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I Can Only Assume that Aubrey O’Day is Plotting Some Manner of Terrorist Attack on the Major Cultural Sites of New York City

I mean, really, people, let’s think this through.

Wednesday night, she was at the New York Public Library.

And Thursday night, she showed up at an event at the American Museum of Natural History.

If she sets foot in the Met on Friday night, I’m going to alert the authorities.

Because I really can’t think up any other reason for Aubrey O’Day to want to be surrounded by so much information.

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  • God, she has gone south since when she appeared on that P Diddy Puffy Daddy Band thing. She went from being the cute girl that worked at Padres games (Hey Beet –> “bunt” :-)) passing out t-shirts who could dance and somewhat sing, to being a fat (compared to her fit athletic body before fame) slutty talentless Tara Reid knockoff.

  • looks like homegirl has put a little bit of an innertube around her waist…maybe this is her attempt at being as active as possible in order to burn a few calories before launching a worldwide promotion of what will certainly be the most dreadful of solo-careers…maybe she’s got what amy pohler had…

  • ugh!!!!!! her face and body color don’t match; her body says a day at the beach but her face says night of the living dead. she also has the equivalent of backfat by her arm pits. yuck!!!!!!!! don’t get me started on her giant ears.

  • she has def gained some weight

    what happened to cute little aubrey from the first season of making the band?!

  • Aubrey’s doing Broadway now, she’ll sign with another label and have a solo career, she’ll do movies, whatever she wants. The other girls have a problem. They can’t front a group, they don’t have the personality for it. I don’t think a group has ever survived after losing their most recognizable member. It’s been tried quite often, Van Halen with Sammy Hagar replacing David Lee Roth was the most glaring example. Right down the tubes.

  • That dress makes her look like a Ferro Rocher chocolate, but I’m pretty sure there is no cherry in the middle.

  • OMG.. Do you think Diddy threw her out because she’s pregnant? Not such a bad idea, a pregnancy would keep her relevent!

  • i hate those bandage dresses. they make everyone except for victoria beckham look like a stuffed sausage.

  • I’m on board with Mhmm. Sorry Jinx but having junk-in-the-trunk is no excuse for leaving the house with that dress and make-up!
    Good Lord! How much does this chick weigh? This dress is a poor choice at best. Can she really sing?

  • Dude, shes not fat or overweight. C’mon people, get serious here. She’s probably a size four or six at the MOST. But for sure, she does not compare to her former self. Its like fam turned her all around and ate her up and now shes resorting to “glamour” tactics to make herself look good. Its like she forgot the “less is more” rule times ten!! Plus, dude noooo one looks good in gold bandage dresses except the .01% of size zero models. which is coo, good for them rock it! Im a size 2 and tried a dress like that on yesturday and lets just say it didn’t leave the store with me…. Oh Aubrey, you need someone to love you and wash your makeup off…