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Lindsay’s in Tokyo!

She and Samantha Ronson flew to the other side of the world to support Charlotte Ronson at her Tokyo fashion show.

What a happy family!

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  • Holy crap. Sam looks like a short haired, brunette fergie (the original one). Looks like Lindsey is into old men after all

  • I like them together.One of the hottest couples in Hollywood, rather read about them than Jen and John (zzzz). They just seem more real. Also Sam looks pretty cute now that got that new haircut. She need bigger trainers though if she’s gonna stand next to LL when she is wearing those heels.

  • Does anyone else think Charlotte Ronson looks quite a bit like Blake Lively? At first glance I thought that was Blake instead…maybe it is just this picture. They definitely look like they could be related.

  • whats the Obsession about. i just dont get it. surely there are more interesting people to fill space with.

  • I think they are adorable. I want to bang or marry Lindsay. And I really like all of the outfits. Except for maybe Charlotte’s shoes/heels… I really think Sam is good for Lindsay.

  • Looking adorable as always.
    I love how Samantha’s sneakers always match a colour in her t-shirt. And its good to have Charlotte around so we can see what Samantha would look like if she was a girl. (I mean that in the nicest possible way).