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Is Michael Cera the New Breed of Heartthrob?

You know him as the awkward teen in Juno, as the awkward teen in Superbad, and as — what else? — the awkward teen on Arrested Development.

But Michael Cera’s developed one heck of a fanbase on both sides of the gender spectrum, and is now preparing to make his leading-man debut in the much-buzzed-about Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, opposite hottie Kat Denning. The film hits theaters on Friday.

He’s not classically attractive. He’s too thin; he’s not muscular. His hairstyle is childish. His features are camped somewhere in the no man’s land between attractive and unattractive. And yet young women are falling in love with him, just like they’ve fallen in love recently with equally non-traditional leading men like Seth Rogen and Jason Segel.

The up-and-coming generation of male starlets seems to be lacking a Justin Timberlake, or a Brad Pitt or a George Clooney — a classically beautiful and traditionally masculine leading man. (I am refusing to consider Zac Efron “traditionally masculine.”) Instead, young women are flocking to the more — dare I say it? — attainable leading men. These are men who might be in the halls of your own high school or college, whose unremarkable looks belie a man of substance, kindness, charm and wit oft overlooked by the cheerleaders and supermodels of the world.

Why the change? Will it last? Is it a good thing?

Would you like to take Michael Cera into your bedroom and rip his clothes off? If so, why?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

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  • I think he’s so adorable. I just want to hug him!

    That being said, he’s a little bit too much like a little brother to want to take him home and rip his clothes off… it might be weird. Heh.

    I, personally, think the change should last. I like having average looking guys doing the entertaining. Shows the younger generations that you don’t have to be “beautiful” to win roles (and hearts). Of course, that doesn’t mean I actually think it WILL last. I feel like people will get sick of the Judd Apatow crew and revert back to the George Clooneys (as you said) and the other such gorgeous stars.

  • Im with you Tracy he is so cute. But riping his clothes.. not really no.
    He is more of the best friend kinda guy.

  • Umm, I’m just not sure what to say about Michael Cera. He plays the same role in EVERY movie and television show he does. I just want to see him, i don’t know, do something a little different. Diversify. While I’m all for men who are not conventionally good looking, but are still attractive in strange kind of way, when I look at Michael, I am reminded of a 12-year old. It really prevents me from seeing him in anything resembling a romantic light.


  • I like the change in culture. Whether it will last or not is something we probably can’t predict. Society will always be interested in 6 packs and huge tits, but I think this could be a move in the right direction.

    When I saw Superbad, I instantly wanted to get drunk and give Michael Cera a handjob. Not because he is overly good-looking, but because of his character’s personality. He’s awkward, innocent, and real. Michael Cera is the exact same as the guys I date in real life.

    I think that’s his appeal – he’s the realistic dude we all want to make out with. As far as Zac Efron and Chace Crawford and the like, if I saw their realistic counterparts at a party, they’d probably be wearing a popped collar and singing Journey as if it’s original to know the words of “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Those are the guys who make me spit in their beers when they aren’t looking.

    So, in my opinion, I’d much rather give my vajay to the likes of nerds like Michael Cera. They aren’t unoriginal bastards.

    I think we’ve over-Barbie and over-Kennified our culture. Platinum, silicone, botox, and collagen have started to exceed their shelf life.

  • He’s adorable in that awkward way, but I can’t imagine him not being uneasily witty and in a hoodie. I wouldn’t fuck him, because he seems like 13 yea old boy who just hit puberty. I’d be his best friend, but that’s it.

  • He’s also a little young for me to be ripping his clothes off, but still I’ll say yes. Because he seems like a regular enough kind-a guy that if I wanted to, I could rip his clothes off. Not so much with the before mentioned Chace & Zac.

  • I have a total crush on Michael Cera. And in that same vein I also have major crushes on John Krasinski (Jim from the Office) and Jason Segel. I’m so into nerds. I even date a nerdy dude in real life. They are so darn charming.

    I think it’s more about being funny than nerdy, though. All of these guys (my boo included) are really frapping funny. And that always works on me.

  • Oh, and I would barf if Chace or Zac Efron approached me. They both seem dull as a box of hair.

  • I am dating a Michael Cera, have been for over 2 years. He’s the best boyfriend in the WHOLE WORLD! I’ll probably marry him, too, and I know FOR A FACT he will
    a) Never cheat on me.
    b) Always think I’m hot no matter what I look like, and tell me so.
    c) Never have a second thought about whether or not I’m the love of his life.

    I’d like to know how Zac and Chance hold up to them apples!

  • i absolutely love this kid!!
    he has this like sarcastic humor thats just really sweet
    he may not be drop dead gorgeous
    but i like him
    hes a damn good actor, well in my opinon

  • I would do Jason Segal, Josh Rogan and John Krasinski in a heartbeat.

