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Angelina and Brad Pitt Continue to Save the World, One Multi-Million Dollar Donation at a Time

Brangie’s Jolie-Pitt Foundation has made a $2 million donation to the Global Health Committee to establish a center to aid children affected by tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia, which they’re going to name after Zahara, having already named a Cambodian health clinic after Maddox.

“Our goal is to transfer the success we have had in Cambodia to Ethiopia where people are needlessly dying of tuberculosis, a curable disease, and HIV/AIDS, a treatable disease,” Angelina said in a statement.

“It is our hope when Zahara is older she will take responsibility of the clinic and continue its mission,” Brad said in a statement.


And it is my hope that Zahara will turn it into her own personal crack den, occasionally ranting into a video camera about accidentally killing small animals and her thoughts on sado-masochistic sex.

But we have different long-term goals.

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  • thats great and all. but really? who is she kidding. like their going to want to go back after living such a lavish lifestyle. pshhhh!

  • @Emily – I think she’ll go back. Hopefully they’ll raise her to give a shit about the place she’s from. But no guarantees. :)

    I love this family. Just so everyone is aware.

  • Tuberculosis is so easy to heal it’s almost obscene kids die because of it. I had tuberculosis and I recovered completely in less than a year, with dirt cheap medicines provided by Spanish health-care system. It’s terrible how these kids die only because they live in the Third World, whereas European First World citizens get their medicines paid by the State. Everyone should have access to health care.

  • You know, it’s good to see some of the world’s wealthiest people doing something for others. Good for them.

  • piedlourde- Yes! I always thought they would make a perfect father/son! They looks so alike…

    I like how they they rescue Zahara from Ethiopia, only to send her back there when she is older, of course with bunch more money, but still…

  • “And it is my hope that Zahara will turn it into her own personal crack den, occasionally ranting into a video camera about accidentally killing small animals and her thoughts on sado-masochistic sex.

    But we have different long-term goals.”

    Two people donate a couple of million dollars to help people in a third world nation combat deadly diseases and THIS is your comment regarding the matter??? You make a really ugly comment about their adopted daughter, stating it is your hope she turns a medical facility established in her name into a crack den, will become an animal abuser and will become involved in sadomasochistic sex??? If you ever have children, or grow up at some point, this comment will come back to haunt you. There is a difference between hip, edgy humor and meanness and cruelty. You crossed a line with this one. Brad and Angelina are perfect by no means, and they may be donating these funds for reasons that are not completely without self interest, who knows? But the point is they wrote the check. How many checks have you written? Consider your face slapped on Zahara’s behalf. I’m sure Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can take care of themselves. Or better yet, could care less what you think of them.

    By the way, if you’re going to Blog, you really do need to learn how to use spell check.

  • Are Brad and Angelina establishing free/low-income clinics in the United States for their birth children to run when they grow up? I think not… There is something strangely twisted and even racist in their thinking. And there is something oddly Victorian in their expectation that their children adopted from third-world countries would want to return there and do good works.

    I really admire Angelina, but she needs someone to sit down with her and realistically explore the dichotomy between her goals and her actual behavior.

  • @Who the Hell Cares?

    Maybe you should have followed Beet’s link, and then you would have got the point of the comment, dear.

  • @who the hell cares: click on the link in the comment that so offends you, and then grow a sense of humor.

  • re: who the hell cares

    consider your face slapped on behalf of zahara? is that all you’ve got in you? why not have her karate kicked on behalf of maddox, butt pinched on behalf of pax, head butted on behalf of shiloh, and her fingers used to massage gums on behalf of the twins, knox and vivienne?

    consider yourself a douchebag.

  • I should say it’s good that they’re donating anything at all, but what irks me is that these superstar celebs, with all their immense wealth, could go a substantial way towards solving third world debt if they all got together one time and donated only half of their yearly earnings…and if they all did that for five years, the problem would be virtually solved. A measly $2 aint gonna go far. Neither are those occasional auctions for charity. If Brangelina TRULY care, why don’t they go further to help?

  • It looks like I will be in the minority here, but I want to be Angelina when I grow up (I’m 30 now, so time is ticking). I completely understand wanting to leave a legacy for your child, wanting your child to have roots in their home country and something for which to return. And sure it’s “only” 2 mil, but it’s something. They are always doing something.

    Okay, so it was still funny. Just wanna say, I dig her. I think she is working to recycle her karma.

  • Sorry, all of you, but some things simply aren’t funny. “Censorthis” please fee free to go sit on a banana.

  • ARE YOU KIDDING?? That country gets so much donations and doesnt do shit!!!!!! They keep having un protected sex bring more sick babeis ! what about helping our own country! Why dont they donate money to animal shelters here. Fuck those other people. They get so much money but Afric’as corrupt goverment steals it all!!!!! All taht money yet what change have you ever seen NONE!!!!! they make me sick with their shamless self promtion , their kids everything has to be as if everyone cares. NOBDY GIVES A SHIT ABOUTTHEM SHE MARRIED BILLY BOB? ENOUGH SAID

  • man, she’s gorgeous. microwave popcorn, haha! it’s good somebody is doing something for the peoples of the Third World.

  • To be honest, they are a waste of space. ‘Oh look at us with all our cash and fame and we continue to mess around with other peoples lives’ like they have with their films. I would be so much happier if I had never seen any of there films, what a waste of time, and the psychological effect on myself and alot of other people is serious. Jolie is Ugly and her mouth is too big, my ex girlfriend is better looking and has more personality in her big toe. Why do they continue to take children away from their home country without consent to look ‘good’? Makes me want to buy them a tree and see what they do with it, uproot it, take it home and say ‘Look we are so generous and caring’. What a joke. They should just sit at home, shut up, not move and stop taking too much of the worlds resources by buying too many houses and ponsing around like they own the world.
    What they could do to help is come to Wales (Cardiff especially) in the UK and see what it is like here, we could do with some regeneration. Not many people of recognition turn up here and to be honest again, between the people of Wales we could change the world in the right way and live decent lives, all of us.