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Why It Doesn’t Matter That Sarah Palin’s an Idiot

Hey, have you seen the video of Charlie Gibson interviewing VP candidate Sarah Palin?


You can watch it here.

And, like, yes, it is painfully obvious that this woman is laughably unqualified to run the United States. Charlie Gibson asks her about the Bush Doctrine, codified in 2002, and she clearly has no idea what he’s talking about, and he rubs that in. He uses big words like “existential” and “hubris” and she clearly has no idea what those words mean, although she does a decent job of interpreting them in context. Charlie pronounces “nuclear” correctly repeatedly, highlighting the fact that she pronounces it incorrectly, repeatedly, and jesusfuckingchrist wasn’t the whole point of this election to get someone — anyone — in office who could correctly pronounce the word “nuclear”?? She’s never met a foreign head of state, but mentions that you can actually see Russia from some parts of Alaska, so that’s kind of the same thing, right? It just goes on and on. She has absolutely no grasp on the history of U.S. foreign policy. It’s worse than I expected, honestly. It’s horrible. I mean, it’s horrible.

And it occurs to me that it doesn’t matter.

It’s not news to me that Sarah Palin knows nothing about foreign affairs. And it’s not news to John McCain.

Here’s the thing: I’m kind of a bitch. And, every now and then, I run into somebody very stupid and painfully uneducated who disagrees with me about something. And, most of the time, I let it slide and move on because I just have better things to do than argue with uneducated, irrational people. But sometimes I’m just in a bad mood for whatever reason, and looking to make someone else feel like a total idiot, and so that’s what I do. I leverage the fact that I have a ton of first-rate education and training in logic to argue that perfectly nice person into a corner and make them look like an absolute fool, and when they’re on the floor and bruised and beating and coughing up blood, I kick them some more. And then some more. Because I’m a grumpy bitch and I’m gonna take it out on them. And when I do that, a funny thing happens. My friends — who I know agree with my side of the argument in theory — start to side with the other person. Because it’s painful to watch an innocent, simple, poorly educated nice person get ripped to shreds intellectually, and you feel obliged to defend that person.

Charles Gibson went to Princeton University, and currently serves on their Board of Trustees.

Sarah Palin attended a series of small colleges in Idaho, eventually managing to graduate from the University of Idaho.

Whose education sounds more like yours?

If the remainder of this election is going to consist of Ivy-educated old men making Sarah Palin look like a fool, you can just go ahead and hand John McCain the keys to the White House. Because it doesn’t matter that she’s a fucking idiot. It doesn’t matter in the Gibson interviews and it won’t matter in the VP debate. She’s a fucking idiot with five kids and a sweet, young face and she’s trying really hard and she loves America and don’t you dare act all high and mighty on her just because you went to some fancy school and got some fancy education and know all these facts and statistics and things because there is more to a person than just how many silly facts they can pull out of their ass.

It does not matter that Sarah Palin is a moron. As long as these fancy-pants old men keep making her look like a moron, she’s going to win over voters. They may not quite know why, but they’ll find themselves rooting for her. Could this approach ever work with Hillary? No, it could not. Because Hillary Clinton is competent. Would it work on a male VP candidate who was equally ill-informed? No. We expect men to be competent.

The selection of Sarah Palin as VP candidate has absolutely nothing to do with feminism. It’s just the opposite. It’s about playing on our natural inclination to expect less from women. It’s gross, it grows increasingly infuriating to me as time passes, and, also, it’s working.

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  • That interview was a complete embarrassment.

    The very idea that she could possibly be VP…or PRESIDENT…of the United States is appalling.

  • I have been a huge fan of you beet, and your website, for a very long time now. But, I have to admit that I am starting to regret that more and more each day due to the constant political BS being posted now. I also find it repugnant how blatantly rude, mean, and obnoxious the comments being posted are. And I find it interesting that the people bashing Republicans here are unashamedly insulting. I’ve noticed a trend that the few Republican readers that you have will post their opinions without being mean, rude or insulting (there are obviously exceptions to this rule, but the majority are still polite in voicing their opinions). Yet, the very VAST MAJORITY of the Democrats posting here are dispicably brash, mouthy and plain mean.

    This is just my own observation, obviously, and I’m sure many people here will disagree with me. But honestly, it just saddens me that we can’t all discuss our oppinions in a civil manner without being offensive. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we all need to be PC or anything like that (I personally think the whole PC thing is BS), but it’s still possible to voice your opinion, no matter how strong it is, without coming off as an insulting ass.

  • I, for one, have been really enjoying your political posts. I think they’re interesting, insightful and offer a unique analysis of what’s going on. Thank you for actually THINKING about this election rather than just mindlessly championing or criticizing.

  • I don’t believe there is such a thing as PC when it comes to religion or politics. People get heated and say stupid things. Then they have to say more stupid things to cover up the fact that their original stupidity was, well, stupid.

    Regardless of that – I’m sure that you’re right on one level Beet, as far as Sarah Palin and the good ole’ girl hick factor, but it doesn’t work for me. I expect someone in office to be knowledgeable about the things he or she is controlling. So the fact that she comes off as a silly girl but oh-so-adorable while doing it means nothing to me. I would rather she pissed me off by completely disagreeing with everything that comes out of my mouth than to be completely ignorant of it all.

  • People who weren’t going to vote before will now be voting for exactly the reasons Beet enumerated in this post and an earlier one (the “mom” themed one). Before Palin people may have been going to vote for the first black president but now they’re going to vote for “mom”. Because if anyone is mean to them, “mommy” is going to kick their ass.

    Maybe Michelle should start being photographed with cookies and milk, collecting her children from school and oh, I don’t know be photographed with a gun in one hand and a dead elk in the other saying “look what I got us for dinner tonight kids!”….

  • Dear…dear Butterfly…my anger at Mc Cains choice is real….you are an insulting ass to deny my way of expressing rage.
    Now have a nice day. Thank you so much for your Elisabeth Hasselbeck response to Beets very correct description of the woman who might hold our nations future in her hands.
    Do you watch FOX NEWS? Just curious.

  • I just don’t understand WHY people want to vote for an IDIOT to lead the country. I want someone highly educated, brilliant, and all those things that are NOT me.

  • butterfly-tattoo-chick:
    this is a GOSSIP BLOG. The things written in here are meant to be RUDE, brash, unforgiving, and most of all, HUMOROUS. If you want polite-ness, head over to your grandmother’s tea party, because this is definitely not it.

    The democrats here are not bashing the republicans (coming from the perspective of a moderate republican who is so disgusted by the McCain/Palin ticket that she’s voting Obama). They’re bashing MCCAIN and PALIN and the irresponsibility of McCain’s campaign tactics and choice of a VP. Do you not like it cause people are rude or because they speak the truth you don’t want to hear?

  • @butterfly

    It’s not partisan when it’s the truth. If you can’t handle that, I’m sorry. Maybe Red State would be a better place for you.


    I already loved you for the gossip, but including politics has increased my love exponentially. Keep it up.

  • I just do not understand why the polls in are in John McCain’s favor after this obviously irresponsible pick. It’s really scary that this woman could very well be president of a major world power and believes that being able to see Russia from Alaska counts as foreign policy experience. Yes, it’s true that Barack Obama does not have much experience, but he’s a very learned and an obviously very intelligent man. Every interview/speech/policy prescription he has given affirms this fact. His ascendancy ( and Michelle’s for that matter) despite facing every possible obstacle you can face in the United States should tell people something.

    The thing that angers me the most is when people accuse him of being elite and elitist. What is more elitist that George Bush attending Phillips Academy and Yale University obviously not on merit?

    I am a black girl who has had a similar life experience as Michelle Obama; I lived in the ghettos of Brooklyn, NY, went to a prestigious private high school, and currently go to a top liberal arts school. I can tell you that these schools are elite, but your experience in them as a poor, black student is anything but. Even if you are overly confident, you are sure to be knocked down by constant scrutiny by both your peers and the faculty who question your place in their schools.

    Most criticism I’ve heard of Obama rests on the idea that he is this elite, out of touch, insincere, Muslim, Black, extremist. It’s sad that people won’t vote for him because he’s black and its a bit frustrating that they attribute these characteristics to him. He is one of the most genuine political figures I have seen in a long time.

  • I’d almost rather have Bush back in office rather than have Palin a heart attack away from the Presidency. This bitch would probably end up declaring war on Russia as stupid as she is.

    Honestly, as much as the media is hyping her up and making it seem as though she’s starting to win the election for McCain I don’t totally buy that. I really don’t think it’s going to end up being as close as analysts are predicting… especially after the debates and the exciting new curiosity people have regarding her begins to fade. People may want a typical mother figure in the white house, but once people hear what an idiot she is I’m betting her support dwindles. Then again, Bush got elected for a second term so there are certainly a ton of morons left in America.

  • My husband, an ex-pat American, tells me that charisma is more important in American politics than capability – a worrying thought, given that in the American system you vote for a person rather than a set of policies. I really, really hope that Obama wins this election. While I don’t think it would be a total disaster to see McCain as president, I fear for the world what would happen if we ended up with Palin. Because, yes, it affects all of us too.

    There are 6.7 billion people in the world. 100% of us are affected in our daily lives by the choice of American president, but only about 3 million of the world’s people live in the USA. So the rest of us can only sit in fear. After all, a country that would *re-elect* Bush could do anything.

  • Butterfly,

    when you’re finished contradicting yourself maybe you’d like to start protesting against abortion and gay marriage, and maybe pay attention to the fact that Palin sucks donkey balls. That’s not me making an ‘offensive’ comment, it’s the damn truth

  • I really really thought that it would say somewhere in here, that her blowjob skills are through the roof. Thats my only conclusion besides the mothering thing. Sarah Palin probs taught Bristol some of her moves too.

  • love the beet, hate the beet- sorry i just know she sucks balls in general.

    I’m so glad I’m not american that vid was hilarious. Charlie cannot be honestly that stern and serious all the time. And what was with him asking her if she had ‘experience??’ Is he hitting on her??

    Yes Sarah retard Palin, many islamics DO become suicide bombers, wow you’re clever. She doesn’t know what the bush doctrine is!!

    She should be more eloquent and have better vocab. She sounds like miss america. Do alaskans have kinda canadian accents??

    And why does she keep calling him charlie so much?? I know it’s his name, but he doesn’t keep calling her sarah. It’s not the fucking today show

  • McCain told the press that Sarah Palin knows more about energy than probably anyone in the country.

    Now Palin’s handlers are like, “oh, shit, now we’ve got to teach her more than all the academics, CEO’s, and policy makers who’ve devoted their lives to the subject of energy. And that’s on top of all the stuff she needs to learn about economics and foreign affairs. Thanks a lot Johnny Mac.”

    Hubris is the correct word for it. She’s going to choke and it’s going to be ugly.

  • the “you can actually see russia from land here in alaska” answer to the “what insight do you get from the proximity of russia” question was my very favourite

    i’ve long given up hope of ever understanding why americans would vote for such a BORING, really old, blah, ignorant guy as mccain and with palin, it’s beyond a joke

    but, again, i loved ur insight beet!
    (ur insight must have been the result of u living in the relative proximity of alaska… haha)

  • Grace, agreed. I have friends that are frustrated by the amount of US election coverage we are experiencing here in Australian media, whilst they happily chat away about the last episodes of Lost and the Simpsons. Globalisation is real and so is US hegemony. Our markets are so intertwined and heavily influenced by party politics. Everyone should just look at the home credit crunch, our interest rates are through the roof due to the US market. Whilst I myself am a conservative voter, it does worry me that she will have nuclear power.

  • Excuse me, if there is a person out there who can not see that this woman is a load of beauty pageant, side-stepping bullshit, then this country is doomed to continue its downward spiral. Presidential candidates should go to church and pray they will be a good leader. Speaking from the pulpit about war and God is a joke. This alone should disqualify her.

    God has already told us not to kill and He tells everyone in every religion that. The woman is a lying moron and isn’t that typical of what the republicans offer us.

    Please stop the Christian right from commandeering American politics so they can succeed in business. Please get out there and VOTE against them.

  • thats ridiculous@ its not about whether or not she is a nice person. thats wonderful and she deserves to be treated with respect…. everyone does. but when you put yourself in the public eye it doesnt matter if you have a great heart, or if you have an awesome family, if youre a rad mother, or super hot. it doesnt matter. that doesnt make you QUALIFIED to run a country. these decisions dont just affect her and people in washington. i think people feel so distanced from their governments that they forget… this shits for you and because of you. whatever you dont like or do like about our government is your fault because its a democracy. dont like it? work to get something voted in/out/whatever.
    this whole talk about “elitism”…. thats ridiculous. thats like saying “what a snobby surgeon i mean who do you want operating on you some snobby guy who thinks hes all cool cause he went to school longer than me? or this really really nice guy i met at a bar. i feel sorry for him. he still lives with his mom and my friend called him a loser” see how NOTHING in that makes sense? thats how i feel about palin.
    and the reason why this is important… HELLO!? have you seen john mccain? hes motherfugin 2000 years old. hes gonna croak at any minute. and when he does… shes next in line. mrs “im so cute dont you feel bad for me cause these elitist men are being mean?”
    ….. REALLY?????

  • Another one agreeing on the relevance of your post… And chiming in with another observation: it is quite sad to see that Ms. Palin, who so blantantly unqualified, was picked for her ‘cuteness’. But it is also worrying to see that you can 1-be so unqualified and get to be Alaska’s governor 2- apparently not learn that much after being elected and into office for a while.

    And Grace is absolutely right. Americans need to realize how much their vote will influence the whole world. As long as America has this much clout, we who live on the rest of the planet will have to cope with the policies that your president will enforce/force down other countries’ throats…

  • You have to realise that most republicans come from generations of republicans and will just automatically vote for this cretin. I am shocked at how incompetent she came across in that video and how ineffectively she answered all the questions. But like I said, republicans are traditional and that’s what will potentially destroy the world

  • I agree that this strategy may work short term, but it won’t last long. The fact is that if Palin does not step up her game and at least acquire an overall working knowledge of the issues quickly, people will get TIRED of her. It’s just human nature. You get TIRED of having to dumb yourself down because a person is “nice”. You get TIRED of listening to nonsensical rants because the ranter just happens to be somebody’s mother. You just get TIRED of being forced to major on the minor (and minor on the major) because your leader is not intellectually present in the conversation. All of the begins to grate at you and get on your nerves over time and what happens is that this “nice” but “clueless” person becomes functionally irrelevant.

  • Holy Shit ….. I didn’t know everyone in here was pro-Democrat (including Beet).

    Ok, I’m definitely pro-Repubican now.

  • John McCain was the best Presidential candidate we’ve had in the last 20 years. And now with Palin it just makes them the obvious choice.

    You’d have to be an idiot not to vote for McCain.

  • Oh God Beet you’re so right. Good luck with the elections, although I think everyone needs luck, even those of us who aren’t voting.

  • I’ve been learning who she is by reading this blog
    I already wondered why she was chosen for the job, right here.
    Money?Other kind of influence?Which?
    Because if she was chosen just because, as you seem to imply,
    she is someone dumb voting housewives can elect,
    and I don’t discard this reason,
    maybe there’s trouble ahead.
    Although the charisma of the President and the VP
    may be enough, because their counselors do what they’re supposed to
    I still think, a woman still has to prove
    that she is 2 or 3 times better than a man
    to do the same job
    and have the appropriate recognition.

  • I’ve been learning who she is by reading this blog
    I already wondered why she was chosen for the job, right here.
    Money?Other kind of influence?Which?
    Because if she was chosen just because, as you seem to imply,
    she is someone dumb voting housewives can elect,
    and I don’t discard this reason,
    maybe there’s trouble ahead.
    Although the charisma of the President and the VP
    may be enough, because their counselors do what they’re supposed to
    I still think, a woman still has to prove
    that she is 2 or 3 times better than a man
    to do the same job
    and have the appropriate recognition.

  • Alright political folks, why ya’ll think she’s so dumb i don’t know. Get off her!!!!!!!!! McCain has got wayyyy more going for him than the other dude.

  • See, heres my issue: no Repub is going to care about Palin. They are going to vote for her and thats that. However, these interviews are essential to those voters who are still unsure who they’re going to vote for. And, yes, it does matter that Palin doesn’t know the Bush Doctrine Charlie eluded to bc, while you and I probably don’t know that, as a candidate for VP as well as a Repub, she should know that shit.

    Its almost as if Palin herself is running for President tho, what with all the Repub hype around her. McCain is running for President, and even tho at some point she could become President (bc, lets face it, McCain is old, but if Cheney can survive this long, so can he), McCain is running for President, not Palin. Lets hear more from both.

    I don’t appreciate the Repubs saying that Palin’s been treated unfair, especially since its these same repubs that said Hillary was, for lack of a better word, a little crying baby every time someone “attacked” her. Yet the same shit, supposidly is happening to Palin, and those Repubs are saying how absolutely inconscinable it is what they’re doing to her. She’s fair game and should be exposed as much as anyone else in the race, Dem or Repub alike.

    Thank you.

  • You’re a bitch, whatever your name is who writes this blog. I hope to God that I never meet you. You’re so pompous. I can’t believe people are actually like you. Good job looking down on “uneducated” people. Listen hunny, some people can’t afford to go to a “major” school so they have to settle with small colleges. It’s called life. I can’t afford it. Believe me, I wish I could. You’re lucky. But grow the f*** up and start acting more intelligent. When did you become Jesus?

  • Oh my god….jnz you TOTALLY misunderstand the BEET.

    She’s not chastizing stupid, uneducated people like you and me…. she’s trying to help us.

    She CLEARLY STATES in her rant that her and her friends come to the defense of “poor, uneducated, stupid hicks” like you and me because she feels sorry for us.

    I for one feel honored and priviledged that BEET and her friends would be willing to take the time to prevent me from being intellectually ripped to shreds.

    You should be more appreciative jnz!

  • George Bush went to Yale.. I think Curious George could have done a better job of running the country these past 8 years. Let McCain Handle the ‘old white dude’ stuff and let Palin be the MILF America can come home to.. It’s not like she’s running for preseident people.. that’s why there’s a “vice” in front of the position she’s running for

  • laura,

    you have to realize that most Democrats also vote that way because they were indoctrinated by their parents with Democratic values.

  • i’m scared and disgusted at the state of affairs with this election. i was looking forward to this election, i wanted a change from Bush and the fear that the Bush doctrine has brought with it. i am educated, i went to a decent college, but i wasn’t in it to learn or understand politics. i have learned this through life and past elections in my lifetime as well as researching our country’s history….why? because i wanted to have a better understanding. i wanted to be informed. i knew what the Bush doctrine stood for and encompased, i’m not running for VP of this country and yet i knew.

    i think charlie gibson treated her with fairness, he smelled a weakness and went for it…. he would have done that male or female, ivy league or local community college….. when jimmy carter ran they played him of as a “dumb hick” they did the same with bill clinton, it’s not male female…. i think charlie gibson performed the best interview. he was unfazed by her sex, he looked at track record, her stand on
    russia, that she is quallified because you can see it from alaska… oh dear god, i live in delaware and i can see a nuclear reactor in new jersey from my house, does this make me an expert on that???

    the mccain/palin campaign is getting what it wants… .the focus is being taken away from palins lack of credentials and put on the fact that she is woman and “america’s mommy” .

    they are going to win, mccain will probably have a heart attack as he’s being sworn in and we are fucked!

    so riddle me this …. mccain/palin ticket wins, mccain kicks the bucket, palin is president, somebody doesn’t like the idea of who is running the country, they knock her off…. i think what we need to be doing is looking at the qualifications of the third banana… because sadly odds are that’s who will be leading this country.

  • “so riddle me this” ???? HAHAHAHAHA

    Are you wearing a pair of tights and a towel around your neck right now?

    Well my dastardly adversary,

    If someone tries to knock off Palin hopefully you and your trusty sidekick Lame Boy will be there to save the day.

  • re; lily

    your last paragraph is foolish and haphazard. even my pet monkey would shake his head with pity and sadness if i had the heart to read him that part.

  • Honestly, how hard is it to just click over to another “gossip website” if you think there’s too much politics/religion/pamela anderson bashing/WHATEVER it is you don’t want to read, on the one you’re reading at that moment? It takes, what, 1/4 second of time? Seems to me that it wastes WAY more time to post a comment criticizing the blogger for not having the content YOU want to see on THEIR blog.

    And Beet, *I* love the politics. You put a fresh spin on a lot of things, and it’s always a pleasure to read, whether I agree with any given point or not. Keep it up!

  • EvilB – I’m sorry to say your mistaken about a couple things. Palin knew exactly what Gibson was asking her – make no mistake.

    Gibson was extremely uncomfortable during this interview because most (I think the Alaska near Russia stuff was crap) of Palin’s answers were persuasive and Gibson’s trite little erudition & mythical liberal Weltanschauung crumbles beneath her eloquent and honest answers. It makes him very uncomfortable!

    A wise man once said when he was young he admired intelligent people, and as he grew older he realized the most intelligent were often the most wrong and instead he began to admire the KIND (i.e. the good).

    I’ve never understood why liberals put so much blind faith in Ivy league degrees. It’s not the only way to make a million.

    Logic, my dear EvilB is not the G-d you’re looking for. The most important things in life have nothing to do with logic.

    Have you ever been in love? Prove it.

  • re:censorthis & TSS

    i really don’t think it’s foolish or haphazard, it’s just an observation. there are people out there that are dead set against a woman or an african american in the president or vp position. just because i’m from delaware doesn’t mean i’m pro biden. i’m just looking for a positive change in this country. playing devils advocate doesn’t make me foolish or haphazard, but this could be a real concern that we need to look at.

    i don’t want to see anyone hurt, i just want our country to turn in a different direction. i want to see alternative energy seriously looked at and developed, i want this crazy war to end.

    i want peace, i could care less if it came in a demoractic or republican package. i think that the most qualified PERSON should be elected. it really shouldn’t be a popularuty contest, it should be about the issues but sadly it’s not.

    we are going to be screwed regardless because i don’t either side has the balls( and that is not an attack on palin) to stand up and make the drastic changes that are needed.

  • You’re right about one thing though – “it doesn’t matter.” This is because Obama picked a loser VP and sealed his fate. It’s all over, and I suggest you mentally prepare yourself for Palin as VP.

    May I suggest a referendum on California’s secession from the Union? I would love to see the U.S. Army raze it to the ground.

    It’s not the end of the world, it’s just the end of you.

    And they call YOU Evil. :)

  • If you want to play with the big boys, Sarah, you’ll have to play in the same field, take the same risks, and subject yourself to the same rigors that other men and women do in the political arena. There are many women in politics that are far gutsier, well informed, globally aware, articulate, and intelligent than this self-proclaimed, non-nonsense feminist. No sale, Sarah. Most Alaskans may favor you for wanting more drilling, and getting them a surplus in federal earmark funding, “bridge to nowhere” dollars, etc. The world stage is obviously way out of your league. Don’t take it personally; I just don’t think this is part of “God’s plan.”

  • You should say; “Palin Takes a Strong Stand on National Security and would defend our Nato allies”. She isn’t going to be in Bush’s administration so why should she do as he wants or continue it as the vice president? She’s more of a Regan character, learning as she goes and making up her own mind on power and governing.. and Gibson quoted her on things she didn’t think or say and wanted her opinion., if you think that is fair.

    ‘Sarah Palin is honest. Sarah Palin is smart. Sarah is a corruption fighter. Sarah Palin says she will always plan to do what is in the best interest of Amercia., so she is a quick study and analyzer before she acts. An interview is just that, an interview by a newsman that went very easy on Obama, and doesn’t want to appear to be a bully. But what we are seeing here is an excellent and strong leader emerge (she is demonstrating leadership skills.) Being strong is how you stay out of wars and all good leaders know that.

    Sarah Palin will represent you and your family and country in Washington and in the world. Let the cunning Barack Obama be a pleasing citizen of the world, good for him. I want an American who genuinely loves this country in the White House, just like all of the Europeans (that the misguided libs think they are copying) in fact, favor their own country first. Although many people in Europe can speak English, their own language and culture and customs are what they hold dear. They are nationalistic and so are we.

    Nothing in Barack Obama’s past indicated any love for this country or a love of his own family., or the children of America. We should all fall down to the lowest rank one so no one is left behind? So who is leader, who will save them, say no.. or go on and do that if we can’t ever advance? HE is ashamed of it all, throwing anyone that seems unpleasant or troubling under the bus. He and his wife hate this country. All of their friends hate America. Now he has Michelle quieted down in a Stepford wife mode to win, prepared to kick her under too.. Shame on him. Do not let those two anywhere near the White House.

  • As far as not “presuming” to know God’s will, Sarah Palin clearly lied. She also said during her speech at that church — and I am quoting her, verbatim: “God’s will has to be done in unifying people and companies to help get that gas line built.” She had trouble answering any of Gibson’s questions, and kept avoiding direct answers.

  • She accepted the VP candidacy for one reason: To secure more drilling in Alaska. After listening to her responses to Gibson, I am convinced that she is no more ready for this VP slot, which is a heartbeat away from the Presidency, than I am. This woman is not for Americans; she is for Alaskans. I’m an educated woman and a Republican, and I am not voting the McCain/Palin ticket. This is an insult to our intelligence, and a threat to the future of our nation.

  • Palin has Obama palin’ in comparison. She stole Obama’s thunder!! It’s been so great to watch happen. I was getting SO TIRED of hearing how supposedly awesome Obama is when there was really no justification for any of it.

  • re; lily

    i let my monkey read your post. he shook his head with pity and sadness, just as i expected. he then flung poop against the wall and ran in the other room.

  • was it your poo or the monkeys? i think i’d rather debate with the monkey. at least he (or she, god know’s i don’t want to offend) the monkey has an opinion other than charlie gibson is an arrogant prick and questions whether hilary clinton is competant.
    i don’t think he was arrogant, i think he had her on the ropes and knew it and didn’t let up, that’s jouranlism, that’s where the story is and he did what he intended to do.

  • Somewhere in a cave, Osama bin Laden is laughing his ass off. He got the ball rolling with 9/11, then left us to finish the job of destroying the USA from within. Constitution in shreds, on the brink of another Depression, and some nutjob rapture-ready Mooose-olini a heartbeat from the Oval Office.

    Heckuva job, Brownie.

  • tss-

    i’m feeling a little sarcasm from you, ya? i mean how gracious of her to come down to “our poor level”. i love when ppl are so humble like that….. hahaha.

  • Oh beet, I couldn’t agree with you more (sadly). I don’t understand that people can care so little for their financial stability. People don’t have health care, houses are being lost at an alarming rate, unemployment rates are surging, people can’t afford education, there’s a misguided war that so many of our peers/family members are bravely fighting- but people care more about the fact that she’s a moose hunter! It’s a pretty depressing indicator of the state of this country.

    I have yet to lose all faith, though. There are enough of us out there who care about reality and getting ourselves back on track to offset those who don’t.

    (This is not to say that all McCain/Palin supporters are completely uninformed. I know there are those folks out there who strongly believe in a very socially conservative message- anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-immigration, pro-corporation etc. While I am the complete idealogical opposite, I have no problem with people voting with politicians they agree with as long as they are educated on where their politician of choice stand on the issues.)

  • TSS….

    awww shucks, thanks! i need to be silly…. if saves what sanity i have left!

    and this opinion is not endorsed, sponsered or shares the views of anyone but my silly self. you know what they say about opinions? that’s what makes this country great, we can share our views, our opinions because they are ours. we shouldn’t attack each other in forums like this, if you have an opinion express it, don’t just knock others down without offering up an opinion of your own…. that’s how we learn about each other.

    if we just threw rocks at people without expressing WHY we are doing it , then nothing is gained. and that is just sad.

  • How surprising of you to recognise sarcasm jnz.

    People are on here to express their opinions. Sarah Palin gave an abysmal interview, end of. She’s also a fan of Pat Buchanan so if you’re saying you like this bitch, you’re saying gay men deserve to get AIDS and rape victims have no right to abortion, or anyone for that matter.

    You don’t have to be rich to go to an ivy league, in fact I hear they accept scholarships nowadays! Shocking isn’t it, if you excel in school and have an ivy league education it might make you a good candidate for presidency. Beet never claimed Sarah was uneducated; she simply said more people will relate to her because she got her education in a way that a lot of people do.

    Seriously, saying your monkey threw shit at a wall over a comment is a bit harsh. The whole point of the post was that Sarah came across as incompetent and unsure, regardless of where she stands politically. Do you honestly believe that everyone should think the same ignorant thing and run with it and ignore the obvious problems? Or do you think people should be allowed express how they feel and debate the best way to deal with situations? I guess that’s the difference between republicans and democrats.

    And oh yes, if I didn’t make myself clear before,


    I don’t give a fuck if someone wants to argue my point. I”ll just ignore you anyway

  • side bar to beet ….

    do you sit back and crack up and the shit you stir up?? completely , from the heart, not a slam, i would, this is so much fun!!!
    you offer a place where people can vent on everything from butt cracks and botox to politics…. each day brings something new.


  • ugh…I didn’t quite think of it like that. It’s also kind of like the dumb girl thing to; in general men tend to react better to women who aren’t too terribly smart (points if they pretend to be smart, but really aren’t), or at least aren’t smarter than they think they themselves are…

  • OMG! This is the best analysis of why people are trying so hard to excuse Sarah Palin’s obvious incompetence “It’s about playing on our natural inclination to expect less from women. ” I am very insulted that they chose her. Very insulted. I respect Barack for choosing a VP that he wanted and not one (Hilary) who would help him get votes, but honestly I wish Hilary were on the ticket today. I truly believe if she was, JM wouldn’t have chosen SP because then it would be blatantly obvious that she is just not up to par with so many other women in politics who are qualified, who live and breathe politcs, and who are worthy.

  • TSS:
    WHAT?!?!?! u like lily? ummmm. you should like me more. i am way more fum and i don’t give a fuck about political shit. lol. I just like McCain because i used to have the same last name before i got married…twice. lol

  • “Would it work on a male VP candidate who was equally ill-informed? No. We expect men to be competent.”

    Ummmm…I dunno Beat. Dan Quayle made it into the White House as VP and everybody knew how “brilliant” he was before he got elected.

  • Charlie Gibson was an arrogant prick – so what. Helllloooo – the vast majority of politicians and government officials are arrogant pricks. She has to be able to handle that, which she obviously can’t do. Is McCain supposed to be her knight in shining armour and protect her?? She’s the one that wanted to run around with the big boys, so she better anti up.

  • I forgot about Dan Quayle…… the great potato/potatoe debate, wasn’t it????

    that was an idiot in office and look how much he accomplished!

  • TSS- you sarcastically called out Beet for what you (mistakenly, I think) interpreted was her calling you “dumb”, then you turn around and say that anyone voting for Obama is an idiot. Wow, I recognize these double standards and hypocrisy- you are totally in step with the McCain/Palin campaign! Good for you!

    Plain and simple, if you base your views on lies, hypocrisy, and double standards, you are an idiot. If you base your vote on personality (or what you assume someone’s personality is based on a well-sculpted image presented to the media which is then interpreted by the media and presented to you) rather than issues, you are an idiot because you are quite possibly voting against your own self interest.

    My family has some very wealthy friends who are voting McCain. I don’t consider these people idiots because they are voting their interests- holding on to their millions. Obama has said he wants to roll back the tax cuts for the extremely wealthy in this country. So (some of) my extrememly wealthy family friends don’t support him. Now, I may find it a little morally offensive that they have so much and don’t want to pay more taxes (or at least pay the same amount of taxes they were paying under the Reagan admniistration) to help support education and health care, but they are certainly not idiots. Big gas companies support McCain because Obama has promised to tax the big gas companies on their record-breaking profits. He wants to give the money back to lower middle class people in stimulus packages of $500- $1000. Now, since I am not extrememly wealthy or a big gas company and spend WAY too much money on gasoline, I would rather support the dude that wants to give me a stimulus package of $500. So the gas companies vote McCain and I vote Obama, neither of us idiots because we are voting based on our self interests.

  • @ Almostchosen, wow i had no idea that they let you watch TV and use the computer at the mental yard! Ahhhhh, it probably makes you feel like a bigboy. Isn’t that sweet. Now go change your diaper and take a nap.

  • Remember one thing: Regardless of who wins in November, America will get the president and vice-president that it deserves. If McCain and Palin win, and you happen to hate their guts, blame the system for only providing such limited choices in the final election. The two party system blows and it’s the reason that nothing ever really gets done in this country.

  • So your elitist education paved the way for you to write a gossip column? Yes, you’re alot of smarter than most of us common folk and only when you’re a “bitch” do you eat idiots like me for lunch. ohmygosh. Only an elitist moron would make a judgment based on a media presentation in a half an hour or so. Nice knowing you, Beet. won’t be back.

  • Dinosaur….

    Your are old and slow just like a …hmmmm… I’ll get back to you when I think of something…

    Your views on politics are completely ridiculous and moronic like most people who are insecure enough to express political views on a celebrity blog site, but I like your passion and reserve. You made one extremely intelligent point , which I’m not going to point out, because you’ll get a big head and all…. but saying what you said abou BEET makes you an utter and complete Idiot.

    p.s….. I don’t give a shit who you vote for…. I’m not voting. I only posted that to get a rise out of you !!!

  • I thought you would be for free speech – seems like my comments aren’t posting. Are you censoring them?

  • For crying out loud people, McCain isn’t going to die. His freaking MOTHER is still alive and as spry as ever and she’s like 250 years old.

