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Jennifer Love Hewitt frightens Jaime Pressly

and you may be startled too when you see the front of this dress.  It’s unfortunate. 

Last night was the St. Jude’s 5th Annual Runway for Life Benefit held at the Beverly Hills Hilton.  Hilary and Haylie Duff participated yet I still question Haylie’s fame.  It’s kind of like Ali Lohan…do you just need to be a star sib to be famous?  Selena Gomez showed that sixteen doesn’t look at all like it used to and Jaime Pressly stood in front of food she’ll never eat.  Jason Alexander had white powder on his lapel and Victor Garber continues to embrace the t-shirt and suit coat combination.  Jennifer Westfeldt and her man Jon Hamm acted sophisticated by putting their drinks on the floor before being photographed and Cybill Shepherd wore some distracting and ill-fitted pants.  Dick Van Dyke looked more alert than he ever did on Diagnosis Murder and it appears that Marlo Thomas got one of those wind tunnel makeovers.  Valerie Bertinelli?  She just looked fantastic!  Oh…and Daisy Fuentes attended.  Eh.

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  • That dress accentuates her alien head. Maybe that’s what she was going for.
    Pretty royal purple though.

  • OMG. Cybil Shepherd has camltoe in that hideous top/bottom or possibly pantsuit (?) thing. And, were her boobs always so gignormous?? I don’t emener them being tht big!! Did she get a later in life boob job? Are they just getting bigger with age? WTF Cybil. Get a reduction, or wear a minimizer, or choose an outfit that doesn’t bellow LOOK AT MY ENORMOUS LOVE PILLOWS AND CAMEL TOE.

    Also, it’s good to see Dick Van Dyke out and about. Love him.

  • I don’t get why Cybill Shepard is standing next to a BED. Was this event held in an actual hotel ROOM??

  • you know, and actually, Jon Hamm and his gf are standing in a hallway inside a door. What’s up with that? They couldn’t afford an actual banquet room for the event? WTF?

  • I used to love that show “Cybill” with the next door neighbor “Marianne” who was always bitching about her ex-husband “Dr. Dick”.
    I had the biggest girl crush on Alicia Witt.