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Why It Doesn’t Matter That Sarah Palin’s an Idiot

Hey, have you seen the video of Charlie Gibson interviewing VP candidate Sarah Palin?


You can watch it here.

And, like, yes, it is painfully obvious that this woman is laughably unqualified to run the United States. Charlie Gibson asks her about the Bush Doctrine, codified in 2002, and she clearly has no idea what he’s talking about, and he rubs that in. He uses big words like “existential” and “hubris” and she clearly has no idea what those words mean, although she does a decent job of interpreting them in context. Charlie pronounces “nuclear” correctly repeatedly, highlighting the fact that she pronounces it incorrectly, repeatedly, and jesusfuckingchrist wasn’t the whole point of this election to get someone — anyone — in office who could correctly pronounce the word “nuclear”?? She’s never met a foreign head of state, but mentions that you can actually see Russia from some parts of Alaska, so that’s kind of the same thing, right? It just goes on and on. She has absolutely no grasp on the history of U.S. foreign policy. It’s worse than I expected, honestly. It’s horrible. I mean, it’s horrible.

And it occurs to me that it doesn’t matter.

It’s not news to me that Sarah Palin knows nothing about foreign affairs. And it’s not news to John McCain.

Here’s the thing: I’m kind of a bitch. And, every now and then, I run into somebody very stupid and painfully uneducated who disagrees with me about something. And, most of the time, I let it slide and move on because I just have better things to do than argue with uneducated, irrational people. But sometimes I’m just in a bad mood for whatever reason, and looking to make someone else feel like a total idiot, and so that’s what I do. I leverage the fact that I have a ton of first-rate education and training in logic to argue that perfectly nice person into a corner and make them look like an absolute fool, and when they’re on the floor and bruised and beating and coughing up blood, I kick them some more. And then some more. Because I’m a grumpy bitch and I’m gonna take it out on them. And when I do that, a funny thing happens. My friends — who I know agree with my side of the argument in theory — start to side with the other person. Because it’s painful to watch an innocent, simple, poorly educated nice person get ripped to shreds intellectually, and you feel obliged to defend that person.

Charles Gibson went to Princeton University, and currently serves on their Board of Trustees.

Sarah Palin attended a series of small colleges in Idaho, eventually managing to graduate from the University of Idaho.

Whose education sounds more like yours?

If the remainder of this election is going to consist of Ivy-educated old men making Sarah Palin look like a fool, you can just go ahead and hand John McCain the keys to the White House. Because it doesn’t matter that she’s a fucking idiot. It doesn’t matter in the Gibson interviews and it won’t matter in the VP debate. She’s a fucking idiot with five kids and a sweet, young face and she’s trying really hard and she loves America and don’t you dare act all high and mighty on her just because you went to some fancy school and got some fancy education and know all these facts and statistics and things because there is more to a person than just how many silly facts they can pull out of their ass.

It does not matter that Sarah Palin is a moron. As long as these fancy-pants old men keep making her look like a moron, she’s going to win over voters. They may not quite know why, but they’ll find themselves rooting for her. Could this approach ever work with Hillary? No, it could not. Because Hillary Clinton is competent. Would it work on a male VP candidate who was equally ill-informed? No. We expect men to be competent.

The selection of Sarah Palin as VP candidate has absolutely nothing to do with feminism. It’s just the opposite. It’s about playing on our natural inclination to expect less from women. It’s gross, it grows increasingly infuriating to me as time passes, and, also, it’s working.

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  • yes I’m definately for stem cell research, maybe we will bring eugenics back since the democratic party is the one that loves that crap, (if you don’t believe me look up Wilsons and FDR’s doctrines). Then we can prevent morons like you from ever being born by just destroying your life to save the life of some rich asshole.

    • Buddy, you’re so fundamentalist … you should be over in the Middle-East to join the ranks of Hamas because you’re as delusional as they are. People like you are an insult to rational thought and democracy. Why don’t you do us all a favor and just put yourself out of your misery. LOL

      I’m for stem cell research because its my hope that we can eliminate the red-neck gene. Oh wait …. it’s a choice. LMFAO!


