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The Supreme Court in Connecticut ruled today that civil unions are not sufficient and gay couples will now have the right to marry in that state.


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  • great news! why someone would be upset about a couple getting married is beyond me. don’t we have more important things to worry about, like clean water? yes, i know, the homophobes will come a-runnin’ to declare that gay people getting married is not only against god but will also taint the water supply and turn all god fearing children gay, gay, gay!


  • Well I’m afraid of spiders but I don’t want to outlaw them or anything. I never understand why the homophobes can’t just be anti-social towards the gay community…why do they have to storm state capitals to make sure gay marriage bans stand?

  • Why do I have a feeling that Keightlynn would have been part of that angry white mob when desegregation in public schools were taking place fifty years ago? Right, because uneducated fear-mongrels and bible beaters are afraid of change and truly believe Jesus Christ would have hated gays.

    Too harsh? Well, I’m pmsing and have been watching too many redneck videos during the McCAin/Palin Rally. Yeesh.

  • So when God was handing out brains he just decided to take a shit in Keightlynn’s skull instead?
    ( and her mothers too obviously, because who else but a mongoloid fucktard spells caitlin like that.)

  • Translation: It only gets old when I have my views challenged, but I will compulsively interject a snippet whenever gay rights are mentioned. Just don’t challenge me on it, cause you know, it gets old.

  • No, because there is about.. a 50-100 post thread where I explain all of this already.

    That’s why it gets old.

  • I think the homophobes are just people that are still in the closet and they would never have the guts to come out, it happened before!!

  • Keightlynn, why would you want to deny other people the same right that you have.

    You married the love of your life. Don’t you think everyone should be able to do that (as long as they are two consenting adults)?

  • JK, the point of marriage is to reproduce. There is no reproduction in homosexuality, unless artificially inseminated, (which still involves someone of the opposite sex btw), or adoption (which also involves two people of the opposite sex). What is the point of homosexual marriage then? Partnership? That just makes no sense to me.

    Not to mention that in every relationship there is still someone that role plays the “male” or “female” in the relationship. Why is that? Why not date the actual sex instead of some one that looks just like the opposite sex but is not? Again, that makes no sense to me.

  • Your interpretation of the point of marriage. There are plenty of couples who never “reproduce” children for a multitude of reasons. Some even take the humanitarian route and prefer to adopt (gasp!) There are couples who biologically can’t have children, for a multitude of reasons. Should they not be legally allowed to marry? What if your son or daughter cannot physically have children? Do you think they should not be allowed to marry then?

    Am I just blowing your fucking mind, Keightlynn, or have one of these issues ever come up for you, and how do your Christian beliefs justify taking the rights from others who do not necessarily share your beliefs?

  • TSS Man you are on point today.

    Reproducing is the only thing marriage is good for? I am at a loss for words on that one.

  • Are you saying you wouldn’t have married your husband if you were unable to have children with him?

    How about we tell all those couples who are unable or unwilling to have children that they should file for divorce?

    Furthermore, do you really believe that your inability to make sense out of two consenting adults’ relationship gives YOU the right to deny them marriage?

  • Besides all of these common sense points, Keightlynn, your views are just plain depressing. That takes all of the spontaneity, passion, and fun out of relationships. Have you ever had anything but missionary style sex either? I mean, sheesh, the world of fun you are denying yourself out of a fear of God… ugh. Depressing.


    Two people of the same sex cannot reproduce, and need two people of the same TO reproduce for them.

    Therefore you still need two people of the opposite sex involved!

  • Keightlyn – please show me where on earth you got that definition of marriage, “that the point of marriage is to reproduce”.

  • You sound like every other republican, “but wait!, I have gay friends!” but you hate the fact that they can marry. Here is a big fuck you to you, you god fearing bitch.

  • AND did you realize we can’t feed or home the already many orphaned children? Its outdated, things change and your views should too.

  • One more point…. I have had militantly Islamic neighbors growing up that shared the same beliefs. I find it ironic that hard-core Christians and Muslims share so many of the same beliefs about shame in sexuality, female body shame, etc, yet harbor such a misinformed hatred for one another. Y’all should really get together and talk about how much you guys hate gays, liberals, and female liberaton.

  • @ keightlynn

    You still may need to people of different sexes to reproduce but does that not mean that they cannot feel the same love that you feel for your husband? I think cj has it right. And just because you have gay friends that does not mean anything. Have you ever expressed your views to them about marriage and reproduction. If you did, I have a feeling they would not talk to you anymore. Love is the bond. That is all I am saying. Not the act of reproducing.

