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“I have been in a few challenging [relationships]. I have been in relationships that can make you doubt who you are and what you are capable of, and doubt what you deserve. It took me a bit little longer to get it right.”

Jennifer Lopez at the California Women’s Conference in Long Beach.

My former employer used to send a bunch of us to that conference every year, and, I have to say, it was one of the best things they could have done for their female employees. I always left feeling so inspired and motivated and good about myself. I’m kind of bummed I wasn’t there this year.

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  • I find JLo’s claims kinda ironic given that she herself smuggled Marc Antony, who was married with children, away from his wife and family. But you know, it’s her world. We just live in it.

  • I’m with Alex on that one….

    I wish I was so self centered and egotistical to think the world revolved around me, and if it didn’t I’d pay good coin for it to.

    She got her gay husband, her IVF spawn, ran her marathon and now is well rounded just like you and me! Except of course the millions and millions that she has and we dont. BUt meh- who’s countin.

  • Wow.. you guys are pissed at this chick like you knew her in person. One could almost say you’re jealous.