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Brad Pitt Signs on for “The Odyssey”

After the huge success of Troy in 2004, Brad Pitt is teaming up once again with director George Miller to do a film adaptation of Homer’s other famous epic, The Odyssey.

However, the plan is not to pick up where Troy leaves off, the way the poems do, but rather to set The Odyssey in the future.


Or cheesy?

I guess we’ll find out.

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  • well he couldn’t be the same character that he was in troy, because he died as achilles.
    in odyssey the main character is Odysseus

  • I’m ready to be impressed. The Odyssey has plenty of timeless themes and ideas to be played with in it. That’s why O Brother, Where Art Thou? worked; it’s a retelling of The Odyssey in a different time. That why Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad knocked my socks off; it’s a telling of The Odyssey from the female perspective. I’m not saying this will be great, but just that it has possibilities. I’m interested!

  • I love the little name card in front of him – like anyone on Earth doesn’t know who he is…

    I love any movie with him in it – Troy was quite good imo.

  • They already did that…. it was a little movie called O Brother Where Art Thou. What an ass.

  • shiney suit alert – bradley bacofoil. you’d think the missus would have had a word before he left the house


    Him and his pathetic British/Arkansas accent massacred Troy.

    They better not mess with The Odyssey

  • I had something to say relevant to movies, but I just can’t get over how hot Brad Pitt is. It should be illegal to be that gorgeous.

  • He’s aged so much since he’s been with what’s-her-face. Is it all the traveling, stress of all those kiddos, or the guilt of slamming Jen? Being with Jen was definitely better for his looks. He’s looked so rough since he left her.

  • Lynn, I totally agree. He’s still good-looking, but he looks like he’s clinging to his good looks instead of just possessing them. He’s definitely aging. I’m not a Jennifer Aniston fan, but I do think he looked much happier and younger when he was with her. He’s also got to deal with a much younger girlfriend. He needs to just age gracefully like Clooney instead of trying to look like he’s 25 when he’s 45. I think the Odyssey Sci Fi version sounds great, but I don’t think Brad is a smart enough or a strong enough actor to do a good job. He’s just not.