  • Steve Johnson is saying it much nicer… He must have not been watching attendants of the Mccain Rally on the Huffington Post as I have. :)

  • Different views are good. All are not right. I just try and mediate. In the end I know what I believe, it may not be right for everyone. I have not piad attention to the politics. I can’t stand it, the commercials make me want to jump in the tub holding my TV while the tub is full!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nope, my gay friends and I have had many discussions about this.

    They ALL remember when they decided to be gay and why.

    One was raped, and now hates men.
    One’s parents got divorced, so he decided to try penis, and say’s that “he loves the soft foreskin against the roof of his mouth.” Sadly, he is now a crack addict, so we not longer speak. ;[
    One thinks being gay is wrong, but loves butt sex to much to stop.
    One has a boob obsession, and decided that that makes her gay.
    My bestfriend says that you don’t know whether your straight or gay unless you experiment with both sexes, and claims that all gay guys have small penis, so he decided to go back straight.

    3/4 of them actually don’t believe in marriage period.

  • Wow.

    I can see why some would choose gay as their way of life. But still it is about love not about what you can get and if someone has a big penis or not or a boob fetish.

    Like I said you still have not sold me on your viewpoint. No offense.

  • Your limited anecdotal evidence says nothing about homosexuality.

    It does, however, say a lot about how fucked up your friends are.

  • @jk

    I’m only basing my opinion on the gay people that I know. Most of them don’t care about love, they just want the sex.

    @ Steve

    That’s cool.

  • Not to make a joke of you keightlynn but you said that you love doggiestyle right? When your husband is doing you in that position all he sees is an ass. Do you ever think that he could be thinking that you are man? I am just saying? I doubt he is but look at it from the males perspective. I know that is weird to think about. I guess that is not really a good point but…….I lost my train of thought……where am I?

    @jk how do you know her age? I must have missed something.

    Also keightlynn why in the hell would you get married at 19 if that is your age?

  • I am still not swayed. Maybe when my friends want more than “just the sex” I’ll change my mind.

  • Well – Regardless whether these are what your gay friends are really telling you or it is your intrepretation, it sounds like your “friends” are having a hell of a time accepting their own gayness.

    In a society that hates them and condemns their rights, can you imagine walking in their shoes for a week? To have to hide a huge part of who you are at the risk of getting the shit/life kicked out of you by homophobes?

    It’s revealing that gays turn to drugs, or deny their sexuality, or act out in unhealthy ways. How can they can’t even accept themselves when their friends can’t even accept them? Your rhetoric is, who you are is really a [wrong] choice, and I can’t agree with a part of you”. Sheesh, talk about a life struggle. I’ve worked in the gay neighborhood of San Francisco for 3 years, and in a city that is gay friendly, I’ve seen older men and women who have healthy relationships with themselves and one another, are active in their communities, humanitarians, scholars, and yes, even parents.

    People can be shine their best when they live in an environment that accepts all parts of them. I really hope for your children’s sake that they are not gay. That would be devastating to your entire family, them the most.

  • @ steve

    Umm ew? I’m the one that likes it, idk if he does.

    Why shouldn’t I? I’ve been with him for almost 4 years now, he’s my best friend.

  • @ JK. Marriage is a privilege for God fearing man and God fearing woman. The Bible speaks of men lying with men and women lying with women. Pick up a Kings James version and do some research.
    It is painful when Christians are branded as haters when we are taught to help reconcile the lost back to the Father. No Christian wants to see anyone spending eternity separated from the Creator of the Universe. There are plenty of times that Christians get tempted to fornicate or commit adultery, but we love the Lord more so we don’t do those things. The desire does not go away.
    Having the government step in to anyone’s intimate life is never a good thing. Try reading novels like the Scarlett Letter or 1984 and then post how great it is to have a government is your business.

  • @ keightlynn

    Makes you think though right?

    And I was just asking that is all but to be married that young, well I won’t go there.

  • @ Alex,

    I have a gay cousin, he was also in jail for having sex with a minor. He was part of the family, until that happened.

    My friends are VERY openly gay. Especially the drug addict one.
    His dream in life is-
    “To be a famous hairstylist in New York during the day, and at night live on the streets selling and doing hardcore drugs.”
    that is his dream in life! It’s been that way for years now, but we didn’t think he’d actually try to attempt it, until recently…

  • @ steve

    “Makes you think though right?”

    I think you made a typo, cause I can’t figure out what your trying to say.

  • Keightlynn, you are young so most of the time I bite my tongue. But your spoon fed political and religious views are extremely annoying to me. I hope one day you go out into the world and form opinions of your own. I am not saying that you are right or wrong or that my opinions are better than yours, just go out and experience life with an open and tolerant mind. You might change you’re mind on somethings, then again you might not.

  • Keightlynn –
    I admire your strength to not back down regarding the things you believe in. Yes, you may change your views as you age, like most of us have (not that I’m old) but please always keep your courage to stand behind your convictions.