  • LAURA,

    You’re hilarious. I don’t care if she calls Palin dumb. I was just talking about people in general. She was talking down about people who don’t have as great as an education as her and her friends.

    As for the scholarship thing… uhhh some people can’t afford to leave home and go to those schools because they have no money for their bills and such. So shutup.








  • oh dear, i found myself laughing at the bulk of these posts and agreeing with tss in some instances, which kind of frightened me.
    have to ask why you’re not voting tss? nosy like that.

    i don’t think this interview really changed anyone’s opinion of her. if you liked her going in, you still do. if you didn’t like her, this interview didn’t change your mind.

    beet, your mom perspective also fits in with this post. most people don’t like to see their mom taken to task or “beat up.” we instantly come to her defense. it’s a visceral reaction – “hey, leave my mom alone, asshole.” interesting that she has that effect on people as she doesn’t really come off motherly to me as say a barbara bush did in her time. she’s more nancy reagan to me without the cultural bent.

    while this was a typical charlie gibson interview, he always acts like he knows more than the interviewee, imho, you can be the smartest person in a room until you THINK you are the smartest person in a room. she will use that interview to point out the right’s opinion that the media are liberally controlled intelligentsia out of touch with the issues that concern the average true everyday american. it will be fascinating to watch the spin.

    however, i do think she is just smart enought to get briefed better in the future and that this won’t happen again. that’s what differentiates her from quayle. he was just dumb as a stump.

    i do wonder why the mccain campaign gave abc the shot at the interview and not fox. they would have covered for her on her first shot out there. interesting choice.

  • Woah, killers. Hit the caps lock key.

    I almost feel badly for her in this interview. But then I hear her trying to stumble around the questions, and I don’t anymore. I can only imagine how she answered her poise and personality question in that pageant. I’m thinking that’s what cost her the crown.

  • Jk-

    it wasn’t meant to be yelling… just speaking w/ force. sorry for giving you a headache =(

    i agree with ya.

  • Why am I not voting?

    Let’s just say that there are only 538 votes that really count…. and mine is not one of them.

  • palin isnt dumb…she isnt book smart

    she knew how to make it in alaskan politics…hand jobs to ted stevens

    so what if she doesnt know what goes on outside of the great white north? she was busy letting other people raise her kids

    so what if she thinks foreign policy consists of riding a caribou up to an area in alaska where you can see russia…look at those hot legs

    so what if thinks that the gas pipeline is the will of god….you can bounce quarters off her hot ass

    so what if her hometown is the meth capitol of alaska…those lips could suck a snowball through a garden hose

    if people vote for palin/mccain because they still want someone just like themselves sitting in the whitehouse and getting us into be it…this country deserves to have a quick death

  • I find it very interesting how everyone seems to be upset with Palin. Don’t forget she is running for VP not the President (and I understand the one breath away argument).

    Does the fact that Obama was a former drug addict not bother anyone??? Or his education is questionable – sure law school was great but the lack of talk about his undergraduate degree makes me sense is all but unremarkable. You talk about intelligence – Obama is just plain wrong on most of his economic policies – but he seems to be running away from those now – so maybe he is smart enough to know he is completely wrong.

    And what f***n difference does it make what school you went to – most of this country does not have the opportunity to go to an “elite” school. It matters what you have accomplished post studies. From my perspective Obama has been quite unremarkable outside of his incredible oratory skills since his school days. It just flabergasts me that the Dems chose the wrong candidate. I want to like Obama – it would be a welcome change but really in this world can you see him stand up to Putin – McCain yes – Obama no!

  • jnz

    can you send me pics of abortions…i love that shit

    better yet, can you send me pics of the little vietnamese children without heads and burnt to a crisp that mccain bombed during nam?

    wanna send me pics of the dead little iraqi kids from bush’s illegal war?

    wanna send me pics of the kids all messed up from meth from wasilla?

  • Amen beet. IMHO I don’t think the said instances make you a bitch, if you were a guy you’d be “the man” / “the alpha male.”

  • Personally I think it’s good to talk politics. That we can do this in an open forum and express our views and not be killed makes this country so special. Everyone can say what they want with so much emotion and honesty. Keep it up Beet…we need to discuss and review. The election in my opinion way surpasses importance over Lindsey Lohan anyday.
    And Oh yes, almost forgot…Obama 08!!!!!

  • She sounds EXACTLY like Bush. She is so extreme it’s ridiculous. Please don’t vote for the republicans! Otherwise we will have a government exactly the same as Bush’s and this war will never end.

  • jrw

    boy, you people are great at lying at obfuscation.

    no evidence that obama was a drug addict…he just admitted to using.

    he got into harvard law…you dont get into harvard law by skating through your undergrad.

    and i dont know about you, but i dont know anyone who attended more than 4 colleges to get a ba.

    but ya…getting elected to the illinois state senate, being a prof of constitutional law and getting elected to the us senate…thats not impressive at all

    it mightve been impressive if he had dumped his first wife after cheating on her with numerous hookers and strippers and then married a beer heiress who wears 300,000 dollar ensembles

    it mightve been impressive if his state had 9,000 people in it and he had left them with a 20 million dollar bill and then pretended to fight against the very same establishment that he was using to gain power…that wouldve been impressive

    btw, next time you are shopping around for a doctor…why dont you make sure that you find the one with the worst education, who finished at the bottom of his/her class….cuz shoot…edumication just doesnt matter….right???

  • TSS… go back and read the comment i wrote you earlier on this page. I think it was just “approved” so it just showed up. I love you

  • i really can’t put my finger on why i can’t totally embrace obama. he doesn’t reach out and grab me emotionally the way i want him to. there is something about him that i distrust. i don’t know why and i don’t want to but i do.

    i have the same feelings for mccain, but i know why i have them.

    palin and biden are both jokes and neither would ever be able to play first string. here’s hoping obama is never assasinated and/ or mccain doesn’t drop dead while in office.

  • Obama was a drug addict? And he still managed to graduate magna cum laude from Harvard Law School? Kudos to him.

    And, you’re right, VP of the US is not such a big deal. It’s not like you have to know anything about foreign policy or economics or anything. You just have to stand around and look pretty. Just ask Dick Cheney (sorry, bad example). Why have elevated expectations for such a nothing job?

  • To: im baffled

    You stated that Obama “he’s a very learned and obviously very intelligent man. Every interview/speech/policy prescription he has given affirms this fact.” From what do you form this opinion? Do you watch his speeches, have you ever actually listened to anything the man has ever stated? Every interview/speech affirms his intelligence. Then what pray tell do you call these:

    “Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states I think one left to go.” Hmm I’m sorry I must have missed those extra states can you give me their names and locations please?

    Or what about this ““In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died — an entire town destroyed.” The actual death toll: 12.

    Then we have the Senator inform us of this “Here’s something that you will rarely hear from a politician, and that is that I’m not familiar with the Hanford, uuuuhh, site, so I don’t know exactly what’s going on there. (Applause.) Now, having said that, I promise you I’ll learn about it by the time I leave here on the ride back to the airport.” Hmm which ok at least he is honest no biggie expect for the fact that he has actually voted on the issue before. How intelligent to vote for something and at the same time not be familiar with it.

    The one I love the most is this one: Obama told a Portland crowd that Iran doesn’t “pose a serious threat to us” because “tiny countries” with small defense budgets can’t do us harm. However the next day, claimed, “I’ve made it clear for years that the threat from Iran is grave.”

    I just wish you and others here would just be honest and admit that your perceptions are colored by your democratic colored eye glasses. One other small point, I find it hilarious how you guys go on and on about how stupid Palin is but then vote democrat, whose whole party philosophy is “I’m too stupid to take care of myself so please Mr. Government Man do it for me”. Too funny!

  • Well, TSS, while I may be slow at responding, I’m actually not old! I’m young enough that I totally get a kick out of celebrity blog sites. And I’ve been posting on here not because I am insecure (I’m not sure I follow your line of thinking there) but because like you said, I am very passionate about this election. I strongly believe in reproductive rights, ending the war, and trying to get the economy back on track. There are various personal reasons for each of my beliefs, and if you are ever so inclined to want to know what they are, let me know and I’ll email you.

    I’m not sure what it is you thought I said about beet that makes me a moron, so I don’t really know how to respond to your point there. And you are more than welcome to disagree with my poltics, but you don’t have the right to call me an idiot because of my views. I try to stay extremely informed and make my decisions based on facts and truths as much as possible.

    It’s too bad you’re not voting. It’s a basic right as an American a lot of people are losing that right in various, devious ways. Exercise it while you still can!

  • im sure i have more money than you gossip girl. ha ha. you have great character gossipgurl… my feelings are super hurt.

    uncle joe– see, obviously you’re upset about the poor innocent kids hurt/injured in war but why aren’t you upset about the tons of babies that are aborted each year??? ha ha. hypocrite. you’re the type of person that makes me laugh your ignorance astounds me. btw, what’s your profession?

  • I’m amazed that people talk about Sarah Palin in such glowing terms as if they know her, personally, yet haven’t done an ounce of work to research her experience, or her record in Alaska. If they had, they would realize that she has lied to the American pubic and media more than a dozen times in just the past two weeks. Do your homework, people, and stop being so guillible, lazy, and irresponsible.

  • ha ha ha ha ha. what do you do (not)gossipgurl? tell me about your life? atleast im happy…. i can’t be that poor if i live in one of the most expensive locations in the US… I spend my money on my location and lifestyle. Thus living in such an expensive place i don’t have the money to spend on an ivy league college. but that’s okay because i’m already done with school. i don’t need it anyway. have a great day =)

  • im shocked people love obama so much. i don’t think either canidate has what it takes. everyone needs to wake up and realize that.

  • @ Dino – you are an intelligent man with insightful views… please don’t email me.

    @Uncle Joe – Do you grab your dick when a white lady enters your elevator?

    @jnz – you’re DEFINITELY the smartest person on here. Seriously.

  • how can any1 defend her? how can any1 like her? i feel like the US should be devided into republic US and Democratic US… so every1 could get what they want… and whats with hillary voters? voting for McCain just because he has a female VP nothing more… no1 seems to care about the issues at hand…

  • hahahahaha TSS- thanks you. You have great whit. Tell Uncle Joe what’s up… btw… what a creepy name he or she has…. I can just see someone saying “Uncle Joe wants to play with you here in the corner” baha.

  • jnz

    i do not equate a fetus to a walking, talking, thinking individual who exists outside of the womb

    and neither do you

    so we are in agreement

    the problem is…you see a fetus as being more than a walking, talking, thinking individual who exists outside of the womb…and that shit is scary

    but all you wingnuts are scary, cuz you are all basically walking fetuses who cant really think for themselves

  • Uncle Joe, Uncle Joe. I think for myself. I like my thoughts. You are scary sir or ma’am. Maybe you should have been aborted, no?

  • jnz

    glad you think my name is creepy…cuz it should send shivers down your spine and cause you not to vote for any republican ever


    no…i dont grab my dick when a white lady walks into an elevator…only when a hot asian or latina walks in

  • jnz, do a google search for Joe McCarthy. Then send a nasty e-mail to every history teacher you ever had for not doing his or her job.

  • jnz

    you think for yourself? then why do you parrot rnc and bible thumper talking points?

    why would you admire a woman who has so far been incapable of speaking the truth once in any of her public appearances?

    why would it not bother you that she raised taxes to build a sports facility in her home town, yet didnt care enough to increase law enforcement or drug education, so now the people are too effed on on meth to care that there is a sports facility in that town? 42 meth labs and counting…shoot, according to her son, its the best in the country

  • hahaha all of ya’ll sound like little bitches. get the fuck over yourselves!! foreals. I am a damn southern girl with little education and not a damn dime. but i do not feel it necessary to type and bullshit all day with you about who’s gonna win because it don’t fuckin matter. chill out

  • That’s what I love about the people on here. Good sense of humor. I have three patients sitting outside waiting to see me and I’m typing in a celebrity blog….lol

    Mallory’s one hot bitch!

  • lol uncle joe. guess what? I DON’T GIVE A FUCK. because i am pretty. and ur name is uncle joe. so ur a douche!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @jnz – what a hypocrite you are. You come off as a bible thumper and then suggest that Uncle should have been aborted????? Oh, i see, you get to pick and choose when your cause suits you. Your mother must be so proud.

  • Ah, the immortal words of Joseph Welch:

    “Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator…. You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency? ur a douche!!!!!!1111!!!!!”

  • it really is sad that more people on this blog know who hanna montana is than know who joe mccarthy is

    no matter who wins this election, america is doomed

    and mallory, come back in 10 years and use that line on me, so i can laff in your formerly pretty face

  • I love all of these posts. I, was a registered Republican up until last year. I was a Republican b/c my family voted Republican. I really never knew anything about either of the parties until the last few years. I changed my party and will proudly vote for Obama this year. After listening to this sad train wreck of a person (Palin), I am scared and mortified that this person could possibly be a leader of our country. She does sound exactly like Bush. How he got re-elected, I don’t know but we must do something to change this horrible roller coaster of a ride! We cannot possibly survive another 4 years with the economy as shitty as it is. We shouldn’t be losing thousands of troops every week for a war that Bush thought it was a “good idea” to start.
    The whole argument about Obama not having as much experience is a bunch of hogwash. Look at this lady. Do you really think her experience permeates in this interview? Shouldn’t she be focusing on her newborn and her knocked up daughter?
    If Obama’s daughter was knocked up, can you imagine the chatter? (Yes, I do know that she’s way too young but if she was the same age as Palin’s daughter) The whole, “it figures” or “what do you expect” comments would be thrown around repeatedly.
    Why isn’t anyone upset? Why aren’t people outraged that this woman has a NEWBORN w/special needs and is content uprooting her family to DC and trying to manage the US?
    I would feel the same way if Obama had a newborn. I would definitely be a bit apprehensive, however, his WIFE is not the one running for office.
    For those who are closeted bigots that wouldn’t ever dream of voting for a “black man”. I’m really sorry that you feel that way, however, you really need to look at the big picture and realize that he is very educated and could do a kick ass job as our President.
    McCain is a freaking fossil that will probably drop dead before the election. Then what?
    Also, I am appalled that McFossil picked her thinking that all of Hillary’s supporters would come to “his side”. What an arrogant prick! Um, sorry, just b/c she’s a chick doesn’t mean jack shit to me.
    I love having rights to my uterus. I love knowing that I have a choice in having an abortion because some asshole raped me. I mean, Jesus people, this woman wants to overturn Roe vs Wade and take away all of our rights to choose. She is so freaking corrupt. Look at the shit she pulled w/her bro in law. Look at her track record.
    For those that still say, “I don’t really know what Obama is about”. Then go to his website and educate yourself. Stop reading bullshit about him being a muslim, a country hater, etc. Educate yourself.

  • To: DMD
    Ok, I see you have found some shit about Obama. Glad you’re paying attention, either that or you simply copy and paste someone elses work and claim it as your own…
    But, I would like for you to look at this:
    You may not like Jon Stewart, however, the clips speak for themselves. The repubs contradict so much of what they say to fit their needs. I find it sad and pathetic bc, while I believe people obviously have the right to their own opinion, they should not condemn others while at the same time praise other repubs for the same shit.

    To: jnz
    Real nice saying someone should have been aborted. Sweet. There shouldn’t be a place for that kind of crap. You don’t believe in abortions, awesome, great, but then you turn around and say someone else should have been?! Do you, by the way, believe in the death penalty, or are you “pro-life” all the way?

  • I am under 45 years old.
    I love the outdoors
    I hunt
    I am a Republican reformer
    I have taken on the Republican Party establishment
    I have many children
    I have a spot on the national ticket with less than 2 years in the governors office.

  • To hmmm:

    I have no need to copy and claim as my own. I am claiming that Obama said them, which he did. No I do not get my “news” from Comedy Central however I do not see why you posted that. I have never stated I am a republican or anything else. My point: when I heard Obama say “57 states” I thought that was the funniest thing ever tied with the stupidest thing a politican has said even the whole potateo thing, yet I saw it posted no where on this blog, or maybe I missed it but did the Beet make a post about it? And more to the point not one person in here claiming that Palin is stupid even thought that his comment was just as stupid. Why? Because they view things, as I am sure you do also, from their political perspective. Just wish people would be honest about that fact from the beginning and stop acting like they are smarter and better then someone with a different opinion.

  • Ajoy–

    oh she’s soooo proud… and again to an ignorant reader. when did i say anything about the bible? haha. check your reading glasses baby.

    oh and since you can’t hence when sarcasm is being used, i was being sarcastic in that statement i made to uncle joe.






  • DMD, you actually made some decent points until your last paragraph. Yeah, Obama has definitely made some stupid verbal mistakes. He’s addressed this fact and it’s fine with me to make some verbal gaffes, because politicians are in fact human and that’s what humans do.

    However, you are skewing the Iran quote. The full quote is that Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela are tiny compared to the Soviet Union and that they don’t pose a threat as great as does the Soviet Union. You can’t just take half of someone’s sentence and then change the context! That’s not very accurate journalism.

    But you’re right about Hanford. And it’s something to take into consideration. Just like when John McCain said he doesn’t know much about the economy and Sarah Palin said she doesn’t know much about the Iraq war. I guess you just have to ask yourself which is more important. Actually, I don’t even really care about McCain and Palin saying those things. I don’t hold them against John and Sarah because I imagine they are doing plenty of studying now. I also wont completely hold it against McCain when he confused the Sunnis and the Shiites, even though as CIC, he would be the one in charge of our troops. I wont completely hold it against Sarah Palin that she had absolutely no clue what the Bush Doctrine was when asked by Charlie Gibson. I wont hold it against her that she said Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac were to expensive for the public although they were private up until the corporate bailout and therefore did not cost us any money. So she knows jack scratch about the economy and foreign policy (actually, I wont lie, that terrifies me). But gaffes are a part of politicians being people. And with Joe Biden as Obama’s VP, expect a LOT more to come!

    I do, however, have a problem with lies. And I’ve heard too many lies coming out of Sarah Palin’s lipsticked mouth.

    I also take issue with you saying that people are too stupid and that’s why they need help from the government. I DARE you to go say that to some family that’s lost their house due to home foreclusre because we had a complete tool for a president who didn’t know how to deal with the housing crisis. I dare you to say that to someone who has lost his or her job because the company they worked for shipped the job overseas and gets no repurcussion whatsoever from the inept Bush administration. And I really dare you to say that to a veteran who needs healthcare and a job after coming back from Iraq but John McCain has vetoed lots of bills to provide veteran’s benefits. My Marine buddies are huge and scary and I’d love to sit there and watch you squirm while you called them stupid.

  • To: DMD
    Didn’t mean to imply that you did “steal” someone elses work. Meant to actually point out that at least you’re paying attention.

    And yes, of course I am biased, anyone who says they aren’t are fucking liars.

    I def think that that quote from Obama is funny! I do like hearing about both sides of the political party!

    No real offense meant…

    And for the comedy central bit, its not like its cartoon network, and as I said, you don’t have to like comedy central to see the actual video clips – they’re just the ones ballsy enough to show the rebup idiocy out there.


  • it is you jnz who needs reading glasses, I said, quote, “you come off as a bible thumper”, not that you mentioned the bible. So that would make you the ignorant reader.

    But of course a classy pro-lifer such as yourself would use abortion as sarcasm. It’s so appropriate.

    Love your proper english by the way.

    Oh, and it’s wit, not whit you idiot. Whit would be the definition of your brain. Look it up sweetheart.

  • oh my love ajoy,

    oh my god! i love my proper english too!!!! since it’s soooo formal on this site… and you make me laugh. i love getting all these people heated over all this crap. omg. my friends and i are just sitting around waiting for you people to reply. so flipping hilarious. seriously, thank you for giving us something to do on such a boring day.

  • Actually I’m starting to like jnz. She seems pretty funny to me. At least she’s having a good time with all of this.

  • WOW! That is shocking that you and your friends(seriously you have friends??) sit on your asses all day blogging about things that you have no knowledge of. Making your mama proud.

  • haha yeahhhh. it’s a rainy day what can i say??? otherwise our fine selves would be at the beach like always. yeah it’s funny blogging about this crap because of people like you ajoy =)

  • oh my mama is proud. she’s got a daughter in nursing school who’s got a great life and doesn’t care what other people think of her. she’s got a confident daughter that can laugh this crap off. <3

  • “Would it work on a male VP candidate who was equally ill-informed? No. We expect men to be competent.”

    One Letter: W

  • jnz

    you are in nursing school?

    well, in the mccain administration, that would make you qualified to be surgeon general….big grats

    last week, i looked at the moon….i am an astronaut

  • My husband is Brown educated (Ivy) and I am a UC grad. Now, we don’t squat about foreign affairs and that is okay. But a Vice President of the United States needs to know who the Prime Minister of Iraq is. It makes me entirely uncomfortable with Gov. Palin. Beet, you’re right when you comment that nobody cares about her lack of depth; it’s all about her down home charms and “Alaskan ways”. It’s scary up there and yes I have been there and know people that have “escaped” from there (in their words).

  • jnz…. that is what you and your “friends” do when you hang out…. sit staring at a computer screen waiting for people to respond to your ignorance and stupidity? You just scored MAJOR cool points with me… Well here.. I decided to send you a reply so you and your “friends” have something to do. Hope it blows your fragile mind!

    Beet, Uncle joe, JK, evilzoe, dinosaurs, and Ajoy… you guys are so making my day! keep ’em coming! There’s so few smart people with an educated mind, and humor to boot, in this world… it’s refreshing to be able to read something that isn’t written by someone with less than a third grade education! Whether I agree with your points or not, which for the most part I do, you guys are basing it on your actual throught process, not just regurgitating what people are telling you to think like all these other morons!

  • @evzoe. YES!!!!! I thought the same about her beautiful baby boy. I have a baby too and I cannot imagine the chaos invoving this insanity of a VP. Whether she is DEM or REP. She just gave birth! wait a yearat least. It may sound sexist, but it selfish. This baby needs the mother now. It is such a sacrifice with babies because it is all them all the time. She will get her day in the sun, but not now (preferably never). When John Edwards annouced he was going to run, I was aghast (media, make that ”elite” liberal media as well) that he made this annoucement because of course, his cancer-sticken wife. I thought to myself that it was totally selfish of him and he needs stop and go home and take care of his wife. And then he goes and cheats, blah, blah. Hillary has a grown daughter she can run. Family always gets the shaft in these situations. Obama’s children are the right age where they are in school. Thanks, ezoe. It has been bothering about her newborn. Newborn=needs 24 hr attention from mother.

  • Jess-

    I’m ashamed to share them same name as you.

    Haha. You’re so humorous… you’re calling people with other opinions morons just because they have a different view than you. WoW. Yes, my friends and I did have nothing better to do today. Baby, I’m not trying to score cool points with you or anyone. Thank you for being the millionth person to reply to me. Just keep adding more fuel to my fun flame sugar pie. =) xoxo.

  • Jess-

    I’m ashamed to share them same name as you.

    Haha. You’re so humorous… you’re calling people with other opinions morons just because they have a different view than you. WoW. Yes, my friends and I did have nothing better to do today. Baby, I’m not trying to score cool points with you or anyone. Thank you for being the millionth person to reply to me. Just keep adding more fuel to my fun flame sugar pie. =) xoxo.

  • HELLO!?!? Obama didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine was EITHER so once you left-media egoists shut up maybe our country will become a better place than it was before the do nothing congress started dominating two years ago

  • Um….. it’s not that I don’t agree with what you are saying… it’s that I don’t understand wtf you’re talking about because you have the IQ of a squirrel. I’m surprised you even know how to type! So, “Baby”, It’s not possible for me to say whether I agree with you or not, because, well, I use something called a BRAIN and don’t understand your thought process, or lack thereof.

    Tell your “friends” I said hello.

  • btw… for the name mix up lovers, im on my friends comp and her name and email come up automatically on here. i have to change it every time ive commented today.

    just explaining it because i know all of you will be all over that like flys on cow dung.

  • jnz or is it amapele??

    Here let me type this s l o w so you can follow along OK?

    What Jess is saying honey is that you’re a moron, not because of your opinions or different views, but because you ARE a moron. There now, see the difference?

  • Oh baby, my friends say “hello”…

    Jess, you must have an IQ lower than a squirrel if you can’t even understand what a squirrel is talking about.

  • AJOY,

    i u n d e r s t a n d p e r f e c t l y.

    Man, you bitches are some quality people going around calling people morons that you don’t even know. Ha ha.

  • Oh and for I’m baffled and Lily… I forgot to tell u guys to keep them coming too. I really like reading responses from people that ACTUALLY make SENSE! It scares me how ignorant this country has become and you guys are making very valid points.

  • Man Jess, where the heck did you come from? I bet you were the kid in school spreading around rumors about people just to stir up some controversy.

  • jnz…you morons (and I mean u and your “friends”) are some quality people going around calling people bitches that you don’t even know.

  • Sarah is stupid, as are the republicans trying to still force Iraq, and terrorism down our throats! I’m a war veteran of the first war in Iraq and they never attacked AMERICA, OR HAD ANY WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION! the war is for BUSH to profit from lack of oil sales! He being a big oil man, knew opec ( arab countries) would stop sending oil to the U.S.A. AND thus raise the price of gas and his personal profits! Bush murdererd SADDAM and his children, and now has illegally occupied his country for 7 years! Bush is the biggest dictator, and mass murderer since HITLER! nOW his boy McCain wants to follow in his footsteps. He got himself a playboy bunny to run with him to capitolize on white America’s preoccupation with sex! All the MILF comments proves that.There is nothing glamorous about a pregnant teen, a hockey mom that tries to fire a state trooper(for divorcing her sister), or a husband that led a group that wanted Alaska to secede from the Union(Civil war ?) !! Not to mention hunting POLAR BEARS(almost extinct due to global warming),banning library books, and a 400 million dollar bridge to nowhere. Man if I could see Russia from my state, I might just walk over and live there; cause if the republicans win this election, Russians will be better off than Americans. We have no jobs(all over seas),no health care, low wages, and Americans are pretty much hated by all other civilized countries thanks to Bush. Wake up and vote against these idiots! NO PALIN/McCAIN or extended Bush rule.

  • @hawaiihula

    wait, wait, wait – jnz can run around and say whatever the hell she wants and try to offend whoever she can (and that’s all she’s really trying to do, cuz it makes her feel better about herself) but we can’t respond?

    Maybe you haven’t read all of her comments from the beginning – some real gems. So she isn’t getting anything she didn’t ask for.

  • Last I checked I came from my mother’s uterus…

    And why hawaiihula? cuz im complimenting a bunch of people and because Im being honest with one ignorant attention whore about her IQ levels? That makes me someone who stirs up controversy? Are you one of her “friends” she is just SO cool to be hanging out with?

  • “If you base your vote on personality (or what you assume someone’s personality is based on a well-sculpted image presented to the media which is then interpreted by the media and presented to you) rather than issues, you are an idiot because you are quite possibly voting against your own self interest…..Obama has said he wants to roll back the tax cuts for the extremely wealthy in this country.”

    So Matt Damon is an idiot since he is technically basing his vote on the manufactured personality cult of Obamanation then the actual issues; voting for a guy who would roll back his tax cuts. Just like Ophrama and every celebrity who fronts for OBambi.

    Anyway, Beet after reading your incredible rant I must ask….are you okay? I have never seen you loose your evil cool like this. Oh wait you are on your vacay trip now. Damn. I got to this post too late. It was was incredible. I couldn’t stop reading it!

  • amen sister beet.

    Gibson should not have had to explain the bush doctrine to her…i think that hit me the hardest. shes been out there spouting change and reformation, and she doesnt even know the policies that need to be changed. nor should an interviewer need to ask a question REPEATEDLY until he gets an answer. she’s really not winning me over.

    and i hate her glasses.

  • @ uncle joe: i get your name, it’s a good one and no, i don’t grab my purse when a black man enters the elevator with me. that made me lol and gut check myself. so, thanks.

    my point was/is i understand why i don’t like mccain. i understood why i didn’t like hillary, but i could vote for her because i knew what kind of leader she would be. i was able to get behind her as a candidate even if i didn’t particularly like her personally.

    i don’t have to want to have lunch with any candidate or want to be their friend. i just want them to be competent, intelligent and some compassion thrown in wouldn’t hurt. albeit, i’m tired of compassionate conservatism which seems to mean kill anyone who doesn’t agree with us. the compassion coming in as we try to kill them as quickly as possible.

    there is just something about obama that is too smooth, contrived and packaged. i’d like to see something piss him off and watch him handle it off the cuff. so much of his campaign is slick and processed. so i innately distrust it. where are his flaws? hillary’s were obvious and therefore predictable. obama has his hidden very well. we’re all human and we all have them, so the fact that i don’t immediately recognize his makes me nervous.

    i’ll have to see how he handles the debates. maybe something there will make him more real to me because the alternative really sucks.

  • Yeah I’ve read them all and I think you all are just picking on her because she’s obviously a conservative. Her first comment wasn’t even geared towards any of you. So actually you guys started all this dumb crap. You messed with her because obviously you all wanted to feel better about yourselves and obviously had nothing better to do. No, I don’t know her but I can still defend her just as all of you are defending each other. And no, I’m not even a conservative. I actually support Obama. I just think you are all being ridic

  • it’s true that my opinions are shaped by my experiences. and maybe, i am biased towards the democratic party. but, i don’t understand this idea of democrats being too dumb to do anything on their own and wanting the government to take care of them. for me, that’s not what the party stands for. i think it understands that no matter who you are, you go through hardships and the government should be there sometimes to buffer those hardships.

    maybe i speak for myself, but i don’t expect government to pay me for doing nothing, to fund my education when i waste my time in school, to provide me an income, and to take care of my children. but sometimes, things happen to people and its easier to overcome those hurdles when the government is on your side.

    i’m just going to give a very personal example to illustrate my point. when i was in high school, my older sister was in a very severe car accident that she almost died from. fortunately, she did not die. but she suffered some very serious brain injuries and was in the hospital in intensive care for critical condition for 3 wks, intensive care for a few more, and still has to go through intense physical, occupational, speech therapy. my mother had to quit her job to provide care to my sister, my father had to commute every wknd to philadelphia (where the best children’s hospital is) from ny, and i had to take time from school. obv. during those times, our finances suffered. my sister incurred hundreds of thouands of dollars in medical bills and insurance money covered a lot of it. but now, we are in a situation where my family’s savings are virtually gone and my sister has to pay enormous premiums for insurance only to be denied for every procedure that she needs. i spent most of my summer drafting letters to insurance companies pleading for revisions of their denials to her claims.

    i don’t know about you, but in a situation like that, i want my government to care about me and my family and help out. barack’s prescription for universal healthcare sounds like something i can get down with.
    i don’t hear any of that in john mccain or any other republican. they want to privatize healthcare, tax social sec., blah blah blah. these are basic human rights that i believe should be afforded to every american.
    there is a sharp contrast to the republicans who blatantly protect corporate interests and the interests of the richest of the rich. to me, the democratic party stands for what america means- that no matter who you are and what disadvantages you have faced, you can rise through to the top through hard work, humility, and merit. my perception of the republican party is that they protect the status quo and make no room for changes to that status quo.
    on social issues, i agree with the republican party sometimes. if im ever faced with the prospect of an unplanned pregnancy, i most likely would keep the child because i do value life. however, i think that choice is a personal choice and government should not take steps that impede any women’s right to abort or keep a child, or any gay person’s right to marry the person he/she loves. republican social policy is just an imposition of their views on the american public, which i don’t think is right.
    as for obama’s blunders… to underscore all his other speeches/interviews/etc. by citing those three or four minor incidents is just wrong. maybe im a raging liberal but there’s a reason for that and you have to acknowledge your biases too to understand why you are a republican. THIS IS IN RESPONSE TO SOMEONE’S COMMENTS ON MY PREVIOUS POST.

  • Beet – I come from a very small midwestern town, which I would not leave for the life of me (except for maybe Jan and Feb) where most people with higher education did not receive it from what you apparently consider “first rate” institutions, but let me tell you that as far as intelligence, wit and the ability to totally skewer someone and put them in their proper place – I’d put some of the people I know up against you any day of the week. I have been enjoying this blog for months now but I think you went way over the line this time. You probably will not read this but I had to get it off of my chest. An ivy league education and the ability to be logical in no way compare or serve as well as inate intelligence and simple common sense.

  • Oh, and one more thing – shame on you for coming off so pompous, arrogant and downright mean. Who’s the elitist?

  • Wow, EvilBeet – I just read all the comments here, and it looks like they are still coming – congratulations! Your political commentary appears to have produced an epic thread. Nice job! Loved your take on the interview.

  • 221 comments! The longest Beet entry ever! Lets just give it to Obama! Politics make people so obnoxious!

  • I would love to completely remove “all” conservatives from every form of government and let all the liberals and left wingers have a shot at running the country for 10 years.

    There would be no one to stop you from implementing every value and belief you have. You wouldn’t have to worry about us “idiot” conservatives because we would not stand in your way. You would get to completely drive the bus. You’d get to show us how it’s done. You would get the chance to straighten our shit out….

    I would be very curious to see what condition our country and our values and the over all well being of the people in the country would be.

    It would be like giving a 13 year old keys to a Ferrari. There you go son…… It’s all yours….. Good luck….

