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Is Selena Gomez Single????

First we hear the devastating news that Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas have called it quits, and now it’s looking like little Nicholas may be on the market, too.

Selena Gomez — who’s been linked to Miley Cyrus’s ex Nick Jonas for the better part of the year — reportedly told red-carpet reporters she was single at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Runway for Life benefit.

When a reporter asked her about any celebrity crushes, she shouted “Let Shia know I’m available!”

Hmm …

Is this a declaration of singledom from Ms. Gomez???

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  • This girl’s head would not fit on the side of a New York City bus! She’s just not that good looking. Disney can’t change that.

  • I hope this isn’t true. I thought Nick and Selena were so darn cute together.

    Oh well. All good things come to an end.

  • @snowdevil… no I don’t get the attraction here, unless it’s her head with some gravitational pull. And Miley will get naked first so she’ll be better for scandals and just think Miley has more of cuteability factor to her.

  • AHHHH! She has the Lucy Liu eyeball thing going on in this picture. Wandering eyes creep me out so badly. Also- I agree with the opinions about the size of her head. It’s bigger than mine & I have a huge (and fully grown!) head.

  • Is Selena Gomez single? Answer: who cares? Oh, and Beet Scar, Miley’s fuck-ugly. You need to have your eyes checked.

  • She is one gorgeous young lady! And her Mom, Mandy Teefey is also smokin’ hot too! The look like sisters to me? Go Selena! And Miley… Miley who? Getting tired of Miley and her dumb ass stolen pics. Stolen? She pays her friends to do this stuff. Lastly, great job Billy Ray. The perfect father letting her teen daughter taking pics of herself in her underwear. We all can use him as an example to raise or kids! NOT!

    The celebrity world is going down the crapper real, real fast. What a wonderful society we live in…

  • This girl’s head has it’s own zip code; and Disney must have pushed her to mention Shia Lebouf, who’s an ugly, skinny, little gnome too. At least that other Disney girl, Demi Whatever has some spunk to her.

  • i think she is sexy and i would do eney thing to meet her i love her and allwase will if you get this my name is tian roodt thanks. ps i think you are hot!!!!

  • i think that her head is not big i mean she is pretty and really nice and if your gonna make bad comments leave them to your self

    thanx =)

  • I used to say stuff about her head and all that too but I’m not anymore. I just finished reading that she goes online and sees that stuff and feels really bad about it all and the rumors and I felt so bad for her. I think we all need to think before we post those things. Just pretend like the person is in front of you, most people wouldn’t say to a stranger’s face,your head is HUGE. Well having said that I’d prefer to see Nick with Miley anyway.And someone above said Miley leaked her own pics, A hacker did,he very slowly leaked personal pics from her email and cellphone.

  • i think they suit together she is pretty and nick is handsome so what is the problem stop putting things like is she single no of cours nick is her boyfriend!

  • I am a huge selena gomez fan and i would love to do her, i would reck that chick until she is 22 ! i would make that bitch turn purple and yell my name 500 times in one second, that is how good i am. i will stick my huge dick in her mouth and make her swallow my cum, i will fucking kill nick jonas and then make a sex tape with me and her and release on the web like ray j did to kim kardashian, so fuck all of you that think she is ugly, your just fucking jealous

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  • Ok her head is like UBER big (i feel bad for saying that btw) but she makes up for it in hotness (yes i just said hotness) and i have like 50 pics of her on my psp (stalker like maybe but o well) I’m like in love with this girl yeah i said it (LOVE)

  • I think Selena is pretty and I would like to date her sometime. PLEASE DONT TALK ABOUT SELENA THAT WAY.

  • Selena’s so fuckin’ hot, any sex tape that she’s in should be titled “Jizzing On The Wizard Of Waverly Place’s Face”! Picture her in a nasty gonzo porn with 2 or 3 big dicked studs making her asshole gape and drenching her face in cum then tell me she’s not drop dead gorgeous! Anyone who still think she’s ugly after seeing THAT! should just fucking die!

  • are you single and if you are i want to have kids with you and also want to makeout with you are fucken hot babe.i love you a lot.

  • i think selena is gorgeous she has somethin bout her…idk wut u guys are thinking sayin she isn’t cause she couldnt be prettier

  • selena is the hottest girl in disney channel. and then brenda song. they can both suck my dick really good

  • i love you selena you are allmose like miley cyrus.but you are smart dogh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • u just think u lik her u dnt kno the meaning of lik aparintlly cas i lov her more than i lov myself

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