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Jenna Fischer’s Off the Market … Again

The recurring red carpet nightmare, who divorced her husband last September, revealed to People that she’s had a serious boyfriend since January.

His name is Lee Kirk, and he’s apparently a writer, although he doesn’t seem to have written anything much of note. He wrote the 2004 snoozer The Women — no, not the Meg Ryan one. This one starred — you guessed it! — Jenna Fischer.

“We met through mutual friends,” she says. “We’ve actually known each other for a long time. He went to college with an old friend of mine.”

Hm. I wonder if this guy had anything to do with her divorce …

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  • her dresses never seem that bad to me, but the way she stands with her hands on her hips and everything draws attention to her box-ish figure. If she stood differently and wore dresses that accentuated her curves, I think she could look a lot better

  • Actually, he’s pretty respected within the writing community out here in LA for his writing. Several awards from different film festivals for his work. Not a blockbuster yet but still commendable. I do alot of work in the industry and have heard his name.

  • Lee Kirk is Sean Gunn’s…(James Gunn’s brother) good friend. They just did a film together. When she said “we met through mutual friends”… she was talking about her Ex-husband’s brother!