    Some of the venom spewing from the author of this blog and others who read is amazing to as the least. How come you all are some much smarter than everyone else????? I mean really??? Tell me how you are……… How come your opinion of our presidential candidates is actually on track? What constructive and meaningful information do you possess to validate your beliefs? What are you all so angry about…..??? It must be awful see everything as you do…..

  • I would love to completely remove “all” conservatives from every form of government and let all the liberals and left wingers have a shot at running the country for 10 years.

    There would be no one to stop you from implementing every value and belief you have. You wouldn’t have to worry about us “idiot” conservatives because we would not stand in your way. You would get to completely drive the bus. You’d get to show us how it’s done. You would get the chance to straighten our shit out….

    I would be very curious to see what condition our country and our values and the over all well being of the people in the country would be.

    It would be like giving a 13 yr old keys to a Ferrari. There you go son…… It’s all yours….. Good luck….

    Some of the venom spewing from the author of this blog and others who read is amazing to say the least. How come you all are so much smarter than everyone else????? I mean really??? Tell me how you are……… How come your opinion of our presidential candidates is actually on track? What constructive and meaningful information do you possess to validate your beliefs? What are you all so angry about…..??? It must be awful see things as you do…..

  • Hey beet – feeling a little better about yourself since you removed my 2 posts? I thought you didn’t do that sort of thing. Hopefully some people saw them before you removed them. I bet this one does not even show up for a little while like my others did.

  • Ok firstly, TSS: BITE ME

    Secondly, considering education seems to be a major factor here, I want every palin supporter to consider this: in a state of emergency, do you want a president who will rise to the challenge, or one who will breastfeed you?

    JNZ: If you’re gonna act like a retard, you’ll be treated like one. I’m Irish and here abortion is illegal. I would never have an abortion. But I would never, never take away someone’s choice to do so. I’m not God, and you aren’t either. I’m guessing your gay cousins aren’t sticking up for Palin right now. You should take a look at uncle joe’s comments and consider them seriously. You are a fucking loser I’m sorry and hope to god you are never in my hospital

  • The Bush Doctrine has gone through four iterations. The first iteration referred to the unilateral withdrawal from international treaties (e.g, The Kyoto Protocol, ABM); the second iteration came after Sept. 11th, and would best be summed up in Bush’s “You are either with us or against us,” referring to the war on terror; the third iteration would be the belief that the U.S. can invade/attack a country pre-emptively; and the final, and most current, iteration was expressed in Bush’s Second Inaugural Address: “The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world.”

    Charlie Gibson either needs to go back to GMA or, at the very least, go take an undergraduate level international relations class which emphasizes contemporary U.S. foreign policy.

  • I actually grab my purse a hug my child to my leg and stand near the door if ANY man comes in. And this is in Nordstrom. That’s how it is. That was for ribbet. It is a scary world out there.

  • beet-totally agree w/ you.

    i think it’s fuckin’ hilarious that palin repeatedly called charles “charlie” & that more are on here-like close, personal friends or something hahaha :)

  • Ha ha the writer of this article and many people on this post are so beyond civility and so hungry in your needs to feel superior that I’m saddened for you. It’s like you’re missing something very basic, and you make up for it through your perception of your intellect or something. I’m glad you’ve all had such fine educations, but may it be that you hate your mommies and daddies? Were you never good enough for them? Empathy and love for others does not necessarily mean that people will coddle the ignorant. Show yourselves to be smarter AND more empathetic, and people won’t have the “backlash” you are fearing. You said it yourself, you know what’s going to happen. Palin is not smart or knowledgeable enough to be VP. Don’t blow it by showing that her enemies are not wise enough or balanced enough to apply their intelligence favorably (being proud of being a smart “bitch” will not help you).

  • lol jemms, thanks. there are a lot of creepy men in nordstrom! what is with that?!?

    i actually appreciated joe’s pointed question. it’s always good to examine your internal dialogue. i don’t have a problem with that.

    senor loco: brilliant post.

  • I can’t believe people think this woman is smart! She’s just as retarded as her son her. I did a full out project on Obama and know that what the Republicans are saying is all false. They change their minds about everything, vote for something then all of a sudden against. She is the biggest idiot in the world. Isn’t it proof that there is trouble with republicans in office, and this isn’t going to help at all. But thinking about it, a lot of people in this country are either really stupid or racist. Or both. What’s with the comment “what’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? – lipstick.”???????? yeah wonderful.

    John McCain will die in what 2 years, maybe less. Then she’ll become president. barffffffffffffffffffff. I’m leaving the country. Not to even bring up her children and personal life, but if she can’t even get a hold of her own children, what makes ANYONE think she could control a country? Be VP/Head of the Senate.

    My friend says she can’t “afford” Obama’s taxes, like anyone else’s taxes would be any different. My other friend said “he can’t even say the national anthem” or something like that, I can’t remember. No what happened was, he didn’t put his hand on his chest and they made a big deal out of that when a lot of other people don’t either. I said to my one friend “it’s because he’s black” and she said “he’s muslim” and laughed. So my idea is that it is because he’s black for many reasons.

    I personally am sick of republicans. ALl they do is talk trash, that’s like who they are. They barely talk about the issues and constantly criticize the democrats. Some people only vote for who their family votes for, if you don’t have your OWN opinion or choice. DON’T VOTE. All that will do is take away or gain to a party that probably shouldn’t be in office. (REPUBLICANS)

  • You know, I am actually really shocked at the state of this thread. Is this representative of the general political climate in America? So many ad hominem attacks, egregious insults, stock opinions and downright lies.

    I can’t help but notice that a majority of the mud-slingers are those supporting the Republican side. Don’t you stand for something better than that? I thought Republicans referred to themselves as the party of morality, not the party of aggression. Or is this, sadly, a genuine representation of what Republicans are all about?

  • No, it’s nothing to do with sexism. It’s everything to do with Idiocracy.

    Sarah Palin is George W. Bush in drag.

    I remember, vividly, people– men and women– getting all insulted and indignant about us “over-educated coastal elite libruls” pointing out that BUSH is an idiot. For two election cycles.

    Something happened, however. At least 70% of those average non-Ivy-educated folks have realized that HAVING AN IDIOT AS PRESIDENT IS A REALLY BAD IDEA.

    See, just because they aren’t Ivy educated, does NOT mean that they’re stupid. Slow, maybe– I’d rather they figured this out in 2000 or 2004 and voted for the stiff, professorish egghead instead of the brush-clearing “reg’lar guy you can have a beer with”– but they eventually figure it out.

    Mooseburgers are the new “clearing brush”.

    I am hoping that the majority of Americans won’t fall for this crap a third time.

  • LOL. This is drivel that is long on name-calling and short on substantive criticism. The author of this post doesn’t appear to be any more knowledgeable herself, apart from repeating whatever regurgitated talking points she has gleaned from reading liberal blogs lately. Gibson, as we now know, fudged the so-called Bush doctrine himself. Krauthammer, the journalist who invented the term, has pointed out that there are at least 4 versions of the doctrine, and that Palin was quite right to query Gibson as to what he meant. The bizarre fury of this post is therefore (1) ignorant, (2) misplaced.

    I’m a non-American, but it’s painfully obvious to me why your Democrats so often lose elections. Sneering at Palin’s college pedigree for example. It’s revealing to many Americans who don’t share your fringe political frustrations. They think you secretly think that they are contemptible. It also fits right into the Republican narrative that liberals are elitist, condescending tarts. The irony is, the basis for Beet’s mighty outrage is itself ignorantly false. She’s not so far from the dumb American stereotype herself.

  • character always wins over intellect. gibson may have her gubernatorial panties in a bunch, but nonetheless, she still is fucking awesome.

  • To: Dino
    I will be happy to say it to Jose Canseco the millionaire major league baseball player or the Dem. Politician from Calf, defaulting on her 3 mansions while giving her campaign a $60,000 loan? Better yet, why don’t I say it to the “Extreme Home Makeover” people who also decided to borrow and open a business that went belly-up No, these people are all very smart and was just suckered by Bush. Yeah that is the tickent, no personal responsiblity just blame everything on Bush. This is the stupidity I’m talking about, people like you who think we should bail people out who decided on THEIR OWN to take a freakin mortgage that was way out of their price range. What about the other people who said no thanks this is what I can afford and are not being foreclosed, why the heck should they have to bail these other people out? Oversea jobs? Have you ever heard of NAFTA? Hmmm I wonder which famous smart President came up with that great plan.
    As to your Marine buddies, have you ever been on a military base? Sorry I was a military wife and I know all about it. And I am sure if you ask your Marine buddies whose budget they would prefer, I’m thinking a Republican sorry but every Democrat thinks the solution to funding all their social programs is to cut the military budget. Yeah like Clinton where we had to live in substandard base housing and was told, only major structural repairs as their was no budget for housing. Oh and as for the military healthcare, what the heck do you think “Government Healthcare” is? Hello. This is the type of “healthcare” you want the rest of have, thanks but no thanks been there done that. You think healthcare is bad now, just wait until doctors decide they do not wish to participate in the government program and you get to visit a doctor who barely speaks English, then come back here and tell me how you well you think the government does in the healthcare business.

    By the way I’m sorry to inform you but the democratic philosophy is all about a person not being able to talk care of themselves. Why else would a person wish to give their money to the government? Why would anyone in their right mind think that the government will be able to better handle their healthcare when the government has a hard enough time taking your picture and putting it on a driver’s license. Oh and the biggest one everyone saying what a horrible job the “government” did after Katrina and yet you want these same people to take care of your health? I would suggest you take a political science class and learn the true philosophy of the party you support before attacking someone else intelligence.

  • Congratulations, Beet.

    This thread has attracted the best of the internet: the clueless, the offended, the indignant, and the jackasses who think it’s funny to pretend to be illiterate and then, when people are “fooled”, sit around giggling with their moron friends.

    As you say, this is why it doesn’t matter that Sarah Palin is an idiot.

  • To: Hmm

    Thank you and like you I like to hear both sides. I will check out your link. Glad you are at least honest. Most people aren’t able to see that.

    I do laugh every time I hear that Obama quote. Funny thing is this guy I work with, who by the way is a Republican, always defends Obama and gets every upset when I laugh about it!

  • I’m baffled:

    Thank you for a well thought out reply without accusations. I am so very sorry to hear what has happened to your family. I do wish you guys all the best. I will say this; the current healthcare system is not perfect. I should know, as I am one of those without healthcare. I also have a friend’s mom who also has the “pre-existing conditions and also can not afford healthcare. I’ll be honest I have no idea how to improve the system but I do know that the government is the very last thing I would want. I have had government healthcare and if you think you aren’t going to have to take a day off work and fill out forms, then you are sadly mistaken. If I could show you my daughters file I had to keep just to get the government (through the military healthcare) to pay for some of her medical bills, you would believe the hoops and the stuff I had to do. I will say that I firmly believe that it was the government “healthcare” for the poor and old, that was part of LBJ’s “Great Society” that has lead us to the point where we are today. Before that healthcare was so much cheaper and affordable.

    However, yes the democratic philosophy is about a person not being intelligent enough to take care of themselves, that they require the government to do it for them. Thing is they cannot tell a person “vote for me because I will take care of you” so what do they do they say “vote for me I am for the little person, those evil rich people are evil”. But if you feel that the democratic party is all for the little person and evening the field, please look at New Orleans after Katrina and see how well that worked out. Look at the after affects of the “Great Society” of LBJ, over the past 40 years has those programs helped any part of society or did they make generations dependent on the government and are now unable to help themselves?

    I will say the Republicans are far from perfect, but at least I get to keep more of my money in my pocket and give it to charities that I feel do a way better job at helping people then a bunch of overpaid government bureaucrats.

    Technically, I am not a republican. I actually do not like either party. However I will say that yes I am sure that my bias for both parties forms my opinions about their policies.

  • Republicans love voting for morons. It makes them feel better.

    Americans in general love actors: Reagan, Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Bonna, etc.

    Palin is a former beauty contestant. Who else is better qualified to run a country of morons?

  • If anyone in here says ONE MORE bad word about Beet… you will have to answer to me…….Pffffffffttt….Ok sorry, I couldn’t even hold a straight face while typing that shit.

  • Oh, man, Beet, I just read this and it’s just about the best editorial I’ve read, and, sadly, I think you are 100% correct. Is it OK if I forward this to some people I know?

  • I used to vote independent and went Republican after Carter ruined the economy. Most of you are too young to remember 23% interest rates that small business and individuals had to endure in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I have never forgotten losing a small business. A great education is only a small part of the picture. Sarah may not be able qualify as a Rhodes Scholar however to an educated person, Charlie the Tuna started out asking questions he knew she would not know. That is not hard to do to anyone if you know the subject. You know the spin better than anyone. Get real, Obama doesn’t do any better when he is one on one. None of the politicians do very well unless the teleprompter is working. Her executive skills are more than Obama’s and her background will help her keep a non politician view of things. What me worry? Keep trying to slam her and the next thing you will be calling her is Teflon Palin

  • It shouldn’t shock me but it still does. These pathetic Palinbots are making fools of themselves by even thinking about voting for the M/P tkt. They vote against their own interests as well as their children & grandchildren because they are so easily distracted by the 3G’s (God, Gays & Gun). Wake up people! McCain is basically an ill tempered hot head who just feels he is just collecting his “due” & if he has to pick someone who believes that foreign affairs experience means being able to see Russia from AK then I have a bridge that actually goes somewhere to sell you! I know how it works with the evangelicals (grew up in a crazy church). There is a snobbery that they are the only ones going to heaven & Catholics, Jews etc. are all doomed to hell. (Palin’s beliefs) Meanwhile, people like her think it’s ok to giggle at people with cancer (verified by Anchorage Daily News & Palin gave a half ass apology) & that it’s ok to endorse a man who has cheated on his wives, called one a trollop & the C word, votes againsts equal pay for women, voted as the worst senator in regards to children’s issues etc. But hey..go ahead & vote for him because it just confirms all the stereotypes about evangelicals. Good Lord, you people were already duped by 43 so why not 44? If you are true Christian how in good conscience can you vote for him based on her? It makes no sense & quite frankly is rather embarrassing! I admire women with ambition who can truly make good decisions & truly have the smarts to back up what they say. She is not one of them. Everybody has family troubles but I know high level people who have had to take a step back from their careers to take care of their family! Not this woman or her husband. You are not voting for American Idol people! Why don’t you curl up with the Constitution & get back to the basics of the real & true meaning of democracy!

  • Ahem. This is someone who, if she had the power to, would BAN BOOKS from public libraries, if she didn’t think they were appropriate.

    And this is who we want potentially running our precious democracy?

    You don’t have to be an intellectual elitist to see Sarah Palin is a spiral-eyed zealot.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • I hope that everyone who didn’t know before now — including Charles Gibson — has learned that there are four entirely different meanings for the term “Bush Doctrine,” and asking for clarification is a sign of intelligence, not stupidity. Acting like she was stupid for asking for clarification, OTOH, is a sign of stupidity.

    Gibson was a pompous ass, and his interview is playing very badly.

  • To JustPassingBy:

    I don’t agree. She bypassed his answer altogether, and the blank look in her eyes was unmistakable. She passed it back to him by asking him what he meant. Gibson was most certainly not a pompous ass. He had to repeat his questions because she tried to evade them. He was patient, but persistent, and professional.

  • you summed her and this whole situation up perfectly beet. she’s a complete idiot and she’s using it to her advantage. it isn’t feminisim. it works against everything feminism is for.

    now even though i live in canada, i have both my american and canadian citizenship. if bush being in office has taught me anything it’s that these mistakes cannot keep being repeated. that is why i am going to exercise my right to vote in the states. this woman gives the rest of us a bad name.

  • DMD- Please do say it to giant money makers and millionaires! I’ll say it right with you! I don’t have sympathy for them! I don’t agree with corporate bailouts. I do think there was not enough regulation on wall street and now there’s a huge crash to prove it. And that’s not necessarily Bush’s fault, but it’s the economic philosphy of Greenspan and Phil Graham, McCain’s economic advisor who also called us a nation of whiners. It’s not the corporations and millionaires who need help. It’s lower income families. Those people, just like MCCain and Obama agree on, are hardworking and they have followed all the rules and done everything right, yet they are suffering. And it’s our duty to make sure they get back on track so that our economy gets back on track. They deserve the bailouts, not the corporations who made very poor decisions and gambled with everyone else’s money.

    As for overseas jobs, McCain does not want to roll back any of Bush’s tax cuts. Companies should not get tax breaks if they are sending jobs overseas during an economic crisis where the unemployment rate is rising! I don’t care whether you’re a Repub or Dem, Clinton or Bush, this is not right. Obama wants to roll back these cuts and I stand firmly with him. I don’t think it’s possible to stop companies from shipping jobs overseas, but I certainly don’t think they should be rewarded for doing so.

    And my military friends want their benefits (on a side note, I came thisclose to marrying my friend so he could get better benefits as a Marine). McCain has voted against Veterans benefits 19 times. And if you look at military contributions, they actually favor Obama over McCain and have given about 6 times more money. Ron Paul also raised more money than McCain. I don’t know about you, but those numbers say a lot to me. The money speaks for itself.

    And no, I don’t think the Bush government should handle healthcare (God no!). I think the Obama Biden government (maybe with Hillary as health care liaison?) should handle health care. Because it’s a huge crisis. It’s unacceptable that so many Americans cannot afford to see a doctor.

    Also, one last thing: I don’t think Americans are too stupid to help themselves. I work for a non-profit and most of my closest friends are social workers working for hospitals or non-profits. We work for women’s groups, veterans, at risk youth, the homeless, mentally disabled adults, to name a few. Everyday we see people left behind by government. They are not stupid BY ANY MEANS. They have slipped through the cracks and deserve help. I pay my taxes like everyone else and I’m glad part of that money goes to education and social programs. I even don’t mind to work my butt off (for that infamously low non-profit salary) and give taxes to help build infrastructures in other states who do not agree with me idealogically. Because I believe it makes this country that I love stronger. I think if the people are strong and doing well, it means America is strong and doing well. We need strong education to compete globally in the science and technological fields. We need people to have jobs and paychecks so they can put more money into the economy. I think it does us good in the long run to take care of our own. But that’s just my opinion.

    And I’m not attacking someone’s intelligence because they disagree with me. I think Sarah Palin is not politically intelligent enough to serve as vice president. She doesn’t know the ins and outs of the economy and she has claimed not to know much about Iraq. And those two issues are pretty important in our American life right now. And I think you are an idiot if you support personality over issues because you could very well be voting against your own self interest. It happened with Bush and you can see the buyer’s remorse now in the low approval ratings. If you vote for the guy you want to have a beer with, and not the guy who wants to fix education, it’s your fault when education starts going downhill. And this goes for people blindly supporting Obama as well. I know there are plenty of those.

  • All of you are just seething in anger because you realize that the white house will be in republican hands. Get off your lazy asses and get to work…in case you people don’t realize, millionaires are your employers and they don’t sit on their wealth but deploy it for more profit so stop this communist bull shit whining or get the fuck out of this country and move to Cuba or Russia or North Korea, try it for a year….c’mon it will be beneficial fo everybody :)

  • Yeah. Just try moving to Russia! It’s terrible. Swim in oil wealth. Make tons of money. Pay a 13% flat tax. If you are an intellectual, you may be opposed to an unjust oil-war against a defenseless country… Oh wait, we have that one here, except for in Russia’s case the defenseless country basically started it…

  • I was born and raised behind the “iron curtain” and it wasn’t any fun. Like I said, leave if it’s so great over there….you probably have never had a day of true hardship in your life so you are talking about a subject without having a reference point…

  • In a brilliant strategic stroke, the Republicans have tapped into the huge number of reflexive thinking dunderheads who live between the West and East coasts. To these “folks”, her embarrassing performance with Gibson was a rallying point for “their girl.” Palin is a less intelligent, more provincial version of Bush in a skirt. If McCain wins, history will point to Palin’s selection as the turning point. Score another point for the GOP, which since 1968 has, more often than not, run circles around the Democrats in presidential elections.

  • I honestly cannot understand all the discussion about elitism. Isn’t over achieving what this country was founded upon? Some call it pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps, but at the end of the day, it is about people excelling and going beyond themselves. When did being intelligent, thoughtful, and balanced become negative characteristics? I personally would prefer a candidate who is willing to “blink” and consider all the variables before marching our country off to war. Issues are not black and white, the way many republicans seem to think. There are shades of gray in the world and I want a candidate who will consider them.

    I don’t think a candidate needs an ivy-league education to lead, but I do expect that candidate to demonstrate intelligence. Palin failed miserably at her opportunity to do so during the Gibson interview. I personally feel McCain should be held accountable for such an egregious assault on the country’s intelligence by nominating the ridiculously under qualified Palin. Women who vote for McCain/Palin just because a woman is on the ticket are likely to set women back 30 years. Why? Because she is not qualified, and if that ticket wins, she will only demonstrate what those who are anti-women in power already believe…women are incompetent and not able to lead.

    This election is terrifying. I have nightmares about McFalin winning.

  • Sara palin is a dumb ass who uses her power to arrest and fire people and has no idea what the fuck she is doing. And any womem stupied enough to vote for her makes the rest of us women look even worse.

    And the dried up prune Mc Cain is more stupied then she is!! The republicans have fucked up this country and we do not need and more idiots like that in office.

  • The USA has about 300 + millions people. It has the biggest economy of the world.
    It has the largest military. It also has thousands (!) nuclear weapons!

    Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin … Is that it?

    I would not give this bunch to manage a small chicken farm.

    Can you people learn something after Mr.Bush eight years?

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Thomas Paine, I grew up in Russia behind the “Iron Curtain” and that was a long time ago, and it is NOTHING like it was back then now. Times change – it’s that simple.

  • HEY! delete this all you want. i just want to let you know that you are a complete idiot and deserve all the hateful, “LIBERAL” comments you may be receiving. so if somebody likes dave matthews band, they might as well not even try to leave you a COMMENT? well then you might as well say IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH ME AT ALL, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT which is exactly what your Republican heroes do all the time. don’t post your political bullshit because nobody wants to hear it. you and the other ignorant americans who like sarah palin and ACCEPT her idiocy are ruining this country even more than it is ruined already. people with high educations and all that crap are allowed to bash Palin because we need an EDUCATED, INTELLIGENT person to RUN this country… obviously. you are such an idiot it makes me laugh! bye

  • Hey HAHAHAH! Based on your inability to write above an 11th grade level, it is obvious why the initial writer of this blog is correct. It does not matter how incompetent Palin is because as long as uneducated, brainwashed right wingers like yourself (who put party and FOX NEWS buzzwords before country) exist, complete idiots like Palin stand a chance. Seriously, this woman (with a total of 5 years work experience in her entire life — in some remote outpost of the USA) is without question the most incompetent individual to run for high office in the history of the USA. Well, as a moderate conservative myself, I have to say that I am willing to go through an Obama presidency for no other reason than he is the best of 4 evils. Ultimately, it is about country first — partisian politics second. If you think so little of your country to blindly follow an idiot or extremist agenda, do us all a favor — find another country to live in — ok? we don’t want your types here! So, HAHAHA yourself you ignorant sounding redneck …

  • Ahh, rationality. Yes, Biden must be careful in how he disrobes Palin in front of the masses tomorrow. But disrobe her he will, and I am confident that he will do it just right. He shouldn’t work too hard at it, either… Palin will defeat Palin. He just needs to have faith in her.

  • Unfortunately, folks like HAHAHA are typical of the duh-duh-dumb folks that put George “Dumya” Bush into office. If they only had a brain…

    The first 3 words of the Constitution in large, bold letters: WE THE PEOPLE…when you put people first, you put America first. Palin is just another conservative suck-up to corporations, which, when unregulated, act like greedy kids in a candy shop. They are incapable of regulating or policing themselves if there’s even a dime of profit at stake. Any successful system is one that is in balance. How many times do we have to learn the lesson that the ‘trickle down economics’ theory does not work because it is a hopelessly skewed system. Even Bush’s father, George Herbert Walker Bush, called it VOO DOO economics. I’ll bet Sarah Palin doesn’t know that….of course, there doesn’t appear to be very much that she DOES know.

    Regarding Biden ‘taking it easy’ on Palin: No one ‘takes it easy’ on most women in jobs in this nation. I’m sick of hearing how Biden must take it easy with Palin. World leaders aren’t going to ‘take it easy’ on her. If she can’t take the heat, the little woman ought to get out of the kitchen. Conservatives will waa-waa-waa after the debate no matter what Biden says, misinterpreting even the most innocent comments as gotcha’s.

    I really don’t see the Republicans keeping her until the elections with more and more Americans changing their minds about her being qualified to run for the second highest office in the land.

  • Sarah Palin is a complete idiot. Doesn’t anyone else see this? I’m watching the debate, and other than knowing how to smile at the camera, nothing intelligent comes out of her mouth. God help us all if she and McCain are elected.

  • The reasons it does matter that she is an idiot is the fact that she will be an idiot with a lot of power. Now, I know like everyone else that she will have advisors etc, but come on. I don’t want a C student good old gal running the country. That is the mediocrity we have become so conditioned to accept. We need a strong leader, and frankly I was all for McCain until he picked Palin. If nothing else she has really brought to light the likenesses of the McCain and Bush campaigns….. except that Dick Cheney although crooked as hell, is much more capable than Palin. Shit her solution to the energy crisis is drilling……. Ummm how does this help in the long run?

  • Everyone of you dumb asses who expected our next VP, Palin, to get crushed by the old dumbfuck with the huge fucking fake teeth and distorted views, look mlike morons because your Candidates’ sidekick got bitch-slapped last night. Please admit that you lost! Every comment I’ve read on this leftist, solialist, blog sounds uneducated and contains absolutely no substantive facts, other than the moronic notion that Palin is an idiot. You people are obviously dumb ass clones of the retarded bitch that initially wrote this article. When did graduating from a State school make you an idiot. If this is true, then over 95% of America are idiots. I personally think that number is closer to 49%. That would be the 49% freeloading, big government, anti-God, baby killers that exist in our Country. Wake up and think for yourselves and quit following morons like this dumb ranting bitch who wrote this hateful article. She sounds fucking jealous!

  • Apparently, you didn’t watch the debate last night because as usual, Palin didn’t know the answers (just as in the above interview and the interview with Katie Couric) to the majority of the questions and when she did have a response, it had nothing to do with the question. WATCH IT AGAIN! But this time, lay off the crackpipe while you’re watching.
    Being a Democrat doesn’t make you a freeloader, an atheist, or a baby killer. I know of two people who are Republicans and have had abortions. I’m a Democrat who doesn’t freeload, is against abortion, and I’m a Christian.
    Why don’t you elaborate on what you define as Biden’s “distorted views”? Or is freeloading, anti-God, and baby-killing all you know?
    I think you need to wake up and stop fooling yourself that Palin is qualified and capable of being our Vice-President. The only reason McCain chose her as his running mate was to win over the voters who want a woman in office. And that shows what kind of a person McCain is. He chose her for the sole reason of increasing his chances of becoming elected as President.
    And by the way, if you truly believe Biden was “bitch-slapped” last night, you are obviously a brainwashed Republican. If a Republican monkey was running for V.P. you would still have the same views. You probably think President Bush has done an outstanding job these last eight years and that he is an intelligent man.
    When it comes down to it, whether it is Obama or Bush who is elected as President, neither one of them can do any worse than the dumb-ass who is our current President who has put our country in the position we are in today.

  • Apparently, you didn’t watch the debate last night because as usual, Palin didn’t know the answers (just as in the above interview and the interview with Katie Couric) to the majority of the questions and when she did have a response, it had nothing to do with the question. WATCH IT AGAIN! But this time, lay off the crackpipe while you’re watching.
    Being a Democrat doesn’t make you a freeloader, an atheist, or a baby killer. I know of two people who are Republicans and have had abortions. I’m a Democrat who doesn’t freeload, is against abortion, and I’m a Christian.
    Why don’t you elaborate on what you define as Biden’s “distorted views”? Or is freeloading, anti-God, and baby-killing all you know?
    I think you need to wake up and stop fooling yourself that Palin is qualified and capable of being our Vice-President. The only reason McCain chose her as his running mate was to win over the voters who want a woman in office. And that shows what kind of a person McCain is. He chose her for the sole reason of increasing his chances of becoming elected as President.
    And by the way, if you truly believe Biden was “bitch-slapped” last night, you are obviously a brainwashed Republican. If a Republican monkey was running for V.P. you would still have the same views. You probably think President Bush has done an outstanding job these last eight years and that he is an intelligent man.
    When it comes down to it, whether it is Obama or McCain who is elected as President, neither one of them can do any worse than the dumb-ass who is our current President who has put our country in the position we are in today.

  • Let me elaborate on these “distorted views” in a minute so you will understand. I’ll type slowly so you can follow. You didn’t have to tell me that you are a Democrat! Why do all Democrats have to preface their argument with that statement? You also dont like being labeled Liberals. I don’t get it! Its obvious!! I need a crackpipe to stop laughing about you knowing two Republicans. What a great story. By the way, I know 26 people who are Democrats and are voting for McCain. They stopped believing that our Government and its programs should be babysitting them and their families. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds! By the way that was one view. Don’t miss the subtle references I’m giving you. I’ll elaborate a little more on these next views. First, Democrats are for big Government. Programs galore!
    99.9% are for baby killing. This is not a womans choice! I’d have to be on crack if I expected to convince you Democrats of this. Please don’t tell me that you are “God fearing” and support this murder. Next, Democrats support raising taxes on the so-called rich. $200,000 is rich?
    This is typically a combined family income of a husband and wife both working . Another statistic about these rich people is that they pay approx. 95% of all tax, therefore providing employment for the rest of us. I am sick of this Robin Hood theory that wealth has to be distributed amongst the rest of the freeloading lazy-ass populas. I will go out and drag mine home! Thank You!
    Another view; I don’t want my Government to provide me free (joke!) healthcare. Let me be crystal clear!! IT IS NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY!!!
    IT IS MINE!!!!! These are just a few of the views I was mentioning.
    Lets get back to the debate. Please, at least admit that you expected Palin to embarrass herself. She did a great job! I know I can’t convince you on her policy, but regarding her performance, she was excellent. What makes her unqualified? The fact that she was a Mayor and currently a Governor or that she has a degree from a State school.
    This argument is bullshit! Obama has 2 years in the Senate and was and will be again a “Community Activist” in Chicago. Where’s his so-called experience?! You Democrats have been trying your best to discredit Palin and its not working! Regarding your comment that the sole reason she was chosen was for increasing McCains’ chances for winning. No shit!! Isn’t that why Obama chose Biden? Biden has been a professional politician for over 30 years! That is not something I find attractive as a voter. Regarding Bush, I am not at all happy with his job performance. He has not been as conservative as he should have been! You Democrats should be somewhat pleased with him! He supported your programs and now you can blame him for all the bullshit which enhances your cause. Next time, please proof-read your rants! This election is McCain vs. Obama, Bush is out!

  • She is the Omen, an “end times” nut. Someone should check her for a 666 tattoo. God help us all if McCain wins, and then dies. She will start WWIII. I’ll never forgive McCain for pandering to the under 90 IQ crowd for political gain. He should be charged with treason.

  • To Brian and any other dumb shit, low IQ, eight cylinder driving, bible thumping, over breeding red neck: Palin lost the debate big-time! She ducked all the debate questions, and no one called her out on it. Did we see the same debate? Are you giving her a pass because you are a sucker for a winking, moose killing red neck, who spends her sundays speaking in tounges with Jesus, has five kids and counting (because 6.5 billion people in the world isn’t enough), and who has a 1st century AD world view? Let’s face it, the republican party has been high-jacked by low IQ, flag waving fanatics. But even you shit eating red necks will rue the day if she ever takes the reins.

  • To Polaris? I thought that was a freakin’ pool cleaner! You sound like a single, probably gay atheist who has lived in the city going to art shows and I bet your involved in Green Peace somehow. You are obviously out
    of touch with the rest of the Country. Like I mentioned before. you belong to the 49% dumbass group. Thank God the 51% continue to lead! Now you can get back to your coloring or meditating, you weirdo!

  • Nope. Polaris is another name for the North Star. And I am a retired army officer, who won an award for “meritorious service” for actions during and after the 911 attacks on the Pentagon, where I was working at the time. And I am a life long republican who no longer recognizes my party, because it has been taken over by genocidal, authoritarian, charismatic, so called “christians”, who instead of loving their neighbor want to purge 1 billion musilms from the face of earth. And that’s just for starters. I’ve moved in certain Washington circles, and have been in close contact with various rebublican pacs and have seen the type of mind currently recruited there. Go back to sleep Brian, we’ll pick up our conversation after the election. Sorry about my rude comments yesterday, friends should not let friends reply drunk.

  • What a cliche you are, Brian: religion, homophobia, and anti-intellectualism.

    We all know you’ve been masturbating to youtube vids of Sarah Palin.

    “Drill, baby, drill.”

  • Anyone willing to vote for a ticket with this woman on it should be institutionalized. Seriously… has the woman been able to verbalize ANY policy position, ANY understanding of domestic or foreign policy issues, or even a SINGLE COHERENT THOUGHT in a manner that makes you believe she truly knows what she’s saying rather than simply spouting political rhetoric that’s been drilled into her head over the course of the past few months? Sure, she’s good with a catch phrase and she has a “presence” to her, but this isn’t “America’s Next Top Model” here… we’re talking about potentially one of the primary leaders of a country of 300+ million people. She simply does not posses the knowledge or experience that the position requires, plain and simple. Hell, if McCain wants a VP with presence and is good in front of a camera, grab Angelina Jolie. A significantly hotter MILF imho, and she’s got real first-hand knowledge of international relations and foreign policy!