  • Keighlynn and everyone else have every right to their beliefs. But she told us a while ago that she voted against gay marriage in Ohio (or for the ban, whichever it was). What bothers me is that there are people who would go out of their way to deny the simple happiness they enjoy to others.

  • If the government needs to step out of anyone’s intimate life then they need to do it equally. Marriage needs to be legal for everybody, or for nobody. If it truly only boils down to a religious issue about the morality of it, then marriage needs to be relegated to religions and the legal definition has to be changed to be an equal civil union for everyone, gay or straight. Then each church can decide for themselves which “marriages” to sanction.

    I can understand where one comes from in believing it is wrong per their teachings and beliefs. (I disagree very much, but I can understand the motivation.) But humans need to have equal rights so that leaves us at an impasse. If marriage is a legal construct, it need s to be available to everyone. If marriage is not something that should be available to everyone? Then it needs to cease to be a legal construct that applies rights and benefits unequally.

    You can’t have it both ways. You can’t believe in a free country and also want to legally restrict your fellow citizens from enjoying the same rights you have. If marriage is so sacred a concept to you, then work to have it removed from the legal realm altogether, don’t work to ban it from some of your peers.

  • Also, keightlynn…It might be possible that your view of real world gays is skewed because the ones that “just care about the sex” are the ones that won’t much care about associating with someone who would deny them equal rights. The ones that care about love and marriage would probably not cross your path long enough to let you know how they lean, because why open up to someone that wants to restrict your rights? Your sample is skewed by your own belief system, in all likelihood.

  • Everyone is entitled to their personal beliefs, no matter how twisted or hateful they are. It’s how we impose those beliefs on others that needs to be challenged. It’s the same cliched question: If you don’t agree with homosexuality, then don’t be a homo. If you are a non-black who hates black people, then congratulations, you’re not black. Please don’t impose your fucked up views on me or anyone else, that’s not upholding your convictions, that’s being a self-inflated narcissist.

  • keightlynn: your views are so idiotic – lots of straight people are just about the sex, too, so by your view shouldn’t that make marriage between two straight people wrong? if the purpose of marriage is to procreate, then what about two straight people who cannot or choose not to become parents biologically…would that make their marriage illegal? and please stop talking about your nasty sex life; it doesn’t make you any more interesting. god you are dumb…please don’t reproduce.

  • I am not sure the majority of gays really want to get married,
    I have nothing against gay people,
    as a matter of fact I believe the truly gay
    are the ones who don’t look gay
    and I respect that.
    I don’t find it funny when they make a show out of it, on the other hand.
    I understand keightlynn views, although they may seem fundamentalistic

  • And in my opinion, you all are the ones that are dumb for not seeing it my way.

    This name calling can just as easily go both ways.

  • The thing that troubles me
    is that most of this gay marriage thing
    is political strategy
    and people are being manipulated
    for reasons that are not connected to their relationships.

  • I also believe that marriage is seen as a means for procreation
    and considered the cell of our society,
    and human beings are driven by their DNA
    that needs reproduction to avoid endangering of the species.

  • “And in my opinion, you all are the ones that are dumb for not seeing it my way.”

    Another one of Keightlynn’s brilliant compelling agruments.

  • Marriage is a concept fabricated by societies
    and differs according to the place of the world you are in
    and I also think it can be questioned
    either of the gay or straight nature.
    many of us do not agree with Muslim marriages,
    many of us do not agree with children marriages,
    because we look at it with our society’s eyes.
    We have the right to question something
    we do not understand or disagree with,
    even if it’s out of our hands and power.

  • @ Indigo

    That was in response to brilliantly compelling argument of- “god you are dumb…please don’t reproduce.”

  • As westerners, we should at least try to honor some of our traditions,
    otherwise, as a friend humorosly said
    one day everything will be allowed,
    such as the gentleman who married his goat.
    This came in the news recently.
    Is it true?I really don’t know.

  • the gentleman married the goat after three broken marriages, with women
    Obviously, the women were to blame for his choice.
    They could never make him happy,
    and now we understand why!

  • Keightlynn to put this to rest, I want to know where you live, State not the city and exactly what religious denomination you are. I am not crazy or any of that BS I just have a theory and if it holds true, my theory was right.

    I know that seems odd to ask but saying you will not be swayed at yet you are still so young may pigeonhole you down the road. Just saying.

    What I was talking about above was that I was trying to make you think but I must not have stated it clear enough. So I will move on.

  • mambaX

    You’re probably right, but I wouldn’t take Nahahahahaha for an answer.

    Fuck that was terrible…. I need to go out and get laid.

