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Miley Cyrus At Her Christian Best

Isn’t she just the sweetest little bitch ever?  Here’s the little pop tart yesterday in Paris publicly claiming hate for her ex, Nick Jonas.

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  • Ugh!! Have you seen the Halloween pix of her boyfriend….he dressed as a “Jonas Brother.”
    Girlfriend is BITTER!

  • cut her some slack, she’s a kid. just think of how irrational and immature you were about break ups when you were a teenager and then imagine having to do that in public and somehow justify it so that you feel okay about yourself.

    not that i give a shit about her, but reporting gossip like this is kind of like kicking a three legged dog.

  • yea seriously that shits normal for a girl her age, its not like shes being retarded or crazy, shes just being a teenager.

  • Who doesn’t hate at least one of their exes? At 15, I was certainly inclined to hate an ex more than I do now…and I still harbor some not-so-nice sentiments towards some men of my past. Don’t lots of artists write about relationships gone bad?

  • hah! i love it when jewish bloggers talk about being ‘christian’ and shit. how would she have acted if she’d been on her ‘jewish best’? just curious.

  • “OMG a 16 year old girl broke up with he BF and now she doesn’t like him! Breaking news people!” haha I’m 23 and I /still/ hate some of my ex bf’s. I don’t see what the ish with this video is.

  • You know, I have always really hated her because of how completely slutty and fake she seems to be. But the more I watch her in real life, the more I realize that she’s just who she is. I really don’t think she tries in front of the camera… And this is actually very strange for me to say, because I honestly hate her.

    I think the whole Seventeen interview was a bad choice…but, you know, this kind of made me laugh…WITH her.

  • I like at the end where she says, “I still hate you.”

    He should do a show and dedicate a song to her… then at the end he can say, “I’m still banging Selena Gomez.”

    Or maybe that would only be funny to me. I like when the Disney clubbers fight.

  • I like at the end where she says, “I still hate you.”

    He should do a show and dedicate a song to her… then at the end he can say, “I’m still banging Selena Gomez.”

    Or maybe that would only be funny to me. I like when the Disney clubbers fight.

    ^Haha thats what i was thinking. I would find it funny too. Hahaha.
    By saying “i still hate you” she made a bit of an arse of herself haha.

  • Most people who claim to be Christians or religious are some of the meanest, violent folks out there. Her daddy should hang his head in shame for pimping her out so young.

  • re; whatever

    her dad’s a hillbilly for christs sake. if they’d stayed in kentucky she’d have already had a three armed kid with her first cousin that lives in the trailer on the other side of the hogpen, just past grandmas outhouse.

  • You know, in the beginning she really annoyed me, but I actually like her these days. I like her voice – it sounds different than all the other tweeny losers out there, and props to her for making millions before hitting 16! As to that, you know, it’s normal! She’s a teenager, she broke up with her boyfriend, it’s her concert, she’s allowed to say whatever she wants, and if she still hates him, at least give her props for not trying to feed us that “Oh we’re best friends now! Everything’s fine!” bull. You know what? Live your life, Miley.

  • LOL @ all the comments on this!! made me laugh out loud alone in my room.
    i love miley!! shes a sweety who cares if shes a slut too?!

  • Would someone please kill Miley and end her pain once and for all? That bitch doesnt even deserve to be a celebrity, she´s such a loser!!! and her fame whore new boyfriend, wins the ultimate price for a total dushbag!

  • re; gossip boy

    silly. we don’t wish people dead on this site. it’s called the ‘jerry lewis policy’ that beet added to her already long list of restrictions against our god given right of free speech after weekend wendie blew her angst ridden load all over the headlines one or two saturdays past. if you didn’t see it, just wait awhile, as i’m sure she’ll forget she ever posted it and repost it for you to see just like it’s brand new. we all wake up in a new world here everyday at evil beet gossip. that is, except for donkey punch who still wakes up every day as the proverbial pile of steaming shit that someone put in a bag, put on beets front porch, lit on fire and rang her doorbell and ran.

  • I always liked Miley and defended her but she really pisses me off with this. Nick is not bashing her,I ‘ve only ever heard him say positive things about her,sure maybe there’s things going on that we don’t know about but still,he seems so sweet publicly and I think she’s being a real bitch now,one day she says there still friends,the next this,and if she really means she still loves him go tell him that and stop being so ignorant!

  • This “Gossip Boy”, she didn’t do anything to make these people hate you people. It’s her choice if she wants to break up her own relationships so you can’t do anything about it. I love Miley just the way she is and you should too. She doesn’t hate anyone. Hate is a big word, don’t you think, “Gossip Boy”? If you say that she is a bitch and a loser, the means you are one more than you say she is. You are stupid, a bitch, and a loser for saying that Miley Cyrus is a bitch and a loser and shouldn’t be a celeberty. She can live her own life without someone like you

  • i understand wanting to harp on and badmouth an ex, particularly if you’re hurt about the breakup. it stinks that they’re both famous, so it turns into this whole rigamorole with he said she said and people making youtube videos and team whoever shirts. it must stink, because if she says anything, she looks like a bitter drama queen, yet at 16, or whatever age, how hard is it to take the higher road and keep quiet? bravo to her for standing up for herself, but hopefully she learns that things need to be phrased in a certain way, or else they sound really bad. then again, gossip magazines and paparazzi, or anyone for that matter, can twist things.
    she’s lucky for the good her fame brings her, but i feel bad for her because i know i wouldnt want to live in a fishbowl.