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Dude, When Did Amy Poehler Get So Fat?

I mean, I’m not endorsing anorexia or anything, but, sheesh, Amy, looks are important in this business.

On the Emmy red carpet last night.

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  • Beet, you have ZERO maternal qualities I see, and appear to be headed towards a long lonely life in front of your computer.

    what a stupid comment that was..

  • you guys are the dipshits.
    she knows she is preggo
    *rolls eyes*
    she has gotten alot bigger in the past month was her point.
    you all are fucking stupid

  • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed the weight gain…bitch, i don’t know your life…she wasn’t even this fat in baby mama

  • wow they hid this really well on the snl skit. i guess watching it again i see the bump, but wow. who knew.

  • that baby is gonna pop out anytime now
    I didnt really know she was prego until I saw the SNL Clinton skit last weekend- I could see the baby bump

  • i am lmao at u silly people who honestly think she doesn’t know that the chick is preggo! calm down, geesh

  • hahaha oh beet I love your humor.
    For such a small woman she got BIG. I have a friend who’s pregnant (7 mos) and you can hardly tell. Weird how that happens. But I guess it’s not so weird. Eh.

  • Yeah the Palin/Clinton skit gave it away. Her face had gotten really round like pregnancy does to women. She is gigantic though… and because of Baby Mama it feels like it popped out of nowhere. :)

  • she looks so cute.

    and uhh hello please look up sarcasm. cus i’m pretty sure beet was being reallll sarcastic.

    straight up genius’

  • As a miserable 35 weeks pregnant woman, I would like to pass along mean grumpy faces to you. I absolutely hate when women at work joke and comment on my size. I’m not very big for my due date, so I either hear about not being big enough.. or the occasional asshole who decides I’m enormous and feels it’s her duty to let me know. It’s so annoying.

  • I knew when I clicked on the comments link, I’d see at least a couple of complaints from total idiots who honestly believed that Beet was serious about Amy Poehler getting fat.

    Thanks for not disappointing me, guys.

  • hahahahahaha
    i love all these ridiculous people who comment this blog and take everything so literally.
    lighten up, folks.

  • wow. fat chicks are such a huge turn on. i would totally impregnate this smokin’ hot babe, whoever she is.

  • you guys are idiots.

    i’m 30 weeks pregnant and, because i’m 5’9″, it only shows in certain outfits. But my friend, who is 4’8″, she shows like Amy Poehler and is only 20 weeks! Get over it people, if it weren’t for “fat pregnant chicks” you wouldn’t be here making snarky comments!

    • Not true. My mother had 5 kids and never got fat.
      It is only in this era of gluttonous sloth with poison food everywhere that this is considered “normal”.

  • That’s how it happens you wake up one morning and boom you can’t tie your shoes.
    I was wearing my pre preggo pants until about 5 mths, then it seemed like i gained all this weight in one night.
    I got so upset I threw out all my underwear because I couldn’t get my preggo butt in them anymore. I cried for about a week after that….then I got over it.

  • A lot of tiny women get huge because we are so tiny it’s hard to hide a big belly but i bet from behind you can’t even tell she’s preggo

  • YEAH…you guys are idiots.

    I’m 6’2″ and I ate a lean cuisine last night so it only shows when I unzip my pants and put my hand down my crotch, but my friend who is a 2 foot albino midget… ate two burritos and a slimfast….and now is all bloated up like a used elephant condom. SO DON’T TALK TO ME ABOUT BEING FAT… *SNAP*

    Insensitive ass holes!

  • re; anonymouse and purplemonkeypaws

    love, love, love your stories. i suggest you save them for when beet throws out the next challenge, ‘tell us your favorite knocked up story’. i hear the breast pump prize for the winner is top notch.

  • wow. she’s pregnant you stupid cunt! you need a fkn life. seriously.. and stop trying to compete with perez, his site is SO much better then yours anyways, all you do is talk about yourself half the time and no one cares! dumbass.

  • I’m 5’3″ and my unpregnant self is 110lbs. I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and 125lbs and went from a 32a/b to a 34c. I look much farther along than what I actually am and I can’t wait to be a big fatty ;3

    And I am in complete agreement with Canaduck.

  • awww she is soo adorably preggy!! she is one of those people that just looks so completely cute when they’re pregnant. usually people look like an odd pregnant version of themselves, but she looks super cute.

  • So Jake20, did you feel that your first comment wasnt quite as stupid as you wanted it to be and so you had to have another go at it? Wow, with brain power like that how are you even able to form complete sentences? Go back to your cave neanderthal.

  • censorthis,
    Ha! speaking of breast pumps….I have a good story about those…but it would gross too many err…”sensitive” people out I think

  • It’s hard to believe that someone can be smart enough to operate a computer, yet so think they can’t figure out that Beet was KIDDING, and that she would be able to tell the difference between a fat person and someone who looks like they have my seventh-grade oversize Social Studies classroom globe shoved up their dress. Not to mention the announcement about her pregnancy happened months ago and Beet is a CELEBRITY BLOGGER, do you really think she missed it?? Sarcasm, joking, ever heard of it?? I don’t know how people can get through life taking every single thing they hear literally. You folks must watch Leno and Letterman and just sit there scratching your heads in blind confusion if you’re taking every joke and pun literally.

    Oh and to the person who thinks Perez is better than Beet because Beet talks about herself…uh, right, Perez NEVER talks about himself. Or his appearances here or there. Or his parties. Or his radio interviews. Nope, never mentions those at all. Just a big bag of fabulous modesty, that’s Perez.

  • Danielle, I know you can’t imagine this right now, but enjoy your pregnancy. Before you know it your baby will be talking back. And if you try to get pregnant again you may find yourself in premature menopause at 42 (like me). Trust!!!!!

  • She’s pregnant, but she’s still huge – and old – and tired looking. Watching her on the SNL Pres. special – even with makeup she looks bad. LOL!

  • You know, normally I’d side with the people who are saying that those who are calling Amy fat is insensitive and hurtful. And that’s true to a certain extent. But in all honesty, I for one came to this page through a google search I decided to pull up after thinking the exact words “Dude, when did Amy Poehler get so fat?”

    It’s mean, it’d serve no purpose to say it to her face. But to look at how much of a knockout she was and then all of a sudden that stupid Palin rap comes up and, holy crap! Yes it’s horrible to say, but I’m sorry, it’s true! It’s what we’re all thinking and the beet has the balls to come out and say it. After all, I don’t think anyone really comes to the evil beet to read nice happy things about celebrities.

  • The opposite of fat is anorexic?
    What ever happened to Healthy?

    When did this society get so messed up that eating real, healthy food and working out is abnormal?