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Check out these adorable photos from the traditional Jewish wedding of Will & Grace creator Max Mutchnick and his husband, Erik Hyman. The wedding ceremony also served as a naming ceremony for their twin daughters, born from a surrogate: the girls are named Rose and Evan.

Erik is the former longtime partner of famed photographer Herb Ritts, who died of AIDS in 2002.

Mazel tov, kids!!! Here’s to newfound happiness!

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  • That IS beautiful, what an awesome story! I was staring at that header photograph for the longest time. So beautiful… Congratulations to the newly married couple, and best of luck for their continued happiness together and their amazing new family – twin little baby girls, AND just married? Very cool! Hope Prop 8 doesn’t pass…

  • The look disturbingly alike…like brothers. Kind of like Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers. That’s kind of eerie! Oh well whatever, mazel, mazel!

  • Beautiful sight!

    Unfortunately, they gave one daughter the lovely name, Rose, and the other the masculine name, Evan.

  • What about Evan Rachel (home wrecking whore) Wood?

    I thought Evan was one of those wannabe blue blood names that’s a male name, but gives a fauxniqueness to trust fund chiks.

    You know, like what Blair was in the 80s.
    Anyways, who cares…


  • you guys have got to be joking! let’s see; one creepy looking dude’s last partner died of aids, which he probably got in some dark nightclub bathroom stall, and the other creepy looking dude was still willing to marry the guy? and regardless of what names they chose for the girls, who the fuck wants either of those LAST NAMES? hyman would be great for two girls, wouldn’t it. i choose it over muchnick. sometimes wealth is a sickening thing. double yuck!

  • @censorthis

    why can’t you just accept they love eachother? Quit gay-bashing and go find something better to do. As my mother always says (gotta love her!): if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  • re; lucky

    gosh, your mother was so original. they may ‘love’ each other, that is, until they find a knothole to stick their dicks through for anonymous sex. i’m cool with the gay marriage thing, but having two baby girls as just more ‘trinkets’ to go with the stack of emmy awards really bothers me for some reason. i’m cool with lesbian mothers…because they’re women. two men don’t know shit about raising little girls, even if one of them is a bottom. and hyman is a shitty last name for a little girl.

  • Dearest Censorthis,
    I am so sorry for your unfortunate latest accident. I heard you had to have your brain lobotomized because of your decision to drive through the day care center and kill all of those small helpless school children. I think what you need to do is try to stay home and off your computer because you never know what other damage can occur from your lack of intellectual capacity. You are in my prayers and hope that one day u will lose the 350 pounds you have put on and get rid of the constant ass burn that you are constantly itching. Have a really nice day and mind your own fucking business…