    Michael Cera… not so much. He looks like he’s, at the most, 17. I might do Jonah Hill if I were high enough.

  • He’s super cute now, but looks like he needs to age a little before I’d move him from friend zone. I do like that nerds are making a come back. My favorite is Matthew Gray Gubler who is actually Kat Denning’s real life boyfriend.

  • I want to bake him cookies and snuggle while watching movies with him. Not bleep him though. Gross.

  • i’d do michael cera, but only if nobody knew about it and i was a little bit drunk. cause i’d kinda feel like i raped a puppy.

    also, i’d hate to do that to my husband hugh laurie.

    seth rogen, though – any day.

    don’t even *try* asking me why, but i think he is so hot.

    actually, i think it’s the funny guy thing, you know?

    and he knows it too.

    but zac efron??

    i feel like he is one hundred and a million percent the single most hideous thing that has ever occurred, and also like he would probably smell like a porta-potty that somebody spilled some cologne on.

    gag me.

    (yeah, i said it.)

  • I think hes just too damn CUTE (in the little kid way) for me to want to rip that striped shirt off. Kat Dennings (her name actually has an s at the end) is a different story, she is HOT!

  • Love the heck outta him, but not like that. Also, how pale is that girl to make Michael Cera look tan?!

  • I am married to a nerd, as in video game fanatic, freddy krueger lover.. He’s quite a mix. What attracted me to him at first across the room was his boyish grin. It was refreshing to find someone being so innocent and real. I feel like all we see and hear about is plastic. I think its such a refreshing thing to see. A real guy. Thats just like the one in our everyday lives.

    I think people are getting tired of fantasy and are ready for real things, people and ideas.

  • ohh, I would so rip his clothes off.. I love Michael Cera,,I have no idea why I’m so attracted to him haha.

    Guess the “nerd” attraction is coming back

  • I wouldn’t put John Krasinski in the same category as Jason Segal or Seth Rogan. John Krasinski is freakin’ real-life adorable/sexy. Seth Rogan and Jason Segal are sloppy and dopey.

    Michael Sera better watch out for the Haley Joel Osment syndrome. Having a perpetual adolescent appearance can get creepy.

  • I don’t want to rip his clothes of, per se, but he’s so adorable! Guys who are smart, witty, and funny are total keepers. I mean, I’d totally do Brad Pitt, but I wouldn’t marry him or invest myself in a serious relationship with him (because of Angelina Jolie among other reasons). But more attainable, realistic, sweet guys are guys are real prizes.

  • I definitely think that Michael Cera is adorable. I’ve had a crush on him since “Superbad”, even if he was dorky. It was very sexy to me to see the way he handled the situation with the drunk girl wanting to have sex with him. I love men who are respectful of women, rather than ripping off their clothes whenever they have a chance to do so.
    As for Seth Rogen… I adore him as well. There are quite a few guys out there these days who are not “pretty boys” but seem like they’d be awesome boyfriends. THAT is what women should look for, rather than eye candy. Those relationships are the ones that are healthy, full of trust, and long-lasting.

  • he’s definitely a hottie BECAUSE of his sense of humor, not because he’s the most attractive guy in the business.
    i think girls like smart guys becasue smart guys usually become rich.

    he definitely looks like a smart guy to me ;]
    but personally, i’d definitely go for him. with or without the fame.

  • I think he’s delightfully sweet and cute – the perfect little brother type or best friend type.

    But rip his clothes off? Sorry, no.

  • I don’t, you know, see it… but I understand it and I wholeheartedly approve it. Getting younger girls to understand that nice guys are good for them is always a good thing.

  • I would do it to him in a heartbeat. I don’t know why though. He’s got some kind of charm I suppose, because normally I go for more muscular guys.

  • Cera’s pretty waifish, but he has a kind of Beck vibe, and I love Beck, so yes. IF I were 20 years younger and 6 inches shorter. On another note: Justin Timberlake is not a classically beautiful or traditionally masculine leading man–he’s a homely pop singer!

  • I totally would but i think it is really because he reminds me of an old flame of mine. Like way too much.

  • sorry but thats a no go – i mean really people? “lets throw the little boner a bone”??? – hes just another creation thats accepted by women who arent assholes and dont want to feel intimidated, and accepted by men because hes interpreted as ‘immature and still wanted’


    Hes appropriate for a teen – but believe me – these indie-false-witty-‘ironic’ to the point of needing to be shot – get really annoying really fast.

