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Still Going Strong!

Courteney Cox and David Arquette are determined to be a couple for the ages. They made an appearance at the Fallout video game launch in LA last night, along with every other C-lister in Hollywood, including Ian Ziering, who kind of looks like he’s in the late stages of AIDS.

(I know, I know. Your complaints will be heard in the comments.)

I have to admit, though, Courteney looks freaking fantastic for her age. She always blows my mind with how beautiful she is. I remember, even back on the Friends days, whenever anyone was like “Dude, Rachel’s so hot,” I’d be all like, “She is NOT as hot as Monica! You’re not paying attention!”

Don’t you guys agree???

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  • omg totally. i love them both and i think they’re both beautiful, but anybody who didn’t see that monica was just as beautiful as rachel were not paying attention. and it’s not even like in the script she was supposed to be plain – there was a whole thing in the earlier seasons about how much freaking sex monica had! lol. but anyway, i love courteney cox and david arquette, and their relationship totally gives me hope. rock on, kids :]

  • why oh why is lauren conrad included in anything considered CELEBRITY gossip. and why does she look like the oldest chick up there (excepting mischa who just looks like a corpse). isn’t she supposed to be in her early 20’s? can someone please explain the appeal of this girl and how on earth she makes more money than me?!?! oh and please more emile hirsch.

  • Courtney Cox is one of my girl crushes. I’d do her. She was supremely hot in ‘Dirt’. Sniff, sniff… why did they have to cancel it?

  • OMG, you are totally right about Steve Sanders. And Monica looks better now than she did in Friends….she doesn’t look so freaking skinny in this picture.

  • Monica was totally the hottest friend. That’s when I figured out I’m gay. (I guess I just though Nicolette Sheridan was a good actress on Knots Landing.)

  • Beet, I’m totally with you on the Monica/Rachel issue, I always that that Monica was soooo much hotter.

  • Early reviews of Fallout 3 are that it is a dumbed down console game. Huge fan of Wasteland, Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. Great memories.

  • It goes



    But Monica is very pretty in some seasons, when she is not so skinny looking.

  • OMG, my boyfriend and I fight about this all the time! Courteney is so beautiful and Jennifer is just like okay face with a good body. I think it’s that last part that the guys can’t get over. That and her nips/tummy is always showing. Girls like classy(Courteney), guys like trashy(Jennifer).