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“You know that stuff they say about a woman being responsible for her own orgasms? That’s all true, and, in my case, that makes me responsible for pretty damn good orgasms. They’re much better orgasms than when I was 22, and I wouldn’t let a man control that. Not anymore. Now, I’d invite them to participate. I’ve learned my tricks. I know what I like. I do not wait around. I initiate. And I’m not all about frequency – I favor intensity.”

Oscar winner and orgasm guru Halle Berry, in a new interview with Esquire.

Somewhere out in cyberspace, Gabriel Aubry’s buddies are sending him emails like ‘hey so i guess this means you’re responsible for dishes and diapers?’ And if they’re not, they really should.

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  • i know it’s on the front and not the back . . . but the print of her skirt looks like a period stain in that pic. a really really bad one

  • Halle Berry looks awesome as always… Everytime I see her, I always think of “how the fuck did David Justice hit her”… another asshole athlete, like the Larry Johnson of Kansas City, that feels it’s their right to hit a woman. Repeat, assholes…
    OK, now is on her skirt…little marinara? Ketchup?

  • Halle needs to shut up! Why doesn’t she concentrate on making movies that people want to see? She does have mental issues. We should all give her a break.
    As for ‘Things We Lost In A Fire,’ that dress should have been one of them!

  • i don’t get why everybody’s jumping down her throat – one, she’s more gorgeous than most of us will ever be. ever. and two, she’s right. women and their bodies are complicated, and it really doesn’t make sense to expect someone else to have a sixth sense for what we like. the thing is, there’s more to it than orgasms. if that’s all we wanted, a lot of us could just take care of it ourselves. but there are things another person can do for us that we can’t, and ways they can get to us physically that we can’t… i mean, when’s the last time anybody thought it was fun to put their hand on their *own* leg? it’s like trying to tickle yourself. in some ways you just need somebody else.

  • okay, okay, Halle…we get it already. you are hot, your baby’s daddy is hot, you’ve got a career, you have hot sex with or without your hot man…yadda, yadda, yadda

    stop your bragging and aid the clueless women out there on how to get the same thing, why don’tcha. give back, give back, Halle. Angelina would.. Hey wait a minute! Angelina’s holdin’ out too!!!

    You bitches!

  • Sometimes one needs to have the class to shut up. Really. I mean, yes you’re sexual and a man “won’t control that..” what does that even mean, mental?

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