Yeah, while I am excited that we can move forward on a national level, finally, it’s bittersweet to hear speeches about civil rights while there are citizens being stripped of some of theirs.

    Step up, President-elect Obama…it’s the right thing to do.

    Oh, and please, for gawd’s sake, keep your nuts away from Jessie Self-Promoting Jackson…PLEASE!!

  • Yea, they voted yes on it in Florida too.. I’m bummed about it. I don’t understand why people care what other people do if it has nothing to do with thier own lives.

  • Well wtf??? California??? They said yes to prop 8??? For real???…. That sucks big time, not to be mean or anything, but i kind of thought there was a lot of gays living there.. That doesn’t make sense, does it?….

    It is so unfair and racist.. I thought we all wanted a change..

  • That’s really terrible.

    I was so surprised by Obama’s boldness in immediately addressing gay Americans at the opening of his speech. Perhaps this tolerance and respect will influence some people in the next few years.

  • people are just not ready for that kind of tolerance. i live in california and never really thought that it was not going to pass (though i voted no). the churches have really pushed it – the part that pisses me off to no end is how supposedly most of the funding came from the mormons. oh like it’s okay for a man to have 6 fucking wives but not a husband??? that’s “traditional” marriage? makes. me. sick.

  • The best part of all their hypocrisy is they all claim to want ‘traditional family’ the way ‘God’ wanted it. Marriage in the bible is POLYGAMY. Last I heard that’s the number one argument against same-sex marriage after religion. So these same people spewing their hate because of a book that tells them to continue to pick and choose what to obey.

  • I cannot wait for the day when people will actually vote rationally, intellectually and humanely instead of just blindly following the rules of some stupid religious book.

  • RE:

    Sometimes Says:
    November 4th, 2008 at 10:45 pm
    This is why civil rights shouldn’t be up for a vote. The majority will always vote to suppress the minority. This isn’t over, not by a long shot.


    I hope my beautiful state pulls through… come on, california…..

    I still love you gays :) I voted for you (and for all of us!)


  • Why is it OK to bash religion? Some stupid religious book? Try saying that to a Muslim… you’d get your head chopped off.

  • My BIL actually put a Yes on 8 at the end of our joint driveway. I yanked that fucking sign down so fast it tore. I asked him if he put it there..yep. Why, I asked. He said our Church (Catholic) priest said it was our duty to vote Yes. I said you can’t think for yourself??? He said “you want fags to be able to marry?” I was appalled. I asked him if they said Catholics couldn’t vote anymore because they’d always follow the Leader what would he do? He said that wouldn’t happen. I said ANYTHING can happen when people are lead with their ears and not their heart. He promised he would put it in his own yard and not where anyone would think it was also my choice. I said…good..because that sign wouldn’t last 2 seconds if it went back up. It was hard enough passing the McCain-Palin sign to get to my house. Gawd.

    I love the guy but was totally shocked he said what he did. College educated, sits on high powered boards, seemingly intelligent…can’t fathom the venom. I reminded him he lost a cousin to AIDS in the early 90-s. We met his partner…told him to remember I have a gay sister. Are you saying they are less than we are? He just repeated the Church says to vote Yes. I just said “dayum”. Totally blew my mind…I just don’t think he and I will have the same relationship anymore. I kinda can’t handle bigots…pity.

  • I should have reminded him that we were asked to forgive the Church child molesters (another WTF moment for me) and he was okay with that…but not with two consenting adults committing to each other.

    Alrighty then…and this in fucking California….

    I don’t know…I am constantly amazed at how easily some are led…right to the koolaid. And it ain’t all sweet….

  • @ SumGuy

    It becomes a stupid book when it prevents someone from thinking for themselves; I’m not against religion, just brainwashing.

  • I don’t live in CA, but that makes my blood boil.
    Disappointing, disappointing.
    Well done for electing a black president, a great man who will lead this country well, but this is disgraceful.

  • it’s like the bradely effect but with homosexuals…just because you are more vocal and stand on every effing corner in my neighborhood doesn’t mean you win…and thank God for that.

  • I have to agree with you Jay. The Catholic Church preaches tolerance and forgiveness…except if you’re gay.

    A church that can forgive men who fuck small children has no right telling their followers to tell two consenting adults they can’t commit to marriage.

    I mean, seriously, if you’re going to get all biblical about it then you should remember that it was the father and brothers of the potential bride who got the say so as to who she was married off to. And I can’t imagine too many American women who follow this part of the biblical dictates on marriage???? If you’re going to follow the bible then don’t cherry pick what suits you. Follow all of it or not at all. Otherwise you’re a hypocrite.

  • “Makes me very very pleased to be in europe where people are treated much more equally and gay marriage is accepted.”
    In Italy not!!! :(

  • You know, I don’t live in California…but if I did, I would have voted yes. Why does that make me a hater? I do not hate gays…I know plenty and I like them regardless if I agree with their lifestyle choices or not. I just do not believe that marriage was intended to be anything but shared between a man and woman. That is my belief, morals, whatever you want to call it.

    The people have spoken…just as they did for president. Why can’t people accept that and that be good enough? As long as it goes the way you voted, you’re fine with it. If it goes the other way, we all become morons, ignorant and haters.

    I’m not a hater…just a person exercising my freedom to vote and make my voice be heard…you get the same privledge….lets move on.

  • I voted YES on 8. Im not religious either. Its not a natural union so I dont approve of it. It also has nothing to do with “hate” either. It just doesnt make sense. Next thing you know people will want to marry their pets!

  • ms Says:
    November 5th, 2008 at 1:42 am
    it’s like the bradely effect but with homosexuals…just because you are more vocal and stand on every effing corner in my neighborhood doesn’t mean you win…and thank God for that.

    You need to look up “Bradley effect” and educate yourself. Your comment made no sense. What on earth do you think the Bradley effect is?

    At least you managed to pick up a little catch phrase on the news or something… congrats. Next time, make sure you actually know what it means before you try to use it in an argument