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John McCain’s Chief of Staff Is Gay

John McCain’s Chief of Staff, Mark Buse, was outed today.

This is a video taken by his ex-boyfriend in 2000.

People close to Mark say he’s been in a “glass closet,” being rather “open” to those around him and to his family, rather than trying to appear heterosexual. Meaning: John McCain probably knew full well he was gay.

How does this change your views of McCain?

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  • I never planned on voting for McCain… But maybe Sarah Palin can “transform him through prayer”. She’s such a psych-case.

  • Is that really an issue? Do I want higher taxes and someone who was in bed with shady people? People like Tony Rezko and Reverend Jeremiah Wright?

    Not me~I don’t care that he’s gay.

    McCain/Palin 08!

  • that doesnt make me think any less of mccain.

    i already hate him enough.
    now i feel a little better about calling mccain gay.

  • Uh, that’s great that McCain has some gay dude on his staff or whatever, but it DOESN’T mean that he’s going to do dick about equal rights legislation during his tenure if he (*HOLY FUCKBALLS and XENU FORBID*) wins this election. Making friends with the homos by giving them teensy things like the right to marry would totally piss off his self-righteous, gas-happy, warmongering, biblethumping base too much. But it doesn’t mean he can’t have one as an employee!

    It’s like Dick Cheney having a lesbian daughter. Remember her? Kind of a hypocritical twat, if you ask me.

  • Dear Lord……..let’s find just about ANYTHING to try and make McCain look bad, why don’t we? I certainly haven’t seen anything on here exploiting Obama, Beet. Like, for instance, why is Obama having such a difficult time coughing up his birth certificate?

    Obama is going to get into office with his years and years of extensive experience, and fuck up everything even more. I really can’t believe all it takes is saying, “Its time for change!” and people think he’s ready to rule the country.

  • It shouldn’t matter and it seems this proves it didn’t matter to McCain. Shows a little bit that he’s real… and doesn’t care about the ‘in’ crowd in Washington or that guy wouldn’t be putting stamps on campaign donation letters in Des Moines… I’m loving that Obama’s people are sweating badly… The People’s Republic of Hollywood are gonna have a cow in November.

  • they can make incest jokes about palins husband on SNL and nobody says shit, but you say one thing about obama’s affection for bordertown mexican whores and truckstop mensroom foottapping and everyone cries foul! rumor has it he actually owns some barbara streisand music, but you haven’t heard one damn thing about that on CNN now, have you?

  • It makes me think he’s even more of a d. bag for rallying his right-wing homophobic closeminded GOP base with his war cries against equal rights legislation.
    And this guy is a d. bag for working for him.

  • I think McCain is a true hero and an awesome man. Why would having a gay person on his staff matter? John McCain is going to make a great President

  • Seriously Kristin? You do realize that McCain just nabbed someone inexperienced and started yelling about how we need change. Apparently the Republicans thought it was a pretty good idea, good enough to steal…maintaining the shady side for which they are so well known.

  • Surprise, surprise another gay Republican. It matters because the Repubs are almost always working AGAINST gay rights.

    Keep this guy away from Sarah Palin, anyway, if he even gets to keep his job.

    Of course I’m not voting for McCain.

  • Ok, so kristin is more concerned about obama’s birth certificate than mccain’s health record?

    omg, let’s hope she forgets to vote. the point of the chief of staff being gay is that mccain is COMPLETELY against equal rights. period. Makes his chief of staff a closet hater….to the gay community the chief of staff is self hating.

  • Since when does someones sexual orientation impact on their work ethic or how they do their job? It has no bearing on the election or in any workplace. Talking his personal life goes against all the workplace discrimination acts in place.

  • ac, it’s odd because McCain’s running mate is going to try to reform McCain’s Chief of Staff. She is of the firm belief that they are committing a mortal sin, but can be redeemed. Considering how hard-core right Sarah is, it should be interesting to see how long Mark will last.

  • Palin has made a lot more actual “change” that can be documented then I’ve ever heard Obama rattle off. And, the only reason they have focused on “Real Change” as their campaign slogan is because the only fucking word that the Democrats offer is…Change, Change, Change. Oh, and did we mention change? They are offering real change as opposed to Obama’s mass amount of inexperience.

  • Kitten….Be aware that, there is no age limit to be president. Although, there is a law against not being a citizen of the own fucking country you plan to rule. I know we all would love to just walk into a country we weren’t born in and become president, but unfortunately thats not the way the world turns.

  • Even if Obama were inexperienced, I’d prefer him to an experienced lunatic who pretty much only concerns himself with the rights of rich, straight men and can’t even keep track of how many houses he has.

