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Governor Schwarzenegger Says VOTE NO on PROP 8!

The Republican governor released his positions on the California propositions today, and he wants California voters to VOTE NO ON PROP 8.


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  • I know, right?? Yay, Arnold, indeed! Just goes to show, not EVERYone in the Republican party is completely irredeemable. There IS hope…

    • Just because people vote YES on PROP does not make them a Republican, I really do not know where you get off on that one.

      But I believe that the majority of the votes on the Prop 8 being a yes is that the majority of people are rules by their convictions and not their flesh and trying to do what they want to do but by what they believe is best for their familes and socitity.

      It is my child, not yours and I do not want my child to think that its ok to marry the same sex. That is my choice and I have that right as an American. We were forced to make a choice on the ballot and we made that choice.

      I think that I can speak for most of the people that made that choice. We do not like it when the gay community keeps trying to force their agenda down our throats. That is what is lawfully wrong. The votes have been counted. Please get over it and move on and stop the ugliness.

      I love Gays, I do not love the lifestyle. That is my choice

      • What gives you the right to make a “choice” about someone ELSES lifestyle? what goves you the right to deny your child the right to make his or her own decisions?
        please think before you write an essay.

  • Arnold is a WIMP!!! Vote yes, marriage is for a man and a women like God intended. But I know it will pass and Barack will be elected also. There is NO hope.

    • um.. FARMERCARL you sound like your still stuck in 1950’s, do you also think a women place is in the kitchen and african americans shouldn’t vote? why should it matter if gay people marry, its not effecting you. There are so many other issues we need to be talking about, global warming, the war in Iraq, the economy, why are we wasting our time on something as simple as this?

  • oh my god he’s doing something right for a change!! hooray!! maybe skeletor said she’d stop having sex with him if he didn’t oppose prop 8. oops, did that sound a little mean? sorry.

  • He personally opposes same-sex marriage, but understands what makes this country great. You do NOT have to vote your personal beliefs, but rather should vote to protect everyone’s beliefs. It has always been the Supreme Court that upheld the civil rights of our people… if not we’d still have segregation and bans on interracial marriage because the majority wanted it that way. He vetoed the bill that passed legislature twice and wanted the supreme court to decide and they did. That should have been END OF STORY. Let’s *not* show all three branches of government and the rest of the world that we’re a bunch of ignorant masses who don’t understand our own government or appreciate the rights this country has given us. Please make sure everyone knows why they should vote NO on Prop 8.

    • I’m sorry but, You’re a hard to understand, you kind of remind me of one who sits on the fence, not really sure of which side you want to get on- I like but I don’t like. “I oppose same sex marriage but I vote for it”. It’s called, double mindedness.
      Oh honey, it’s really not that difficult.
      Choose which road you will take.
      I am very clear in what I believe and I follow my convictions, whether anyone likes it or not.
      Last year, I voted YES on PROP 8 and that’s my conviction.
      And if need be another round, I still vote YES on PROP 8
      “Any questions”?

  • I’m so sick of hearing the bible cited in this and the “it says it’s for a man and a woman.” The bible also says that eating shellfish shall be punished by death. Last time I checked, Red Lobster was still a thriving business!

    Get your heads out of your @sses, you ingorant dumbsh!ts!!! GO ARNOLD!!!

    • You sound rediculously foolish but thats ok, it shows who you are and you also have not read what the bible states about eating certain foods one of them being shell fish.

      It simply means that you will not live a long healthy life if you eat it- as they are the, “scavenger of the sea”.
      What you eat is what you IS!

      Have a good day

  • I agree that same sex marriage is rubbish. If the lord wanted that he would have dne it from inception that is why he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for that iniquity (unpardonable sin).

    • AMEN!

      And I say just becasue my child wants to go and play in the street, does not mean that he can go and play in the street, without some seriouse injuries, including death…Please wake up folks. Its not about what rocks your Wrold, its about rerality.

      There was a reason that God created a WOMEN & a MAN- DUH! Not for just sexual pleasure.

  • Not EVERYONE believes in GOD. Love is Love. Segregating gays and lesbians is like segregating races to only marry their race. Its rediculious that people cant pull their heads out of their a$$es long enough to think about other people. Either way, we will win. Gay marriage will be legalized AGAIN!

