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McCain’s Tour of Contrition

As John McCain trails Obama in the polls, he’s crawling back to David Letterman to apologize for standing him up to go save the world do an interview with Katie Couric. As you’ll recall, Letterman tore him a new asshole on national television for that little stunt.

McCain is scheduled to appear on the program on Thursday.

Should be interesting.

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  • I’m sorry. I missed the memo that David Letterman was in charge of the Presidential candidates’ schedules. I watched Letterman faithfully when he first started. Can’t stand him now. Comedy is based on clever satire, not bloat-headed arrogance on the part of the comic.

    Spare me.

  • You’d think Cindy McCain would drag John in to get his teeth bleached. Or teach him about Crest strips. If a guy can’t fix his teeth color, can he really fix the economy or am I just being shallow?

  • I’m going to be really pissed if Dave doesn’t hand John his ass when he shows up. He better give him hell for what he did.

    Melady – I’m pretty sure those are all caps, and I don’t think whitener works on them. It reminds me of Abe Lincoln and his wooden teeth. They were classmates, weren’t they?

  • i think dave should tie mccain to a metal cot and beat the shit out of him for about 5 years. that’ll show the ignorant, unpatriotic, yellow toothed bastard!!

  • I hope Dave does his best to pound this idiot into the ground. He’s trailing in the polls because he’s a lunatic, and no normal person thinks his VP is capable of being president of the local PTA, never mind this country.

  • Would any of us really be brave enough to piss off a possible president face-to-face? Sound like the perfect way to get a free ride on a CIA plane headed for a secret location.

  • re; donkey punch

    yeah, just ask vince foster, hillary clintons ex boyfriend and confidant. oh yeah, you can’t. they put a bullet in his brain to keep him quiet. i guess i better start endorsing obama before he has my arms cut off with a machete and calls it a farming accident. all politicians are dangerous….it wasn’t too long ago that the d.c. madam supposedly hung herself in her garage just as she was about to spill the beans on all of her clients. let’s all just kiss their asses and ignore their transgressions while they rape and pillage our constitutional rights and drive our country into the shithole, black, white, red, or otherwise.

  • Old mean man!!! not a very intelligent man. He graduated 5th from bottom of class. Being a Columbia Ph.D candidate I need a smart president!

  • not for liberal slanting, but the liberals got caught in polling cheats; Obama wins every time they poll 65% Dems to 35% Reps… Imagine that. And gotta love ACORN…Obama, I’m sure is hoping they have stopped doing illegal acts in his honor.

  • Julia – I read that article. It was terribly disturbing. I can’t help but look at Cindy differently now. I had NO idea about their history. That article was really something.

  • I just finished reading the article myself. And as a liberal, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s slanted to the left. But holy crap on a crap cracker! I don’t agree with his political policies, but now, I don’t even like him as a person. That crack about Chelsey Clinton was hilarious, though. Fucked up, but hilarious. At least she grew out of that awkward phase…

  • I honestly cannot believe that everything in there is true, it is SOOO biased. Also, I can’t believe the author actually said something along the lines of, “he was ONLY tortured for two years…”. Are you freaking kidding me? At LEAST give the man credit for that!

  • if i were mc cain i wouldn’t joke about the way anyone else or their kids look; after all, he looks like a scarecrow that’s had a lobotomy and his daughters look like linebackers.