  • To Brian – when did you have the time to poll/speak to everyone who is a Democrat to find out that 99.9% support “baby killing”?
    A $200,000 salary IS “rich” for the majority of Americans. This is NOT a typical combined family income of a husband and wife both working. Again – you must be on the crack pipe. And if you had listened to Biden’s response regarding taxes in the debate, most small businesses do not even make $200,000 (or at least do not report making that much to the IRS), so they would not be affected.
    Your statement “Another statistic about these rich people is that they pay approx. 95% of all tax, therefore providing employment for the rest of us” is B.S. The majority of all consumers are of the middle class. The wealthy should be thanking the middle class for making them rich. How do you think the rich make their money? Unless their fortune is inherited, they make their money from the people who buy their products, goods, and services. Sure, there are wealthy business owners who provide jobs, but they wouldn’t have the ability to offer jobs if they didn’t have the money to pay their employees and if the consumers weren’t buying their products, they wouldn’t make money! Get it?
    McCain supports giving large, wealthy, Exxon Mobiles billions of dollars in tax breaks. For what purpose? As Biden put it, aren’t they wealthy enough as it is? The majority of Americans are struggling to pay for the gas to get them to and from work while McCain is busy providing support to make the wealthy get richer!!! He doesn’t care about the middle and lower classes. Do you know why? Because he’s rich. And he didn’t even earn his wealth. He married into it.
    Regarding your other ridiculous statement about healthcare, all I have to say is rent the movie “SICKO”. Your view on healthcare will change once you see that the United States has the worst healthcare program (or lack of) in the world. Or, don’t rent the movie and wait until you get a fatal disease and die from it due to our screwed up healthcare.
    Yes, I did expect Palin to embarrass herself and as expected, she did. I actually felt sorry for her. I feel sorry that they threw her into this race – unprepared, unqualified, and incapable. Being the mayor of a small town and the Governor of Alaska for a short period of time does not make her qualified to be Vice President. Her accomplishments and experience do not even come close in comparison to Obama’s and Biden’s.
    P.S. Instead of criticizing “Polaris”, you should be thanking him for serving our country. But I guess you have more important things on your mind like protecting the rich.

    Thank you, Polaris, for serving our country. – LC

  • I just don’t get why the media and the political pundits on both sides aren’t laughing out loud at Palin’s ridiculous performance. She is a winking smiling puppet who was trained to spout out non-sequitors and non-responses. It is so embarrassing for America. The whole world must wonder what the hell we are doing.

    I am a lifelong Republican voting for Obama. Palin makes Quail look smart and responsive.

  • I don’t get it either – the media and the political pundits, its like American Idol for the presidency. Sarah Palin is a joke and does a great disserve to all the women who have worked hard, made great strides in cracking the glass ceiling the right way. Sarah Palin is nothing more than that file clerk who got promoted simply because she was screwing the boss and the boss wanted to avoid a sexual harassment suit. It really galls me that women are falling for this idiot. Sorry, can understand why men do, but women??? It escapes me. I am an independent, one of those “over 50 white women” that the republican is trying to get. But this emptied bimbo will not do. Republicans do not and never have been for the rights of women, equal pay for women, child care, health care etc. Why do you think John McCain passed over the likes of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Sen. Olympia Snow, Sen. Susan Collins to name a few. These are smart, intelligient Republican women with 10 times the brains and experience as Palin the poll climber. And to vote for Palin simply because she is female, that’s just dumb!!!!

  • Please people, those of you who claim to be former Conservatives or on the fence, are not fooling anybody. You are wolves in sheeps
    clothing. There are none of you on this liberal blog that can be mistaken for Conservatives. I suppose you were Liberal Republicans!
    To Polaris, a lifelong Republican?, in response to your comment about Americans loving our neighbor, your validity as an “award winner” died with the Americans in the twin towers on 9/11. You have seen and lived this experience and have the audacity to think we Americans have no right to have any animosity toward these murderers? What a joke! It seems as though the supposed circles you were running in Washington were counter-clockwise! Good night Polaris. Thank you for retiring!
    LC, I couldn’t stop laughing when you mentioned the movie named after its Producer and please take a course in Economics. It would work wonders for you! Enough said! Good night to you as well!

  • butterflytattoo don’t get your panties in a bunch! I’m a Republican, but facts are facts. I’m sure Sarah P. is a nice woman and good mother, but she just doesn’t have what it takes to be the VP, and it’s frightening to imagine her as the president of this country. She has absolutely no idea what’s going on and even has trouble conveying complete and coherent thoughts. She would be a joke to the leaders of other countries…. hell; she’s a joke over here.
    Sorry, but I just expect more from our leaders. If she is qualified to be VP then so am I.

  • Wow. This is fun. I google’d “Palin idiot” and found others that have a sense of humor too (Hooray for Tina Fey).

    We all should calm down and understand some basic political precepts with the primary one being “Republicans don’t care about intelligence”. As long as they’re on the low end of the Binet scale, meaning idiots, imbeciles, or morons, it’s all good and they’re happy. They’ve happily elected Ronald Regan, Dan Quayle, and an individual that I seriously think is brain damaged, GWB. Sarah is probably at the top end and has attained the lofty goal and moniker of Moron, but it’s safe to say that she’s at least better than the “idiot” leading the country for eight years. Oh goody!

    There are some exceptions here and it should be noted that there’s not much that can be done to change the minds of those that don’t have the ability to understand (Brian, et. al.). These individuals simply will never possess the intelligence to understand, or even see, more than their own myopic view of the world. There’s a reason the Red states are the low IQ states, and Brian

    While many of us have Ivy educations, we’re not used to dealing with the Brian’s I was someone that used to think McCain was an honest individual; now I think he’s pathetic

  • Previous post incomplete and should be deleted…..

    Wow. This is fun. I google’d “Palin idiot” and found others that have a sense of humor too (Hooray for Tina Fey).

    We all should calm down and understand some basic political precepts with the primary one being “Republicans don’t care about intelligence”. As long as they’re on the low end of the Binet scale, meaning idiots, imbeciles, or morons, it’s all good and they’re happy. They’ve happily elected Ronald Regan, Dan Quayle, and an individual that I seriously think is brain damaged, GWB. Sarah is probably at the top end and has attained the lofty goal and moniker of Moron, but it’s safe to say that she’s at least better than the “idiot” leading the country for eight years. Oh goody!

    It should be noted that there’s not much that can be done to change the minds of those that don’t have the ability to understand (Brian, et. al.). These individuals simply will never possess the intelligence to understand, or even see, more than their own myopic view of the world. There’s a reason the Red states are the low IQ states, and Brian, sadly, once again illustrates why these states (with all inhabitants) should be sold off to Mexico or some third world country for pennies on the dollar. I’ll help them pack. Bye-Bye Brian. Sorry to see you go, but…

    As someone that used to think McCain was an honest individual, I now I think he’s pathetic. Adding an individual like Palin is a cheap ploy to distract people from McCain’s bankrupt “plan for America”. She’s good fodder for Tina, but beyond that, I wish she would go get more foreign policy experience by watching Russia from her front window. I think about 40 or 50 more years ought to do it..

  • Brian, thank GOD for people like you! all the lefto whacko commies here are so clueless. The idiots don’t realize that if the government takes a bigger slice of the “rich” income, the rich are going to take the exact same slice from the poeple are employing…raises, kiss them good bye. I want to ask all these morons here how many of them have paid more than what their tax return required last year? my guess is none..yet they want to mandate that I have to pay for their health insurance, pay for the college tuition and whatever else they “have a right to”. The reason they are scared of Palin is that they know that the day of reckoning is coming…

  • How many of the readers of this blog agree with the following doctrine?

    1 The right to choose the government and determine the laws of the State shall belong only to citizens. We therefore demand that no public office, of whatever nature, whether in the central government, the province, or the municipality, shall be held by anyone who is not a citizen.
    We wage war against the corrupt parliamentary administration whereby men are appointed to posts by favor of the party without regard to character and fitness.
    2 We demand that the State shall above all undertake to ensure that every citizen shall have the possibility of living decently and earning a livelihood.
    3 All citizens must possess equal rights and duties.
    4 The first duty of every citizen must be to work mentally or physically. No individual shall do any work that offends against the interest of the community to the benefit of all.
    Therefore we demand:
    5 That all unearned income, and all income that does not arise from work, be abolished.
    6 Since every war imposes on the people fearful sacrifices in blood and treasure, all personal profit arising from the war must be regarded as treason to the people. We therefore demand the total confiscation of all war profits.
    7We demand the nationalization of all trusts.
    8 We demand profit-sharing in large industries.
    9 We demand a generous increase in old-age pensions.
    10 We demand the creation and maintenance of a sound middle-class.
    11 We demand an agrarian reform in accordance with our national requirements, and the enactment of a law to expropriate the owners without compensation of any land needed for the common purpose. The abolition of ground rents, and the prohibition of all speculation in land.

    12 We demand that ruthless war be waged against those who work to the injury of the common welfare. Traitors, usurers, profiteers, etc., are to be punished with death, regardless of creed or race.

    13 In order to make it possible for every capable and industrious citizen to obtain higher education, and thus the opportunity to reach into positions of leadership, the State must assume the responsibility of organizing thoroughly the entire cultural system of the people. The curricula of all educational establishments shall be adapted to practical life. The conception of the State Idea (science of citizenship) must be taught in the schools from the very beginning. We demand that specially talented children of poor parents, whatever their station or occupation, be educated at the expense of the State.

    14 The State has the duty to help raise the standard of national health by providing maternity welfare centres, by prohibiting juvenile labour, by increasing physical fitness through the introduction of compulsory games and gymnastics, and by the greatest possible encouragement of associations concerned with the physical education of the young.
    15 We demand the abolition of the regular army and the creation of a national army.
    16 We demand that there be a legal campaign against those who propagate deliberate political lies and disseminate them through the press. In order to make possible the creation of a national press, we demand:
    (a) All editors and their assistants on newspapers published in the country shall be progressive citizens.
    (b) Non-progressive newspapers shall only be published with the express permission of the State.
    Newspapers transgressing against the common welfare shall be suppressed. We demand legal action against those tendencies in art and literature that have a disruptive influence upon the life of our citizens, and that any organizations that offend against the foregoing demands shall be dissolved.
    17 We demand freedom for all religious faiths in the state, insofar as they do not endanger its existence.
    The party as such represents the point of view of a positive Christianity without binding itself to any one particular confession. It fights against the materialist spirit within and without, and is convinced that a lasting recovery of our citizens can only come about from within on the principle:
    18 In order to carry out this program we demand: the creation of a strong central authority in the State, the unconditional authority by the political central parliament of the whole State and all its organizations.
    The formation of professional committees and of committees representing the several estates of the realm, to ensure that the laws promulgated by the central authority shall be carried out by the federal states.

  • Is it Centrist or Communist or Chimp?
    Sounds like your Ivy League education consisted of you swinging from limb to limb! I suppose you meant Boston Community College.
    We Conservative Republicans (including Palin) are unintelligent because we value the lives of unborn children, honor God, and want what is best for our Country? Is this your distorted view of lacking intelligence? Your candidate has every one of you fooled. Being articulate is not what attracts voters unless you are an idiot, Chimp! Obama has absolutely no substance or experience. At most, he is a likeable Jesse Jackson!
    Chimp, Thank God for the Red States! They obviously produce sane, well-rounded, hard working, successful American citizens. You sound extremely jealous! Maybe with your education you can obtain that $200,000 per year position so you can donate to your candidates cause. Good luck with your job search! You’ll need it!

  • Holy trap, Batman.

    Thomas Paine, I can’t believe 1) you took the time to edit that nonsense and 2) you posted in on this site.

    “Shhhh, be vewy vewy qwiet, I’m hunting libewals. Huuhuuhuuhuu.”

  • JK I took the time to edit that crap because all of you liberal “progressive people ” live and promote the same doctrines..and yes I love to “hunt” communists and liberals

    @ Brian, the above is taken right out of the Nazi proclamation..sounds very familiar though…these liberal communist scumbags know it too…all of this hatered is being cultivated at these colleges where the “smart people ” went to school including the bull dike that started this blog..cheers

    To all others “promoting” family planning…family planning centers are funded with federal taxes…out of 1000 african american pregnancies 512 end in abortion at the “family” clinic I’m sure that this is something that the progressive compassionate left is really pround of.
    And the My black brothers and sisters are stupid enough to continue to vote 90% democratic…guess who I’m quoting here..”I can not with good conscience agree to killing black babies with money provided by the federal government” …

  • Sarah Palin is all form and no substance, a la Ronald Reagan. I, for one, thought that she must be smart, or at least shrewd, to have gotten as far as she has. But now I realize that it must have been incredible luck, because she is as dumb as a brick.

    That she can achieve the level of support that she has is frightening, because it is a reflection of the intellectual capacity of a significant portion of the American electorate. You get the government you desire, and the unfortunate reality is we – collectively as the American people – have gotten what we deserve by allowing George Bush to embark us upon an unnecessary war, and then, even more unbelievably, re-elect him in 2004 (“re-elect” is not actually accurate, in that he was “appointed” by a conservative US Supreme Court in 2000).

    If the American people elect McCain/Pain – or allow the Republicans to steal the election, AGAIN, then we deserve everything we get. And believe it, we WILL get it, right in the you-know-what.

  • I’m sure that Pelosi, Reed, Schumer, Dodd and Frank will do a great job in leading us toward better tomorrow since they are all so smart….

  • Wow, I just happened to wander back to this thread. I had no idea people were still posting.

    I am in utter shock at the comments posted by Thomas Paine and Brian. Your rants/comments are, IMHO, completely nuts. Before you start calling me a liberal communist whacko baby killing anti-god liberal, check your comments at the door. I am a non-partisan moderate, so I vote for whoever’s policies I agree most with or the lesser of two evils, which is sometimes the case.

    You have your right to your opinion and your vote, as do I, but grasping at the notion the Sarah was asking for clarification on the Bush Doctrine is just absolutely insane and completely out of touch with reality. The blank deer, or in her case, moose in the headlight stare is undeniable. And if you can’t admit that or don’t see that, then you are, IMHO, nuts.

  • Hey indigo,
    If the shit fits wear it! it matters not how you perceive yourself but how others see you. non-partisan moderate my ass. There is nothing moderate about attacking a sitting governor of a state who has done an excellent job for her citizens over some non-sensical question from an elitist/bleeding heart, princeton “educated” asshole.

  • Actually, since you wrote the original post the Palin pick is turning out to be disastrous for McCain. There’s no hiding her lack of knowledge, although the campaign has done everything possible to keep her away from any reporters, unless you count FOX news, and if you do, well, you are probably getting pretty upset with the poor choice yourself.

    I am proud that American’s tend to be ignoring the total gutter politics of McCain. The Swift boating of Kerry cost us heavily as a country and people realize it and aren’t going to let it happen this time.

    By next week McCain will have dropped this approach after losing a couple more points in the polls and will get back to issues. Much to late to save a losing attempt, but there isn’t much else to do to save face at this point.

    Republicans will blame Sarah Palin instead of McCain for making a rash choice for VP, but that is the nature of the beast.

  • Brian,

    Oh God, where does one start????

    How about here ……

    Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a Republican/Bush supporter; but I repeat myself….

  • OMG! This is just rich!

    First of all, let me say to my fellow liberal democrats here: Kudos and tons of thanks for such thoughtful comments here! It is such a relief to know that there are educated, discerning citizens in this land.
    The right wing conservative posters here and their ilk will be lucky when Obama takes the presidency, they just won’t know it.
    Sarah Palin is not only a complete moron (go google “sarah heath” “sat scores”or better yet, follow this link: she is a narrow-minded philistine who has absolutely NO intellectual curiousity. Her interview with Charlie Gibson as well as her turn with Katie Couric are proof enough of her ignorance. Her debate “performance” was just that. If she had sat down with Now she has been found by a legislative council in her own state, a council with 10 republicans and 4 democrats, to have abused her power. We have watched all this past week as she has gone in and incited crowds into a frenzy with slanderous and defamatory remarks equating Obama to an unAmerican terrorist. She is a narcissistic opportunist who is only interested in her own climb to glory. She is much worse than clueless, she is dangerous with a capital D. She lies every time she opens her mouth.
    This is not a woman who should even be governor. Her qualifications really only make her fit to be a member of the Wasilla church council or something like that.
    The “Brians” and “Thomas Paines” of this world will just have to live with the new government once Obama/Biden take office, suffer through it like we all have for the past 12-14 years of Republican control of congress and then 8 years of Bush/Cheney. And all I can say to them, is man up and deal with it!!!! Whine all you want and sling as much mud as you want. Call me a liberal all you want, it’s a label I’ll proudly wear. Call me anything else you want, too! Your opinion means nothing to me.

  • blah,blah,blah…..Obama is not taking the office your moron. 3 yrs in the senate and 2 of it running the campaign for the presidency..all of you liberals are complete idiots would you want a 3 intern to do your heart surgery?

  • oh just shut up! Obama is not winning anything you morons! 3 yrs in the Senate and 2 of it running for the presidency..would you want a 3rd yr intern to do your heart surgery? or 3 yr analyst to manage your investment portfolio? grow up and face the fact you baby killer

  • If you don’t think Obama is winning, you’re smoking some serious crack.

    Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia are leaning Obama. Colorado is truly a toss-up. Even Georgia isn’t safe.

    Palin is amateur hour, with bonus egomania and religious nuttery. In a few weeks, she’ll be lucky to have a governor’s office to go back to.

  • JoKe or Jennifer?,
    Obama is leading (not winning anything) in all of these liberal biased
    polls. Liberals are almost always leading until election day. These polls mean absolutely nothing! Have you or any of your friends been polled?
    No one has asked me or anyone I know. It ain’t over till the fat lady

  • ahhhhh, you poor McCain supporters. I can hear the desperation in your post getting louder and louder…

  • Brian, do you know anything about polling? They gather representative samples. Considering they poll a few thousand out of millions of people, I’m not surprised you and the people you know haven’t been asked.

    Oh, JoKe. Haha, there’s that fundmentalist sense of humor we’re all so fond of.

  • My my my…it’s unbelievable how discussing politics turns to irrelevant babble within a matter of 15 posts.

    I find it mildly entertaining that the people who are defending Palin on here are only confirming exactly what Beet was talking about. People want to defend her because she is this image of a sweet innocent, mom-like figure yet I haven’t seen a single relevant post as to why we should really trust this person to potentially lead our nation. Listen folks, if you are going to try to step into the shoes of the person who is going to hold one of the highest political offices of this great nation, you better be prepared. She was not. This interviewer was not hard on her. She is a person in government. She should be up on the current events at least. Additionally, this was NOT the first interview that Palin has failed in! In another interview, she couldn’t even name a single supreme court decision besides Roe v. Wade that she disagreed with. THAT is not cute.

    Those of you who are not terrified of the general lack of common sense and inability to relate to the American people probably deserve to be led by such a moron. And for the record saying you’re going to be representing the “Normal Joe Six Pack” doesn’t qualify you as relating to average Middle-class Americans. (Who the fuck is Joe Six Pack anyway?)

    Those of you discounting an Ivy League education should probably stop making up excuses as to why you didn’t go to an Ivy League school or aren’t as educated as you feel you should be. Education is the key to success – call it a cliche but it’s true. Oh there’s also common sense and determination but that’s obvious, right? Sarcasm and childish remarks probably won’t get you far in this world.

    I’m a person who enjoys the big picture. I research each candidate thoroughly (from BOTH parties) and try to cut through the media clutter while doing so. By what I’ve read on here, it is apparent to me that most of you have not done this yourselves. In conclusion, my suggestion to those of you who don’t seem to feel it’s important to do research before coming to a conclusion should find ways to back your political preferences and STOP spitting stupid!

    To those voting for the lesser of two evils (McCain or Obama): If you feel that you are voting for the lesser of two evils, you’re still voting for evil! We don’t need it. Find a candidate that you do like and vote for them. Otherwise, don’t bother.

    With great gratitude,

  • Joke & Indingbat,
    Thank you for confirming that you have not been polled! Who is this
    we’re you mention? Were-do’s?

  • LOL! You are cracking me up! That’s it, that’s what you’re down to now, name calling?! Ohhhhh how clever.

  • I don’t know who in their right mind would call Rasmussen a liberal poll. Even McCain gave a new speech about being down in the polls.

    I suppose you also think the panel of 8 Repubs and 4 dems in Alaska who found Sarah Palin to have violated the ethics laws of her state and abused her powers as Governor to have a liberal bias?

    This thing is over. We’re just waiting to see how big of a landslide it will be. Go Obama!

  • I know that “science” is a dirty word to you, Brian, but you don’t seem too keen on “math” either.

    For example, the Gallup poll (which only the completely deluded would claim has a liberal bias) polled fewer than 3000 people with a sampling error of +/-2 points. That’s fewer than 3000 representing the entire US population of likely voters.

    You see, they have mathematical calculations to get a representative sample. Now, what would be the chance that you or someone you know would be in that sample? Close to being struck by lightning, maybe?

  • Guys,
    My math is fine!
    I can count my money that I have earned and want to keep.
    If your candidate (Robinhood) gets in office, he will mug me! This is one of the many gripes I have! Its laughable how you liberal democrats say you are the working party! That is absolutley ludicrous!
    That may have been true when JFK was running. Democrats were much more conservative years ago, but now this ultra-progressive leftwing shit is out of touch with most intelligent Americans. Remember
    this, there is a reason we are called RIGHT!

  • He is actually more centrist than the left would like him to be, and I think he will actually end up disappointing liberals a little. He already has with his vote on the bailout, FISA, and offshore drilling. It’s an easy attack to just label someone a liberal. But actual liberals are far more left than Obama. Hillary Clinton has much more liberal policies than Obama.

    Many believe that the middle class has been “mugged” by the politicians who only give tax breaks to the wealthy. Many believe when the middle class is squeezed so tightly by trickle down economics so that most folks are losing homes, jobs, health care, college tuition money, etc. that we are being “mugged”.

    You are very idealogically conservative, and we will therefore never agree on a lot of issues. But namecalling and divisiveness is not being tolerated anymore. When McCain/Palin rallies goes nuts with people yelling things like “Terrorist” and “Bomb Obama!”, or some rightwing blogger calls Obama a “leftwing shit”, the McCain ticket suffers. So keep at it. Help your guy lose. Help out the 50-53% of us who are rooting for Obama.

  • The reason that the Polls are inaccurate is that mostly the lazy, freeloading (college students) are the ones answering the phones. The hardworking people are either still working, stuck commuting home or serving preparing dinner for their kids or doing the homework with them. That’s how you get the skew and the “right” side of this distribution has a fat tail. So dream on latte drinkers….

    @Dinosaur. the only people outside of the most unfortunate, that are losing their homes are the idiots who don’t know the basic mathe to figure out how a mortgage works but know very well who is going to win the American idol and the ones that probably didn’t deserve the have one in the first place because they don’t honor their obligations to others. Were your ever employed by a Poor person? Nowhere in the constitution is it written that college is a given right or healthcare or a home. What is written is for the govermnent and poeple like you to get the hell out of people’s way so they can achieve all those things. Clinton did more to screw the middle and low income people than anyone before him, and george junior grew the government more than any other before him. start being objective and use common sense instead the leftist propaganda shit. the truth is that the elite will always be the elite and by increasing the taxation powers of the government everyone below the influential top 1 % gets screwed!

  • Mr. “Paine”:

    As a fan of Common Sense, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the following:
    1. Pollsters call landlines, not cell phones. College kids have cell phones, not land lines. In 2008, they are under-represented in telephone polling data. Look it up.
    2. “Were you ever employed by a poor person?” What is your point here?
    3. How precisely did Clinton do “more to screw the middle and low income people”?
    4. Your last sentence is baffling. Please explain how that works.
    5. There’s nothing in your comment that addresses the subject at hand: Whether or not it matters that Palin is an idiot. Do you think that her comments expose her as someone who is not fit to be President? Or do you think she’s qualified? If so, what achievements as Governor of Alaska would you say evidence her fitness to be President? (I ask these last questions b/c I firmly believe that if McCain is elected, he will not survive his term. I say this as a doctor who’s seen more than a few cancer patients.)

  • JK since you are such astatistical genius how come you didn’t mention the confidence interval and degrees of freedom in your sampling explanation? Going back to the 1980 election the democrats have always lead and by larger margins than Obama is “leading” currently carter, Mondale, Gore and Kerry were all ahead but in the end the american common sense prevailed :)

  • Palin makes huffing glue and watching paint dream seem entertaining. She is dumb as a bag of hammers and she makes you more dumb for having to listen to her.

  • Laura Mae, please do not post anymore until the space shuttle lands. The reason some of us do not have an Ivy league education is because we are wrong flavor, mommy and daddy didn’t go there, do not want to drop 45K/yr on a place that graduates 85% of students Suma Cum Laude or maybe because we didn’t want to spend 4 yrs around leftis, privilaged elitist pricks! BTW we do not like palinn because she seems sweet and’s because she is a tough bitch, will help taking the garbage out of DC and Most of all we like her because you liberals hate her:)

  • Meant to see paint dry* She had me dreaming though, about death, which would be better than listening to her.

    Did I mention she makes beetlejuice and Gary the Retard from Howard Stern’s show, seem like geniuses.

  • I’d like to know how someone calling Obama a left wing shit is any different than liberals calling Sarah Palin stupid, dumb as a bag of hammers, etc. and calling McCain an unbalanced old fool? It’s ok for you all to rag on the Republicans but heaven forbid anyone question Obama or make a remark about him. That makes us racist, right??

  • Whatever you need to say to yourself to justify those polls. Obviously you don’t know how polling works, or how they break down the polls to reflect likely voter turnout based on the percentage of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents that vote. You clearly also don’t know that most lazy college kids use cell phones and not land lines, and are therefore not included in a large majority of polls. I’m sure you’ll be just as confused come November 5th.

    You also aren’t aware that poor healthcare was a big player in the mortgage crisis. A lot of homes were lost when people couldn’t afford medical bills. A lot of folks have been bankrupted because they had an accident.

    But there are many other reasons for the crisis, and it is not as simple as “poor minority peolpe got homes they couldn’t afford”. There was a problem with no regulation and those big corporate greedy giants were given free reign to f up as much as possible. But far be it from me or anyone else to get in their way of ruining our economy.

    I believe we succeed as a country when we have a strong, thriving middle class. That’s when our economy does well and people are out spending. Improving education, access to healthcare, and the creation of green jobs are all ways I believe we can help the middle class. Making sure we don’t reward companies for shipping jobs overseas so that they are more inclined to provide jobs to Americans. We should absolutely tax gas companies when they are reporting record breaking profits while the rest of us can hardly afford a quarter of a tank at a time. And then the tax money should absolutely be given out to the American people who have continually been screwed by these companies.

    I don’t advocate for wiping out the elite. I advocate for strenghtening the middle class. Trickle down only helped the rich get richer, and wound up hurting the middle class. The elite don’t deserve tax breaks without the rest of us getting tax breaks. They certainly can afford the taxes they paid under conservative great Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan certainly wasn’t trying to wipe out the elite.

    And if you want government to get out of the way, then make sure you don’t let government get in the way of my right to choose or people’s right to marry who they please. That’s the biggest kind of government I can imagine. And the fact that you think so highly of W. shows just how out of touch you are with the rest of the country (considering 75% of us disapprove of the job he’s done). This guy is a failure, his policies are failures, and he will be remembered in history as the worst president we’ve ever had. But I guess you are the only sane one here for being part of that stubborn 25% who refuse to admit that Bush is a crappy pres…

    Anyway, I have nothing more to offer you other than my condolences for your huge loss Nov. 4th.

  • @ Eyes of Green

    Sorry to have offended you but I do think that Palin is “slow.”

    I really have no room to talk, but I will not vote for either party. I call Palin “dumb as a bag of hammers” because when she is asked a question for which she should know the answer it is like she is thinking up an answer. That does not make her look smart.

    If you lay into Obama you will have no argument from me. And no I do not think you would be racist unless you used some slurs or unless you just want to slight him based on the color of his skin.

    Both parties have not said a thing that impresses me but then again politics/religion piss me off to no end.

    With that I will shut my damn mouth.

  • Aw Steve – I was just using your words to make a point. I grow weary of the fun loving liberals just blasting people for having a different opinion. You are entitled to your own opinion, as long as it agrees with theirs. And yes, there are Right wingers like that too. I will be happy when this election is over.

    There is not one ‘great’ choice in this election. But I’d like to keep my money that I work hard for, so I’m voting for McCain.

  • Calling someone “dumb” is attacking their intellectual abilities – something that *should* be a qualifier for these high offices. Calling someone a “shit” is just a mindless epithet.

    Again, is Palin dumb? An idiot? I don’t know if she’s dumb or not. What is obvious is that she doesn’t know anything! And she actually seems proud of that! Worse, she (and the McC campaign) want to convince us that her ignorance is not only acceptable, it’s gosh-darned cute.

    Disagree about policy matters and support the Dems or the Reps as you please, but if you actually believe that Palin is remotely qualified to be President of the US, you are profoundly deluded. I’m no fan of Obama, either, but Palin? Good Lord!

  • Eyes of green, you have a good point. Some of those names (ie bag of hammers) are totally the same divisive bs comments that will not help a darn thing. However, to say that McCain is erratic considering his wildly swinging inconsistencies over the past couple of weeks is valid. Calling Sarah Palin ignorant and not intellectually curious is true. She is ignorant of a lot that has to do with our American government. She has proven it time and time again. If you call Obama a liberal, that’s fine. He is to the left of a lot of people in Congress. If you call him inexperienced, you are not completely off since McCain has years more experience in Washington than Barack Obama. I for one think McCain made the biggest mistake with Palin cause he had to throw out the experience argument.

    Speaking of namecalling, the absolute worst is calling Obama a terrorist. While John McCain knows better than that and attempts to stop his crowds from that kind of talk, Sarah Palin has not shown better judgement. Obama is not a terrorist, and you all know that. This could get violent, it’s already heating up, and that is purely reckless and irresponsible on the part of John McCain’s campaign. In this case, either she is once again ignorant of the hateful environment she is stoking, or she’s dangerous for knowingly stoking this fire.

  • @dinosaur, are you saying that there are more sick people today so they are going bankrupt at 10 times the historical average? what kind of logic is that. What kind of tax cut should one get if they haven’t paid any taxes? you want to tax the gas companies? why not the software companies? they have the highest profit margins..or maybe the drug companies? defense? that’s the point of the difference, you liberals want to institute communism in america..onr ething though once the gov’t has the then you are next. You want marry your partner? I could’t agree more! start paying the marriage penalty that the rest of us have been enjoying. Also just in case you don’t realize ..the big bad gas company you want to tax so badly..gues what? its’ shares are in your 401K or your pension so the net difference will be zero in the short the long term none of the employees will give any shit and profits will be way down..that is how the real worl works not the lala land of SF and Seattle….

  • @ Eyes of Green

    Like I said, I will just stay out of it.

    My vote, for a monarchy. I am such and asshole. :)

  • Paine, please stop drinking the right-wing Kool-Aid and do some research.

    Yes, large portions of public companies are owned by mutual funds and the like. But what Big Oil’s PR outfit fails to mention is how much of the stock is owned by a small handful of people. You own a chunk of Exxon-Mobil in your portfolio? Great. Go fill up at their station – $.001 of your $100.00 purchase goes back to your 401(k) – woo hoo! Meanwhile, the small number of people who own 40% of E-M each get thousands of times that return. You claim to be good at math. Go for it.

  • @ just passing through To your clinton question..Clinton passed the biggest tax increases on the low and middle classes Ever! also look at the Welfare “reform”. while I’m against freeloading, cliton actually reduced the benefits of for the ones that need the most single parents that earn below the poverty line! as to the last sentence explanation how it works…if you dont’ know it you’ll never get it dear “doctor”

  • No, I’m saying most of the middle class has been squeezed so that we are living paycheck to paycheck, which doesn’t leave room for any ermergencies, liek when you are in an accident. I know people who have actually tried to refuse an ambulence because they know they couldn’t afford it.

    And when we are having a gas crisis, and gas prices are hurting lots of Americans, it is not right for them to have these huge profits. Most Americans aren’t conderned about their software prices going up. I guess I’m concerned with the American people and our struggles, and would liek a president who actually deals with our struggles even though it may piss off some lobbyist friends.

  • @Just passing through..regarding XOM nore like 12% from that $100 would go back to me..that’s their net profit margin….I like the Right-wing Kool -aide , BTW I don’t use XOm still boycotting them for the spill in AK . As far as holders of XOM are concerned the top 3 are Barclays (index funds), state street, vanguard..all index funds held by millions of americans ther isn’t’ an individual anywhere in the top 100 of equity holders..mostly state and corporate pension funds..I think you should look at the facts…and be objective I’m trying…

  • @ dinosaur…The president can’t really do shit..its the senate and the house that really run the want someone to care..get rid of Pelosi…Tip O’neal gave a care..I care about americans too but when soccer mom nearly runs me over once a day driving her Ford Excrusion talking on the phone and sipping her latte, ma sentiments are fuck her! let herr pay $4.50/ gallon..I’m a conservative and just don’t agree with taxing the profits…tax the user which we are

  • Dear Paine in my A$$,

    I really wish you would stop telling me what I want. You have absolutely no idea what I do or don’t want. I have no problem with you stating YOUR political stance or YOUR opinion, but please, this rhetoric that ALL Obama supporters are LIBERALS and all liberals are COMMUNIST is just a bunch of b*llsh*t.