      • Oh Honey, please read what Jesus would do? You are really off on this one.
        Sorry, it’s way off.

        HE would vote YES, as He said, hommosexuals will not inherrit the Kingdon of God, He said that, can you believe it?

        Vote YES on PROP 8

    • You are so right, not everyone does believe in God but for the Ones that do it’s their choice.
      Is it any wonder that the ones that refuse to know who He God is and what His desire is for their lives are so miserable? It’s called rebellion, stiff necked people and it’s very scriptural they will fall, even if they do not believe it, just because someone does not believe it, it will not change what the promises are. You shall reap a harvest of what you sow and that’s a promise. Not because I said it, BUT because HE the Lord Jesus Christ said it.
      I love the Gay’s I just do not approve of what the lifestyle, my choice. I believe what the Word/Promises’ say and that is homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. I did not write it, He did and I choose to believe it.
      But you’re right; it’s their choice just like the choice that was made last year, on Prop 8
      Good luck, in my belief system LUCK means: L-Living, U-Under, C-Christ, K-Kingdom= LUCK

  • Ok, The bible does say it is wrong as well as many other things. we were all born into sin and are all sinners. each and every one of the entire human population on this earth will stand before God someday and be judged. With that said, we are only responsible for our own judgement and actions, we are not to judge others we are not God!!! The greatest gift God gave us was free will, the right to choose our own paths, so let others do so.” Judge not, lest ye be judged!! ” Let freedom ring, and let others choose, No on 8.

    • This absolutely has nothing to do with judging, “where you have been”? it’s about a Prop that was passed last year and the people voted on what their (own convictions are). Please, you are sounding ridiculous. This has nothing to do with judgment although it was already done in the beginning if you read what, “The Bible says about it” It states very clearly that, homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. NO, no judgment here, only what He says about it- therefore it has already been judged, not bay man but by God.
      I agree with what the Lord say’s about it, after all the bible has been here a lot longer than the same sex and other immoral acts, but if you read on it also says that it was judged, “by God” not man…
      Read the begging of the Bible- God created Adam in His image and out of Adam he took one of HIS ribs and then created Eve for his, meaning Adam’s Companion/helper/wife, please read the whole book if you’re going to quote scriptures. Please, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, its unsafe.
      Even satin knew scriptures. And the Lord said, Get thee behind me satin for you are not on the side of God but of man. He sounded like he was making a judgment to me, what about you? Yah, I’m not the judge because there is one greater then I and I also have the Word that keeps me from falling into the trap and pits of whatever rocks your world and whatever floats your boat mentality.
      Rebellion never gets you anywhere- The votes have already been counted and it was YES on PROP 8.
      Folks, If we must once again go back because the children did not get it the first time we must again vote YES on PROP 8.