      You just get increasingly mad as you defend your bigotry; while proving to the rest of use what an idiot you are with every single rebuttal.

      Thanks for the laughs … very entertaining.

  • Yes, it is the ACLU crowd, not the dickbrain calling for the death of millions of Californians, that resemble Nazis. Just in case you were confused. It is also the same dickbrain that wants to remind us libruls that conservatives “have the guns”. Another death threat? Very Christian- like the Christians during the Crusades.

    And the religious nut who cannot make his own decisions on whether or not to hate somebody without consulting some piece of fiction some dudes wrote a long time ago is calling others out for looking up to a “Savior”? That’s an old, rusty insult which started with Clinton folks you so despise.

    Peace indeed

  • And now we’re on to sexual harassment threats as well! You are in rare form, little troll. What a charming person you must be in real life.

    I was already convinced you wished for the deaths of Americans. And you clearly support Muslims taking over this country- your political views make this evident. There was never a doubt in my mind about your real feelings toward America. At least we’ve finally cut through your bullshit about what you think is “good” for America, and now know the truth about you and your views. Good to know you hate this country which apparently has done so much for you since your trail of tears from Hungary and the Ivory Coast or whatever the fuck lie you’re telling today about your past.

  • You are a truly despicable person T.P. to say such things. And I believe you mean them.

    You will get what you deserve in the end. Perhaps, we will see poetic justice and you will die from a gunshot wound inflicted upon you by one of your fellow men.

  • like it or not, homos are perverted. it is a choice not an innate handicap. If it was a genetic condition it would have bred itself out long believe in evolution than you must agree with that. Besides didn’t want to hurt the dick suckers in california, just the decadent, filthy liberals! if a guy likes other guys but has common sense than he is my brother!
    BTW, you two girls are really full of hate yet you preach tollerance to others….and I do not support muslims you idiot, that was an axample of what can happen if you let one group to become too powerfull, like the liberals have now…
    Indigo, the dow keeps on sliding…and it will continue all the way down to 4k..and your messiah is getting ready for the Oscars..
    You girls are damaged goods, brainwashed beyond repair, probably still single and destined to be divorced one day..all because you listen to the ‘smart” elite from Hollywood

    • You sound as delusional as Palin. With all the scientific evidence we have out there that PROVES without a doubt that being gay is genetic … you choose to be ignorant. Ever think that this world is overpopulated with humans which isn’t a natural course of events for any animal on this planet. We are suffering from old diseases and new ones because there ar to many of us. Allowing individual beings to be gay within the natural world is a form of unconscious population control dictated by our genes. It’s no coincidence that gay people are born to mothers that either come from or have large families. It’s a genetic response … just like generations of bigotry and hatred created the mentality which you hold … it’s built-in BABY! Love it or live with it because there is no cure; even if you wipe out every gay person on the face of the planet and force your right-winged “moral values” on society, homosexuals will STILL be born and created by you!!!!

  • “and I hope that the muslims take over this country and institute the sharia law”
    -”Thomas Paine” November 8th, 2008 3:15 pm

    Your cards are on the table, asshole. You can’t take that back. You have no class, a schizoid brain, and a bloodlust hatred for this country. You called for the deaths of people in San Francisco and Beverly Hills, you didn’t qualify which ones. You called for the takeover of America by Muslims. You disregard science, and hate truth so much that you will lie about what you have already posted on this page, thinking that we must all be so daft that we can’t scroll up a bit and see what you’ve already already written. You clearly have terrible psychological issues- going on a gossip blog to threaten people’s lives and sexually harrass girls. And you are such a fucking idiot misogynist that your biggest insult to women is that we may be single, or destined to get a divorce. What fucking century do you live in?

