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Is This a Joke?

Playboy hottie Holly Madison celebrates her newfound singlehood by … dressing like a 14-year-old?

Everything about this is wrong, but mostly I’m concerned with the sweater tied around her waist.

Are you, like, allowed to do that after middle school’s over?

I think they issue fines for that sort of thing in Los Angeles.

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  • in Dallas you can get a hefty ticket and even arrested for wearing your pants too low. You never know, dressing appropriately may be an actual law in the future.

  • Generally speaking, most 14 year olds aren’t let out of the house with a see through shirt showing off their Double-D sequined bra.

    just saying.

  • A sweater tied around the waist is standard equipment for soccer moms, but they would have better taste in t-shirts and sun glasses than this idiot.

  • HA! I didn’t even notice what she was wearing at 1st because I just saw the 2 girls & I thought it was Jessica Simpson & Holly!

  • I sincerely hope she goes away. She should be embarassed over her “fame”
    If she really loved Hef, she would still be with him. She put up a good front though didn’t she?

  • Beet dont you know anything? Holly is a Disney freak. She considers herself a real-life Cinderella!

  • I’ll go ahead and play psycologist here: Younger women who sleep with men who could be their grandfathers have daddy issues. Women with daddy issues have adolescent tendencies which show up from time to time. Holly is caving into it with her get up. It could be worse.

  • hey slow the attacks on holly. do you think its easy to boink an octogenerian constantly…when there are young virile studs like us out there? she had to give in sometime….by the way am waiting for kendra and bridget……………!
    (wannabe gangbanger behind holly)

  • She just looks like an average person dressed casual – well, her boobs are better than average! maybe she was hot from the weight of her massive boobs so had to take her jacket off. So, she tied it around her waist, big deal. You can bet that NO man that looks at her is even noticing – and I think she knows that.

  • She’s always like that, though. She has a disney infatuation… what’s the big deal? I have vintage Dr. Pepper t’s and stuff like that that I wear… who cares? It’s cute.