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Sienna Miller Puts Another Relationship to Bed

Well it’s coming from The Daily Mail so take it with a grain of salt.  But apparently Sienna Miller has moved back to London to get some space from her married, live-in boyfriend Balthazar Getty.  He has made no motion to file for divorce from his wife of 8 years and Sienna doesn’t like that.  He cheated on his wife with Miller and now she’s upset that he won’t commit.  I love irony.  I, too, hated when my old boyfriend’s wife got in the way.  Selfish bitch.

But wait, there’s more.  Getty is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict and Sienna is rumored to be…you know, the same minus the “recovering”. 

If you could create an instruction manual on how to craft a doomed for failure relationship, wouldn’t these two be in every diagram?

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  • ok, i think i brought this up when this all first came out, but here we go again..

    he’s a big boy. the couple was seperated when he and sienna got together and it was his choice regarding how to proceed.

    how is it her responsibility to make him act respectfully towards his pseudo-wife? she is not obligated to that woman in any way. let’s be realistic here.

  • no LINDSAY he was not separated, if you had checked all comments you would have a better idea, just reading bits and pieces will not give you the true story. on the end of june getty himself said when asked if he was getting divorces”NO, NO TRUTH IN THE RUMOR” and on the 23rd april he attended the ANTIQUE OPENING PARTY with his wife.

  • She looks so young and carefree, bohoemian dream queen. She can do better than him, she has had bad luck with Jude Law so she knows to be careful with this married man, i think she’d be good with zackery effron.

  • Her career is fairly trashed here in the US, and she was looking at all that oil heir money that he probably now won’t get until his four children are adults and educated and cared for with the mother. Sucks to be a slut.

  • Karin, what part of gossip do you expect is based on truth? =S

    besides, people in that industry lie all the time. publicists, celebs, etc. why on earth would getty divulge such personal info [ie. a divorce or no] to a complete stranger when it’s really none of their business one way or the other?

    aren’t we all just speculating, without knowing these people personally?

  • Lindsay-

    Yes, I understand sometimes speculation can lead to comments and unfair reasons for not liking a celebrity, but look at at this way. This is not the first time Sienna has been caught in a “scandal” with a married man. The first we all know was with Jude Law, he had 3 children. The second was with Sean Penn at the Oscars, “innocent flirting” she said, but guess what? Soon, Robin Wright Penn wanted a separation (it never went through but you get my point)

    There can only be so many times you can feign fairness and ask not to judge but the fact of the matter is that they were photographed kissing in Prague, just a few weeks after Balthy and wife had attending a multitude of art shows and events.

    To me, if she wasn’t a “homewrecker” she would have said so herself, if she didn’t Balthy would have said she wasn’t in the half-assed statement he released. And Rosetta wouldhave said something too.

    Something is to be said for a woman who was “separated” from her husband for months and she is keeping quiet and allowing her soon to be (?) ex-husband get “victimised” by the press.

    And the fact that nothing has happened on both sides in regards to divorce lets me to believe that the relationship between Balthy and his wife was not nearly as finished as the Sienna camp would like us to believe.

  • ADUM well said ,you said it better than i did. would have been better for his wife to say they had separated , would not have made her look so foolish.we all see thinks from different angles but if you look back on rosetta’s site you will see a lot more details as well.

  • Don’t know if they were already separated or not and couldn’t care less.
    But why do you assume his wife would’ve come to his defense if the marriage was already over? She must have been hurt to see how fast her husband has moved on. So she got all the sympathy in the world while her ex gets trashed. If they’re going to divorce she has much better cards with the whole world thinking her ex is a cheating scumbag.
    Please, him getting “victimised” by the press” is her topping on her ice cream, no matter if they were already separated or not.
    So much for seeing things from different angles.

  • Can’t this woman ever date anyone who is not married or in a relationship with someone else? She is noithing but trouble and she always looks like she just rolled out of bed.

  • Lindsey

    You don’t know what the hell you are talking about. He has 4 kids and a very nice wife…what makes you say such a crappy thing about his wife when all she did was act with class and dignity. If she takes him back he would be the luckiest man alive, personally I would dump hi ass but that is just me.

  • Lindsey

    You don’t know what the hell you are talking about. He has 4 kids and a very nice wife…what makes you say such a crappy thing about his wife when all she did was act with class and dignity. If she takes him back he would be the luckiest man alive, personally I would dump hi ass but that is just me.


  • I thought the latest breakup was PR BS. You don’t decorate your loft apt. in NYC and have your artwork sent over, to then turn around and split up! Sluttyienna’s and BG’s careers are in the crapper, that’s why they split for awhile! At least their PR people can see where their careers are headed!! No where!! BG probably stayed in LA for work & no doubt met with Rosetta, to try & get her file for a divorce. Why should she? Let him spend, spend, spend!!
    BG & SM don’t seem to want to understand that it’s the public that helps to keep them going with their careers! BG will be out of a job & he’s not one of the billionaire Getty’s that some publications like to report and he’s not even a good actor!! He’s not a billionaire but he is a sleeze for treating his family like he has! Even if a divorce was in the works why would you treat your wife like that? His kids will find those pics on the internet someday. He was probably to drunk at paparazzi time to care. As for Sluttyienna’s career, she can be replaced by any number of pretty women. Pretty women who can even act & are not drunks, drug abusers or sluts.