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John McCain on SNL

I think he did a pretty good job actually.

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  • I LOVED that first part. He did so well! And “the sad Grandpa” .. very funny! I’ll stop laughing if he wins the election on the 4th however.

  • I liked the “republican without money” part. He was really funny. I’m impressed. It wouldn’t win my vote, but I hate him a little less now.

  • I thought McCain did a great job. He was funny and pretty likable. I hope he ends his campaign with that good attitude. I don’t think he’ll win nor would I like him to, but I also don’t think he’s the anti-christ and I hope he goes out with some dignity.

  • I thought it was really cute. And Cindy McCain showing off the gold was very funny too. McCain looked like he was going to break out in giggles. (Do geezers giggle?)

  • I loved Cindy’s cameo…. and I thought he did really well.

    I’m not voting for him.. but he did a good job

    I was also a fan of “sad grandpa”

    I liked him more than Palin… but I liked the Poehler rap part the best out of anything.

  • Oh, sure, a “republican without money” who owns 8 houses and has no idea how many cars he owns. Whatever, there, McCain. I didn’t think he was funny or cute, I guess I just cannot get past how nasty and low he’s been running his campaign, or the whole thing about how he divorced his crippled wife and turned around and married Miss Moneybags Beautyqueen immediately thereafter. I do not like this man. At all.