    You don’t realize that you are despicable, as indigo put it, filled with hate, and I think possibly mildly schizophrenic. You are probably a dangerous person in real life and I imagine you will end up being locked up, where sociopaths belong.

  • T.P., your opinion of me has no bearing on me. Your psychotic rants have no bearing on me. They mean nothing to me, just as you mean nothing to me. You are a sick sick man.

  • After a couple of weeks, I decided to revisit this thread for no particular reason. Boy howdy, I had no idea I was in for such a treat!

    Granted, firearm threats are always a crowd pleaser, TP. But bundling anti-Muslim insults, child kidnapping, and female genital mutilation into a single post — now, that’s entertainment.

    In fact, I found those particular comments so entertaining that I forwarded them to the site moderators. I can only imagine their enthusiasm.

  • oooohh, single ass wipe, report me to the authorities! I’m so scared!!!!! You are a typical commie bastard with an overblown ego..get real ….I bet that you support NAMBLA as your ACLU buddies do
    Dino and Indigo, go get laid! maybe your hormonal bitchiness will go away…I mean it in a nice way :)

  • Nobody’s rising to the bait anymore, Paine-Man. The game’s over, the gym’s empty, you lose. Turn the lights out when you leave.

  • Nobody’s rising to the bait anymore, Paine-Man. Game’s over, gym’s empty, you lose. Turn out the lights when you leave — or just sit here in the dark if you like.

  • Hey Snuzz is competent not competant…..and yes he is competent it is the communist led congress that is fucking everuthing up…talk to Dodd and Barney Frank about their competencies or maybe Illinois Governor Blagojevich..

  • hey idiot it does matter if she is an idiot. are you fucking retarded. If Mccain won the presidency, and thank god he didn’t. If he died, then sarah palin would become president, and thank the lord she never had that chance, cause she is a fucking idiot

  • Sarah Palin is such a mess of a human being I can’t believe it. You don’t know how much I wish she would just choke to death or fall off an iceberg or crash to death in a plane wreck. I’m not mean so before she actually died I would let her watch me fuck her husband!

  • Sarah Palin should have sold when her IQ hit 35!!! I am a Viet Nam Vet and I still can’t fathom why McCain chose such an unqualified idiot! I can’t imagine her filling any management position in any organization. But anything is possible in America—George Bush perfect example. A lot of people forgot that Bush and Connelly were sent to jet school after there connections bumped 2,00 qualified applicants. I doubt that he is a college grad——-no way.

  • Only in America… where a white woman is is basically inarticulate, incoherent and tittering on stupidity can possibly become our next presidential candidate (2012)…Yet Sotomayor’s intelligence has been questioned time and time again… Only in America… if Sara Palin was any other color or ethnicity we wouldn’t be having this conversation because she would have been quickly dismissed… Only in America

  • I am amazed that anybody even listens to someone as idiotic as Sarah Palin. She can’t even name a goddamn newspaper for christsake! Why would anyone listen to what she says about healthcare?? There must be a lot of morons in Alaska for her to have been elected to any public office…and thank God Almighty that she didn’t become our Vice-President, because that’s when I move to fucking Mexico!

  • Oh, I am so sad to have stumbled upon this website so late for one simple reason. **********************T.P*****************
    I can only pray with all of my being that the idiotic, hilariously ridiculous phony will receive notification via email when I post this!

    Dear Thomas Paine:

    You CLAIM to have had a 3.9 GPA and that you scored 780 on the GMAT. You laughable idiot. Both of those numbers calculate to EXACTLY 0.975% less than perfect. Coincidence that BOTH numbers have this ratio in common?! LMAO. I think not! You attempted to randomly select two high numbers that sounded impressive. However, we (as human beings) rarely do things “randomly”, and you have proven this. Is this impossible? No. But come on! As far as the GMAT is concerned, you likely GOOGLED “GMAT score” to figure out what the top score was, and then you decided to bump your imaginary score JUST below that number. HOWEVER, a 780 would mean that you scored higher than 99.5% of GMAT takers. I find this hilariously doubtful, as you CLEARLY do not present as a high caliber intellectually. This opinion has nothing to do with your political opinions, only your genuinely child-like verbiage. I wouldn’t believe you even have so much as an A.S./A.A. with your rhetoric.

