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Well, That Didn’t Take Long

A montage of John McCain’s eye rolls and other facial twitches from the debate.

Is it possible this guy has mild Tourette Syndrome? I’m serious here.

What I’m kind of disappointed about is that this video does not include the clip of John McCain laughing so hard he snorts a little. It was somewhere toward the end of the debate but I don’t know where. Does anybody know where I can find a clip of that shit? It was actually kind of endearing, because my little sister totally does that all the time. She’ll be laughing really hard and then she’ll just snort, like, really really loudly, and it’s about the cutest thing in the world. And I can say that without fear of repercussions, because she is currently conducting a bunch of fancy scientist experiments in a sea-faring vessel and doesn’t have access to the outside world. Which is good for her because she doesn’t have to hear about how our economy’s collapsing but bad for her because I can write about her laugh-snorts and know she won’t read it.

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  • Did you know that you blink more when on camera?

    This isnt tourettes. I dated a guy with tourettes and this is nothing like it.

    I cant waaiiit for this to be over so that I dont have to come to places like this that I usually enjoy reading and see this BS.

    Its so funny all the little things people dig up on both of them and use as insults..

    What else can you find to make fun of? Does he walk with a limp? Are his eyes the wrong color? Does he have a phobia? …. Stupid shit…

  • Every time Obama was talking, McCain looked as though someone was taking a thunderously smelly dump right on the stage. Could he have at least PRETENDED to be respectful??

  • When Senator Obama was speaking I was actually focused on him, and had no idea that Senator McCain was providing this side show of monumental rudeness and immaturity. He kind of reminds me of the class clown in third grade.

    Oh yeah, presidential material for sure. He’s right up there with the current presidential buffoon.

  • such a jackass….

    reminds me of the boys in 5th grade when the teacher was discussing something they didn’t understand!

  • yet Obama’s arrogant smirking and laughing while McCain spoke is totally OK, right??? that was VERY respectful! The bottom line is Obama could do Anything and all you dems would defend him to the death or just totally overlook it. It’s en vouge to bash McCain.

  • well i guess at least in this debate McCain was actually able to look at Obama, and address him as “Senator”… and this is not just nitpicking at little things to insult McCain with, it’s just shows how diesrespectful and rude he is towards his opponent.

  • you’re right, Obama did smirk when McCain was talking, but he actually let him talk… and then refuted when he was finished. he didn’t constantly interrupt him with “oh that’s not true, that’s not a fact, I have the facts, I’m right.”

  • mc cain’s eye-rolling, constant interruptions, condescening tone, laughing, and grimacing were absolutely appalling to watch. is that how he will behave when sitting down with other world leaders? if they say something he doesn’t like i’ll bet he will throw down his pencil, laugh and shuffle away. you know… cause he’s a maverick.

  • Really I just saw alot of blinking. Maybe some facial twitches exist because he got his face smashed in by the north vietnamese. I understand people don’t like Mccain’s politics and that’s ok. But don’t attack his posturing, etc when most of it comes from his horrendous injuries

  • eyes, I don’t think it’s en vogue to attack McCain. I think it’s definitely en vogue to attack Bush. I think a lot of us on here are just left leaning, so it’s a bit skewed.

    However, I will say the polls have once again declared Obama the winner. So he’s won all the debates according to most Americans. I don’t think it’s because folks hate McCain or want to bash him. I think most of us agree he’s an honorable guy for the most part (and I especially don’t agree with some people bashing his military record – I didn’t like it when they did that to Kerry either. That’s just so wrong), we just think Obama is better. The main reason for the independent and more socially conservative voters’ support is that the current republican economic policies have failed us for 8 years, so most folks want something different.

  • Stop with this lie he was tortured. McCain was injured when he ejected improperly from his jet even though he was trained by the military how to do it properly.

    If he wasn’t an admirals son he would have died because when the Vietnamese found out who he was McCain was treated like a prince compared to the other prisoners. He got medical treatment and was even offered early release.

