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Lara Flynn Boyle Wakes From Coma, Attends Party

Lara Flynn Boyle has “party-ready” down to a science.  Throw on a wrinkled suit jacket over a nightgown and you’re ready to go!  Who needs to be weighed down with unnecessary accessories such as shoes?  Not my LFB.  I’ve got a nice close up of her feet in the photo gallery for the fetishists.  Enjoy!

Lara Flynn Boyle at the 30th Anniversary Carousel of Hope Benefit last night at the Beverly Hills Hilton.  And I know I’m usually really tough on Nicole Richie but she looked beautiful!  Also, can I just say that Katharine McPhee has the best publicist that ever lived?  It amazes me all the red carpet events she still gets invites to.

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  • WTF???? What is up with Lara Flynn Boyle’s Feet?!!? Specifically, her big toes…..which are freakisly long when compared to the rest of her little piggies. eeewww

  • OHMYGOD!!arent those like, the LONGEST TOES EVER???! like, guiness book of records-long. like, seriously. freaky. i cant stop looking at them.

  • That’s not LFB’s toes, who’s were they???
    Hers were normal, maybe the only thing normal on her.

    I think the world needs to know (to stay away from this person haha!!!!)

  • damn you geena davis!
    i’m sure i’m getting older way faster so that you can get younger-looking by the day, you’re stealing my years, my youth, my velvety skin
    damn you geena davis!

  • yea who is she. she looks like she needs a nursing home.. and found her way to the party.

    is it me or is Mel C getting hotter everyday. <3 cleavage.

  • What happened to her face?

    Once, I was in a car wreck and afterwards and my face was all swollen and bruised. That’s what her face looks like.

  • Yikes what happened to Lara.. she use to look very pretty but now she looks bloated in the face and skinny neck down. Maybe its aging or too much botox?. Anyways, I gotta agree that Nicole looks great! I like the colors and detailing on her dress. Also Josh Groban looks so cute lol!

  • um…. all I can say is ICK… and I never used to think Richie was cute in the least bit, but motherhood has done WONDERS for her! Ever shot I see her in now she is STUNNING! I wish motherhood did the same wonders for ME!!!! :-/