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Nicole Richie’s Jewelry Line Hits Kitson

If you, like me, have been waiting anxiously for the opportunity to drop $70 on a Native American-style bracelet designed by a socialite — who is, uh, native to America? — you can finally breathe a sigh of relief!

Nicole Richie’s jewelry line, called House of Harlow, is now available at Kitson and online.

In fairness, most of the pieces are under $70, and some are as low as $12.

None really stand out as being particularly attractive to me, though.

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  • more like House of Hobo…

    What’s her slogan??? “Bracelets for anorexics or Rings for normal people… Yay!”

  • i agree w/ bee hind, whats w/ celebrities known for something like singing or acting trying to do something ttly unrelated like designing? granted they’re both forms of expressing your creativity but EVERYONE seems to be doing it.

  • Just completely uninteresting stuff. At least it’s not priced like Lauren Conrad’s uninteresting stuff. Did like the black cuff though too.

  • Meh – it’s mainly just a bunch of the same bracelet in different colours. I did expect a little more. I didn’t think any of it was that great – and you can get leather cuffs cheaper than that.

  • The only item I liked was the cuff.

    I love Nicole as if she was my own though. Despite the fact i’m several years younger.

  • 13 pieces is ‘a line’?

    OK. Whatever.

    Maybe if they were 13 fabulous pieces. But these are just common and ugly. And tacky.

  • Yeah, I can definitely go to a thrift store and buy that exact same “native american” bangle for 2 dollars. Poo, I hate when people release something that’s already been done. :(