    The only reason McCain didn’t take the early release was because he knew it would kill his military and political career.

  • Donkey Punch- it seems you are the king of going way too far. I’m not sure what cause you are trying to help. McCain was tortured, for years, and was only allowed to heal after they found out who his father was and realized they could use him for leverage. He refused to be released early, and that shows a lot of honor. I disagree with almost everything this guy puts forward, but please don’t denigrate his service. It’s what the Swift Boaters did to Kerry, and it’s ugly.

    Attack McCain on bad policies and bad VP picks.

  • And I think maybe his blinking could be from all the lights in his eyes. Maybe he wears contacts – I know sitting here staring at a computer monitor (evil lights) makes me blink, it’s almost like it dries my contacts out…Just a thought.

  • i agree with donkey punch: i am sick to death of everytime someone criticizes mc crazy one of his supporter rushes in with, “but he was tortured in vietnam! that’s why he (fill in the blank).” i’ve even heard that the reason he is unable to use email is because he can’t lift his arms over his head…because of vietnam! who types with their arms over their heads anyway? look, those were fucking eye rolls and patronizing smirks, grunts, snorts and grumbles…past injuries did not make him behave in such a rude and whiny way. his behavior is disgraceful and he has nobody but himself to blame for that.

  • I hope everyone here actually votes for Obama , all the talking in the world means nothing if we don’t actually go out and vote for Obama.

    Yea, its funny to see how out of touch this old angry fart MCcain is , but despite what the polls say, they will get elected if we don’t go out and vote.
    so, its not gonna be so funny when he is actually elected

    and i dont think this guy is gonna make it thru the 4 years, so Palin will be President!! thats unthinkable

  • Forget the eye rolling and laughing. What I noticed was that at the beginning of the sit-down, McCain seemed to be quivering or shaking; not as badly as Katherine Hepburn did, but it was noticeable to me. Nerves? Medical condition? I don’t know.

  • I don’t know, I thought his responses looked fairly normal for someone paying attention to his opponent and disagreeing with him. I don’t think he was twitchy at all – looks like normal body language to me.

    It’s pretty standard for politicians to distract and detract from what their opponent is saying by silently expressing their disagreement or contempt through eyerolls, laughter and the like. I don’t think it’s anything to come down on McCain about.

    However, if you’re talking about his policies and his running mate, beef all you like, because there’s a lot more worth picking holes in there!

  • haha, your family sounds cool, beet! i snort when i laugh, too, and it’s good to hear that SOME people might find it cute :]

    also, after watching the debate last night i’ve been wondering if there’s possibly a RIGHT facial expression for a politician to wear while his opponent’s speaking. cause you don’t wanna look too chill and smug, but if you look too serious it comes off as “wow, i’m getting fucked…”

  • quirkygirlkitten,
    you are so right. sure, he suffered some when he was in the military. but that doesn’t excuse him for being an arrogant, rude, condescending asshole.
    ps all of you mccain lovers, did you know he called his OWN WIFE a CUNT and a TROLLOP in front of 3 reporters? Yeah, he’s all about treating women fairly and with the utmost respect…Good one.

  • I have heard that McCain has a terrible temper and all the twitching, etc is just him controlling it. Any thoughts? Eyes of green – you usually have something to say. I suppose you would commend him for controlling his anger as good as he did and pretend to not notice that he is consistently rude to Obama.

  • ooooh, I love Rainy calling me out!

    It amuses me though, that we are just nitpicking McCain’s twitching, blinking, eye rolling, and yet we don’t quite say anything about Obama’s rudeness of laughing, smirking, and wanting to turn this country into the USSA.

    Is that what you were looking for? LOL

  • No….McCain doesn’t have Tourette’s. Anyone would look like they do in that case.

    I still hate the guy, but that didn’t make sense.

