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I Can’t Watch

Here’s Lynne Spears on The Today Show yapping about her kids and her new book. I’d tell you what happened but honestly you guys I can’t get more than 30 seconds into either of them. It just hurts too bad. But thankfully Yahoo news has informed me that Lynne did say, at one point, that Jamie-Lynn informed her of her pregnancy via a handwritten note.

Heh, I would have written the note on the back of a box of condoms, just for that extra oomph.

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  • It is so sad these asshole “parents” of the celebrity monster children they created can’t help themselves from selling out every last bit of their family privacy for cash… No dignity whatsoever.

  • now isn’t that a great note to find under the refrigerator magnet. probably right next to the hand drawn mothers day card she made her in first grade.

  • That so-called-mother is an rather large a$$hole… and I believe that is the first time I have ever used real (or close to) vulgarity in your blog. This should answer so many questions, for the public, about Brit-Brit, that they should feel too sorry for her to stalk her anymore. What a horrible example of family loyalty.

  • sorry Beet…. I suppose that would be “a” rather large a$$hole as opposed to “an” rather large a$$hole. Being that the article comes before a consonant and not a vowel. :-P