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What Happened to Hilary Duff?

What happened to Hilary Duff’s face?  Lately, when I see pictures of her, there is just something different about her but I can’t figure out what has changed.  She’s Botox-y shiny but only 21 so that can’t be what’s going on.  Do you think she had a nose job or dental work?  It’s like her cuteness was removed.  The top picture is Hilary at TRL in April and bottom was yesterday at P.S. 15, Roberto Clemente Elementary School in New York City.

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  • i dont think she looks that just looks like she did her makeup and hair herself thats all..

  • I don’t think is the nose. Her teeth have been looking weird for a few years now… I’d say there’s something weird on the mouth but there isn’t really that much of a different.

    All I can see is that her eyes are slightly smaller in the bottom pic but then again she was doing the whole smokey eyes on the top pic… curly hair makes her look slightly fatter as well.

    I don’t know, she just looks extremely dirty and greasy on the bottom pic.

  • I think she’s lost some weight; her cheeks and chin area look thinner.

    Also, she’s pale and clammy-looking and her hair & makeup are doing nothing for her. The hair is especially bad.

  • yeah i’m thinking she did something with her mouth and or jaw her fave seems more narrow. plus she’s not wearing the gobs of eye makeup that generally accompanies walking a carpet of any shade in celebrity world

  • I think she just looks worn out, less healthy.
    Maybe tired, eating less… her face does look thinner though

  • he simply has mucc better hair and make-up, coupled with a more flattering picture angle.


  • she just got pale, thats all… probably hard at work on some serious literary masterpiece… HAHA just joking!

  • She got porcelain veneers put on a while ago and lost alot of weight. She was looking like a horse for a while before she finally got her veneers filed down. That was right before Dignity got released.

  • lol @ Lynn! thank you for finally saying what i’ve been wanting to say every weekend. i might just skip this site from friday until monday. half of these posts aren’t evil beet worthy.

  • Narrowing of the jaw line and changes to the look of a person’s face can often be caused by the removal or shifting of wisdom teeth. As she falls into the correct age range for this kind of change, it is likely that some change of her dentistry is responsible for the changes you have noticed. Most likely is the removal of her wisdom teeth but it could also be due to shifting of the surrounding dentistry.

  • Dear d.i. —

    Please DO skip the weekends. You won’t be missed.


    The Rest of Us, who appreciate Wendie and Think Beet deserves time off

    (So STFU)

  • she really dosent look much different- looks like she is more tan and has better makeup on. A few years ago Hillary lost a lot of weight and looked much older- you know, lost that youthful ’roundness’… other than that I dont see much change in her….

  • chin implant? her mouth looks funny but maybe its just the way she’s smiling… like she’s trying to smile big but her lips are stuck to her teeth. haha

    oh well, she’s still a lot prettier than any of us probably are or ever will ever be

  • Just an illustration of the value of good hair and makeup folks.

    I’m cool with Wendie. She sure does post plenty, which is a good thing. The Pierce Brosnan fetish kinda threw me, but I guess if the Beet can crush on adolescent girls then Wendie can crush on aging movie stars. (Confession: I get like that about Eminem myself).

  • I had actually thought she has started looking better lately but these pics aren’t the most flattering. A couple years ago she had gotten those huge veneers put in and she looked awful but I did read that she had them removed. Not sure if that is the truth but I did read it. Also, she has gone back to a normal blond color. She went thru a mousy brown faze a while back.

  • Well… She’s older, different make-up, different hair, face at a different angle so it looks thinner…

  • She probably got work done on her teeth. That can affect a persons appearance quite a lot.

    but I think she may have gotten botox on her lips…. she looks like she got the trout pout!.

  • She got new teeth… new BIG teeth, much too big for her mouth. She can’t smile right, talks funny, just looks like hell.

  • I agree with s.says. her face is skinnier overall and makes it looks longer kinda, and she can’t smile for shit in either picture, and she’s really greasy or something in the latter.

  • She had veneers put in while in the middle of her signing career. Apparently, her teeth kept getting chipped by the mic and she had taken care of it with veneers. The first batch was not natural at all. The elongated her jaw too much. The second batch, though a much needed improvement from the first, is still not similar to her natural teeth structure.