  • hahhah…. she is 19, married, and pregnant? i don’t even know why people are arguing with her….. what’s the point?

    seriously, what state do you live in? I am dying to know.

    oh and your scenarios for ‘what caused them to be gay’ were HILARIOUS. so you’re friend was straight… and his parents got divorced.. so suddenly he craved dick? wow! it’s like magic

    and mamba… are you seriously equating a barn animal to a gay person? you disgust me.

    a gay person is still a person. idiot.

  • I am 19 years old and all of my gay friends tell me that they have been gay before they even knew what it was called. You have horrible taste in friends.

  • @keightlynn: you are pregnant? didn’t you just post somewhere on another thread about doing jello shots and going out partying? yeah…you are too dumb to reproduce.

  • This is not a good thing.

    Not from the standpoint of whether gays should be allowed to marry. From the standpoint of what’s going to happen when judges start making law.

    When a court decides, despite whatever laws are on the books, that a woman no longer has a right to have an abortion, will you guys be cheering as loudly?

    Judges’ jobs are to interpret the law, not to make new law.

  • @ keightlynn

    – who informed you that a couple of the same sex cannot adopt? i was watching a show a couple of weeks on mtv that had this football player and his bf and they adopted also said that you were with your husband 4 years before you married and that hes your best friend…there are gay couples that have been waiting twice as longer then you to get married but the law wont let them…your such a arrogant person..what world are we living in today??????????

  • I know I came into this mega late and probably all that can be said has already been said.. but I would just like to say that keightlynn, for saying everything you just said, I honestly don’t feel that you have the right to even be married. Since when is marriage about reproducing ? I’m sorry, but if you feel that then you have a completely wrong definition of it. Also, about your friends ? I happen to find that incredibly offensive. If they are just looking for sex, maybe they just haven’t truly matured and haven’t gone through their life processes yet. I can personally say that I have had many homosexual friends who have been in very happy unions of love and I honestly think their relationship is healthier than almost all of my other friend’s ones. I know that I’m late. I know I don’t have many points to bring up.. but it’s people like you that are bringing our nation backwards instead of forwards. And about you even saying they’re “friends” or yours ? I’m sorry, but I thought friends truly did care about eachother. If you wish that your friends don’t even have the opportunity of getting married later in life, than I don’t see you as a friend to them at all. Or atleast not a true one. Friends should SUPPORT eachother – something you are lacking a lot of. By not even being able to see that change could come from any of them, too, is completely ridiculous. Maybe now all they want is sex but if one of them was raped.. it’s quite obvious that she could still be hurt from that. Any previous life experiences that you must take into account could be present in all of them to give them a reason to feel insecure and maybe not ready for full on commitment anytime soon. Of course, I’m really not expecting you to see these signs, you would have to be a friend to see them.

  • And to back iiirene up, Obama specifically said that he supports people of the same sex adopting. Maybe he’s not being completely selfish and thinking of other people. People YOU should be thinking about, as well, since you’re such great friends with them. :)

    And don’t get me wrong, I neither completely support Obama or McCain.. just something to thoroughly consider.

  • Wow, good for Connecticut.

    Also, you guys shouldn’t waste your time that silly teenager and her nonsensical ‘arguments’. I’m sure she’s enjoying the attention.

  • Keightlynn,
    Not only does everyone here obviously enjoy your mature, thoughtful and respectful opinions-but I’m sure your friends would appreciate their personal stories of rape, parent divorce, drug addiction and sexual preferences being aired on this website by you. It is absolutely despicable to throw your friends under the bus while you selfishly try to make a point. NO one is ever going to agree on gay marriage, it will continue to go around and around.
    I don’t respond to your ignorant comments because I realize how young you are, but hopefully you will realize one day that not everyone is always going to agree with your opinions. You are no better than anyone else to degrade their personal beliefs.

  • @PoliteTia
    ” Marriage is a privilege for God fearing man and God fearing woman.”

    I thought we were talking about U.S. law, not your bible. As far as I know, atheists can get married in this country. For now, at least. : )

    I don’t expect anyone can change your mind, but please try this exercise, Imagine if you woke up tomorrow in a world where same-sex love and marriage was the norm. You know you’re different, you’re attracted to men, not women. You fall in love with men, not women. But in this world you are abnormal, ostracized, said to have “chosen” a sick lifestyle, and are not allowed to marry your soul mate. Would you believe that the government’s law that only same-sex couples can marry was right?

    Personally, I don’t want the government to decide who I can marry.

  • just so you know that it has been struck down by the Supreme Crt. It’s good that somebody is as pasionate about this as you. Most are indifferent or hateful or really do not care. hmm. just letting you know.

  • thanks kaiti for backing me up with that,
    Keightlynn-did you finally realize that you have nothing more to say in order to be right?