    I imagine now that time has passed you are out trolling other forums, only THIS time, I bet you went to Havahd and scored a perfect 800 this time?

  • I think Sarah Palin on top of being plain stupid is a hypocrite, she is a hired hand of the Republican Party to say what she is told to say! She’s on a 15 day tour of spreading hate and attacking President Obama, she never was a hockey mom, you can’t be at your kids hockey game when you’re in Las Vegas. I always thought Palin was a idiot, but since she quit her job, and turned into a paid spokesman for the racist “Republican Tea Party” she prove it.She smelled money,and fame over the American people,she has lost self respect and that of a lot of people. It’s too bad she let the almighty dollar ruin her life and now her kids life! I wonder who watches the kids while the mom and daughter are doing the Hollywood scene. Sarah Palin is a direct reflection of white Republicans……phoney! Un American and stupid is an understatement when talking about Sarah Palin. Today on the “View” Levi Johnston was interview his claim to frame was impregnating Sarah Palin underage daughter. Now the 20 year old unemployed high school drop out Levi is running for Mayor! He is just as stupid as Sarah Palin! But the women on the View didn’t asked any hard question. They made light of his ignorance and creating a child he does not see or take care of financially! Whoopie even stated that she didn’t want people to see him as a joke! Sarah Palin came on the scene and attack and made false allegation about Senator Obama. Then did a interview and the world saw she was a idiot and should never be near the White House! After the interview Sarah Palin blame her lack of knowledge and stupidity on the interviewer! Levi didn’t do that he just stated I DON’T KNOW!


    Do you know when a teenager is lying…when their mouth moves…Male don’t mature until in their 30! Men are stupid! Moron, idiot, stupid”you are a nut” ” you are a fool” I don’t see it” (referring to someone’s looks) you don’t look like you miss a meal” ( referring to someone’s weight)! Do you take drug? You are a bum….your lazy for receiving welfare…..What is the nature of your disability! Are you stupid or are you just playing stupid?….One male litigant was refer to as”this Thing”!These are just some of the attacks and insults Judge Judy have stated towards litigant that have enter the courtroom for justice! Judge Judy is a bully with authority that abuse and disrespects her position! As a judge she is put in a position of authority and responsibility and should be of the highest in professionalism! SHE IS NOT! Judge Judy is a disgrace to the judicial system that has in place protocol for judges and litigants! Bullying in America is in the news but the reason for bullying has not been disgust! I truly believe that racism in America is a form of bullying especially if the bullying is combine with authority! White police officer in black neighborhoods have been historically bully! They have beat black people like animals and justify it. They have murder unarmed black adults and children and justify it! Because they are encourage to bully black and other minority! Bullying in schools have lead to suicide and murder because many is authority have dismiss claim and complain from victims! Now I mention Judge Judy but Judge Joe Brown and Judge Mathis both have threaten litigants with bodily harm from the bench! Are also bully and I must add ignorant! The question of the day….. Why are we as a people surprise that bullying in schools is a horrible problem among our young????? Look at what they see in adults in authority …Look at what they are being taught and by who…. Look at programs like Maruy , Jerry Springer,Jersey Wives of Whatever” Real World” Parent Control” Jersey Shore” …All these programs promote hate and bullying! White men in American Government have historically been bully’s! Newt Gingrich is a old sick and truly disrespectful bully! Bottom line bullying in America can be associate with authority and many TV programs that promote bullying! Then look at Fox News Sean Hannity ” Glenn Beck ‘ Bill O’Reilly all bully! In the case of Bill O’Reilly he is not only a bully he has no respect for women A TOTAL PERVERT! That has been sue by a woman that he sexually harass!

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