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14John and Jen: Definitely Back On!

The on-again off-again couple were spotted getting cozy in WeHo on Tuesday, sources report.

They arrived around 10 p.m. and sat indoors with three pals.

Aniston — who ordered her usual grilled chicken salad — shared a bottle of wine with the table.

Says the witness of the couple: “They looked like they had the best time. They were holding hands at one point and seemed very much back on.

“She seemed extremely happy to be back with him,” the insider tells Us. “They were close and laughing the whole time with their friends.”

I don’t know what sounds more unbearable, living on a constant diet of grilled chicken sandwiches or dating John Mayer. I’m truly stumped.

October 15, 2008 at 12:22 pm by Evil Beet

14 Responses to “John and Jen: Definitely Back On!”

  1. TSS says:

    He is my favorite **** I saw his profile on GayCelebutardLosers dot com**** &%$#@

  2. Eyes of Green says:

    I’d give a lifetime of eating chicken salad (with various dressing choices of course) if I never had to see him again Especially those disturbing photos of him ‘singing’ GAG!!!!!

  3. str says:

    jen being jen’s worst enemy all over again
    lol @ tss

  4. Catalina says:

    It’s grilled chicken salad, not sandwiches, Beet. I think that’s actually worse, I’d take a good sandwich over a salad any day.

  5. adair says:

    LMAO @ TSS
    and yeah, grilled chicken SALAD!

  6. lau_ren says:

    i wonder if she uses a dressing on her salads. it doesn’t look like she does.

  7. jinx says:

    what the eff is up with that belt?!!

  8. Megnolia says:

    that belt is hideous. and TSS, that was actually pretty funny.

  9. torie says:

    okay, the john mayer is SO MUCH WORSE.
    he just pisses me the hell off.
    also i think the belt is CUTE!

  10. rockcriedout says:

    dating john mayer?

    definitely worse.

    at least she can drink wine.

  11. Dmarie says:

    I like the belt and aww Jen :(

  12. Shiri says:

    So true, str. Some people never learn.

  13. Snowblood says:

    The header pic here’s an old one, from before these two excruciatingly boring, annoying people broke up – in fact, IIRC that pic’s from like literally about a week prior to their breakup. I can’t STAND that ugly belt she’s wearing here! Anyway. These two have always struck me as so ideally suited to one another. They just seem to make sense together. They’re birds of a feather. Annoying, annoying birds.

  14. zagge says:

    Why do you read about themif you do not like tem? Snowblood

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