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Jennifer Hudson Update

More than a week after the murder of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew, Vogue editor and friend Andre Leon Talley has said that Jennifer is doing “very, very well.  She’s very strong.” 

Today a private memorial is being held for the family.  Jennifer’s cousin, Demitrias Jackson has indicated that Hudson will take a break from acting to focus on family.

Continued prayers and strength go out to the Hudson family.

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  • I can’t imagine what the Hudson family is going through. It’s such a senseless tragedy. The only thing that has struck me as kind of odd (I live in Chicago) is that Jennifer hasn’t made a public announcement. I’m sure she’s extremely distraught but she didn’t go to the public memorial service yesterday either (that included Julian’s second grade teacher, classmates and other family members and friends). Maybe she’ll address the media after the private services that were today thanking her friends, fans, and family for their support.

  • this is terrible, but my first thought reading this post was: she’s taking time off to focus on her family? how much family does the poor girl have left?

    i don’t blame her for not making a public announcement. if i lost my mom, brother and nephew in a period of days, i wouldn’t be able to get out of bed – let alone make a pr speech.

    i’m sure she appreciates her friends and fans support. her fans should appreciate the fact that the girl can probably barely function.

  • I’m so so sorry for her and her family, my heart go out to the who family, i know what she going through, i lost my father and sister and boyfriend and two years apart, just take your time and recover girl! god love u, May god bless u.

  • I’m so so sorry for her and her family, my heart go out to the family, i know what she going through, i lost my father and sister and boyfriend and two years apart, just take your time and recover girl! god love u, May god bless u.

  • All i can say is that this is an absolute tragedy. I hope that she continues to be strong and in the midst of things looks to God and the wonderful memories that are forever engraved in her heart.

    Blessings to the entire members of the Hudson Family and look to each other to strengthen the links that have been so cruely broken.

  • Hello all, My eyes have not been dry since I heard of this tragedy that Fri. evening.
    I am a True J-Hud fan, always have been from day 1 of AI, let us continue to keep her & her Fam in prayer guys, they will surley need it with the Holidays drawing near, I’m soo glad Jennifer have David Otunga’s shoulders to lean on & I know that he’s there for Julia as well. Let us pray for their Healing, Pressing on Power, understanding & the ability to Forgive….because they will need to forgive the person or persons responsable in order to move forward in their lives. I’m Praying for the entire Hudson & King family, ( II Chronicles 7:14 )

  • Jennifer Hudson’s quiet strength is so admirable and I offer my sincere compassion and prayers to her family. There is so much love and concern circulating throughout a large portion of the world for you Jennifer. Only God can give you the strength to get through this very intimate tragedy, so lean on Him more than ever now.
    I hurt for you and your entire family and in particular for your sister who has not only lost a mother and brother, but also her child.
    I too am somewhat relieved to know that you have your fiance, David Otunga, there by your side to support and comfort you.
    I pray that Julia will be comforted and also know that we send out as much love to her as well. May God hold you and keep you and yours safe and continually blessed.

  • I am very sickened to hear about what has happened to jennifers family. she must be feeling like her world has come crashing down around her. God bless her, and all of my thoughts and prayers go out to jennifer and her sister right now. I ache to hug jennifer and tell her to be strong but i know deep down that shes a strong individual already. Her sister must be feeling alot ov pain 2 nd aching to hold her son again, nothings worst than losing your child, as i know by losing my son 2 yrs ago as a baby. nothing anybody says will heal you completely, but you will be able to come to terms with it not how it happened as i dont fink anybody can come to terms with something so callous and sickening. Im glad shes got her family behind her and her sister and also Jens fiance David Otunga. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND PEACE. STAY STRONG!!

  • Jennifer Hudson is a very strong woman and she won’t t give up,she know’s the devil is messing with her mind.But all that means is she’s getting close 2 a breakthrough from god……………I wish her family the best and i hope you make i it through the pain with not many troubles…………comeing from my heart i truely love the Huson,King, and Donerson family!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer my heart goes out to you and your family. Like so many others have mentioned always rely on God for the support needed to get through these trying times. I know that you are a very religious person from reading about you in the jet magazine and about your loving grandmother. Always pray to Jehovah God in Jesus Christ name and pray for much needed holy spirit.