  • Hey, I’m not a Nancy Pelosi fan. She has let down most of those who ever supported her. I’m with you on getting rid of her and getting someone in who can compromise and actually get things done. And I agree the President doesn’t make laws, but the president can come up with policy and budget proposals to present to the Senate. The President also vetoes (as Bush demonstrated vetoing the torture bill). We should have a president with good ideas and someone who is willing to compromise. We should also have a president who will surround him or herself with the best thinkers who have America’s best interests in mind. We should have a president in office who best represents what the American people are looking for. The majority of us are middle class, so I truly believe we should have a rpesident who will work strongly for the middle class.

    And I’m all for the “fuck her” sentiments if someone is gabbing on the phone and almost hits you. That’s why cell phone use in the car should be prohibited, at least in busy areas. I don’t really think it matters if you’re driving on a country road somewhere (incidentally, I feel very similarly about guns).

    I don’t agree with taxing all profits. I think there is an abuse going on if a particular corporation is making record breaking profits off of a resource that the American people are having record breaking problems about. Does that make sense grammatically? The point is, I’m all for a society where corporations AND people thrive. And when we are losing jobs, corporations should do their part and either provide jobs to Americans or pay higher taxes. They’ll do just fine either way.

    On that note, bringing the tax rates for the wealthiest people back to where they were under Reagan is not going to bankrupt anyone. The rich will stay rich, but we can possibly provide government programs or stimulus checks to give a shot in the arm to the middle class.

  • Punishing excellence, risk taking, hard work and ingenuity with 50% tax rates is not good for anyone…I certainly want the doctor that is taking care of my family to feel like he gives a shit, or the guy that is employing me to go with my new idea..otherwise why bother if the feds will take majority of what that will produce..most of new projects have a hurdle rate also call the IRR or internal rate of return. taxation goes into that calculation because it raises the bogey…hence higher taxes , higher bogey, less new projects less new jobs..ireland has figured it out…How come the left in US can’t…?

  • Tisk Tisk, Thomas Paine. Once again you are making up excuses…then again, you probably don’t believe in hard work either, excuse makers usually don’t. I don’t recall ever mentioning that I hate Sarah Palin OR claiming to be liberal. I simply feel that she is not qualified to potentially run this nation due to her inexperience and lack of knowledge on several topics and I gave some reasons why. It’s clear that you have trouble trying to comprehend anything but what’s twisted up in that closed little mind of yours, so until you have anything relevant to say to me keep your useless, petty comments to yourself.

  • Thomas Paine,
    What is it with you and Ivy League schools. What is it? Did you get rejected by Princeton? Did a Harvard man steal your wife?

  • @ Eyes of Green

    You can be princess, since I will be quasimoto. I just want to ring the damn bell.

  • Wow! I like all of the thinking! All in one day!
    Dinosaur hit the nail on the head by stating:
    “Our President should should surround him or herself with the best thinkers who have America’s best interest in mind.”
    Absolutely Correct!
    Oh, isn’t Obama surrounding himself with Jimmy Carters’ advisors?
    By the way Dinosaur, some of us work very hard to excel beyond the
    “middle class”. The basic fact is that if everyone is in the middle class, we all become half-ass!

  • @ jnz

    you are…sigh…I don’t want to say ignorant, but that’s what you are.
    But I’m going to tell myself that you’re still young, I’m thinking maybe 13, or maybe 15 at most, si I guess that’s not your fault. You just haven’t actually had any life experience.
    Tell you what, when you and your little friends are old enough to actually legally drink alcohol, I’ll take you seriously.

    The legal drinking age is still 22 in the US right? I can never keep that one straight. Oh and before you say well what about you, how old are you!? Let’s just say I’m older than 22, I’ve been 25 for a few years now lmao!! Shhhh don’t tell anyone my secret though.

  • What the hell is monkeyman saying?
    It makes no sense! Is he in pre-school?
    Please give us a mature point of view?

  • Obviously I don’t think we will all become middle class, nor should we. But in order for the country to flourish and not become like Saudi Arabia with very few having an incredible amount of wealth and everyone else having nothing, we need to make sure the middle class thrives. If you are extremely wealthy, you are not going to become poor or even upper middle class under Obama. You will stay wealthy. The gap between rich and poor is getting too big. Do you honestly think it is better for the country that way? Do you think it is better for most of us to not be able to afford homes, healthcare, gas, education, etc? Do you really think that makes us a stronger country? Do you think it’s a great thing that our unemployment rate is up? I’m just confused at how this can be spun as a positive, or how you can still view Bush favorably.

    And speaking of great minds, isn’t Warren Buffett an Obama guy? Isn’t it important to have one of the top minds in economics on board, especially in a time of great economic turmoil? Who was John McCain’s economic guy? Phill Gramm, who said the economic crisis was in our heads and that we were a nation of whiners. And I’m still waiting for that Colin Powell endorsement for an Obama October surprise…

    Picking an ignorant poltical amateur as your VP is the biggest flop to start off with. Not only is she ignorant of all three branches of government, foreign policy (having gotten her passport 1 year ago), newspapers, and seemingly her ticket’s position on dealing with Pakistan and North Korea, she abused her powers as governor and violated state ethics codes. She is ignorant and crooked, a compulsive liar, and seems only to succeed in her ability to stir up a lot of hatred and create a dangerous atmosphere for the rest of us. That was John McCain’s first pick, and he failed us. I’m (probably for the first time ever) in agreement with Kathleen Parker about Palin.

  • Thomas Paine, your blind hatred and stereotyping of the people who go to Ivy League schools is no better than people saying that all evangelicals are idiot rednecks. We may share different values, but watch your mouth. My dad is an Ivy League guy, and I don’t appreciate you namecalling. He’s not an elitist, and he is certainly not a leftwing radical! Why don’t you learn that this divisiveness is exactly why the Palin folks are losing? The John McCain of 2000 would not have stood for this crap, and if he had stayed true to himself, he may have won this thing.

  • One last thing, having money doesn’t imply that you wark harder than everyone else. Some of us work extremely hard to stay in or even get in the middle class. Some of us make minimum wage and work our asses off. Some of us work all holidays and don’t get to see our families. I think I know a lot of people at McDonalds who work a hell of a lot more than Paris Hilton.

  • Dear dinosaur. Warren Buffet is not this nice guy everyone thinks he is he is ruthless. Only person I can thinkof that gets insider information from the sec and treasurey and gets to invest in Goldman Sachs having material non-public information. Buffet is also for taxing the estates yest he himself donates all of it to charity so he will pay zero taxes. As far as the blind hatred goes I’m just mirroring what is being written on this website about Palin. It also seems that great minds can only come from Ivy school…it is amazing how the democratic party has turned to the elitist, eugenist side…just to remind you democrats, Andrew Jackson was home schooled and self tought and that’s where you democrats got you pary symbol the jackass. Also what is this middle class I’m hearing about? and whay do you want to confiscate over 50% of what I earn when I have been busting my ass for the last 20yrs. The triclke down works both ways…you increase my taxes and I’ll make sure that I’ll not give you a raise or a promotion.

  • @dinoaurus…Watch my mouth? I’m soooo scared…don’t get into polemics if you have thin skin. working hard does not guarantee monatary also have to work smart….I made minimum wage at some point too…but I also went to school awhile I worked while most of those that I knew partied…and know they are crying that they don’t have health care…Paris hilton is one of you democrats case you didn’t know it..

  • @ dinosaur…what makes you think that I’m wealthy? I work for my money and not the other way around….and I help others…as much as I can…I like to pick my charities and not the government a couple making 100k does not need my help to get another flat screen..I don’t have one because I don’t have enough time to watch TV…one thing all of you guys don’t understand isthat taxation decreases output..educate yourselves about the Laffer Curve and I recommend a good book, “the way the World Works” take a look at Zimbabwe,,where the big bad rich, white elite were kicked off the farm land and the land was disttributed to the poor well the poor are even poorer because now they are starving, the GDP is down 50% from 4 yrs ago the inflation is 250 BILLION % and Zimbabwe went from exporting food to europe and africa to a country where 60% of the population goes hungrry every day…

  • Even John McCain and other Republicans will agree that Warren Buffett has an exceptional mind for the economy. Do you disagree with McCain about that?

    And never did I say that only people who went to ivy League Schools are so much more intelligent than everyone else. I didn’t go to an Ivy League school and I don’t consider myself to be an idiot. And you should know that as a liberal, I understand there are plenty of poor kids who do not get the same opportunities as rich kids.

    I’m a little confused that you don’t know what the middle class is. The middle class is that majority of the population that votes and labors and makes up what John McCain calls the “fundamentals” of the economy. I’m shocked you’re unfamiliar with the middle class. I’m glad you worked hard, and I am not saying you don’t deserve what you worked for. I’m saying that a lot of folks bust their asses, and they aren’t wealthy. Trust fund babies don’t have to work a day in their life if they don’t want to, and they will be wealthy. And some people work 3 jobs to support their family, and will never own a home. That’s just the way it is. The majority of Americans are middle class and hard workers. They should not be punished. It is the government’s job to make sure the middle class, the folks who fuel our economy, are taken care of enough to continue their vital role in this country.

    Yeah, Paris may be a dem (her parents are Repubs) what’s your point? I bet you a million dollars that the grand dragon of the KKK is a Republican.

    I’m speaking about Governor Palin’s problems. She couldn’t name a single Supreme Court case other than Roe V. Wade. She couldn’t name a single news publication she’d read. She claimed to not know what the VP does. She did not know what the Bush Doctrine was. She couldn’t name anything John McCain had accomplished over his long career in the Senate. She stated that when she was VP, they would put federal spending online, although that is already a practice. It had already been voted in by Congress. She got her passport last year and with a straight face says that proximity to Russia accounts for foreign policy experience. She has no problem charging women for rape kits in a state with a sexual abuse epidemic. She was found by a bipartisan panel of 8 Republicans and 4 democrats to have abused her power as governor and to have violated her state’s ethics laws. She has lied about this and she lied about the Bridge to Nowhere (again and again). She incites hatred without flinching, even though McCain takes the risk of actually asking his crowd to be respectful. This is not blind hatred and namecalling. This is her record. This is why tons of Conservatives and McCain supporters have jumped ship. I don’t care what college(s) she went to or what degree she has. I don’t care about her pregnant daughter. I care that she is unqualified, unethical, ignorant, and not fit to be anywhere near the presidency.

    Your anecdotes about college should not dictate policy. My social worker friends went to school for four years and then got their Masters. They worked minimum wage jobs, while studying, while interning. And now they work low paying jobs, sometimes 6 days a week. They certainly work hard to provide services that the government does not, and I think they deserve to not be bankrupted if they ever, God forbid, got into a car accident.

    I’m not threatening you by asking you to watch your mouth. I’m asking you to have some decency. I’m asking you not to blindly stereotype. If you are as intelligent as you claim to be (yet somehow ignorant of the middle class) you would understand that no one on these boards is running for office. At least if you want to be insulting, have a sense of humor like censorthis or TSS. You just sound mean.

  • If your friends are social workers then they work for the government and have health care benefits do not pay state/county income taxes and have guaranteed pensions. No risk/ no reward..that’s how the world works. So now you are calling republicans biggots typical liberal crap when all else fails use the race card. I bet that the grand Dragon of the KKK is a southern democrat. I’m catholic and an immigrant you think that the klan likes me? Palin is a damn well qualified person to be the VP or P..simplu because she did not grow up in the cesspool of DC. and do you think that she reads Time or Life or newsweek or New york Times?, all liberal propaganda garbage…how does she incite hatered? it is you and other in this blog that are hayefull, partisan and narrow minded!

  • BTW the reference to what is this middle class? was meant to be sarcastic :) you just didn’t get it….

  • No, my point was that Republicans should not be called racist because of one Republican who is not even a party leader! I’m sure the grand dragon WAS a southern democrat, before civil rights changed the democratic party into a party I now support. My whole point was to say that, yes, Paris Hilton is a democrat. But she does not represent others who vote democrat. Just as some people who you don’t agree with vote Republican. Does that make sense? Racism is very real, and I wouldn’t throw it around where it doesn’t exist.

    Palin is not qualified. I don’t care if she doesn’t read the NYT. Why couldn’t she say she read the Anchorage Daily newspaper? Why doesn’t she know what the VP does? Why can’t she name a Supreme Court decision? Why does she not know what the Bush Doctrine is? Why did she abuse her power as governor? Why did she run her state like an amateur (read the report)? Why does she not know where John MCCain stands on Pakistan or North Korea? Why does she not know what John McCain achieved in the Senate? Why would she propose laws that already exist? Because she is UNQUALIFIED. And she violated ethics codes. She is UNETHICAL, even though she claims to be a reformer. She lied how many times about the Bridge to Nowhere until they made her stop? And now after being found to have violated ethics, she states otehrwise. What in the world? She’s a compulsive liar. I haven’t even mentioned any of her extreme right views which bother me because that’s more subjective.

    And by stating that Obama is “palling around with terrorists” while her audience shouts out “Kill him!” and “Bomb Obama!” Palin is inciting hatred. If she in unaware, than she is once again too ignorant to be a politician. McCain knows better. Hell, the head of the GOP in Virginia just compared Obama to Osama bin Laden. What if I compared McCain to Hitler? And I’m not even a party leader! And if she is aware of what she’s doing, then she’s dangerous. Either way, she should not be anywhere near the White House. And the American voters will make sure of it come November 4th. I’ll be interested if Alaska keeps her on.

    P.S. Only one of my friends is a federal social worker. She works for veterans in a hospital and makes more than the other social workers. My other friends work for private companies that help mentally disabled adults and impoverished school children. They all pay federal and state income taxes. They have benefits that they partly pay for, but they sill wind up paying a lot out of pocket. My good friend was hit by a train, but luckily his father is pretty wealthy and owns his own business, so he had great insurance. The helicopter ride alone was $15,000.

  • Dinosaurs, I love your posts. They are always intelligent and passionate. But I don’t think Mr. Paine bothers to hear anything you say. He is to dead set on being right, to dead set on having the last word. He strikes me as a man that lives a life that is either black or white, no room for gray scale not to mention any color. He is to restricted to be able to be objective. He probably lives a rather lonely life and has few friends, much like that of his namesake.

  • great! so your friends are on my side then helping people out of private means and donations from the RICH. you can not solve hte worlds injustices by commiting others like confiscating someone’s 57% of earned income. Obama is palling around with terrorists it is that simple! Ayers is a radical and a criminal! and those shouting Kill him and Bomb Obama are probably radical liberals in the crowd! Why was your friend hit by a train? was he drunk? signs for crossing are clearly posted. I was unemployed once for 14 months and I still managed to pay my health insurance premiums for my family because IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY! read this analogy please. 2 farmers toil an exact same pot of land and grow the same crop. 1st farmer takes vacations in the winter goes to Disney and has a leisurly time. Farmer number 2 spends his long winter months at home, educationg himself about new planting and water management techniques and new higher yielding hybrid seeds. with the money he saved he buys new equipment and some more land. As a result his yield /acre is higher and because he invested more his overall take is more. What makes you Liberal leftists think that that farmer #1 is entitled to 50% of farmers #2 extra income? you don’t get it! you want to slice up the pie evenly while I want to make bigger pies!
    PALIN is GREAT! she stands for everything that is great about America. Self reliance and accountability. Sh means what she says and she says what she means! she will be a great President one day!

  • Hey Dinosaur I’ve enjoyed our exchanges but I think that we’ve hijacked the forum….BTW the only state invaded by an axis power in WW II was……(drum roll) Alaska..Invaded bu the japanese and defended by Alaskan home Militia and Native americans before any reinforcements arrived from YES it does give one a different perspective when one lives so close to Russia and well within the range of N. Korea’s nuclear missles.

  • On that ending note… Hawaii was attacked at Pearl Harbor during WW II (that’s Obama land, man!)

    But whatevs. I guess this means I have to go back to working my real job.

  • Indigo how weak of a response..I’m trying to get all of you to see the light to see past the brainwashing done by your liberal professors, Life is black and White…if someone had violated you would you be just a little violated? I have plenty of friends large family and 82 employees of whom 12 became millionaires last year

  • Obama Please……just like Biden..all hot air and zero substance….empty rhetoric and empty promises….just another democrat with a new shtick….

  • @indigo, because you sound like it..
    @Jk I didn’t realize that I was as popular as “happy days” and the Fonz!

  • Thomas –
    Seriously, you are wasting your figurative breath trying to get anyone to change their mind about Obama. If Obama gets elected, they are going to have some major buyers remorse.
    At least you can say you tried!

  • Um… just read that earlier post. I’ve lost two great people to train accidents, and almost lost a third. None were drunk. One crossing had 142 accidents before her death made the town finally fix the problem (the lights were out when she crossed and trees blocked the tracks).

    I was almost fooled into thinking you weren’t so bad…

    And if you want to talk to me, talk to me. Don’t just say “you liberals”. I have my opinions and my own idealogical views. I disagree with liberals on different issues (guns for starters), and agree on most. I’m glad my friends are social workers, and I work for a non profit myself. This is why I think government should make sure we are never bankrupted and are given a fair shot.

    You cannot be serious about liberals yelling “Bomb Obama” “Terrorist” “Kill him” “Off with his head”. Take responsibilty for the dangerous environment being stoked by Governor Palin (not John McCain). Negative campaigning is one thing. Comparing Obama with Osama bin Laden is not only irresponbile, it’s offensive to those who lost their lives in 9/11. Give me a break! You know this is wrong. You know one should not be creating an environment where people want to kill Barack Obama, believing it’s their patriotic duty.

    You are so narrow minded, once again stating that wealth comes from hard work, and when you are not wealthy it’s because you take trips to Disneyland. I fear Indigo is right about you. There are shades of gray, 300 million people in this country. Go talk to them. I went canvassing in Indiana for Barack and met all kinds of people from all walks of life facing difficult financial situations. I certainly wasn’t thinking “oh I bet you’re this hard off cause you didn’t work hard and went to Disneyland too much”. That’s offensive and just plain wrong.

    It’s almost as if you have never traveled outside your own home. Not only drunks are hit by trains. Read up on it. Read up on thousands of lawsuits against train companies for unsafe crossings. Go visit a welfare clinic and tell me how many people in smoking jackets lounging around without a care in the world that you see. Go talk to people who have lost their homes. Go talk to folks without health care. Go look at an inner city high school, or heck, even a poor rural high school. Look at the curriculum being taught. Or don’t, and continue to make ignorant accusations. But know that your sweeping judgements are incorrect and in some cases highly offensive.

    I provided you with many examples of Palin’s incompetance, and now there is a report of her unethical behavior and abuse of power. And your only response is that she is great and represents everything that is great about America. You must not think very highly of America.

    I suppose we are done here. Just so you know, I would NEVER disrespect a loved one of yours who had been killed or seriously injured (losing an entire leg) no matter how much I disagree with you on a celebrity gossip blog. There are your true colors, sir, and I wont waste any more time or thought thinking we are having any kind of respectful discourse.

  • Thank you Eyes of Green….although I’m a conservative and he Clintons are not my favorite people at least Hillary is capable od kicking ass and getting things done…

  • TP, what if I told you I went to community college, or a vocational college, or beauty school or not at all – then what would you say?

    Well, I’ve got to run, expecting a conference call with Little John and Maid Marion…

  • The reason city or country schools are in such bad shape is because of poor democratic/union driven educational decisions..I have my share of bad luck and probably will have more..Again I’m not against helping those that needed buti t isn’t done by the government taking my hard earned income at 50% RATE! it is nothing but COMUNISM and TATALITARIAN FASHISM why is it so hard to see? of course you volunteered for Obama..just another sheep being led to the sloughter. good luck with that where you going to go for help when this fool raise s taxes, aggregate output falls by 10% and the unemployment jumps to 15%…?

  • Dinosaur, please don’t be jealous your frien Warren helped me get started..:) I jus studied what he did not what he preaches oh, oh George Soros helped out too all of your hero Hippocrites actually helped out…and all of you liberals do as they tell you not as they do!

  • Dinosaur..I came to this land of opportunity with one suitcase, $150 in my wallet and zero vocabulary of the english language. I am where I am because of the good will fo the people that I met and from the hard work that they told me would take me places. i then I saw it working in small increment at first but that propelled me to enroll i community college first and then state school and then eventually Wharton for my MBA….the government here in this wonderfull lande provided this for me..national defense and the rule of LAW..that is it some social programs are necessary for abused women and children but that’s about it…PS nobody ever died of hunder in USA!

  • Thank you, eyes of green. And I don’t expect everyone to agree with me politically. Trust me. I have plenty of R friends and usually we steer clear of politics (although some are begrudgingly voting Obama this year- especially after the Palin pick).

    There are plenty of Op Ed pieces out there blasting Obama and praising him. I read CNN, First Read on MSNBC, and Poltico almost daily. I have read through Obama’s economic plans, and listened to the new plans he has laid out. You can also look at the Tax Policy Center’s report on both tax lpans. Under Obama, I am looking at a tax break. I am looking at more stimulus packages. I am looking at a possible $500 off the bat from the gas companies. Being as I am pretty poor, I would actually do quite well under Obama’s plan. And I guess I really just don’t think the wealthy will suffer being taxed the amount they were taxed under Ronald Reagan. They didn’t seem to complain then. And I mean that in the least sassy way possible. The wealthy did well under Reagan.

    But that’s all the selfish stuff. I am also just as concerned for the welfare of my country. Job creation is huge. He’s now offering a tax credit to companies who create new American jobs. That helps both employer and employee. He wants to invest in green jobs. He wants to tax corporations who send jobs overseas. There’s plenty more, and it’s probably boring on this website.

    In the end, I would easily bet my money on Obama helping out the middle class. And I’ll eat my shoe if it all goes terribly wrong. I promise.

    (There are other hugely important social issues at stake for me, but that’s all pretty silly to bring up since we’ll all just get into a morality argument)

  • Look Thomas Paine, honestly I am glad you have succeeded and the American dream has worked so well for you. That’s great. It’s nice to hear success stories. Maybe it’s a language barrier, but what you said was really disrepsectful, and really offensive. You crossed a personal line.

    You can call me any stupid names you want, but you’ve put down someone really close to me who was hit by a train, and then disrespected two other people whom I love dearly who were hit by trains and died. That’s a line I wouldn’t cross with you, so really our discussion has to end here. You have not even apologized.

  • @ Dino –
    Yes, my best friend, much to my chagrin, is voting democrat. So I don’t even discuss it with her incase I lose my temper!

    I think his plan of taxing oil companies is a pipe dream, please do not count on that money.

    I think I read earlier that you work for a non-profit organization. And here you say you are quite poor. Is that the only job you can get and I don’t mean that rudely.

  • I’m not necessarily counting on anything because Obama wont be able to make these decisions alone. In the end, he must work with Congress and it will be up to Congress what passes and what doesn’t.

    I work for a non-profit because it is something I really believe in and I feel I am doing my part to help out. I don’t need a big salary, but I have a lot of student loans to pay off, and insurance is expensive. Of course, my benefits aren’t bad, but I’ll be screwed if I ever have a big accident. I bet I couldn’t get another job now anyway since I am in Chicago and Illinois has Michigan like unemployment rates right now. A lot of my friends are really struggling. Ones with degrees and ones without degrees.

    My good buddy who’s Republican is really smart and nice so I always try my best not to argue with him cause I think he’s super brave to hang around a bunch of lefties all the time. I usually just look for ways we can agree. We at least agree that Sarah Palin is unqualified, but he totally likes McCain.

  • Dinosaur no offence was meant how was I to know that you had personal tragedy like that :( we all at some point in our lives. You just wrote something profound about the economic situation in MIchigan and Illinois…look who is running Michigan that state has the highest personal and corporate tax rate and yet the peole are voting democratic there again…never learn…and they want to know why the jobs are leaving…..also if you have one job and you are “poor” then get another one and see it taxed at a higher rate as we all do because of our progressive rax system where achievement and effort get punished…you just argued for my side……

  • I do work part time weekends when I can. I take classes at night so my schedule is usually very busy. I am not too poor because I don’t have a family to support, only me. And my apartment is dirt cheap luckily. It’s my student loans, utilities, insurance, and gas prices which get me. I’m not sure how I argued for “your side” (whatever that is) by saying that I am poor.

    The jobs aren’t leaving Michigan because of Democratic leadership. Unemployment is down all over the country, a lot of it due to outsourcing. Guess who wants to cut down on outsourcing? And I will be the first to admit that our Governor in Illinois, who is a democrat, sucks. Nobody likes him. We all want to throw him out and hopefully he’ll get thrown in jail. And P.S. We were tied with Alaska as recently as June in unemployment rates… So if that’s your point, then… should Alaskans stop voting Republican? Maybe get rid of their crooked governor?

    Your rude comment to me was just as closeminded as a lot of the other things you said. You think you know about the train system in America. Why? Why are you the expert? Why would you assume you have to be drunk to get in a train accident? Why do you assume all crossings are safe? You callously insinuated my loved ones caused their own accidents because of your refusal to ever blame the big guy. It’s the same as you thinking all wealthy people are hard workers and all others take too much vacation and don’t work hard enough, and that’s how it works here in America. It’s astonishingly out of touch.

  • Dinosaur go get your jamies on and I’ll read you a story…:(:( stop you crying it is pathetic..keep voting democrat all the way, jobs are outsorced because someone else can do it cheaper because they do not have to pay 40% corporate tax rate! educate yourself! see what happens to your non-profit job when the donations stop coming in….

  • Anonymous, you’re shit is tired. I get it. You’re an asshole. Point taken. You’re not funny, you’re not clever, you have nothing of any value to say, you’re just an asshole. I was upset because someone made a rude comment about a friend who was hit by a train, and then was in no way apologetic. That’s not a dem or repub issue. And to argue against me for that, well… you’re an asshole! Plus your spelling and grammar is shit. That normally wouldn’t matter to me, but being as you claim to be an advocate of educating oneself, you’d think you would at least try to follow your own advice.

    TSS, helluva way to end this thread!

  • to all you liberals talking out of your ass regarding tax levels during Reagan’s administration…..when he took office the top marginal tax rate was 70% (raising taxes was sooo gooood for the economy! Carter proved it!) President Reagan dropped the top marginal rate to 28%. Therefore you really need to stop the claim that Obama Hussein waants to take the rate back to where it was during the Reagan era. Then Cinton had raised it to 39.6% and bush cut it back to 36%. top 1% pay 40% of all taxes, top 5% pay 60% of all taxes, top 10% pay 80% of all taxes. The bottom 40% don’t pay dick! that’s not fair enough? stay democrat stay stupid and stay poor!

  • You are not worth debating at all since you cannot admit to any mistakes or failure in the Bush administration (Iraq, Katrina, Great Depression, CIA leaks, to name a small few). You think being poor and losing your home is a result of personal failure- even going so far as to use a completely absurd analogy about going to Disneyland too much causing poverty (have you lost your mind???)- and has nothing to do with the government’s support of corporations over human beings. You are constantly fighting for this conservative trickle down economic strategy that has been in place for 8 years. News fucking flash- it didn’t work! The economy tanked! Our debt is ridiculously high and the middle class is being wiped out! Are you so daft as to somehow think we’ve succeeded in any way??? Are you really that stubborn in your unconditional love for W? Do you think Obama’s poll numbers are so high because so many people are democrats this year? Do you honestly think it has nothing to do with the fact that Bush sucked soooo bad as a president?

    But this thread is about Sarah Palin-
    You argue for a governor from Alaska who’s been found by a bipartisan panel of 2:1 Republicans to Democrats to have abused her power and violated ethics laws in her state (which she then either ignored or lied about) while running on a reform and ethics platform as the Republican VP nominee! You advocate for a governor who cannot name one single newspaper that she reads. You advocate for a governor that cannot name one single Supreme Court case (including one that just recently slashed a reward for Alaskan fisherman stemming from the Exxon oil spill- ALASKA). You praise a Governor that is running for the Vice President without even knowing the job description. You argue for a Governor who does not know the Bush doctrine. You argue for Governor running for VP during a war she admittedly knows very little about. You argue for a Governor who lied about not supporting a “Bridge to Nowhere” over and over while every fact checker proved her to be lying. You argue for a Governor who doesn’t seem to know her running mate’s stance on Pakistan and North Korea. You argue for a Governor who promised her mob crowds that when she was VP, she would make a law to put government spending online- even though is she bothered to do ANY background research, she would have realized transparency laws are already in place. You argue for a Governor who claims to be a Feminist but charged women who’d been raped for collecting evidence to prosecute their rapists- in a state with a rape epidemic. You argue for a Governor who’s husband was part of a secessionist party (yet she claims to really love America?)- and she has spoken at Secessionist events.

    You even go so far as to say she represents the best America has to offer. You must really think very lowly of America.

  • That was only directed to Thomas Paine. Other Conservatives on this blog have made some really great points and/or are not out of their fucking minds.

  • Food for thought!

    Rezko & Acorn & Ayers & J. Wright to name a few…

    “Birds of a feather flock together” Or “You are the company you keep”… Just things my mom used to say to me as a kid.

    Please, lets be honest? Am I the only person seeing this trend?
    Everyone mentioned above has radical views! One is going to prison, and others may soon follow. These are just the ones we know about now! What other skeletons are in his closet?
    Another major question I have is; How did a man raised in a single family home by a hard working mother afford an education at Columbia U. and follow that by attending Harvard Law School? How did he purchase a 1.65 million dollar home in Chicago as a Freshman Senator?
    Were these school loans and a friend at the bank? Has anyone seen the tuition at these schools? I wish someone would provide me factual info. (no opinions please?) to prove how these were paid? I’m not trying to encite anger, just questioning?
    Again, please do not give your opinion! Give factual information if you have some that I can digest. I suggest you do your homework Before the election!

  • Definitely gives me something to digest and further research.
    What about the radical skeletons? Is there an explanation to having
    so many negative ties?

  • Dinosaur..regarding W..he inherited the dotcom bubble that’s to your pal Clinton, then some murderers decided to fly some planes into buildings..they were organized by Osama Hussein Bin Laden that could have been dispatched by your pal Clinton again but he ordered halt to the strike. Then life went on, the country was doing well unemployment dropped below 5% (below the natural/frictional rate) worker productivity kept rising the economy grew at a very nice pace of
    2.5% to 4% per quarter. AND THEN all you Liberals gave the control of the house and the senate to Pelosi Dodd, Schumer, Kerry , Frank and waters and the rest of the assholes and look what happened within two years they managed to fuck the whole country and globe. Maybe just maybe those that are loosing their homes took on too much mortgage? or were too stupid to read through the loan documents and ask questions? Not everybody deserves a home! it has to be earned!

  • You are literally part of only 25% of Americans who think Bush did a good job. You’re bonkers, man. There’s no excuse for hiring a horse show man to head up FEMA. There’s no excuse for our response to New Orleans drowning. There’s no excuse for getting us into the Iraq war when almost everyone agrees now that we shouldn’t have. This cost American lives. I feel so silly and cliche even arguing that Bush sucks. We all know he sucks (or at least 75% of the country). You just apparently unconditionally love him, and that’s more important than anything.

    Brian- I think Obama has done a great job of going through each of those connections and explaining them. Yeah, he’s had some shady friends (although Ayers was not and is not a friend of his). But so has McCain. I think when you are in politics, you are surrounded by so many people, and some might not be great people. I don’t like bringing that stuff up, because I think there’s better to talk about, but look at McCain’s involvement in the Keating Five scandal. His campaign manager Rick Davis getting $15,000 a month from Freddi Mac up until about August 2008 is questionable. Look up William Timmons, the Washington lobbyist who McCain hired to head up his presidential transition team. He lobbied for Saddam Hussein and the two lobbysists he was working with closely for five years were convicted by a federal court of working as unregistered agents of Saddam’s government. Look up Doug Davenport, another of McCain’s campaign associates who was forced to leave the campaign after his association with the Burmese Junta was made public. And Rick Davis’ lobbying firm used the connection with McCain to approve the merger between DHL and US Airborne that cost about 8,000 jobs in Ohio.

    But honestly, I don’t care so much about that. I care about his crooked, lying, ignorant, and altogether dangerous choice for VP. That’s not just someone floating around the campaign that you can brush off. That’s the person he chose to be a heart beat away from the highest office in the land.

  • Apparently I am Do not agree with W on most things but assign blame where due but also give credit where it is due! Palin is not a crook and far from it the fact that she is the wrong “flavor” for the liberal media assures me that she is the right person to lead. How come all four of the debate “moderators” were hard core democrats?
    The wealthiest congress members in both the house and the senate are DEMOCRATS! Whats more, the wealthy republicans in the congress had earned their wealth! where as most of the Democratic Wealthy representatvies hve inherited their wealth. So wake up all of you liberals! they are pooling wool over your eyes and leading you by the nose rings to the sloughter house!

    Michelle Hussein Obama, Executive Director and VP in charge of External Affairs(what external affairs can a University of Chicago hospital have? sounds like a good payback cushy job..) was in charge of steering uninsured patients from the ER to some poor ass free clinic! How about that Compassion!

  • “Alaska was the only state invaded by an axis power during WWII.”

