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LC on Letterman

David Letterman’s just kind of making a cottage industry of making The Hills kids look like morons. I guess it’s not that hard a job.

Up now: Lauren Conrad.

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  • No doubt Dave can be a master “dick” sometimes, but I have to admit he IS entertaining. For anybody who decides to come on his show and doesn’t know better by now, too bad.

  • i don’t think lauren looked like a moron

    and i was sorry to see she didn’t cos she irritates the hell out of me! i watched a couple episodes of the hill and every time i got so upset at her that finally i decided to stop watching it out of concern for my mental health

  • that opening song for Lauren creeped me out last night and even more so this afternoon….am I tone deaf and not getting it?

  • I love that he calls Spencer a weasel. Tell it like it is, Dave! Haha. I have to admit though, it would probably be nerve-wracking it be interviewed by Dave since he is pretty blunt.

  • “since I was seventeen”… so like.. a year?
    (its just that… she is still young-could pass for 17- and when she said this it didnt seem as dramatic as she meant it to be.. i mean shes not like 50 saying “yeah since I was 17…)

    letterman is hilarious