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Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel: Back On!

After breaking all our hearts by splitting up, it looks like Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel have reconciled, and are back in each other’s hearts and pants.

Cameras caught the two of them holding hands and looking very much together in LA this weekend.

As much as I hate Jimmy Kimmel, this is kind of heart warming. It’s like when I heard Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling got back together. You just hate to see true love broken apart.

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  • hmm…if they are indeed back together i hope jimmy isn’t going to cheat on her again…that is why they broke up in the first place right? or it was something to that effect…if jimmy makes sarah happy, then i’m all for it. not the biggest fan of jimmy kimmel though…

  • True love? He left his wife and kids for her. I really wouldn’t call that true love but I’m sure you have no idea what true love is EvilBitch.

  • They both seem like off-and-on jerks whose career foundations have been based on how gross or stupid they can act (Man Show, and her awful show about herself behaving like a dimwitted horse’s ass). Birds of a feather…they probably deserve each other. They can sit at home together and laugh about farts and quiffs and masturbating for days at a time. That might be closer to their definition of true love!

  • Go Sarah…love how she hits the red carpet all sexy girlified for a change & succeeds in yanking his chain. She did that pink (was it pink?) dolled up look just a week or so & bam.

  • Disclaimer: I kind of hate them both. That said, YIPPEE! I am so relieved! I don’t know why their breakup totally bugged me, but it did. Thumbs up, kids!

  • I knew this skank would return to him. Her so-called career took a nose dive after the break-up. Now she is stuck sucking old man jizz forever. Good! He looks like he still smells, even after he takes his weekly shower.