    Thomas Paine…you don’t have a lot of common sense.

    Don’t get into polemics if you are going to spout off ignorant shit like that…. Unless you thought “Polemics” was the official cereal of Congress .

    Overall I like reading your comments…’re intelligent (except for that shit above). Wharton boys are usually arrogant douches… I had to kick a lot of their asses when I went to Penn.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Sarah Hussein Palin is crooked! She just got called out by a panel of 2:1 Republicans saying she abused her powers and violated state ethics laws. It’s not a legal problem yet, but is important considering she is claiming to be an ethics reformer who will clean up Washington. Obviously she is not my flavor idealogically, but I haven’t been pushing those points at all. I have been pushing the points that she is not the right “flavor” for anyone who doesn’t want an ignorant, hyppocritical, crooked person in the White House.

    And what is it that you can’t understand about a person being the head of external affairs for a hospital? What confuses you about this? Is it the fact that the hospital is in Chicago? Or that a hospital in general would have an external affairs department? Or that specific departments would have a hierarchy of jobs where one could be called a VP?

  • @Dinosaurus The fact that a hospital has an external affairs department, sounds like a total beaurocratic BS at a time when health care costs are growing at an alarming rate..whay don’t you jack asses try to tax the windfall profits of the hospital industry that has much higher profit margins that the 12% that the big oil ids getting! BTW why is college so expensive? because the tuition rates went up 426% in the last 10 yrs (this includes state schools) tuition went up so much to fund all the BS liberal propaganda and the likes of Bill Ayers…you really do not know hoe this world operates but you will the age and inexperience shows..
    @TSS “alaska is the only state ever invaded by the axis powers” my point was to show that AK is a frontier state and the potential for attack is greater ther than it is in Illinois! I’m glad that u like the word “polemics”
    @JK yes Mrs. Michelle, Hussein Obama sounds good doesn’t it
    that bitch hates the USA, complains about student loans from 20yrs ago? She must have defaulted on them! and complains how hard it was to go to these “white and elitist” schools while she is getting good and probably partially free education nobody made her go to Princeton and Harvard! she could have gone to Howard University!
    sorry to confuse all of you with facts! just listen to the press they are soooo neutral :)

  • TP, I know you think you’re being funny and provocative, but you’re actually kind of a douche bag. A racist, misogynistic, anti-intellectual, douche bag.

    That’s my professional opinion.

  • Let me revise my post. It occurred to me that using the insult “douche bag” may be insulting to women. So, TP, I’ll call you a putz and leave it at that.

  • TP, I don’t know what planet you come from/live on, but you are absolutely wrong on so many levels about so many things. Someone should do a case study on you. And you say everything so matter-of-factly, although your facts usually consist of anecdotes, bad analogies, and incoherent rants. Or you argue for points that have already been proven not to work. Then you argue against something so broad as institutions having a public affairs department- what will you rail against next? A human resources department? You defend Bush (the man whom 75% of us in this country you claim to know so well have said we disapprove of) , you defend Palin as a great American (although she was found to have abused her powers and violated ethics and is an ignorant liar- her disapprovals are higher than her approvals according to us Americans in this country you say you know so well). You say something so ridiculous as poor people went to Disneyland too much and that’s why they lost their homes. You call Obama a Fascist, yet you can’t even spell fascism (or totalitarianism, while we’re on the subject). I can hardly read your posts because of the terrible grammar while you claim to be such an advocate of education. You make me want to rethink my positions on immigration since it seems you have come here from Mars with the intent of destroying the country. Michelle is a “bitch” because she dared to go to a good school as black woman? Do you even realize that in fact you are saying racist and misogynistic things??? And then you claim tuition went up to fund liberal propaganda?!?!

    I hesitate to call you a complete fucking moron, so I’ll go with jk and call you a putz.

  • thank you all I wouldn’t expect to be called any less by you I have been called a lot worse by people a lot better than you:) when all else fails start calling your opposition racist and woman hating. Sorry that my typing skills aren’t up to your standards…I will try editing my responses before I send them..
    you know what they say..when you in college and you aren’t a democrat you don’t have a heart. When you get out of college and you are not a republican you don’t have a brain.
    Yes, michelle obama is a racist bitch. Had anyone else stated what she did they would have been deemed a traitor.
    Another recommended reading for my liberal freinds is Howard Zinn’s “peoples history of thwe united states of america. Cheers!

  • opps ! made another spelling error
    @ dinosaur I think that we should revist our immigration policies..your ancestors would be turned away because of the idiot gene in your line you stupid fuck!

  • I read Zinn’s People’s History along with the the big happy history book in high school. It is great reading. It’s important to have more than one perspective.

    Your misspelling of fascism as fashism is not a typing error. You are throwing around words and ideas that are clearly too big for you.

    And good retort, Toilet Paper! Just restate what I’ve already said to you, but add in some spelling and grammar errors (which you will then blame on typing). Then say something racist and sexist about Michelle Obama, and we’ll call it a day.

  • well Dino, grammar errors don’t seem to hold me back in real life besides I know four other languages and you as an audience are really not worth the effort of spell check ,besides fashism is a correct way to spell the word in a different tongue you idiot! I’m not a racist, a hate all morons equally! can’t argue the real points so you start pointing out trivial will never get to the level of responsibility that I have so stay sour be mad at the rich and stew in the cesspit of of self pity..:) not only are you a moron, you are also ethnocentric and the true biggot here. I called Michelle Hussein Obama a bitch because all your pals were callin Palin a stupid bitch, how is that different you hippocrite? Obama on the other hand stated publicly that this was the first time that she was proud of her country..How about when the US stopped the genocide of Muslims in Bosnia? hoew about when there is a natural disaster the us is the first to respond with food, water and medicine. How about taking down dictators in Afghanistan or Iraq where sadam HUSSEIN killed over 1 million kurds and shia? this leads me to believe that she is bitter, resentfull racist(hating white people) and a leftist radical, just as her husband is and all his cronies. stop arguing facsts with your imbecile partisan rhetoric…loser!

  • TP, you’re so typical. By all rights, you should be celebrating Michelle Obama’s achievements. She is the living embodiment of the American Dream. She got where she is today through hard work and determination. Unlike your boy Bush who never worked for anything and ran into the ground every company he’s ever touched (including this Land of ours). If Michelle Obama was a republican, you’d be drooling all over her.

    I’ve seen your type so many times before. Just another overinflated blowhard who thinks he’s smarter than he is.

  • JK I never claimed to be smart..
    now compare Condie Rice to Michelle Obama and tell me which one has class and which one has an attitude problem…Michelle Obama has achieved the american dream and now she complains about bad this country is and how we need to change everything about it..what we need to change is the entitlement system and college admission quotas.. why don’t you look up her SAT and LSATscores like one of your pals did for Palin.. and the reason someone was looking up her passport records is…..she doesn’t have a passport, can’t get one because she defaulted on her student loans…so now others can’t get a college loan…and she cares so much abut them…lie.lie. lie and you idiots eat it up just like the nazis did during Hitler’s reign….

  • Nazis now- awesome! I was waiting for that one! I am a Nazi just like Barack is Osama bin Laden. I think I saw you on tv at one of Palin’s rallies. Were you the one holding the Obama monkey? Or perhaps the one yelling “Kill him!”

    Sarah Palin is uninformed and ignorant. I have stated many real facts about exactly what she has proven to be ignorant about, her constant lying, and the recent investigation which found her to have abused her power and violated ethics. You responded to these facts like grinning idiot whose mouth is covered in shit from kissing George W. Bush’s ass (and he needs it because there are so few to do the job these days) saying what a great American she is. So, yes, I decided to stop using facts with you. But then, I’m not sure you are aware of what constitutes as a fact. Subtle racist and misogynistic opinions, bad analogies, Wharton school time fun anecdotes, and the incorrect use of ellipsis does not a fact make.

    And I don’t know what country you come from, or what nationality you are, but I would never denigrate any group of people by saying your opinions were typical to them. You, sir, are so unique in your hateful, idiotic blatherings.

    And I don’t know what to make of your defensive narcissism about how much money you make and all your responsibilty at work. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were lying about everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were some kid having fun making up the most ridiculous, hateful, incompetant caricature of the right he could think of. If that is the case, well done!

  • TP, you’re just typing out your ass now.

    Michelle Obama traveled with her husband to Kenya in 2007. How could she do that without a passport? She didn’t default on her student loans. And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t complain about their student loans (myself included).

    The Sarah Palin SAT scores that were posted on the internet were a hoax. But, isn’t it telling that people believed she scored in the 800s?

  • Jk and Dinosaurs don’t you see that TP is just doing this to get a rise out of you. I know people feel strongly about this but……you have to remember one thing. Anyone, anyone, that thinks Sarah Palin is a good choice for 2nd in charge, is probably typing from his keyboard in a mental institute. No offense to mentally challenged people! They are smarter than TP. He is just trying to get you so angry that you will lose it.

    This is just my opinion.

  • Dinosaurs –
    I read today a report that the Secret Service conducted an investigation into that ‘kill him’ thing, and it was totally made up by the reporter. There are a lot of things floating around on both sides that are untrue. Unfortunately.

  • Eyes, I’m sure there’s been stuff made up, you’re absolutely right about that. But a lot is real. Someone else this week yelled “Kill him!” and the Secret Service has to once again look into it. You can also watch videos of people claiming Obama is a terrorist (not only yelling it at a rally). My personal favorite is when a man responds to the charge of Palin charging women for rape kits by saying the rape victim should die. Then he laughs and says, “She should be charged twice.”

    Now, I bring this up not because I think this is indicative of all Palin supporters. I bring it up because I do believe it’s a dangerous fire that’s being stoked. I commend McCain for speaking against it at a recent rally, telling folks they do not need to be scared if Obama is president. I think Governor Palin is incredibly irresponsible for so freely throwing around the idea of Obama as an outsider, terrorist. I think it’s incredibly irresponsible for the head of the GOP in Sacramento or wherever it is to compare Barack to Osama bin Laden, a man responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans.

    And you’re right about now being an unfortunate time. Things are ugly. You know, part of the reason I like Obama (and McCain pre-2008) is because I’d love to see some kind of political unity. I just don’t see Obama as a super partisan liberal. I’m sure you disagree, and I do value your opinion since you seem to keep yourself informed. I already know tons of folks who would like to see Obama more liberal, less willing to compromise. But you and I both know from experience having close friends across the aisle that compromise is a good thing!

  • Oh, Steve, I know. I am somehow enjoying it in a sick way because rarely do you meet anyone so deranged!

    Your little avatar is terrifying, by the way…

  • Ivory Coast, via Budapest Hungary.. Dinosaurus….as I said none of you know real hardship and have never been really hungry or persecuted and see your parents abused right in front of you by the government. you have such a treasure in this system and you are so willing to give up all your freedoms (gained by your forefathers) for just few trinkets and empty promises. U are just a bunch of spoiled, smarmy adolescent brats that still hold mama’s skirt and cry about how bad the world has treated you. Go play a fucking video game or watch some more of the idiot box…How many languages do you speak Dinosauru?

  • Yeah Steve – that avitar is quite terrifying! I have to put my finger over it to read your posts. . . can’t you get a unicorn or something? maybe a kitten? LOL

  • I speak 9 different languages. I make 12 billion dollars a year. I went to Wharton and worked hard while the other students went to the Epcot Center (that’s why they are all poor now). I did, however, skip English class (where I would have learned about grammar and how to formulate a coherent thought) because I was busy pleasuring myself to images of classy Condi (although I don’t know why as a black woman she ever tried to succeed- she should have settled for community college if anything) and the best president in the entire universe George W. Bush.

    Wow, that’s so easy! I can do it, too!

  • Sorry to have offended you all with my avatar. I use it because I am an asshole like that. I know it makes everyone cringe. What makes it really bad is when I use it when I get requested for a picture after I tell them I am a model. Women get pissed, then I tell them I am an armpit model.

    I am such an asshole. I will change it eventually it just makes me laugh, sorry.

    Dinosaurs it is cool to fight for what you believe and all that jazz just don’t let this lunatic get you too riled up.

  • This TP character is funny he should do stand up. What does he get out of asking how many languages anyone speaks. Next he will say that you aren’t going to make any money if you don’t have a degree. He can go spew that at Bill Gates and a list of others.

  • A change we can hope for! We will be next if the liberals win!

    By Drew Benson and Bill Faries
    Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) — Argentine bond yields soared above 24 percent and stocks sank the most in a decade on speculation the government will seize private pension funds and use the assets to stave off the second default this decade.
    President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner will unveil a new pension fund plan at 4 p.m. New York time today, the country’s social security administration said in a statement. Fernandez will nationalize the system, giving the government control of $29 billion in retirement accounts, La Nacion reported, citing government officials it didn’t identify.
    “It’s horrible,” said Jaime Valdivia, who manages $1 billion of assets for Emerging Sovereign Group in New York.
    “We’re going back to the dark ages. Not even in times of the worst financial stress did the government ever think about taking over the private pension system.”
    Fernandez has struggled to raise cash to cover growing financing needs as the global financial crisis drives down prices on the country’s commodity exports and erodes demand for higher- yielding, developing-nation debt. The government’s borrowing needs will swell to as much as $14 billion next year from $7 billion in 2007, RBC Capital Markets, a Toronto-based unit of Canada’s largest bank, said today.
    Yields on the government’s 8.28 percent bonds due in 2033 surged 4.35 percentage points to 24.77 percent, the highest since the country issued the debt in a 2005 restructuring, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co. The bond’s price sank 7.9 cents to 29 cents on the dollar, leaving it just pennies above the price on defaulted debt that investors held out of the 2005 renegotiation.

  • You know, Mr. Paine, I’m skeptical regarding a lot of what you’ve posted. For starters, you’ve taken the name of…well, Thomas Paine, a gentleman who shared virtually none of your views and certainly expressed himself far more clearly and politely than you do. So right from the start you’re a guy who hides behind a famous pseudonym instead of the typical cute cyber-names most of us prefer. Of course, your true name may indeed be Thomas Paine. Perhaps you can clear that up for us without having to divulge the name that appears on your birth certificate…but if you’re claiming some sort of philosophical kinship with the more famous Thomas Paine, you are way off base.

    As for your facility with language(s), it’s really intriguing to claim that “fashist” is the *correct* spelling of “fascist” in another language. It isn’t. By definition — and yes, languages are part of what I do for a living — once you are using the writing system and/or phonetic system of a particular language family, the spelling used by that language family is the proper one (unless you are using a loan word, in which case you italicize it). For the record: the word “fascist” came to the English language from Italian in the early 20th century. Since English already recognized the “sci” cluster as producing a sound identical to “sh” it did not require the word to be adapted to an Anglicized spelling — plus, if the word existed in any other language, it would automatically use the “sci” spelling when speaking or writing English. In other words, “fashist” simply doesn’t exist, you have no reason for using it other than ignorance, and if you are truly the language maven you claim to be you would have spelled it properly in the first place.

    What’s also intriguing is the way you move in and out of very good English slang, particularly when you employ foul language. (You do that far too often, by the way, and I suspect you’ll respond to this post with some more. ) On one hand, you insist on that weird “fashist” spelling — which we’ve covered already — but on the other hand you throw around such high-register terms as “the liberals” and “entitlement system” as though you’re pretty familiar with them. Were you introduced to those terms during your time in the Ivory Coast, or in Hungary?

    As for the MBA from Wharton, I would think that anybody earning that particular degree from that particular school would have picked up some decent punctuation skills along the way. I happen to be one of those Ivy League products — okay, technically it’s a Little Ivy school — and none of my classmates, including those for whom English was a second or third language, indulged in the crazyspeak that you do. There are some marginally-educated lifelong U.S. citizens in my neighborhood, however, who write (and speak) very much the way you write.

    These are just a few things that you may wish to clear up before embarking on your next rant. Since what I’m really doing here is calling bull**** on you, please feel free to stay true to character and rant without clarifying. If you can back up the items in question, please accept my sincere apology.

    Participants other than Mr. Paine: I apologize for this thoroughly off-topic post. I’ve been reading this exchange for a bit and wondering whether it was time to quit feeding the troll. Let’s see what happens.

  • sorry I learned my english in the ghetto using ebonics which you probably supported you leftist communist ass. funny how you liberals focus in immaterial points yet you can’t refute anything that I pointed out that is wrong with your “collective thinking”. You probably live in SF or in Vermont and must have just married your same sex partner….
    Фашизм that is in russian you arrogant ass again bringin in ethnocetric view of the world… and screw your get the message just fine don’t you? you assign so much weight to spelling…must be a sign of social standing and good upbringing and has a high correlation with intelligence …..(elitist maybe) I did go to Wharton my GMAT was 760 and the written argument portion was 5 points out of 5 probably grated by you…but then I’m glad that idiots like you and your comrades exist , it is all the easier for me to take an advantage of you

  • Wow. I hardly know where to begin.

    First off: I grew up in a couple of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods and there wasn’t always a lot of money in the household, so you’d best step off when it comes to presumptions about my upbringing. Plus, you now seem to have changed your story on your own origins — or maybe you were just being sarcastic about the whole ghetto thing.

    Second: how do you know I’m one of “you liberals” when I didn’t make one single political statement? All I did was ask you to back up some of your (admittedly outlandish) claims.

    Third: my wife of over two decades would be amused at the notion of a same-sex partner, and we don’t live anywhere near either coast at the moment.

    Fourth: if by “ethnocentric” you mean anti-Slavic, nice try — my lineage is actually about 50% Slav, though I’m not going to get more specific lest you start hurling a whole new set of ethnic insults.

    Fifth: my statement about the ENGLISH spelling of “fascism” stands, and yes, I do happen to have a high IQ and an extensive education. That doesn’t make me a better human being than anyone else, but I do assign some weight to proper language usage; I wouldn’t reside in another country and neglect the basics of its spelling or grammar, and neither should you.

    Finally: if you did indeed go to Wharton — and I guess there’s no pushing that subject, though I still wonder — then I absolutely apologize for having questioned your honesty on that particular point.

    See how easy it is to respond to a post directly and in a mature fashion? Maybe you should try it.

  • Oh please. Leave the stupid woman alone. It will al be over in a few weeks and she can go back to Alaska. We’ll all joke about her and Mccains failed run for the whitehouse.

  • Hey All:
    Apologies again for deviating from the topic in order to mess with Mr. Paine. It was a little like playing Whack-A-Mole with only one mole popping out of one hole, so I couldn’t resist a second round.

    As to whether it matters whether Sarah Palin is an idiot, I think our host is absolutely correct. We encourage this kind of desperate clinging to unlikely heroines and heroes because of the rigidity of (our version of) a two-party system, and then the dialogue often degenerates into — well, just look at some of the posts above. In many other industrialized nations “major” parties are forced to build a coalition with “minor” parties (including some with very different platforms) in order to maintain a legislative plurality. I like that.

  • Sarah Palin on SNL? How about Meet the Press or Face the Nation. Of course she would not last five minutes (without Poppa John holding her hand) on these shows without making a complete fool of herself. She sounds like a wind up doll spewing the same tired talking points. Nothing original except what is scripted. Generations of candidates have appeared on these very important forums. Why not her? She is not ready to be in the position for the highest office in the land. Not prepared at all. I am not religious but God help us if these two are elected on Nov 4.

  • Besides seeming stupid we now find out what a lie all of the crap about her being just like real walmart americans. I just can’t wait for someone who is elite and intelligent.

  • You progressives are so boooooring and so predictable! Slam one person and call her names, yet you practice acult to personality with obama who is less qualified that Sarah Palin. My guess is the the fact that she is a principled person and went through with her pregnancy knowing that her son has down syndrome, awakes a self loath in all of you that couldn’t possibly do the same. All of you insult her here with no basis whatsoever. The fact that a communist like gibson asked her a question that there isn’t a concrete answer to does no make one stupid. Also you are forgetting that she is a wife, a mother and a doughter. I don’t agree with Hillary on most things but I do not insult her, I respect the elected office that she represents. All I did here was illustratate the hippocracy of all your statements by attacking your candidates in the same manner. All of you have proven me right..we can insult and besmear the opposition but then cry foul when the opposition does the same to us.
    On another note, what you “progressives” do not realize is that by heavily taxing the “rich” that make over 250K you are actually punishing the middle class, you are penalizing most of the doctors that take care of you and your families. In addition, the confiscatory “progressive” taxation is on earned income! By supporting it you are creating a permanent elite classes that live of investments and shutting the windoe on others trying to get into the realm of wealth.
    Now, regarding your doctrine…I’m sure that the vast majority fo you here are atheist and believe in the religion of evolution. Evolution after all is a theory, with many holes in it according to the person that came up with it, Darwin himself. The fossil data does not support evolution, neither do our current laws of physics, statistics or genetics. As a matter of fact, all science including astrophysics, points to instant creation of the universe as the temperatures across the universe are constant and do not support a gradual expansion. Also, our planets magnetic shield looks to be about 50 thousand years old with remaining life of around 10 thousand at the current rate of decay. Then life will cease on earth as the solar radiation will be to intense for plant and animal life to survive. But whatever. let’s say that you are correct and life on this planet is about the survival of the fittest and such. So if you practice the religon of evolution, why the fuck don’t you practice what you preach and want to distribute wealth? We were not all created with the same abilities! All the US constitution speaks to is the equal treatment with regard to the Pursuit of LIfe, Liberty and Happiness (on your own) with the government as the protector of those things! not a provider of happiness! So start practicing what you preach in your idealogy…survive if you are the fittest and stop relying on my hard work and sacrifice. are an idiot! Once you tax the “rich” you will be next. Just like when the income tax staarted in 1914…oh don’t worry citizens we will only tax the rich…..
    The “eite and intelligent” you must mean the morons in Hollywood and the terrorists and anarchists like Ayers and his murderous devil’s spawn of a wife
    @Keith..too bad that your wonderfull candidate hasn’t appeared on SNL and Oh..he is a great impromptu speaker, never scripted and never uses the teleprompter…
    You people are so naive….it shows your inexperience and the lack of independent thinking…
    @singlepole I’m glad that you are married..and your liberal agenda is so easily didn’t have to make any political statements, your entire tirade was political..Also, since you accuse me of low IQ and believe that I’m a blue collar american white trash based on my responses (because some people in your neighbourhood sound the same) and you are proud of your “small Ivy” education, why are you still living among the “white trash ” likes of me sounds like you waisted a lot of tuition dollars..I bet that you are an “educator” and work for the public school system..unionized with zero accountability, tenure and will retire with a guaranteed pension funded by the taxpayers. Regarding Thomas Paine..I stand exactly for what he avered. You must not have read the pamphlet or maybe you forgot so let me remid you.

    *Society is produced by our wants, and government by wickedness; the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, the latter negatively by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher. Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil.”

    *”Time makes more converts than reason.”
    The second point is for my younger fellow americans. I’m afraid that it is too late for you my dear english teacher.
    First point is exactly what I have been argiung and it is exactly what all of you half-witted liberals stand against! You do want more of and bigger government? don’t you?

    Will you be grading my punctuation on this piece too?

  • you americans seem to think obama is some sort of messiah, cant wait to hear you all bitching about what a twat he is once he gets in power. 99% of politicians are ego driven wankers, if they weren’t they wouldn’t want to do the job in the first place. fuck sake america, open your eyes!!!

  • It is folly to argue against determined hardness; eloquence may strike the ear, and the language of sorrow draw forth the tear of compassion, but nothing can reach the heart that is steeled with prejudice.

    — (the real) Thomas Paine

  • There’s another reason it doesn’t matter she’s an idiot.

    If McCain gets in and dies…Palin will be controlled. Just like Bush is controlled. If Palin wants to declare war on Russia, they won’t let her, because although they may be neocon lunatics, they’re not idiots.

  • Indigo, you’re just upset because Sarah Palin has a retarded baby and you don’t.

    T.P. is totally on to us, man.

  • T.P. is upset because, when he came to this country, he thought if he worked hard he could have everything he wanted. Then he learned about minimum wage, anti-child labor laws, and the abolition of slavery.

    Of course, in T.P.’s ideal world, if a slave worked hard enough, he could buy his own freedom. Lazy slave!

  • J@K that argument registers about 78 on the standard IQ test :)
    SMILER YOU RULE! predictable…can’t argue with logic resort to the racist.biggot accusation you are a pathetic liberal!
    @ Indigo just for you HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    @ dinosaurus apparently you had some retarded family members and freinds as 3 of them got hit by a train….and they weren’t wasted..
    @ TSS I’ll drink to you too
    All of you must admit that you are enjoing these exchanges:)
    @eyes of green are you a souhern belle?

  • why yes, TP, I am indeed.

    and the evil laugh should be BWAH-HA HA HA…or at least mine is.

    And that is not nice to say to Dino about her family…argue politics but please don’t get that personal. My first husband’s father was killed by a train, he wasn’t driving the car they were in, I don’t know all the details all I know is it must be terrifying to see that thing coming at you. Have an ounce of compassion…kay? Don’t give us Rep’s a bad image! :)

  • Eyes of Green, you are worlds different from T.P. I would never in a million years lump you two together just because you may be voting for the same person! Just want to make sure you know you are respected on here by a bunch of us on the left. That T.P. nutjob, however, not so much…

    And Indigo- I was just repeating one of T.P.’s more outrageous statements. Read his earlier post. He says we hate her because she has a retarded baby and we could never do that, or some such nonsense. That one just stood out to me because a) it wasn’t as incoherent as some of his other ramblings and b) what????

  • I’m rolling over in my grave!
    I thought I was crystal clear when I stated my position?
    “Look not what your Country can do for you, but what You can do for your Country!”.
    What has happened to my party!? I am so ashamed!!

  • I just want to say to Indigo, Dinosaurs, and jk that I’m honestly flattered that TP has included me in your company with his latest spew. I’m not much for posting in general, but you guys seem like really bright, decent, thoughtful folks. Same goes for you, Eyes of Green.

    @TPaine: I can’t speak for anyone else, but I get no enjoyment whatsoever from my exchanges with you. It has nothing to do with your opinions, which may actually be valid, but they’re impossible to get to. You are callous and rude, you insult the disabled and the deceased, you go way over the line with nasty language, and you apparently embellish (or fabricate) autobiographic data in order to score points. So nobody’s actually looking to you for substance any longer — you’ve become the literary equivalent of a guy walking down the street muttering to himself.

    Anyway, this is what I view as the bottom line regarding the original thread — look at the polls and listen to the experts, including the questionable experts. Sarah Palin has proven to be a poor choice as a vice-presidential candidate for many of the reasons that Beet outlines way back at the top. Even if one agrees with some of Governor Palin’s statements and/or principles, she was chosen for political reasons and she has become a political liability. Whether we are Republicans or Democrats — or Independents, like me — perhaps this can serve as a life lesson for anyone from any party running any campaign. When you go Lowest Common Denominator and focus on political capital over the sharing of ideas…well, gee, it may backfire in a big way.

    That’s all I really wanted to say. Sorry for showing up late.

  • @singlepoledoublethrow

    I am thrilled to have you as company and thank you for the compliment.

    “you’ve become the literary equivalent of a guy walking down the street muttering to himself.” LOL, I love that!

    I have no problem with TP having and voicing his own opinion, but when someone starts with the name calling and such, that really grinds my gears.

    What also gets me is the very reason he came to America in the first place. I will go ahead and assume it was to have a better life for himself, to prosper if you will. And why is that possible here in the land of opportunity? Becasue of our governing system. So now that he has come here, done well for himself, and living a life that prior to coming here would have only been a dream, he rejects our government. “How dare you ask me for some of my money! It’s mine, mine, mine, allllllllll mine.”

    Who’s the hypocrite now?

  • @ Indigo. What are you? 12? My family pays more in taxes than all of you put together. I’d be happy to pay more if it went to paying off the debt. But I’m not willing to pay more so Osama and Nancy can buy more votes from the likes of you! So what will end up happening I’ll just have to shelter more of my income offshore and you’ll just lose your job. Don’t you idiots know that the effective tax rate on the rich is constant at 20% it has been for the last 80 years…

  • Thomas,
    Don’t get all worked up over a bunch of recent college grads. We were all there once. When they get out there in the real world with their careers in full force, earning a very good income, with a few children to support, they will get the point! I used to be much more liberal as a young 20 something, but with age our views mature to our circumstances. As you, I definitely do not want Obama/Biden leading our Country, but sometimes our youth still need an education! Maybe if they see our Country suffer for 4 years they will get the point! When I was younger I sounded just like these Dem’s. Just give them time. They have no idea! Screaming & swearing doesn’t work on our on kids! What makes you think it will work on them!
    Just let them grow up!

    I already hear the response before I post this!

  • I agree with you on many things beet. However I do not believe that that she is being used to convey the idea that women are less competent, or are simply brain dead beings who dont belong in politics. and I don’t see anything wrong with these Old men raggin on this young lady, because I simply believe that we are simply appalled that this woman has gotten as far as she has, and frightening possibility that she could very well end up as the next president. Its not only people like Charlie Gibson, but even Katie couric, was sickened by Palin. If I misunderstood what you were saying , I apologize, and please clarify that. But I have absolutely no problem with any American citizen male or female, and of any color, being president. But they must be qualified. I do not believe in extending the Bush administration for 4 to 8 more years, and even worse yet, dumbing it down even further. This woman is never able to answer anything thats she is asked, she doesnt have a plan, and all she does is detract as much as possible into some entirely unrelated SERIES OF TOPICS(not 1, but a series of). She truely said nothing of any value in the Biden/Palin debate, and she simply blathers out verbal diarrhea. I have to say, I’m not particularly content with Obama’s policy, but there is no way in hell that McCain/Palin will be any good for this country. The fact that McCain is a 72 year old multiple cancer patient, who couldnt even stay loyal to his wife(and we want him to be loyal for the country?)., he wants to prolong this ILLEGAL war. [Emphasis on this. The war on Iraq did not go through congress, there was no Geneva convention held. We have no business over there, yet this man is willing to continue causing death and destruction, in the form of “Liberating” them. Whats worse, is that if McCain dies, Sarah Palin will take his place. and when that happens ladies and gentleman, our country is fucked(excuse my language).

  • Steve…steve…our country is ducked anyway…the question is who can lead the way in pulling it out of the whole created by the current democratic congress and the Clinton presidency that mandated lending to those that didn’t deserve the credit under normal underwriting guidelines. The war in iraq was about resources, plain and simple..they have it and we need it or our society will collapse. So vote democrat and have 4 more years of barney frank, dodd Pelosi and maybe Obama running the country without any opposition. Or vote republican in which case a stalemate will occur and we all will prosper again. Palin is smarter than all of them put together..eloquence does not equal brains. If that was the case then Hollywood would be the mecca for MENSA. look at the relative performance, she went from housewife to governor in 8 years…without any funding or political support. You don’t judge the performance of a stock based on what the price is , need tpo look at where it started and where it is trading currently. Osama would be nowhere if it wasn’t for reverend Wright and his cohorts, the raise has been all political and not at all practical. The guy has done absolutely nothing, yet all the liberals trust him unconditionally. Why?

  • McCain picked Palin to “pacify” us women who lost Hillary, and that insults me. He wanted our votes. Palin isn’t in the same league with Hillary. There were many more qualified men to hold the title of Vice President, and he past them over. He became “smitten” with her, as most mediocre men and women are becoming. She is just another pretty face that is good at “bashing”. She is also good at chipping away at women’s rights, gay rights, and a variety of endangered species of animals. “Drill, baby, drill”, even if it is right in the middle of the only place left on earth for the endangered polar bear. She can’t even admit that we are the reason for global warming. This woman terrifies me, and I for one will cry if she ever occuppies the Old Executive Office Building (where the VP office lies)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ Jen from Annapolis. Yeah you are the reason for global warming! stop breathing! you exhale 1.5 lbs of CO2 per day! if there was global warming it would be good! warmer temperatures and wetter climate would mean longer crop growing season, therefore less hunger in the world! Why don’t you educate yourself on the issue before you blindly drink the kool aide from AL Gore. Gore made over 100mm last year from his hedge fund in London from pushing carbon credits! Why don’t you look up the Milankovitch Cycle. CO2 is not a pollutant! it is a nutrient! Plants need it to grow and the waste they emit is OXYGEN!!!! 97% of all CO2 in the atmosphere is released from the oceanic water! Poor polar bear….what about the poor seal that the bear eats? Are you a complete moron? you women lost Hillary? move to NY, you can be with her the leftist despot that she is! they have made over 100mm over the last few years and have donated nothing to charities! only to their foundation! wake up you idiot!

  • thomas paine, what makes you think the tax rate on the rich has been 20% for the last 80 years?? It’s varied wildly – up to 94% during WW2 and is now 35%

  • Zoe, that is that stated rate but what is actually collected is at around 20%. Very static, most of the compassionate Hollywood bunch have all of their income protected through offshore corporations and LPs. Also the rates that you are quoting are true but these are top marginal rates, there are many ways to hide income or delay the tax liability. see scroll to pg 7 of the PDF and look at the effective individual income tax rate
    this only goes back to 1979 but you will get the picture…cheers.
    Just remember one thing the bigger the Fedzilla gets the less freedom we have.
    This isn’t about paying the “fair” share of the tax burden..this is about what is considered fair and about what happens to the taxes collected.
    For every dollar in increased tax liability is translated into one dollar less that will go to a charitable cause.