  • I think its just that she looks like she hasn’t washed her hair in days in the second picture. She looks like a greaser. A pretty greaser though

  • She’s not bronzed, she’s not wearing statement make-up and her hair isn’t teased out to within an inch of its life.

    That’s it.

  • Her hair is all wilted and her nose looks noticeably thicker – perhaps a bit swollen from recent work.

  • She’s more womanly and worldly.. The tough lifestyle has taken a toll on her youth in the exhausting ‘be a star’ competion.

  • she obviously never got over the shock of losing that GD Madden twin to Nicole Richie, the constant scratching of her hard has caused a nose job, dental work and number visits to a tanning bed for vitamin d.

  • BeeBeec, that’s what I was gonna say, along those lines – it’s jadedness. She looks as if she’s already become jaded, so young still to have gotten to the point of blase wordly jadedness. But she doesn’t look BAD, or anything, just – different, older, less cheery-innocenty looking.

  • Drugs. Ran into her and her sister not too long ago at a Hollywood club and they both seemed zoned out, like they were walking on clouds.

  • It looks like she had cheek implants? Either that or she smokes as much as Jennifer Aniston and is already showing signs of it.

  • She does not look like herself at all. I Think she looked better on the top pitcher. She should keep it lighter and crurl it and put dark high lights in her hair. Add the bans.

  • She hasn’t really looked normal since A Cinderella Story and Raise your voice in 2004. She was very beautiful then, cute and believable. Now she has vaneers (sp?) on her teeth, is UBER skinny for her body type and has a totally different personality. And it shows in everything she is and does nowadays. I used to really like her, but she’s lost her dang mind and ruined what could’ve been an amazing career. And dating Joel didn’t help any either. She was absolutely WAY too young to be doing that. Her innocense was gone after that. It’s sad that her parents didn’t give her a clue on the real world and how things affect you. She had so much potential. And if she thinks we can’t tell that she’s been on drugs and alcohol ever since she was with Joel, she’s crazy.

  • Maybe she just got older… you start to look different when your older so sometimes people get less appealing, and all the stress she had as a kid maybe had to do with something.

  • She Had hewr teeth shaved down shorter and she had plastic surgery she looks like Daisy De Lohaya

  • She looks like her sister maybe it is a family thing
    but the look doesn’t fit her i still like her but i liked her better when she was younger

  • her teeth were not shave down she got teeth extensions and i also think she look different cause her make up is a lot darker lately and cause her hair is darker it used to be always really blonde.

  • She hasn’t gotten any surgery considering her nose, eyes, and mouth is still the same. The difference in those photo’s that make her look so different are; her make-up is different (shes not wearing as much in the second photo), her hair is different, her clothes are different, her hair is different, and she a bit tanner in the first photo, and of course the obvious one, she’s older now, she’s growing up and losing her babyface, I think she’s still gorgeous.

  • I have no idea what happened to her! I kind of feel bad for her, you know? No one hears much from her, and didn’t she get like . . . . . married? Yeah- I don’t know. I think it is stress and age.

  • I loveeeee her! I think she is still as beautiful as ever. Maybe she just got older, but to me, SHE ROX!

  • Wonda Gal, I Think You Have A Problem? I Mean, I Bought One Of Her Newest Albums Recently, And It Was Nothing To Get Excited Over. Mostly It Is Age, and She Is SOO Lame.

  • Wonda gal, I think You Have A Problem? I Mean, I bought One Of Her Newest Albumss Recently, And It was Nothing To Get Excited Over. Mostly It Is Age, And She Is SOOOO Lame!

  • Are most of you people posting girls? I think Hilary is okay, she was really pretty when she was younger. I had a crush on her. *don’t tell*
    lol, and uh if you are a girl don’t be mean to her just ’cause you are jealous. . . don’t slap me

  • Hey “that guy with blue eyes and brown hair” you are funny! gimme your phone #! jk hilary is alright but she seems different because she is older now!

  • She did not get teeth extensions!!!!! What she got were bad veneers that had to be re-done for a second time. She lost that cute young smile for what originally looked like Mr. Ed (the horse), and then she had them re-done and she looks much, much better!!