  • Why the change? One word–cougars. Will it last? It’s a timeless profession. Is it a good thing? Who the hell knows. Would you like to take Michael Cera into your bedroom and rip his clothes off? If so, why? Hell no. I think his appeal is that Shia Le Beouf in Holes/Transformers/Evan Stevens sense of humor and “soft” look. He’s not the cute guy with a soft inside who can still get by on his looks. He’s “average” and he makes average–appealing because he doesn’t apologize for being average. And he has that “soft” look.

  • Is Michael Cera the New Breed of Heartthrob?


    As for bringing him to the bedroom, Im disgusted because I don’t see any difference between him and a 12yr old.

  • He is too young for me, but while saying that I totally have a huge crush on the middle Jonas brother so… I do think that when he is older he will be more like a John Krasinski who is totally a guy i would get it on with.

    I have always dated guys who were on the nerdy side. They are not as likely to cheat on you and have little or no back bone so they do whatever you say.

    That being said I have vowed to change my ways because my past boyfriends have all been huge vaginas and gotten no where in life!

  • As a 19-years-old girl, I find him cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute and I’d totally bring him into my bedroom.

  • Hell yeah michael cera’s just sexy. You just want to mess him up a little, that’s why he’s so attractive.

  • Yeah, Michael Cera is adorable. He’s totally down to earth & real, y’know? It’s his vulnerable, nerdy aura. Girls go for that kind of stuff nowadays. Jocks are so 90’s.

  • So the leading men are getting more “attainable” but the women are staying just the way they are. Yes? Guys can be schlubs but the women must remain hot?

    Just making sure I’m getting that. I’m all for more attainable beauty, as long as the women get to be a little more normal as well.

  • “Instead, young women are flocking to the more — dare I say it? — attainable leading men. ”
    I think that’s great. Television (and even in the movie stuff) should show the real side of the man, even with the woman (which i think this will be difficult to us – women-) but i believe it is a positive point.

  • I thought he was adorable in SuperBad, and then I saw Juno, and fell in immediate lust. Sincere smile, light frame, big doe-eyes, he seems like the type of guy that would charm you into bed (not on the first date), and then surprise you by biting.

    The nerdy-bookish thing needs to come back around. The Ceras of the world deserve the light.

    In answer to the question (ripping his clothes off), without hesitation.

  • I think he’s adorable and cute. He’s the type of guy that as you probably get to know him more and more, you end up finding him more and more attractive.

  • ohhhh myyyyyy-the things i would do to him!!!!!! i’ve liked him for years & had hoped that he wouldn’t be the next big thing! ;) i saw a sneak showing of ‘nick & nora’ the other night & it made me love him even more!

    he just seems so innocent-that makes me want him more :) i could go on & on & on…my point: i would most definitely take him into my bedroom & rip his clothes off, for SO many reasons! ♥

  • Love Love Love the new breed of heartthrob… I’m always pointing it out to a lot of friends and coworkers that the hot nerd is the best type of guy to go for… they’re smart, charming, and u kno they’re good in bed cuz that’s all they’ve thought about for the past how many years…

    If I wasn’t married, I’d totally jump his bones… but I’ve got my own hot nerd now… and he’s hot!!!

    So here’s to the hot nerds! One day, they’ll overthrow the Clooney, Pitt, Damons of the world (not saying these guys aren’t hot cuz they totally are), because the attainable hotness of Adam Brody and Michael Cera will be the future!

  • I love this boy! I’m 26 and for some reason, if I had a choice of any celeb to hang out with…I’d certainly pick Michael Cera!! He seems so sincere and real.

  • I don’t know. Michael Cera’s all right, but in a very adolescent way. I don’t know how to describe it. I tend to prefer more mature, actually handsome men. But not so handsome there’s nothing else underneath. A little cerebral with my hotties, if you will. Like Adrien Brody, or Daniel Day-Lewis (especially around the early nineties) or Don Draper from Mad Men (Oh my gosh. He makes me hyperventilate.)

    So yeah, I don’t think this trend will last, if only because the teenage girls now attracted to skinny nerds are going to grow up and want to look at adults.

  • honestly i think people want to see the sweet ‘nice guy’ for a change. i love watching michael cera movies, spesh juno, cos he is awkward, he is not overly hot, but he pulls the girl cos he really does ‘love’ her and shows that.

  • Gotta represent my people here, I know I’m not the only gay guy who finds Michael Cera incredibly hot. Man I wish he was gay.

  • Yes!:) I would! I love michael cera, he has changed my ideas on nerds, haha, I mean, seriously! Lol michael cera, yum!
    Hahah. And what’s even better I have a friend that looks just like him!

  • given that so many of my friends tell me i look like him i’m gona start taking it as a complement haha