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Rosie’s Got a New Gig!

Rosie O’Donnell will be returning to television, but kept far, far away from Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

She’s going to do a live variety show on NBC.

And not only will the show be live, but Rosie will be giving out prizes to the show’s at-home audience … live. Producers are hoping this combination will be a successful way to battle the DVRs of the world, and that people will be more inclined to tune in when it actually airs. Frankly, I sincerely doubt this approach will make so much as a dent. But maybe I’m overestimating my fellow Americans. I usually do.

They’re also hoping it’ll help them battle cable television, which is taking up an increasingly large chunk of television viewership.

“This will reinvent the idea of what a variety show is for 2008,” NBC vice president alternative Craig Plestis said. “There’s very few performers willing to put themselves out there live. It makes it more TiVo-proof, and it’s something none of the cable networks can do.”

Fox is planning to launch their own variety show, starring Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, set to air in winter or spring. NBC’s hoping for a first-mover advantage; they’ll be starting Rosie’s run in late November.

Both shows sound like total snoozefests to me, but, then again, I’m totally not their target demo.

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  • This woman is actually somewhat intelligent and often champions good causes, so it would really boost her appeal if she did not always look like the poster child for “Sloppy and Crass.” Rosie it IS possible to dress comfortably without looking like you are the sales rack at KMart circa 1988. It might also behoove you to once in awhile get your picture taken and not look like you’re in mid-kamikaze death scream.

  • i don’t care what rosie stands for, because even when i agree with her i want to change the channel when she starts yelling like a banshee. maybe she should take some anger management classes. or meditate.

  • Okay, we know you’re a lesbian and don’t want to wear make=up but that doesn’t mean you can’t get medical treatment for the rosacea. And always the ortho clogs. Tiresome. There are other comfortable shoes. We don’t need you on t.v. anymore. Go away somewhere and lose weight for your kids sake.