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I Will Totally Vote Now

How adorable is Blake Lively?

Don’t you just want to drag her into bed with you and cuddle with her deep under the covers? Just you and Blake Lively and her fresh, white T-shirt that still smells vaguely of fabric softener and a thick comforter and something laugh-out-loud funny on TV. Wouldn’t that just be so cozy and wonderful? I love you, Blake Lively.

Also: John Leguizamo attended the same event, and when I saw this photo of him, in thumbnail form on the photo service website, I absolutely thought it was Penn Badgley. I find that infinitely amusing.

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  • John is saggin’! I can’t believe how much he’s aged, but it sure is nice to see that he hasn’t given in to the surgery and botox and other bullshit stuff that should be left to the women.

  • omg, now why couldn’t everybody have used tactics like this??
    blake lively will make people go to the polls CHEERILY, rather than in an extremely melancholy cloud of guilt and obligation and a little bit of creepiness like with that jessica alba bullshit.
    and i totally want her shirt too.
    and she’s so adorable i could like, yes, use her for a teddy bear.
    and i think john leguizamo still looks good!

  • OH! I wasn’t saying he didn’t look good – because, yes! he still looks delicious.. just glad that he hasn’t gone the way of the knife/needle/laser.

    AND BEET! You should vote, anyway! Not just because Ms. Lively tells you to!

    After all your political posts, I thought, “Now there is a girl with some cahones! She will be out there at the polls. She’s strong-hearted and knows what she wants for this country.”

    Or something like that :X

  • have you ever officially swung “the other way”, miss beet? i think it’s time…

  • Beet, have you seen the movie, “The Babysitters” with Jon Leguizamo in it? It’s about a bunch of babysitters that start a prostitution ring with the fathers of the kids that they babysit for. He plays one of the fathers…. it’s actually really good! Check it out! :)

  • OOOOOOOHHHHH Beet! Hell Yeah! Drag her into bed softly begin to kiss her neck, her lips and slowly slowly work my way down and work the magic I have practiced on for years. The smell of a woman is the way to begin an incredible experience only to end with the most phenomenal massive O. Beet are u sure u haven’t um……..before?

  • Oh Beet you painted such a nice picture, I so want to cuddle under the covers with her too! You described it exactly! She seems like such a nice, cute person, like she could light up any situation.