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Selena Gomez Is Movin’ on Up!

In their rushed efforts to create a new Miley Cyrus before the original’s sex tape leaks, Disney appears to have greenlit a Wizards of Waverly Place film, which will throw relative newcomer Selena Gomez onto the big screen and deeper into the hearts of pre-teen America.

Selena also continues to hawk her Shia LaBeouf crush, repeating her request that he make an appearance on her show. “I’m, like, begging, but it’s not happening. I know I’m a nerd! Please, Shia, come on my show!”

Wonder what Nick Jonas thinks of all this nonsense. He’s probably too busy worrying about his big-screen debut, co-starring a flatulent dog. OMG! COULD WE GET MILEY CYRUS TO PLAY THE DOG???? That would be so awesome.

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