  • Let me see,… If we wish to keep marriage natural, normal, and the foundation of a ‘living society’, a society which naturally produces, and cares for children in the best possible and least confusing way,…. then we are mean, uncaring, selfish, and somehow stopping people from ‘loving’ each other? Did I get off at the wrong planet? Maybe some people need to learn what ‘Love’ really is? Real Love has nothing to do with sex, just as it has nothing to do with eating, … though you might love your sushi or chocolate, :o)! The only selfish ‘haters’ I see in this argument, are the ones who are already confused…. those who have so twisted their own minds to accommodate their unnatural affections, that they have some bizarre obsession to twist the laws and mind of society, as well. Since their crusade is driven by a desire to destroy what is good, they will blindly follow this desire no matter what the consequences are for society, and the vast majority of ‘other people’. Maybe I could care about these people, if they were really ‘loving and caring’ people, but they’re just totalitarian maniacs! They want to FORCE the world to condone their unnatural affection! News alert!….. that’s NOT loving, :o)! I’m thankful that I’m learning how to love, but it is God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible, which teach me ‘what’ Love is and ‘How’ to love. I’m still learning, for which I’m thankful! I know that sexual affections are formed early in our formative years 2-5 years old, and the oddest events can begin these desires. We are not ‘born’ with these ‘affections’, though it may seem that way, because they are often developed so early. I believe Real Love can straighten our twisted desires, but it requires a humble and open mind. It we requires a desire to receive Real Love,… God’s Love! It doesn’t matter what our sexual affection is,.. if it’s natural or unnatural, we still need REAL LOVE! Somehow we must separate the idea of affections from REAL LOVE. Because all people have such a need for Real Love, we sometimes confuse the context of an affection with being the Love that our soul craves. But it won’t give us peace or happiness. That’s why there’s such a push for homosexual marriage. You think it will finally give you the sense of belonging and REAL LOVE that you so earnestly desire. But it will only lead to more confusion and destruction,… as well as the destruction of the society which you wish to ‘improve’… make more loving. You must understand that ‘REAL LOVE CAN NEVER BE COERCED’! Only Love can beget Love,… and unnatural affection will beget unnatural affection. The Bible is our best moral guide, if we understand it properly and humbly. God wants us to be as happy as possible in this world, but there are rules, boundaries, and limitations for our moral thinking (and consequently our moral behavior). All people are subject to these, no matter what our ‘affections’ are. But we are all moral beings with ‘free will’, and so we are free to stray outside of these limitations. But there will be consequences which will lead away from happiness, rather than to happiness. I hope you will find your way to God’s REAL LOVE, :o). In the mean time, I’ll do what I can as a citizen of these United States, to create what I believe is the best moral conditions for my society and my children, and I’ll support traditional marriage. I have no problem with civil unions, but marriage is still Marriage, :o). Can you be thankful that you live in a society that ‘tolerates’ your unnatural affection, but in which the vast majority don’t ‘condone’ or promote it?

    • YES, AMEN and RIGHT on.

      Just pray that they can open their hearts to the Real meaning of what Real Love is all about.

      That is the reason that I voted YES on PROP 8.

      I totally agree with what the Word say’s and I stand on His promisses…

  • you talk about real love, about how god and the bible say this and that but love is not something you or anyone can controll and real love is loving someone even if they are of the same sex and everyone tells them it is wrong. You people keep saying all of this junk about god but didnt god give us free will and doesnt god never give us anymore then we can handle. then voting no will have no effect on the sexuality of your children. and god should not even be an issue. we are sopposed to keep the church and the goverment separte for the good of the people because this is a country of free will and we have a right to choose what we want to do. if we ban same sex marriage then it wont be “saving the children” it will cause millions of people to suffer. If a gay person is on their death bed in the hospital they will not let their partner in there to say good bye because they are not there spouse, millions of kids commint suicide in high school because they are teased and rejected from sociaty because of what attraces them. suciede is a much bigger sin and far more worse consoquences then any thing you church maniacs can think of. banning same sex marriage is unconstitutional because it is nothing but discrimination. and all of you who blindly fallow the church remember the church is also wrong, like its participation in the slave trade, the crusades, and the fact that in old times the pope was both a religous ruller and a genral of their army to go forth and convert people. and also remeber this. instead of beiing afraid that you child will become gay why dont you try and change the church to be more opean instead of the goverment to be closed because god gave man the right to rule the church and whatever the churchs will is gods will right. and in the first place all of you religous people should remember that the only reason your priest is allowed to pronouce you man and wife is because the goverment said it was to annoying having both a legal and religous marriages because you used to have to go to court and talk to a judge in order to become “man and wife”. and the dude that said kids between the ages of 2-5 are influenced by the stuff around them no shit they are but your sexuality is not one of those things. why dont before you start trying to convice people to convert and start speeking a bunch of hate speach do your damn reasurch because then you will find twin studies on enviromental factors not playing a part in someones sexuality. the valet may already be closed but remember this you ignort peaces of trash it barly passed by 2.5% and now it is being taken to court will it will most lilly be over turned again and if you try to bring it on the valet agian then i am now 18 and i will vote against you along with most of americas youth because as the times are changing the youth of America is not like you mother fuckers we live in a world were we are able to see that discriminating people because of their sexual orintation is ignorant and you should fucking go to jail. so screw you all go same sex marriage.

    • i just remembered something i forgot, you guys talked about how it was unnatural and religon has been around longer well your wrong even chimps have gay partners and homosexuals have been around sence man evoled into primates not even homosapenes just primates your fucj=king church has been around 2000 years homosexuals have been around for over 10,000,000,000 thats 10 billion for all of you that cant count.

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