    At least with Obama, the rest of the population (the non-white, non-rich, non-straight, non-men) will have a chance.

  • Kristin:
    You’re either full of crap or you’ve been completely hoodwinked by other people’s crap. Obama was born in Hawaii and has the birth certificate to prove it. It’s hard to believe, but there are repubs out there who still, even in the face of the facts, insist that the birth certificate was forged or photoshopped or something. Are you one of those repubs, grasping at straws while her candidate bumbles around yelling at reporters and talk show hosts?

    As for the other part of your rant. If you head to Russia right now and become a citizen, in 10 years you can run for president. Then you and Sarah Palin can wave to each other.

  • I dont know.. It only gets me thinking that (because nobody ever talked about this dude before) McCain is just using this shit to, you know, get gay people thinking he actually cares about them, to get their vote.. But i dont think he gives a shit though, i think its just to get their vote..

    I dont have anything against gay people, dont get me wrong, my best friend is gay, and i totally love him and his boyfriend.. I just think McCain is using this shit to get more votes, thats all…

  • re: censorthis

    that’s why I say fuck you. :) I’d be offended if I didn’t know you were full of shit. I’m in love with my boyfriend of 5 yrs who could probably kick your ass, thank you very much.

  • I hope no one seriously thinks that John McCain gives a damn whether anyone is gay or not; all that antigay talk is nothing but political bullshit. He’s posturing to win conservative votes.

  • I’m surprised by how many people assumed Beet was suggesting they’d have a problem with a gay man in McCain’s team. I thought the point was the hypocrisy of McCain/Palin’s position – being anti-gay but prepared to overlook it when it suits them. It’s like they’re saying, “You guys can be second-class citizens, but we’ll still have you work for us if you’re good at it. We’ll take your hard work and your tax dollars, but we’re not giving you equal rights, bitch.” That’s a scary and elitist attitude if ever I saw one.

  • Tigerlille, doesn’t that make it even worse? He doesn’t even believe the hate he’s spewing, it’s just politically expedient to tread on certain people (no matter how valuable they might have been to him in his campaign).

  • And I think that John McCain’s contempt for the job of the vice-president has been well documented. Should, God forbid, this team win, you will find that Palin is merely a figurehead with no real power. She will certainly not be able to fire or have any say about the placement of anyone on John McCain’s staff. McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin was, again, nothing but political pandering to the right.

  • Yes, I absolutely agree, Grace. A political candidate that will do whatever is expedient to get elected is a scary candidate indeed. Of course, they almost all fall in that category. That’s why I have high hopes for Obama, but I remember how the Clinton’s promptly turned on all the underdog groups that worked so hard for them once they were elected. I always vote, but I am always doubtful we have any real choice. But hope springs eternal…

  • re; wpolochick

    sorry, i just keep forgetting that there are women that are willing to be in relationships for 5 years with a man they wouldn’t consider their hero. i now realize your statement only related to politicians. my bad.

  • who gives a shit? Gay people are everywhere, and no politician in his right mind is not going to support a gay member of their staff.

  • I think it’s not meaningful
    but I still smile when I remember
    the other side recommending
    that one should inflate the tires,
    you know, oil crisis, etc
    THAT is funny!

  • re; donkey punch

    i don’t know about the birth certificate but i heard from a reliable source that obama has a birthmark of the numbers 666 on his scalp.

  • Well, I’m telling you, looking at Obama’s so called birth certificate that has been made available, it sure looks a lot like Aerial font, in all caps. If it was real, in 1961.. I believe it would have been typed.

    And quite frankly I don’t give a shit if you can be president in Russia after 10 years of citizenship. Do we live in Russia? No. Is it still illegal for a person to be president not born in America regardless if you can be president in Russia? I believe so.

  • re; kristin

    aerial? shit, i thought it was more like Berlin Sans FB Demi Bold. when i saw it i was like, whoa dude, that shit ain’t gonna fly under a magnifying glass fer sure. just another black guy trying to pull the wool over our collective eyes, imho. not to sound paranoid, but let’s get behind mccain before the planet is overrun with al sharpton clones wielding spears and jumping up and down like an old black and white tarzan movie (with johnny weismuller, not that shitty guy after him). i don’t know about you but i’m already hyperventilating just thinking about this scary shit.

  • Kristin:
    Please, try to think a little. When you get a reissued birth certificate (you know, if you or your parents lose the first one), they print a new one for you off the computer. They don’t drag out the old typewriter.

    Of course, maybe I’m wrong about the birth certificate. Maybe the one that Obama has is forged and no one has thought to check birth announcements or the Office of Records in Honolulu. You should probably contact John McCain immediately. I’m sure he’d want to know about it. Maybe you can win some kind of medal or something.