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New Britney Pics!

Fresh from new pics of Britney in dance rehearsals!

Yay Crazy Conservatorship Britney!

Get down with your legally insane self!

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  • I like how all the girls have to practice in boots with a two-inch heel. I guess, whatever they’re choreographing, they already have the costumes picked out.

  • normally i dont have many good things to say about her, but she looks great in this pics. its actually pretty obvious she’s getting better.

  • Such an improvement from her head shaving days. Yea Spears!!!! Cannot wait for the new cd, I do have to confess tho I still listen to Black Out in the mornings with my daughter. Oh the shame lol.

  • It’s not that they already have their performance costumes, it’s that they are going to have to dance in heels on stage so they might as well get used to dancing in them in rehearsals.

  • Damn, it must be touch to dance in heels… poor poor rich girl… I’m just jealous she got her bod back.

  • ok. she’s good looking enough now that i’m willing to massage in the ‘rid-o-scar’ on her c section scars the required three times a day so she’ll look terrific during the next meltdown when she shows us all her million dollar snatch again. oh yeah, what’s it pay?

  • If the costumes require heels…you learn the moves with heels.
    I’ve had to learn to dance with jazz shoes, tap shoes, barefoot, and in point shoes, not to mention figure skates and various other “shoes”
    It can be really hard on your feet, I know my feet would bleed inside my point shoes…blood soaked! It was kinda gross, but you gotta do it!

    I’m soooo excited for her! It makes me want to get back into dancing and skating…

  • oh man purplemonkeypaws you have my sympathy flinch with the points, jazz and tap shouldnt even be in the same sentence with those evil things