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Proposition 8: Still a Bunch of Hateful, Horrible Bullshit

Here’s Ellen DeGeneres reminding you, California voters, to VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 8 this election.

And, if you’re in Arizona, please remember to VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 102.

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  • Re gay marriage: If I could place bounds on how inclusive God was, then God could fit in my imagination and it wouldn’t be much of a God, would it? Of course, we’re talking about the sphere of people who want to get elected/re-elected so positions taken by those people mean nothing.

  • I can’t understand why people are so hateful and/or selfish that they won’t allow other consenting adults the simple happiness of getting married. It’s shameful.

  • There is so much more going in the world to concern me.. her worry is almost in last place behind a missing toothpick perhaps in the shag carpet.. from my burger last night.

  • shit, where is keightlynn when we need her guidance!??!!! somebody better check on her and make sure she’s allright.

  • You want to know why people would vote “Yes” to prop 8???…..I’ll give you 2 reasons:

    Hohan and Ronson

    Nobody will ever take Gay Marriage seriously as long as there are skanks like those two whoring around using homosexuality as their PR stepping stone.

  • When I see someone calling someone else’s opinion “a bunch of hateful, horrible bullshit”, I don’t necessarily know what it means about the other person, but I know what it means about the person speaking.

    Ok, you’re frustrated and don’t understand how people can appear so cold hearted. That’s cool. But there are better ways of coming to an understanding and helping others in the process.

  • I have a few friends that are gay, and frankly I don’t think they care about the proposition all that much. However, the way I see it is that if they give up this right, someone else can just elect to make them give up the next one and that’s not what the constitution is about. Plus, going around and making such drastic changes to the constitution is just wrong; it was written the way it was for a reason, gender wasn’t omitted because our forefathers were ignorant it’s those people that are waving those damn ‘Yes on Proposition 8’ signs that are.

  • I am not entirely against Prop 8, but what I find ironic is the people I see speaking against 8 ( B.Feinstein) saying it is discriminatory and denies rights are the same people slowly taking away my second amenment rights. My right to bear arms. Obama says no one should say who someone should or should not marry. Then no one should tell me what gun I can have or not. Rights are Rights.

  • As an American I am proud of my Country today. I know we have made choices that will affect all of us now in a positive way and help protect our children and future generations offering more security, hope and prosperity. As a Gay American however, I am sad for the choice of some that directly impact me and my family. My husband and I were MARRIED in June after many, many years of waiting for my fellow Americans to see that we are no different than any other couple. We go to work, pay our taxes, raise our three children and love each other without limits. It is hard to be completely happy today and enjoy the prospect of our fantastic new leader President Elect Obama guiding and healing the County I love when so many Gay American families are left venerable and legally uncertain.

  • I am so unhappy with this world we live in. the fight for equal rights has just begun. gay is the new black. sat nov 15th please google ur city. there will be a rally in every area. overturn prop h8. love is love. stop the hate.

  • I don’t understand why someones religion can make laws. Why can’t people just accept someones belief? What happened to America’s freedom? Rights for Gay’s are needed, and i will every gay person out there to fight until we’re given the rights that we should have had a long time ago. Propostion 8 is over… it won… and gays in california are now banned from marriage. The definetion of marriage needs to be changed. I can’t wait til marriage is the union of two human beings and not just for their gender. If blacks and whites can be married, why can’t the same gender be married? Divorce rates my ass, i think if two people of the same gender still hold hands together threw public despite the dirty looks our religious folks and homophobic folks give us, their TRULY inevitably In Love. I’m beginning to see marriage as fake. If gays are not given their rights, lets move to Canada. This countrys dead anyways. COME ON PEOPLE, OPEN YOUR EYES. REALIZE THE HATE THESE BANNED RIGHTS ARE, NO MATTER YOUR RELIGION AND BELIEF, LET GAYS BE MARRIED IF THEIR IN LOVE!