  • I’m going to vomit! J-nappy is professing her elitest position for the leftist party. “Mediocre men & women”!? Give me a fucking break! You must be so far left that you are falling off of the earth. What about babies rights? (Oh yeah, they are not considered human because your leftist professor told you otherwise). Its your choice to murder your own child. What about my right to acknowledge a marriage between a man and woman only? Is that to narrow-minded for you? I’m sorry that you don’t understand! Your children (or future children) will spell it out! I won’t even comment on the ignorant endangered animal comment. And please, explain to me how the polar bear will be affected by drilling in AK? I’ll bet you can’t be specific! What terrifies me is your Presidential candidate lacking the experience and honesty to lead our Country and you people lacking the intelligence to vote on the substantive issues rather than an articulate fake. He has you fooled!!
    I am sure you are so much better than mediocre?! LOL
    Thomas, these people need to continue their education!

  • @Brian. Amen brother! Jnappy must be right out of HS, can’t explain it any other way. Yes, I have called it before…”the right to kill” .Have any of you liberals seen the “partial birth abortion”. Let me describe it to you. The baby’s head and shoulders are completely out of the birth canal. At that point the “doctor” stabs a pair of surgical scisors into the back of the persons neck and cuts the spinal column. Only a sadistic murdering son of the devil’s span could do such a thing. That is what you people are supporting! So noe go and call your mother and thank her that she is anti murder :( and to all of you liberals….if Osama wins on Tuesday..get ready for 20% unemployment rates and a prolonged severe recession for at least 8 yrs…capital is fleeing the country already..Stock market has sold off so much because of his proposed tax increase on capital

  • @ TP and Brian

    Your latest posts insist on indicting “you people” or “you liberals” and so forth — you have assumed that all Obama/Biden supporters are in one narrowly defined political camp, and the fact simply don’t bear that out.

    Now, I’m the first to admit that the two candidates in question certainly would be considered classic liberals by many standards. However, their voter base is not. On the personal side I can assure you that several front yards on my block sport Obama/Biden signs right next to signs favoring local Republicans — and I live in a statistically (very) conservative region. From a broader perspective, consider this: the McCain/Palin ticket currently clings to a 2% to 4% lead in McCain’s home state of Arizona, and several of Alaska’s major newspapers have endorsed Obama/Biden as well. We won’t even go into the Colin Powell endorsement, because my hunch is you will dismiss that as a race issue. Of course, I am happy to have that hunch proven wrong! :-)

    At any rate, please think again before indiscriminately going off on “you liberals” — either a whole lot of people have become liberals over the past few weeks, or a whole lot of people across the political spectrum have chosen to think outside the proverbial box.

  • @ TP and Brian

    Your latest posts insist on indicting “you people” or “you liberals” and so forth — you have assumed that all Obama/Biden supporters are in one narrowly defined political camp, and the facts simply don’t bear that out.

    Now, I’m the first to admit that the two candidates in question certainly would be considered classic liberals by many standards. However, their voter base is not. On the personal side I can assure you that several front yards on my block sport Obama/Biden signs right next to signs favoring local Republicans — and I live in a statistically (very) conservative region. From a broader perspective, consider this: the McCain/Palin ticket currently clings to a 2% to 4% lead in McCain’s home state of Arizona, and several of Alaska’s major newspapers have endorsed Obama/Biden as well. We won’t even go into the Colin Powell endorsement, because my hunch is you will dismiss that as a race issue. Of course, I am happy to have that hunch proven wrong! :-)

    At any rate, please think again before indiscriminately going off on “you liberals” — either a whole lot of people have become liberals over the past few weeks, or a whole lot of people across the political spectrum have chosen to think outside the proverbial box.

  • I was just adressing the people in this blog. And if you are voting for him that makes you a liberal, no matter what you call yourself or whatever you think that you are. Sounds to me like a lot of folk are being easily bribed with the measly $1000 “tax rebate”…old tricks in a new election. Essentially what people are doing is selling their freedoms for a measly 50 cents an hour, as Tito the builder has said. In my town the opposite is true, nothing but McCain signs and I live in one of those Blue states. As the Zen master had said “we’ll see……)

  • Why would anyone vote for Obama/Biden? please convince me with logic and not emotion. I thought that it would be great to have an african american in the whhite house…Maybe Alan Keys….but this liberal Fascist (did I spell it right this time) combined with Pelosi and Reed (most people have no idea who they are) will have unchecked absolute power and absolute power corrupts.

  • I think both of your posts pose fair questions. So let’s take them in order.

    In your first (most recent) post you are doing what we call “begging the question” — or operating a logical fallacy, or using circular reasoning, depending on your terminology. Check it out:
    1. You claim all Obama supporters are liberal.
    2. But many Independents, some Republicans, some self-described moderates, and even some self-described conservatives, support Obama.
    3. Therefore they must not actually be Independents, Republicans, moderates, or conservatives. They must actually be liberals.
    4. Why? Because they support Obama.

    When it’s laid out like this, I’m sure you can see the flaw in the argument. It’s a mistake a lot of us make when we are passionate about our argument.

    As for the question of why anyone would vote for Obama/Biden, that is a complex question because you’ve used the term “anyone” — you seem like a genuinely bright guy, so you already understand that if several hundred million people vote for any individual, there are probably several hundred million reasons. For instance: two separate Nobel-prize-winning economists — Joseph Stiglitz and Edmund Phelps — recently endorsed Obama because, like Obama, they feel that deregulation has contributed to the current mess. You may disagree, and there are plenty of economists who prefer McCain’s economic plan — but you asked for a logic-driven reason that the Obama/Biden ticket attracts votes, and that is a good example of two people who probably aren’t just voting with their guts. I’m sure there are others.

    As for unchecked power, you make an excellent point! Many voters feel that approximately seven of the last eight years were characterized by unchecked power on the Republican side, and that may explain the current trend in the other direction. Since the next President will probably have an opportunity to appoint two, if not three, Supreme Court justices, there is no telling where the checks and balances will fall. (And yup, I know who Pelosi and Reed are.)

    I hope you now see, TP, that when you ease off of the nasty invective people take your questions and your arguments seriously. I hope I’ve just made a couple of points you’ll consider taking seriously as well. And again, please think hard about working with stereotypes — for instance, liberalism and fascism are very different things, and there are many different versions of each.

  • Wow. Thomas Paine, you’re kind of an asshole-ish kind of guy, aren’t you? I’ve been reading through this entire loooong thread, and have been learning just how much of one you seem to so glaringly be. You call so many people here names, your rudeness and smug, asinine attitude knows no bounds. You seem utterly incapable of showing the vaguest form of respect, to ANYone, at all. You are NOTHIng like your namesake. Pathetic.

    I just had to put this out here, ’cause reading post after post afgter abusive, rude post from you has literally given me a headache at this point, and SOMEone needs to come up and tell you from the stands exactly how your mean-voiced, narrow-minded and relentlessly rude ass is coming across.

  • And whoever referred to him as T-Pain. Please, I love T-Pain, and to paraphrase Lloyd Bensen, this guy is no T-Pain.

  • @ singlepoledoublethrow

    You’re just banging your head against the wall with this guy. As I suspected in an early post, and which T.P. has confirmed, he can only think in terms of black or white, no gray areas. None. In his deranged little mind, anyone who votes for Obama is a communist whacko baby killing anti-god blah, blah, blah. You get the picture.

  • And please don’t forget the fact that global warming is actually really good for us, polar bear extinction is actually good because polar bears eat seals (someone didn’t see Lion King- Circle of life and all), anyone who doesn’t want the Alaskan power-abuser Sarah Palin anywhere near the White House only dislikes her because of the fact that her child has downs syndrome and ours doesn’t (I don’t even know if I am wording this one correctly, because it’s so fucking insane), ruining an animal’s natural environment wont have any negative consequences for said animal, etc. The list can go on and on.

    I think this thread is so much like the Billy Goat’s Gruff story, and T.P. is like the troll under the bridge. Any minute now, the troll will appear…

  • I agree completely with this article. She is an idiot who had to transfer six times between community colleges and unknown colleges to earn a degree in journalism. Palin couldn’t get a job at Goldman, Cravath, McKinsey, Bain, etc. etc., unless as a secretary.

  • Yeah, I should probably let it go with that last post (which I accidentally sent as Anonymous, something I don’t like when other folks do it). Thanks for bearing with me, Indigo, Dinosaurs, Eyes, et al.

    Anyway, hope everyone has a great Halloween evening. This year I’m dressing up as Thomas Paine.

  • Is there hope for the stupid people?

    I am curious, if Palin was educated, would she discontinue believing that dinosaurs existed 6k years ago, and start listening to facts revealed by science that dinosaurs died off about 65million years ago?

    Why doesn’t Palin support abortion? Without abortion, I would currently be a daddy for 4 years since age 16, and my life would be a WHOLE lot less pleasant! Not to mention having to pay child support for 18 years because of a stupid mistake teens are going to make.

    For being a woman, you would think she’d support women, but nope! of course not, shes too dumb to even support her own gender to win votes!

    I am disgustingly turned on by Palin, shes just the type of sociopath that would intentionally prick holes in your condoms so she gets pregnant, has the baby, ditches the man and accepts the child support with a smile on her face, and finds another man.

    Would I still do her?

    Yes Absolutely, how could I resist?

  • Please list the “scientific facts” that dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago. everything that science proves shows the planet to be about 50 thousand years old…

  • Wow! You lefty’s sound like you’re in bed together! TP’s facts piss you off and you gang up on him. Thomas just needs to realize that he’s beating a dead horse! I can obviously tell that most of you (I said most!) on this blog are young progressive liberals who think that the Government is your mama and you still want to hang on to the nipple. As you age, your views will tend to be more conservative because you will realize that it is not just about you! Right now you think that Obama is this cool, hip, tight, fly, whatever term you like. What you don’t realize is that these policies (which is what you should really consider when you vote) are not in line with the mainstream. He is very good at articulating his bullshit and you guys are good at swallowing it! Quit looking for a handout and work to get ahead and prosper. No one owes you shit!
    Regarding the dumbass who absolutely should not be a father, your comments confirm this! I learned as a child how babies were made! I’m sorry that you had to kill your child because he/she was inconvenient! What about adoption moron? Do every female a favor and masturbate! You are either fucking stupid or fucking stupid!

  • To the idiot who thinks Sarah Palin is an idiot,
    Do the world a favor the next time you get another women pregnant (you will because you didn’t learn your lesson the first time)and don’t want the child, kill yourself instead. YOU are the one that made the choice to take your pencil out of it’s pocket. If your old enough to drive a car you ought to be familiar with sex education! Your child did not ask to be born and should not be held responsible for your raging hormones and a willing girl. Spare me the drivel of “I was a child” or “I was in love”. I was 16 once and I damn well knew what could happen if I chose to “give it up”. Shame on your parents and the girl’s parents for not teaching you all the value of life. It seems no one wanted to be “inconvenienced”. Instead, they taught you to be irresponsible and selfish. Their biggest disservice to you is that you are now an adult who never learned the responsibility of suffering the consequences for bad decisions. It’s a good thing that the all powerful government can come clean up after us. Heaven forbid we be held accountable for our own actions. Your comments about Gov.Palin show just how immature and sexist you are at the age of 20. Thank you for proving my point.

  • Look, if McCain had been seriously looking for a competent, capable female VP he would have chosen Kay Bailey Hutchison. She’s been a senator for a long time. She has positions on all issues and keeps up with all issues. She’s intelligent, well spoken, a well seasoned politician. She knows the ins and outs of DC. And I am willing to betcha that she knows what the duties of the VP are. And yes I do expect politicians to be well educated, well bred, and well informed. After all, they hold a very important position. I think Palin was chosen because she’s cute and “aw shucks”. That to me is sexist. She was chosen because that incompetent old fool thought that all women are stupid enough to fall for that and we’ll support any woman thrown at us. Well, sorry. I don’t vote for geezers and I don’t vote for stupid, incompetent women. No one can begin to resolve all the problems this country has. At least Obama will be a speed bump slowing the crash down until someone can come along and seriously resolve this mess. And further more why is my uterus even a political issue? We have more important issues to worry about than squeezing one more crying, sniveling brat into the world. At the rate we’re going, your kids won’t even have a future. So spare me the bullshit. Some woman’s abortion is not my concern. It’s what the rest of us post uterus face in the future. If you were so concerned about human life you’d do something about our health care crisis, our environmental crisis, and these dangerous disastrous wars. All of which are going to affect these fetuses you’re so damn concerned about, at least until they’re born. After that you can’t give a damn less. So shut the hell up.

  • Oooh another troll has come to guard the bridge! Looks like someone has a crush on T.P…
    Chivalry is not dead folks.

  • Wow. This thread is bananas, and still swinging. All in all excellent points from all.

    Palin IS inexperienced. Obama IS inexperienced. Palin in her short national run IS as annoying in her ambiguous round about talking point answers as Obama was with his ambiguous round about talking point answers in the earlier parts of his campaign before Hillary refined him. It’s really talking points (Palin) v platitudes (Obama) but they both mean the same thing–inexperience. Biden IS experienced–and loony. He was also the guy who couldn’t get elected on his own merits, and the guy whose greatest foreign policy idea in modern time was splitting Iraq into tree sections. “Hello 100 year war”–by de facto. McCain is experienced–and loony. He was the guy who also couldn’t get elected at one time, and the guy who wouldn’t mind staying in Iraq for a couple of hundred years– by de jure. People who say McCain picked Palin solely on the basis of her sex fall for the same sexism they accuse McCain of—because they entertained that notion way before they realized she’s inexperienced and continue to think that in the face of her inexperience. McCain strategically chose her BECAUSE of her inexperience or to monopolize on the positive aspects this inexperienced quality brought to the Obama ticket—hope change no Washington ties. None of these people accusing McCain of sexism ironically point out Obama’s ageism when he obviously chose an older running mate because he was old. Here it’s somehow ironically more obvious and easily accepted, Obama picked Bidden because he grounded the ticket with experience or monopolized on the positive aspects this experienced quality brought to the Hillary and McCain campaigns. Finally, it’s so nice to have a conservative admit that the war in Iraq was about resources. What a fresh breath of air. I thought it was about the “central front on terrorism” originally. And, if you took the time out to read al Gore’s book you might have not needed to tell the “liberals” that CO2 comes from many places, and there’s a natural balance for it. It’s just that when it increases like due to heavy industrialization our environment will immediately show it–in fog or acid rains–we hope expanding it to a larger ramification like that GW theory isn’t true but it’s better to be safe then sorry. In balance it’s okay–out of balance, you might not like living in ever increasing warmer weather because no one can grow crops in drought around the equator or in the cold that would descend on the European shelf. Bees for example can’t pollinate crops under certain temperatures and the slightest of temperature changes will impact them if they are to happen. The whole dispute is not over if it would be nice, but if the weather would actually increase that much. And you’ve got some people to fend for that idea in your corner. I’m surprised you didn’t take the polar bears to task more by pointing out that there are more polar bears now then there were several years ago–that’s why Palin objected to listing it as an endangered species. Economically speaking the two platforms have varying degrees of how things work, and their both right. The trickle down effect, or why we should care about the rich who invest, has been largely thrown out by the liberal people until the bailout was introduced by liberals (and conservatives) under the trickle down theory of mainly care about wall st because wall trickles down to main st. The whole mean liberal gov wants to regulate every aspect has been largely discredited by conservatives too until conservatives (like liberals) found this little flaw in how the world works because of wall st—people who are left to their own devices tend to only care about their devices and nothing other than regulation and oversight will change that—even in the face of harming others.

    You people should keep this thread going forever. It beats reading stuff on Kate and her eight. I mean I can only take so much of “are you jealous?”

  • Kendra did I hit a sensitive spot? LMAO, why so upset, its because you’re a woman right? plz go cry a river in texas, we all know texan brains are dehydrated causing them serious brain injury, which is why they support bush, palin and mccaine. I am not saying that only retards support bush palin and mccaine, I am merely *STATING* that it is very obvious only retards support bush palin and mccaine.

    Listen up babe, we know your ugliness and poor attempts to be successful only result in you thinking you’re being underestimated and under appreciated, but don’t think its just because you’re ugly, its because you are an idiot. I am not a mean person, and I am not intentionally insulting you at all right now. I am merely making clearly obvious statements, and when someone begins whining and crying about “oh plz ur sexist blah blah”, they deserve to get put in their place. I work under a woman, I am a programmer, but she has little to no knowledge of coding in any form, she’s just a manager, but shes great in bed and good at her job and I respect her. So don’t go around telling people they are sexist!

    Brain Damage + Hot body = Sarah Palin the idiot

    Brain Damage + Ugly Body + Insecurity + dehydrated, dry and unused vagina = Kendra

    GG bitch, LMAO

  • Kendra did I hit a sensitive spot? LMAO, why so upset, its because you’re a woman right? plz go cry a river in texas, we all know texan brains are dehydrated causing them serious brain injury, which is why they support bush, palin and mccaine. I am not saying that only retards support bush palin and mccaine, I am merely *STATING* that it is very obvious only retards support bush palin and mccaine.

    Listen up babe, we know your ugliness and poor attempts to be successful only result in you thinking you’re being underestimated and under appreciated, but don’t think its just because you’re ugly, its because you are an idiot. I am not a mean person, and I am not intentionally insulting you at all right now. I am merely making clearly obvious statements, and when someone begins whining and crying about “oh plz ur sexist blah blah”, they deserve to get put in their place. I work under a woman, I am a programmer, but she has little to no knowledge of coding in any form, she’s just a manager, but shes great in bed and good at her job and I respect her. So don’t go around telling people they are sexist, clearly if I was sexist I wouldn’t be talking so highly of my boss.

    Brain Damage + Hot body = Sarah Palin the idiot

    Brain Damage + Ugly Body + Insecurity + dry and unused vag = Kendra

    Intellect + common sense + being more intelligent than Palin or Kendra = Evil Beet

    GG bitch, LMAO

  • To Not A Conservative,
    McCain deliberately picked Palin which does not take away from KBH. The point which has obviously been missed was to pick someone who could bring a fresh perspective to Washington. Obama is not the only one for “CHANGE”. Clearly the same old game that has been played in Washington is tired. We need new people with new ideas who are not caught up in the BS. To say that Palin was picked because she’s cute is equivalent to Obama being picked because he is black. You clearly don’t like her straight forwardness because you see that as a weakness somehow. I guess you’d rather listen to well rehearsed rhetoric? Please give me reasons as to why McCain is incompetent. Is it because he has devoted his life to serve our country? Was it going to war and then becoming a POW? How is Palin incompetent? Again,give factual reasons not opinions. Last time I checked she is doing what so many women have done and are doing, raising a family and working. In case you forgot, a little court decision known as Roe v. Wade made your uterus a political issue, I didn’t. Since you presume to know about me, I will show you the same courtesy. By your hateful, bitter tone, I suspect you are a selfish lonely psuedo intellectual with an identity crisis who was unwanted by her parent(s). Gloria Steinem is your idol and you have probably had an abortion since you seem to be so defensive about. Asinine enough for you? How do you know that I’m not concerned about health care, the environment and war? Did you ask me? I obviously care about human life or I would not defend the rights of unborn children you seem to think are some kind of amoeba. I love my country, respect The Constitution and the men who designed it. It must be tiring carrying that big chip on your shoulder and exuding such negativity. Here’s an idea, why don’t You shut the hell up.

  • Kendra,
    I’ll bet you are Hot!
    This freakin’ child has views? The only sensitive spot that was hit was his kids’ spine! A programmer? Yeah right! I think his definition of a programmer is grocery checker or telemarketer! He is probably from Boston raised by one parent attending beauty school and working at a supermarket. His points are not valid because he is not valid. Dork, go back to watching gay adult vids and stay off the blogs until you learn how to spell! A 5 year old could write better than you! The best you have is “your ugly”. You are the joke! Too bad your parents didn’t share your view on abortion! Quit talking about these supposed women you seem to be getting lucky with. I’m sure that if this is true they are victims, not willing participants! I know you are lying because I am positive that you are a closet homo! Now you can get back to your vids!

  • To wow- the reason women were so quick to call out McCain on sexism is because it was clear that he was pandering to women voters who were supporting Hillary.For weeks or months, McCain was floating around the idea of Joe Lieberman as V.P. Instead, at the very last minute, he chose Palin as a shocker. He owned the media cycle after Barack’s big speech, and he tried to get women voters to fall in line. And it’s sexism because it felt like someone assuming you are such a fucking idiot that you will vote for someone solely because she has the same anatomical parts as me. Now that we’ve learned about her complete lack of understanding of American politics, it is even worse. It’s not sexism, but it was a really bad choice. This woman is so ill prepared and I am not surprised at all she was found to have violated ethics in her state. Not because of malicious intent, but because I think she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

    And to the Sarah Palin is an idiot guy- are you serious or joking around? While I think Sarah Palin is pretty ignorant and an incompetent politician, you just sound like a misogynistic jerk. I have a feeling you are trying to be provocative to prove a point or something.

  • Dear Idiot,
    Wow, your sharp, nothing gets by you. “It’s because your a woman right?” Umm… my name wasn’t clue enough for you Sherlock? Programmer? A My Space page and chat rooms don’t qualify. I really hate to disappoint you but your assumptions about me are completely wrong, so I guess that makes you an ass as well as an idiot. You clearly don’t know the definition of sexist so I guess we can add dumb to the growing list. You don’t respect women. You “talk” about how great your boss is in bed, call me babe and say she’s “just a manager”. Jealous or Vag envy? In the same sentence you contradict yourself by saying she has little to no knowledge but is good at her job. How can she be both? I believe you when you say that you are not intentionally insulting me because your not capable of an intentional thought because that would imply intelligence. I think you have proven with your nonsensical statements how inferior you are. Oh, and don’t worry that you insulted me with your crude comments because I have a feeling you were looking in the mirror. You could never put me in “my place” because you aren’t clever enough and the only sensitive spot you hit is most likely on yourself. Nice try, but you are an unworthy debater. In case you have a hard time understanding what I wrote, I’ll dumb it down for you:

    Idiot+Ass+Dumb+Sexist+Unintelligent= Can’t use my real name, have to hide behind Palin (great visual)

  • As I write this 2 nights before the election, things have gotten worse in my opinion. There is a (hopefully small) group of people who have begun “arguing” that the women who are anti-Palin are just jealous of her looks. I read this all over forums, sound-offs, in comments on YouTube. These are the people who, as you say, have no idea why they are rooting for this woman. So they attack the people who can see through the dumbassery with the only argument they know how to use, and no doubt one of the main reasons they are going to vote for this woman. McCain was no fool. The American public is full of fools ready to shoot themselves in the foot.

  • To My common sense brother and sisters here, Thank you for joining in!
    @singlepole(&*%#% let me rephrase my statement that All osama supporters are Liberals. How about all Osama Hussein supporters are IDIOTS? does that sound better. You gave me no real reason why to vote for Osama. The latest statement that he will bankrupt anyone that builds a coal fired power plant means that all of you will end up paying more in taxes (higher energy cost will be passed on into all consumer goods, from electricity to the price of bread).
    Sarah Palin has more experience that your candidate the Saviour! She is smarter than Obama! if it wasn’t for affirmative action he would end up graduating from Occidental College! no Ivy League for him..ssame for his wife. I bet that there were other people that were denied the entrance to Columbia or Harvard that qualified better but were the wrong color. If you are jewish or asian those schools have limits on admissions!
    Now to global warming..CO2 levels are higher because the Planet is warmer! not the other way around! CO2 is released from WATER as we more EVAPORATION!
    Research shows that temperatures are not rising! 90% of all glaciers on earth are advancing not retreating!
    Stop believing the leftist propaganda it is all bull shit and nothing but a new form of RELIGION that the left came up with to get the youg voters involved. They know that the new college students are mostly video game playing idiots that still live off their mom and dad.
    See these charts …

    don’t take my word for it, look at the evidence from NASA…..
    I must send these same message again to all of you;
    1.There is no global warming, the left needed a cause to rally the feeble minded!
    Global cooling would bring global famine as most grain crops would fail, see the “the little ice age in europe in the middle ages.
    There is a GOD who created the entire Universe.
    Fossil record actually speaks to this; 90% of all species that ever lived are extinct! this proves the 2nd law of thermodynamics and entropy! the system is decaying not improving! therefore there is and was no evolution! adaptation is a process by which an organism adapts by means of using genetic code that is already there!
    there is even one instance of a positive mutation! mutations are always negative and the systems are designed to stop the genetic imperfection! that’s why some animals can have an offspring but the offspring is sterile. same with all cancers…cell mutation kills the organizm, it does not improve it.
    In order for the DNA sequence of 100 cell organnism to line up by chance in the precise right order so it will for life the statistical probability is 10 to the 40 power……10 with 40 zeros behind it!
    Assuming eache gene sequence trial takes 1 second there isn’t nearly enough time in “4 billion years” history of earth to do that. Now imagine a human being with 7 trillion cells (can you liberals count that high?)
    Carbon and argon dating is total bull shit! it is based on the half life of uranium or other elements and their isotopes. uranium transforms eventually into lead through the process of decay, where electron leave at a certain observable rate and the element becomes uranium 237 then 232 and so on eventualy becomin lead. this is called the parent to daughter transformation. so the scientists measure the age of the rock based on how much lead is in the rock and how long it must have taken for the uranium to become lead. Pretty straightforwar right?
    What they forget to fucking mention is how much lead was there in that fucking rock to start with!

    It the earth was as old as they tell you the salinity of the ocean water would be way to high for anything to survivr in it!
    Yes,salt comes from rock that is being eroded!
    Also if the earth is so fucking old why do we still have volcanic activity on earth? even a nuclear reactor would have gone cold by now!
    4 billion years give me a fucking break! the Niagara falls has moved back 100 feet in just 80 years eroded by the St. Lawrence river and the river bed is mabe from Basalt not limestone!
    so open up your minds and start thinking for yourselves! all you have been tought (except for math..the divine language) in your life is bull shit meant to control your thought and vote.
    Osama has zero experience and zero ability, you vote for him means tougher life for you down the road.

    Oh and Single pole fuck Stiglitz as your endorsment for Osama I can name an army of Noble prize economists that have stated otherwise.
    PS Single pole your 50% Slav heretige is it Polish, Russian or Chech?

  • Ha ha! The troll came!!! The troll came!!

    And he proved science wrong! Take that, science! And he proved that all black folks are fucking stupid and only ever go to good schools because of affirmative action. And Harvard doesn’t accept Jews (somehow, though, those sneaky Jews must steal goy last names and sneak in because 1/6 of the Ivy League population is Jewish). There used to be a Jewish quota for the “elite” schools in our country’s more racist times, yes. Ruth Bader-Ginsburg can tell you all about it. She made the Jewish quota at Cornell. But she’s a liberal Jew, so she’s the result of affirmative action and TOTALLY jealous of Sarah Palin’s rocking good looks.

  • Dino:
    I think what TP is trying to say (and, boy, what a wild ride it is to try to get into his mindset) is that it’s harder for a Jew or Asian to get into ivy league schools than other people because there are so many of Jews and Asians applying.

    What TP doesn’t realize is that college admission boards have all kinds of ways to get a more diversified student population. They look not only for racial and SES diversity, but also geographic diversity. In other words, if we assume that TP is telling the truth about attending Wharton, there’s a really good chance that his immigrant status gave him a leg up. In essence, there’s probably a better qualified, born and bred “American” out there who had to settle for Johnson or Tuck because of TP.

  • JK, 3.9 GPA, 780 GMAT scores and 5 yrs of experiene…. face the truth, quotas are quotas no matter how you dress them up…the fact that anything else other than achievemnt is taken into consideration is prejudice..
    @dinosaurus, it is nice to be missed :)

  • you liberal communists your, your argumetns are really weak with zero substance! really you must try harder! you are defending the indefensible! just admit that you are a bunch of mindless lemmings and go with it. My prediction is that we will have 15%+ unemployment rate by 2010 all thanks to you. Real wages will decrease and so will the standard of living, but the worst thing is that hope will die for millions..
    250, 200, 150, 120….can’t you see the pattern?
    Maybe we should adopt eugenics and start aborting people like the idiot in this string that made a “mistake” and got some poor girl pregnant at 16. Then he states that he is glad that his happines wasn’t taken away and 18 yrs of financial support! Yet he is voting for other to support his dumb ass. he must have just crawled out of some primordial goo since he is too stupid to know about contraception at 16!
    I guess his profile is something like this;
    former footbal start in HS, heavy beer guzzling and drug using
    current hobbies-TV, drinking and gaming
    current career-working at Game Stop
    Future prospects- DUI, working at Game Stop
    Contribution to society-0

  • I took a couple of days off and I apparently missed a lot, including my site name being spelled with an expletive — I can only guess about that translation.

    I didn’t realize how much energy it takes to be polite while getting slammed over and over. TP, I started out referring to you as a troll, but then I thought I should back off and try some dialogue. Hey, I actually gave you a couple of compliments while trying to answer your questions. Maybe you didn’t catch them, maybe you don’t care, maybe hate is an intoxicant of some sort for you.

    So for the record, I’m not an idiot. I’m certainly not a Sarah Palin fan, but I’m also probably not what everyone would call a liberal. What I am is a person who really believes in civil discourse, has been cynical about whether it works for threads like this, and decided to give it a try anyway. Indigo, Dinosaurs, jk, Eyes: it’s been fun, kind of. TP and Brian: go ahead and throw crap at me even after I quit posting. That’s your way.

    Gotta go.

  • The side :)

    “If it is going to be that kinda party I am going to stick my dick in the mashed potatoes.”

  • Dino – personally I’m jealous of Ruth’s little lacey ascot she wears…I just can’t figure out how to work it into my wardrobe. :)

    single – we try to be civil, most of us anyway. That dumba$$ up there who was raving about the abortion, to me, that’s childish and immature and a really great argument for birth control so that he does not multiply in the future. Castration sounds good. TP is very passionate about this cause, obvs, but sometimes needs to use a lot more tact. Ok, 99.5% of the time. It does take a lot of energy to be polite – and most of us on here are exhausted!!

    steve – you’re not getting a thrill down your leg? then we’re not doing our job!

  • EoG

    Sorry no, I will just be glad when tomorrow is over and people can start bitching about important stuff, like carb-free cigarettes.

  • “CO2 levels are higher because the Planet is warmer! not the other way around! CO2 is released from WATER as we more EVAPORATION!
    Research shows that temperatures are not rising! 90% of all glaciers on earth are advancing not retreating!”

    How could the temperatures——- “which aren’t rising”——result in the evaporation———necessary to increase the co2 levels which are making the *planet warmer*——-indicating *temperatures rising*. You understand that it’s a whole process that interacts full circle. I believe what you are going for is whether the temp increases have to do with a polar tilt—that leads to temp changes—to the evaporation—to the increase of co2—to increase in temperatures. Versus. Man made addition of co2 to natural existence of co2—increasing the temperatures—-increasing the evaporation—-increasing the temperatures.

    As to the Nasa email— nice of you to link to that email.

    Brilliant how the global cooling you fear is actually a result of the global warming, you advocate for, whether by Co2 or the planet, temperature increases which results in oceans evaporating to a point that they shut down the hot and cold, high and low, streams—resulting in global cooling.

    Maybe you should just stick to numbers and coal mining or whatever you ingeniously do with your SAT scores, and leave the Global Warming to people like TSS to pick apart cohesively— who are more in touch with the whole debate. Plus, don’t get sad get glad–any prestigious black college would entertain you in their Affirmative Action. It’s not just “whitey” schools that use it.


  • TP, you are so full of BS! Every time I skim over one of your posts I find misstated “facts.” Like Niagara Falls has eroded 100′ in 80 years – where do you come up with this stuff?

    And please do name a few of the army of Noble prize economists that are pro McCain.

  • Paine in the Ass, you really are full of B/S. The very site that you have linked to says, within the first few paragraphs, “Earth’s climate and the biosphere have been in constant flux, dominated by ice ages and glaciers for the past several million years. We are currently enjoying a temporary reprieve from the deep freeze.”

    So, now that statement CLEARLY DOES NOT STATE that the earth has been around for THOUSANDS of years. It says millions honey.

    You are plucking and pieces things together that suit your cause (and not very well I might add). You are so far removed from reality and clearly PARANOID.

  • I beg of you my children…

    …To no longer be shackled by these chains of fire and brimstone that divide ye from one another. But rather to go forth amongst my kingdom and get thouselves a fucking life!

    I would also like to give a shout out to my nigga TSS…

    Go in peace.

  • @???? Moron, temperatures aren’t rising because increased evaporation increases the cloud cover. Water vapor known as clouds acts as a reflector to earth’s heath source also known as the Sun :)
    Furhtermore sun spot activity, solar flares, earth’s orbit elipticity and the tilt of our planet determine the amount os solar exposure!
    CO2 contribution to our atmosphere is 368 parts per million! that is less than 4/100 of 1%. and human activity contributes less than 5% of that! Oceanic currents do not shut down because of cooling you idiot. Where are you learning this? at the prestigious black college? and moron it is GMAT not SAT. Please next you will tell me that the SAT are racially and culturally biased? math and English… much bias in that
    Do yourself a favor get your GED you will need it..

  • ZOE my child do your own digging or start reading the WSJ not USA today.
    Indigo I’m glad you agree at least with a part of my statement that earth climate is in constant flux, THEREFORE MAN’s ACTIVITY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.. Also the definition of a paranoid person is ‘a person that is well informed” sit in your little universe and watch Oprah and just stay happy ignorance and stupidity is bliss!

