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A New Look

Um … it took me awhile to believe the photo agency on this one, but, yes, that’s actually Rose McGowan, sporting an uncharacteristically … uh … librarian look at a cancer benefit luncheon in Bel Air.

Also there: Perrey Reeves and a preggers Angie Harmon, who has somehow managed to have skinnier arms while pregnant than I have ever had in my entire life, including pre-pubescence. How is that possible?

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  • I love this game!!! It’s almost like Photo Hunt at the bar.
    Hmmm…. collagen in the lips? Even skinnier than the last time I saw her? I dunno – so many things going on with her face alone that I cannot fully tell how much work she has actually gotten done.
    Those glasses are SO the spoiler of my fun!! Argh!

    Honestly, I don’t think I would have realized that these photos were of Rose McGowan with out her name attached to the photo.

  • She’s really pretty but lose the glasses :O How is her hair still so nice after all the colours?
    What’s wrong with her left eye?
    And surgery much?

    She’s so my favorite actress though.

  • the first thing i thought was:
    sarah palin

    that women has ruined glasses for me
    i have rimless and have already been told by someone that they like my sarah palin glasses


  • oh wow, yeah, it really took me a minute to get rose mcgowan…
    but whatever, i love her :]
    and i want an answer to the hair question too! she’s gorgeous.