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“I’m Still Relevant, Ya’ll!”

She may not be attached to Hugh Hefner anymore, but Holly Madison is getting out in front of the cameras every chance she gets.

It’s nice to see her using her fame-whoring for promote a good cause, though, even though her fashion sense is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Here’s Holly at AIDS Walk LA on Sunday.

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  • I think she looks cute. I mean it’s nothing I would ever wear but it made me smile when looking at the pics (and no, it’s not because she has huge boobs) so I give her a win.

  • eh, we can’t really blame her for dressing like that… as a playboy “model” or whatthefuckever, it’s all about the simplistic theme outfits and shit. girl’s just been taught really, really bad things, really, really effectively.

  • Holly Madison is very bit of 43 years old and looks it. She never was relevant just annoying. It is a joy that she will not be back on tv.
    Hopefully, she will find a man of her own, and not some one else’s husband, to love and respect her!
    Hugh’s peen sucked her cuteness and her youth away!

  • Ha! I so agree Wendie! How can you look in the mirror before leaving the house and think “mmmmm…. I look GOOD!” in that stupid outfit. It’s not even an outfit. It looks like a costume.

    ANd I have to mention her really tacky handbag. Can you say 2002? She has been carrying it forever! If she wants to be relevant than girlfriend needs to hire a stylist.

    ALmost forgot….. her and Kendra are seriously making me reconsider my hair color… damn it.

  • I think you have Holly mixed up with Britney Spears. I challenge you to ever find where Holly has said “Ya’ll”.