  • Obama’s rudeness of laughing and smirking? Wow. You know, in my opinion, he was laughing because McCain was outright lying at every turn. And then he has the nerve to talk about his hurt feelings over Senator Lewis’s comments–by the way, he never said McCain was racist. He said the tactics used by his *campaign* were reminiscent of those used during the civil rights movement. That is nothing compared to having people call you a terrorist and calling for someone to kill you. I laugh at how republicans believe that democrats are communists. Really? It’s communist to want equal rights for all people? By that logic, the founding fathers of our country were communists too–remember that all men were created equal line? Or is it just all republicans are created equal?

  • Once Obama is president, weird faces like that will be considered “hate speech”. Just wait and see how many of your freedoms are taken away during his presidency.

  • evilzoe – cite your source, please, I am interested. Someone said the same thing to me last night, but I thought he was just a nasty wife-abondoning bastard.

    Eyes of Green, you are one of those weird, weird Americans everyone in the rest of the civilised world is truly flumoxed by. We just don’t get you freak conservatives. Am truly glad I’m a million miles away from you and your fucked up gay friends. My gay friends are quite happy about it, thanks very much.

    Carmen – that’s a bit harsh. My friend Genevieve says I’m not allowed to hope people die anymore, I have to say I hope they fall down and hurt their knee. That should be good enough for McCain, surely.


  • in one of my psych classes, my professor is convinced he’s showing early signs of Parkinsons… I swear if we end up with sarah palin as president … Europe or bust baby!

  • Miss Mart for the win =]

    Honestly, I’m not voting for Obama or McCain. I’m just voting to keep Sarah Palin out of the office.

  • I am not a McCain supporter, but I thought Obama was actually ruder because he was grinning and condescendingly laughing while McCain was speaking. While both men should have been more professional and not made rude facial expressions while the other was speaking, I actually found Obama much ruder and distracting. I am surprised people overlooked this. I do not like the way people seem to ignore all the faults of the people they support. They were both rude and unprofessional.

  • wbr,
    obama was laughing b/c the old dude was blatantly LYING about issues after issue. he still doesn’t have a plan, therefore all he can do is attack obama with insipid lies.
    obama held his own, NEVER interrupted, only smiled when the old dude was making up shit.

  • Dear Miss Mart –
    You are not nearly as happy as I that you are a million miles away. And I’m a bit confused, what fucked up gay friends of mine are you referring to? I dont remember having any.

    WBR – thank you for being one of the few voices of reason, even though you do not support McCain. You’re a rare one!

  • I think Miss Mart is confusing you with Keightlynne. Doesn’t Miss Mart realize that you have better grammar?

  • OMG Beet, that is so funny! I was thinking the exact same thing during the debate. I was seriously waiting for him to yell out “a$$hole or something along those lines.

  • Republicans = professional victims

    – They claimed Pelosi’s speech caused Republicans to vote against the bailout
    – McCain’s own campaign tries to apply “lipstick on a pig” to their own VP candidate and demands an apology
    – McCain twists what another senator (not Obama) says and demands an apologies
    – They claim that Gay marriage would destroy society but fail account for the 50% of straight marriages ending in divorce.

    Yes, everyone is attacking the poor old GOP. Boo hoo.

    As for the video, I didn’t see anything unreasonable. McCain is dismissive but that isn’t new. I pretty much expect that from him. The interruptions are annoying but not beyond the pale. More telling is how, at the end of the debates, Obama goes to shake his hand and McCain steers him to shake his wife’s hand and walks away. Says it all about his civility.

  • The twitches are from him being a POW, which is also why he can’t fully raise his arm above is head.

    yeah, my grammar does suck :/

    @Miss Mart
    I have yet to find a gay person that I have met personally that is not fucked up like they are.

  • @keightlynn: yeah yeah the twitches are from being a POW, can’t raise his arms,etc…so what causes his rude behavior? his amazing sense of entitlement? his misogyny? his race baiting? and if gay people are “fucked up” because they are gay, then why are straight people fucked up?

  • @ quirky – because they are democrats?

    LOL Just kidding. I had to…I couldn’t help myself…

    have a good weekend everyone!

  • eyes of green: so are you saying that straight people are democrats and gay people are republican? hmmm…..