    ZOE check out the geological surveys on Niagara 100 ft baby….you don’t need to believe me just research some facts on your own….

    OSAMA will betray all of you…

  • Look, you are infinitely more smarter and more endowed than any living organism that was ever created instantaneously by God from thin air. I now understand “temperatures aren’t rising because increased evaporation increases the cloud cover.”


    How does “increased evaporation” happen then? How does evaporation happen? If the temperatures aren’t rising the ocean cant evaporate.

    You totally thought your theory through.

    T, just let it go. The election ends tomorrow. You can spend your priceless time getting your theory together instead of presenting a menagerie of points to disprove GW which in sum does not remotely add up to the current GW theory or to the theory used to disprove the GW theory. Trust me I have come across conservatives who make a really good well thought out case against it. I see bits and pieces of it in yours—that’s about all you offer though—– bits.

    And yes there is a theory that ocean currents shut down because of warming RESULTING IN GLOBAL COOLING. You will learn this theory in your GED handbook right next to your calculator on the desk next to your coal mining shovel. :)

    I’d also like to leave a shout out to Jesus Christ–AMEN—and his homebody TSS.


    I’m out.

  • TP, there you go, making stuff up again to suit your needs. Here is the definition of paranoid by Merriam Webster;

    Main Entry: para·noid
    Pronunciation: \ˈper-ə-ˌnȯid, ˌpa-rə-\
    Variant(s): also para·noi·dal \ˌper-ə-ˈnȯi-dəl, ˌpa-rə-\
    Function: adjective
    Date: 1904
    1 : characterized by or resembling paranoia
    2 : characterized by suspiciousness, persecutory trends, or megalomania
    3 : extremely fearful

    And, oddly enough, I do agree with part of your statement. The earth does go through cycles. But we are not helping in this sociey that has become obsessed with bigger = better, driving gas hogs and living in McMasions. We can all do our part to lesson our imprint.

  • TP

    According to research the climate is in flux. Global Warming may happen, but then again they(scientist) predicted another ice age to happen soon. How can we have another ice age if the whole earth is heating up? Explain that to me.

    I am not on either side, but Obama has more experience than Palin. I know Palin is not running for president but then again she would be a heartbeat away from it.

    For the record I think both candidates lack anything that would make me want to vote for either of them.

  • Thomas,
    Your points and statistics are valid, however you are trying to convince a bunch of twenty-somethings of conservative values. Funny how you never hear of liberal values. Obviously an oxymoron. Thomas, don’t waste your time or breath! These people are flooded with this progressive liberal shit by their college professors & unemployed buddies! I’d bet most of these bloggers are from single parent homes lacking the morals and values to select the correct candidate. They will not understand until they mature and are raising children of their own. Finally, I understand Obama’s message of change. This is all people will have left if he wins the election.
    I pray the liberal media, supporters & pollsters stay up to watch McCain/Palin win this election! It’s going to be like losing the Superbowl when your team was favored by 12 touchdowns! Farewell

  • Farewell Brian. IF I had gotten only one of these guys here to think that is victory enough for me. They don’t have to agree with me I just want them to question what is being fed to them….Good luck and God speed to all of my fellow americans! :)
    @Indigo. I didn’t make anything up in my statements girl. check it all out. My definition of a paranoid person was a joke….but please read up on all the stuff on evlution genetics and the economy..everything I have written here is factual math does not lie….that’s why it is the divine language :)

  • Ah, math. The divine language. It does not lie.

    Obama/Biden 364, McCain/Palin 163, Tied 11.

  • No crickets here!
    Watch the math when he increases your taxes! You don’t really believe his tax plan I hope? Oh yeah, he’ll say he had to break his promise because of the current economic crisis. Mark my word as a business owner above his supposed tax limit (whatever that is?) that your taxes will increase as well as mine! You voted (probably for the 1st time) for the bullshit he was shoveling, not the substance! Are you really for others paying for your shit and providing for you! I was once a young dumbass as well! When I grew up after my 3rd or so Presidential election and a few children, I snapped and thought , “What the fuck was I thinking!” I was actually falling for this shit! What can I do and get for me? I personally think that Obama is a great speaker, extremely intelligent, articulate, and means well. However, these are not reasons to vote for a candidate! His views are so far left and the GOP is too far right! We need a President willing to listen! I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I think his appointments will prove him wrong. He is Not willing to listen to both sides and this will be his downfall! Enjoy the next 2-4 years! It will pass very quickly!

  • Hey single pole asshole! read this divine math ! the Dow is down 12% since the election. I hope that your 401 K is enjoying the continued slide..Oh wait! you don’t have a 401K, your retirement pension is guaranteed by the state and the tax payers! the Morons voted this totally inexperienced wind bag in and now the smart people are voting with the investment portfolios.
    Pelosi, Reed, Schumer, Dodd and the rest are going to shred him to pieces. This is not going to unite the country especially this website!
    All this bull shit with Oprah and the rest of the whacked hollywood makes me want to puke. 95% of the black vote went to Obama…no racism there? also I hope he throws out the affirmative action out, obviously if we can elect a black president there is not need anymore for any preferrential treatment for anyone!

    You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

    You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.

    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.

    You cannot build character & courage by taking away people’s initiative & independence.

    You cannot help people permanently by doing for them what they could & should do for themselves

    -Abraham Lincoln

  • Now I get it. The $&#^@ stuff attached to my moniker in the earlier post referred to an anus. Pretty clever.

    The thread is obviously over, and this is how it goes down: some of us on both sides of the political aisle will be remembered for trying to hold a serious conversation. You, TP, will be remembered as the crazy guy who told strange stories about his education and upbringing, took wild guesses on everything from people’s professions to their sexuality, and called perfectly polite posters vile names.

    Hope that works for you. Bye-bye, little man.

  • Oh TP it must be so nice for you to have someone to blame all your problems on.

    Couldn’t find your car keys this morning – Obama did it.

    Neighbor’s dog crapped on your lawn again – Obama encouraged him to (pssst, the dog is really a Muslim terrorist in disguise)

    Weathers bad – that’s right – Obama. Again.

    The dow went down yesterday due to the release of unemployment figures and the dow is up today. Can’t wait to hear your explanation for that.

  • This was a triumph
    I’m making a note here:
    It’s hard to overstate
    my satisfaction.
    Aperture Science.
    We do what we must
    because we can.
    For the good of all of us.
    Except the ones who are dead.

    But there’s no sense crying over every mistake.
    You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.
    And the Science gets done.
    And you make a neat gun.
    For the people who are
    still alive.


    I’m not even angry.
    I’m being so sincere right now.
    Even though you broke my heart.
    And killed me.
    And tore me to pieces.
    And threw every piece into a fire.
    As they burned it hurt because
    I was so happy for you!
    Now these points of data make a beautiful line.
    And we’re out of beta.
    We’re releasing on time.
    So I’m GLaD. I got burned.
    Think of all the things we learned
    for the people who are
    still alive.

    Addendum Addendum:

    Go ahead and leave me.
    I think I prefer to stay inside.
    Maybe you’ll find someone else
    to help you.
    Maybe Black Mesa…
    Anyway, this cake is great.
    It’s so delicious and moist.
    Look at me still talking
    when there’s Science to do.
    When I look out there,
    it makes me GLaD I’m not you.
    I’ve experiments to be run.
    There is research to be done.
    On the people who are
    still alive..

    PS: And believe me I am
    still alive.
    PPS: I’m doing Science and I’m
    still alive
    PPPS: I feel FANTASTIC and I’m
    still alive.

    While you’re dying I’ll be
    still alive.

    And when you’re dead I will be
    still alive.


  • hey Ingigo! I don’t have anyproblems..I shorted the market when Obama won the primaries….the trade was very obvious…cheers!

  • First, to Love the beet, hate beets:
    Today (11/13) was the first time I’ve stumbled onto your website. Reading your initial posting from Sept. 11 of this year immediately earned you my respect…in fact I may have a crush on you. Your discussion of sympathy for the bloody, beaten-up person, coughing on the ground (S.P.) was spot-on. I can’t say that I’ve ever ‘put someone in their place’ as badly as you say you have, but I do think it would be entertaining (as a fly on the wall).

    To Thomas Paine:
    I realize that my understanding of macroeconomics probably pales in comparison to yours but I do believe that you’re the only person blaming the [continuation of] recent economic depression on the election of Obama. I really hope you don’t make all of your investment decisions based on your own personal political misconceptions because it WILL be the ‘Moron’ tax payers who pick up that unnecessary tab (ie paying for the mistakes of private investors who base their strategies on an embarrassingly ignorant understanding of the economy…seriously, ‘investment portfolios’?).

    In response to your brilliant, insightful analysis of affirmative action:
    I, too, used to consider myself republican. I used to champion your notion of ‘No preferential treatment for anyone’…then one day I thought about what AA was actually for and why it is necessary. Please read the following carefully and hopefully it will change your perspective:
    I presume from your politics that you were raised in a family that put value on the merits of hard work, education, and aspiring to support a family with a strong work ethic and hopefully a solid career. Imagine you weren’t. Would you, at the incredibly wise age of 16, have set aside the ideals (or lack thereof) of less-than-inspiring parents, immersed in a less-than-inspiring culture (It is not racist to argue that the ideals of the black culture are different from those of American culture as a whole, this phenomenon is the basis for affirmative action and abundantly exemplified in popular culture). How much time would you have spent earning good grades and trying to get into a good college? Would you have, after high school, spent a great deal of effort pursuing a family-supporting career if your father sat on his ass watching tv, collecting food stamps and welfare for a living? Some like you will, without a doubt, argue that personal initiative is just that—personal. Realistically, though, we are a product of our environment. If you are born into a Christian household or a Jewish household you are VERY likely to maintain those beliefs, and much more likely to die a member of that faith than someone who was born into an atheist household. To argue that this is a coincidence would be moronic. In this same way, being born into a household that put value on education, hard work, and a career puts you at a much higher likelihood of pursuing education, working hard, and lining yourself up for a good career. Affirmative action is meant to level the playing field. It is unfair, no argument there, but it wasn’t designed for fairness; it was designed to make possible (realistically…idealism is for textbooks) for the black culture to rise, though perhaps very slowly, from the socioeconomic status it was in at the middle of the 20th century. Though you may not have read it very carefully, your last Lincoln quote argues that you cannot help people permanently; affirmative action was never meant as a permanent solution but more as a temporary ‘catch-up’ period. The fact that Barack a man who’s father happened to be black was elected president has nothing to do with the argument for affirmative action. AA is not strictly a deterrent from racism in America; I would argue that its purpose doesn’t even apply to people like Barack Obama.

    Hope this helps clear up your confusion on the subject of affirmative action.


  • Joe, Agreed on most points. But, it is the great society and war on poverty that put our black brethren in permanent government assistance. Once proud, hardworking people that withstood 400 yr of slavery became “victims”. Remember that it was Woodraw Wilson a democrat that desegregated the armed forces and ushered in a new age of racism. In general, it was the “progressives” that endorsed eugenics and that can still be seen today in the form of ‘faamily planning” centers. All of the centers are situated in the poorest inner city neighbourhoods. So it actually is the democratic party ideals that have created a permanent underclass in the US.
    I came to these shores with one suitcase and $150 at the age of 17. Went to school (not really knowing any english) worked nights and weekends and knew that some day things will get better because they already did.
    Affirmative action is nothing but discrimination in reverse. Nothing about this life is fair but when it is promoted but the politicians it makes it unethical, wrong and it promotes resentment. racism is racism no matter how you slice it.
    I know people that have been kicked out and abandoned in their teens and they turned out OK. so it isn’t just the environment, genetic attributes make a big difference, Survival of the fittest, evolution theory ( which by the way is a THEORY, yet all liberals profess it as a law) isn’t that the progressive religion?
    So, there is no confusion here Joe. deterrent from racism? I don’t think so, it just discriminates in reverse because it isn’t based on merit but on skin color. If I was black I would be offended by AA, it implies that I’m less able therefore I need a lower hurdle.

  • WASHINGTON – Just when liberals thought it was safe to start identifying themselves as such, an acclaimed, veteran psychiatrist is making the case that the ideology motivating them is actually a mental disorder.

    “Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded,” says Dr. Lyle Rossiter, author of the new book, “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.” “Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave.”

    While political activists on the other side of the spectrum have made similar observations, Rossiter boasts professional credentials and a life virtually free of activism and links to “the vast right-wing conspiracy.”

    For more than 35 years he has diagnosed and treated more than 1,500 patients as a board-certified clinical psychiatrist and examined more than 2,700 civil and criminal cases as a board-certified forensic psychiatrist. He received his medical and psychiatric training at the University of Chicago.

    Rossiter says the kind of liberalism being displayed by both Barack Obama and his Democratic primary opponent Hillary Clinton can only be understood as a psychological disorder.

    (Story continues below)

    “A social scientist who understands human nature will not dismiss the vital roles of free choice, voluntary cooperation and moral integrity – as liberals do,” he says. “A political leader who understands human nature will not ignore individual differences in talent, drive, personal appeal and work ethic, and then try to impose economic and social equality on the population – as liberals do. And a legislator who understands human nature will not create an environment of rules which over-regulates and over-taxes the nation’s citizens, corrupts their character and reduces them to wards of the state – as liberals do.”

    Dr. Rossiter says the liberal agenda preys on weakness and feelings of inferiority in the population by:

    creating and reinforcing perceptions of victimization;
    satisfying infantile claims to entitlement, indulgence and compensation;

    augmenting primitive feelings of envy;

    rejecting the sovereignty of the individual, subordinating him to the will of the government.
    “The roots of liberalism – and its associated madness – can be clearly identified by understanding how children develop from infancy to adulthood and how distorted development produces the irrational beliefs of the liberal mind,” he says. “When the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains and seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious

  • Ok, I’ll play your silly little game TP:

    Political Conservatism
    Medical science is still seeking a cure
    by Bryan Zepp Jamieson

    According to the authors:

    “…[W]e consider evidence for and against the hypotheses that political conservatism is significantly associated with (1) mental rigidity and closed-mindedness, including (a) increased dogmatism and intolerance of ambiguity, (b) decreased cognitive complexity, (c) decreased openness to experience, (d) uncertainty avoidance, (e) personal needs for order and structure, and (f) need for cognitive closure; (2) lowered self-esteem; (3) fear, anger, and aggression; (4) pessimism, disgust, and contempt; (5) loss prevention; (6) fear of death; (7) threat arising from social and economic deprivation; and (8) threat to the stability of the social system. We have argued that these motives are in fact related to one another psychologically, and our motivated social—cognitive perspective helps to integrate them. We now offer an integrative, meta-analytic

    Review of research on epistemic, existential, and ideological bases of conservatism.”

    —Pg. 352; John T. Jost of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business; Jack Glaser of University of California, Berkeley; Arie W. Kruglanski of the University of Maryland at College Park; Frank J. Sulloway of University of California, Berkeley.

    Right wingers proved the researchers right by promptly losing their minds and screaming for the hides of the perpetrators. Right wing radio hosts howled and gibbered that an investigation should be made immediately into the funding these researchers get, and they were accused, in no particular order, and according to no rhyme or reason, of being anti-American and anti-Christian and probably for gay rights and gun control.

    The researchers, sensing that this paper might cause a slight discomfort among the more sensitive of our conservative brethren (Really. They went up like rabid baboons with bottle rockets stuffed up their asses!) went to great lengths to reassure one and all that they weren’t calling the right wingers a bunch of psychotic, destructive nuts. Obviously, they weren’t studying the right wingers we see most often on the Internet.

    The authors wrote, “Our first assumption, too, is that conservative ideologies – like virtually all other belief systems – are adopted in part because they satisfy some psychological needs. This does not mean that conservatism is pathological or that conservative beliefs are necessarily false, irrational, or unprincipled.”

    OK, Forget Tom DeLay and Pat Robertson for a minute. There are conservatives who aren’t vicious amoral anti-social whacks. In real life, I know some. I even have conservative friends, although I plan to warn my daughters about them.

    But what the researchers were looking at were the group that I’ve been referring to for years as “secular fundamentalists.” The political variant of these critters tends to be reactionary, paranoid, authoritarian, intolerant, contemptuous of rules that don’t suit them and overbearing in their observance on behalf of others of rules that do suit them. While there are left wing examples (David Horowitz was a good example in his time) they generally gravitate toward fascism and call it conservatism, even though it’s usually better described as radical reactionaryism.

    The authors define the two core principles of conservatism as resistance to change, and acceptance of social inequality. Conservatives, they argue, cling tightly to a status quo, real or imagined, and regard society as hierarchical. Unsurprisingly, they tend to believe they have inherited and/or merited preferential positions in this hierarchy.

    The authors address what they call the “conservative paradox” of radical reactionaryism (e.g, Hitler, Mussolini or Pinochet) by pointing out that their calls for extreme inequality in the social order were juxtaposed with promises to lead the country back to an ideal past, one in which “traditional values and morality” prevailed. It occurs to me a good catchphrase for the mawkish and hollow babble that usually accompanies this fraud is “morning in America.” Our present-day radical reactionaries continuously harken back to a traditional America that never existed, one where everyone was a god fearing generic protestant, people with accents lived in the poor part of town and never bothered folks, and women and blacks knew their place.

    Nuff said.

  • Indigo Girl, I don’t think that you understand the premise of fascism that drove Hitler, Mussolini and Franco..they were all for breaking the class barriers, distributing wealth and eugenics..sort off like the progressive movement is now..please read up on this and then we can continue the discussion.. Obviously my last post was a jab…take care

  • Indigo- ever read “The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness” by Erich Fromm? He is super intelligent, left Germany during the Nazi’s takeover. This book in particular is very good at explaining social psychology and what could lead a group of people to follow someone like Hitler (and also explains Hitler’s sickness- examining Sadism, Narcisissm, and Necrophilia). His whole point in writing the book was to try and explain it so it couldn’t happen again.
    Anyway, the propaganda used by Hitler and Stalin is eerily similar to that used by Bush co. for selling this war to us. Some of the language is dead on. Now, I would never in a million years compare Bush to Hitler seriously or Americans to Nazis. But it is interesting to see that the ways of controlling the masses haven’t changed much. The key is, and always has been, fear. Keep them scared as shit that some terrorist (or Jew, or minority, or gay person, etc.) will destroy their way of life, and you can make them do almost anything.

    It’s also intersting to hear his take on greed, and how he believes it is a sickness.

    He also delves into cultural anthropology in the beginning of the book. A great read.

    And I guess, just for me and how I was raised, I think it’s a little weird that some people are so opposed to helping others. I think it’s a little weird that some people fight tooth and nail so that others lose their rights. Plus, I think it’s unhealthy to view everything as distinctly black and white. That is pretty much right in line with Melanie Klein’s description of the paranoid/schizoid phase- which also goes back to operating on fear and Freud’s death instinct.

    And I haven’t even mentioned the rampant closeted homosexuality involved in homophobia and the anti-gay movement! Have you seen the study of those “straight” guys who say they are uncomfortable with gays? They were put in private rooms to watch gay porn and had sensors on their *members to record any activity. A lot of these guys were clearly aroused, yet still denied it! The other group of fellows, the straight guys who were comfortable with homosexuality, were not nearly as aroused. Interesting stuff.

  • I’m not commenting on this thread anymore, but I just love that anytime anyone does, “Sarah Palin is an Idiot” appears on Beet’s homepage on the list of recent comments.

  • Dinosaurus…… is the progressives that are nazis! I don’t mind helping others and I do, a lot. I just dont like the big brother telling me or anyone else that I have to. Why can’t you get it through your thick head? in case you didn’t know it it is the right wing whacko christians that donate most to the charities in US. Are you a lesbian? u seem to have a big issue with the queer thing….i like gays out of the closet, I want them to be able to get married too so they can start paying the marriage tax penalty.

  • Hmmm, TP, I don’t think premise of my last post. You posted about Rossiter’s studies claiming liberalism is a mental disorder and I posted about conservatism being a mental disorder as well.

    My post, dear TP, was an obvious (so I thought) jab back at you.

    And, btw, I couldn’t help but noticed how much those excerpts I posted seemed to be describing you, as I have come to know you through your posts.

    Have a great day!!

  • I’m not gay, not that it’s anyone’s business, but I feel gay rights are a big part of civil rights and therefore hugely important to me. And when 51% of people get to decide whether or not someone should have rights or not, I get a little nervous for the country.

    Neither progressives nor conservatives are nazis. That’s why I made clear to point that out in my post. But you and the crazy homeless man on the corner wearing seven hats to keep his voices out are free to shout whatever you’d like.

    I also agree that big government can be dangerous- especially when they are making “values” based laws based on one particular religion’s rules in a country full of many different people and many different faiths. Especially a country that was founded on escaping religious persecution. Then we get government like the Saudis. Nobody wants that. I want freedom to make choices just like you.

    And you and I have already butted heads on the issue of taxes and social programs, so we’ll just leave it at that. I am no longer trying to argue any points with you because I have gotten it through my thick head that you are off your rocker and also just a major asshole.

  • Sorry, I obviously meant to post “I don’t think you understood the premise..

    Dino, I hope you find solace in the fact that Obama is our President Elect and that our country can finally start moving in the right direction. I know I do. We can also take solace in the fact that this greatly disturbs T. Paine. :)

  • Oh, more than solace! The night of the 4th, as I was going to bed, I just ran through a list of the immediate changes that could and probably would be put into effect- stem cell research, the closing of guantanamo, stopping torture in our interrogation processes, balancing our Supreme Court, just to name a few. And that is a really nice feeling. Oh, and not having an administration that gets off on war and so uses faulty information and plagiarizes some grad student’s thesis to sell us a bad one that has cost the lives of countless people. And not having an administration plagued with scandal and incompetency (Rummy, Gonzalez, Libby, Abu Ghraib, Katrina- just off the top of my head).

    T.P. is already greatly disturbed. I’m not sure Obama’s election makes any impact whatsoever.

  • it disturbs me a lot, esp. the fact that you knuckle heads see just another person as the saviour. just in case you aren’t aware of it our laws are taken from the british commona law which is based entirely on the bible. Jesus was all about inclusion, it was paul the hater that wrote about killing the fags not JC. So I don’t hate gays or any other minority because they can’t help who they are. You moron liberals on the other hand have a choice and you make a conscious effort to promote a form of government that will opress people. Just look at the cabinet choices 80 % are clintonites, some change alright from one moron onto the next one. BTW it is us the conservatives that own all of the guns, don’t forget that.
    All I want for christmass is a giant earthquake in SF an a huge fucking meteorite in the middle of beverly hills! peace comrades!

  • Dino I hope that one days your child gets kidnapped, they catch the perpetrator and they will not be able to use torture to find out the whereabouts of your child. Join some fucking cult and drink some koolaide will you? and I hope that the muslims take over this country and institute the sharia law and they cut your clit out

  • yes I’m definately for stem cell research, maybe we will bring eugenics back since the democratic party is the one that loves that crap, (if you don’t believe me look up Wilsons and FDR’s doctrines). Then we can prevent morons like you from ever being born by just destroying your life to save the life of some rich asshole.

    • Buddy, you’re so fundamentalist … you should be over in the Middle-East to join the ranks of Hamas because you’re as delusional as they are. People like you are an insult to rational thought and democracy. Why don’t you do us all a favor and just put yourself out of your misery. LOL

      I’m for stem cell research because its my hope that we can eliminate the red-neck gene. Oh wait …. it’s a choice. LMFAO!


      You just get increasingly mad as you defend your bigotry; while proving to the rest of use what an idiot you are with every single rebuttal.

      Thanks for the laughs … very entertaining.

  • Yes, it is the ACLU crowd, not the dickbrain calling for the death of millions of Californians, that resemble Nazis. Just in case you were confused. It is also the same dickbrain that wants to remind us libruls that conservatives “have the guns”. Another death threat? Very Christian- like the Christians during the Crusades.

    And the religious nut who cannot make his own decisions on whether or not to hate somebody without consulting some piece of fiction some dudes wrote a long time ago is calling others out for looking up to a “Savior”? That’s an old, rusty insult which started with Clinton folks you so despise.

    Peace indeed

  • And now we’re on to sexual harassment threats as well! You are in rare form, little troll. What a charming person you must be in real life.

    I was already convinced you wished for the deaths of Americans. And you clearly support Muslims taking over this country- your political views make this evident. There was never a doubt in my mind about your real feelings toward America. At least we’ve finally cut through your bullshit about what you think is “good” for America, and now know the truth about you and your views. Good to know you hate this country which apparently has done so much for you since your trail of tears from Hungary and the Ivory Coast or whatever the fuck lie you’re telling today about your past.

  • You are a truly despicable person T.P. to say such things. And I believe you mean them.

    You will get what you deserve in the end. Perhaps, we will see poetic justice and you will die from a gunshot wound inflicted upon you by one of your fellow men.

  • like it or not, homos are perverted. it is a choice not an innate handicap. If it was a genetic condition it would have bred itself out long believe in evolution than you must agree with that. Besides didn’t want to hurt the dick suckers in california, just the decadent, filthy liberals! if a guy likes other guys but has common sense than he is my brother!
    BTW, you two girls are really full of hate yet you preach tollerance to others….and I do not support muslims you idiot, that was an axample of what can happen if you let one group to become too powerfull, like the liberals have now…
    Indigo, the dow keeps on sliding…and it will continue all the way down to 4k..and your messiah is getting ready for the Oscars..
    You girls are damaged goods, brainwashed beyond repair, probably still single and destined to be divorced one day..all because you listen to the ‘smart” elite from Hollywood

    • You sound as delusional as Palin. With all the scientific evidence we have out there that PROVES without a doubt that being gay is genetic … you choose to be ignorant. Ever think that this world is overpopulated with humans which isn’t a natural course of events for any animal on this planet. We are suffering from old diseases and new ones because there ar to many of us. Allowing individual beings to be gay within the natural world is a form of unconscious population control dictated by our genes. It’s no coincidence that gay people are born to mothers that either come from or have large families. It’s a genetic response … just like generations of bigotry and hatred created the mentality which you hold … it’s built-in BABY! Love it or live with it because there is no cure; even if you wipe out every gay person on the face of the planet and force your right-winged “moral values” on society, homosexuals will STILL be born and created by you!!!!

  • “and I hope that the muslims take over this country and institute the sharia law”
    -“Thomas Paine” November 8th, 2008 3:15 pm

    Your cards are on the table, asshole. You can’t take that back. You have no class, a schizoid brain, and a bloodlust hatred for this country. You called for the deaths of people in San Francisco and Beverly Hills, you didn’t qualify which ones. You called for the takeover of America by Muslims. You disregard science, and hate truth so much that you will lie about what you have already posted on this page, thinking that we must all be so daft that we can’t scroll up a bit and see what you’ve already already written. You clearly have terrible psychological issues- going on a gossip blog to threaten people’s lives and sexually harrass girls. And you are such a fucking idiot misogynist that your biggest insult to women is that we may be single, or destined to get a divorce. What fucking century do you live in?

    You don’t realize that you are despicable, as indigo put it, filled with hate, and I think possibly mildly schizophrenic. You are probably a dangerous person in real life and I imagine you will end up being locked up, where sociopaths belong.

  • T.P., your opinion of me has no bearing on me. Your psychotic rants have no bearing on me. They mean nothing to me, just as you mean nothing to me. You are a sick sick man.

  • After a couple of weeks, I decided to revisit this thread for no particular reason. Boy howdy, I had no idea I was in for such a treat!

    Granted, firearm threats are always a crowd pleaser, TP. But bundling anti-Muslim insults, child kidnapping, and female genital mutilation into a single post — now, that’s entertainment.

    In fact, I found those particular comments so entertaining that I forwarded them to the site moderators. I can only imagine their enthusiasm.

  • oooohh, single ass wipe, report me to the authorities! I’m so scared!!!!! You are a typical commie bastard with an overblown ego..get real ….I bet that you support NAMBLA as your ACLU buddies do
    Dino and Indigo, go get laid! maybe your hormonal bitchiness will go away…I mean it in a nice way :)

  • Nobody’s rising to the bait anymore, Paine-Man. The game’s over, the gym’s empty, you lose. Turn the lights out when you leave.

  • Nobody’s rising to the bait anymore, Paine-Man. Game’s over, gym’s empty, you lose. Turn out the lights when you leave — or just sit here in the dark if you like.

  • Hey Snuzz is competent not competant…..and yes he is competent it is the communist led congress that is fucking everuthing up…talk to Dodd and Barney Frank about their competencies or maybe Illinois Governor Blagojevich..

  • hey idiot it does matter if she is an idiot. are you fucking retarded. If Mccain won the presidency, and thank god he didn’t. If he died, then sarah palin would become president, and thank the lord she never had that chance, cause she is a fucking idiot

  • Sarah Palin is such a mess of a human being I can’t believe it. You don’t know how much I wish she would just choke to death or fall off an iceberg or crash to death in a plane wreck. I’m not mean so before she actually died I would let her watch me fuck her husband!

  • Sarah Palin should have sold when her IQ hit 35!!! I am a Viet Nam Vet and I still can’t fathom why McCain chose such an unqualified idiot! I can’t imagine her filling any management position in any organization. But anything is possible in America—George Bush perfect example. A lot of people forgot that Bush and Connelly were sent to jet school after there connections bumped 2,00 qualified applicants. I doubt that he is a college grad——-no way.

  • Only in America… where a white woman is is basically inarticulate, incoherent and tittering on stupidity can possibly become our next presidential candidate (2012)…Yet Sotomayor’s intelligence has been questioned time and time again… Only in America… if Sara Palin was any other color or ethnicity we wouldn’t be having this conversation because she would have been quickly dismissed… Only in America

  • I am amazed that anybody even listens to someone as idiotic as Sarah Palin. She can’t even name a goddamn newspaper for christsake! Why would anyone listen to what she says about healthcare?? There must be a lot of morons in Alaska for her to have been elected to any public office…and thank God Almighty that she didn’t become our Vice-President, because that’s when I move to fucking Mexico!

  • Oh, I am so sad to have stumbled upon this website so late for one simple reason. **********************T.P*****************
    I can only pray with all of my being that the idiotic, hilariously ridiculous phony will receive notification via email when I post this!

    Dear Thomas Paine:

    You CLAIM to have had a 3.9 GPA and that you scored 780 on the GMAT. You laughable idiot. Both of those numbers calculate to EXACTLY 0.975% less than perfect. Coincidence that BOTH numbers have this ratio in common?! LMAO. I think not! You attempted to randomly select two high numbers that sounded impressive. However, we (as human beings) rarely do things “randomly”, and you have proven this. Is this impossible? No. But come on! As far as the GMAT is concerned, you likely GOOGLED “GMAT score” to figure out what the top score was, and then you decided to bump your imaginary score JUST below that number. HOWEVER, a 780 would mean that you scored higher than 99.5% of GMAT takers. I find this hilariously doubtful, as you CLEARLY do not present as a high caliber intellectually. This opinion has nothing to do with your political opinions, only your genuinely child-like verbiage. I wouldn’t believe you even have so much as an A.S./A.A. with your rhetoric.

    I imagine now that time has passed you are out trolling other forums, only THIS time, I bet you went to Havahd and scored a perfect 800 this time?

  • I think Sarah Palin on top of being plain stupid is a hypocrite, she is a hired hand of the Republican Party to say what she is told to say! She’s on a 15 day tour of spreading hate and attacking President Obama, she never was a hockey mom, you can’t be at your kids hockey game when you’re in Las Vegas. I always thought Palin was a idiot, but since she quit her job, and turned into a paid spokesman for the racist “Republican Tea Party” she prove it.She smelled money,and fame over the American people,she has lost self respect and that of a lot of people. It’s too bad she let the almighty dollar ruin her life and now her kids life! I wonder who watches the kids while the mom and daughter are doing the Hollywood scene. Sarah Palin is a direct reflection of white Republicans……phoney! Un American and stupid is an understatement when talking about Sarah Palin. Today on the “View” Levi Johnston was interview his claim to frame was impregnating Sarah Palin underage daughter. Now the 20 year old unemployed high school drop out Levi is running for Mayor! He is just as stupid as Sarah Palin! But the women on the View didn’t asked any hard question. They made light of his ignorance and creating a child he does not see or take care of financially! Whoopie even stated that she didn’t want people to see him as a joke! Sarah Palin came on the scene and attack and made false allegation about Senator Obama. Then did a interview and the world saw she was a idiot and should never be near the White House! After the interview Sarah Palin blame her lack of knowledge and stupidity on the interviewer! Levi didn’t do that he just stated I DON’T KNOW!


    Do you know when a teenager is lying…when their mouth moves…Male don’t mature until in their 30! Men are stupid! Moron, idiot, stupid”you are a nut” ” you are a fool” I don’t see it” (referring to someone’s looks) you don’t look like you miss a meal” ( referring to someone’s weight)! Do you take drug? You are a bum….your lazy for receiving welfare…..What is the nature of your disability! Are you stupid or are you just playing stupid?….One male litigant was refer to as”this Thing”!These are just some of the attacks and insults Judge Judy have stated towards litigant that have enter the courtroom for justice! Judge Judy is a bully with authority that abuse and disrespects her position! As a judge she is put in a position of authority and responsibility and should be of the highest in professionalism! SHE IS NOT! Judge Judy is a disgrace to the judicial system that has in place protocol for judges and litigants! Bullying in America is in the news but the reason for bullying has not been disgust! I truly believe that racism in America is a form of bullying especially if the bullying is combine with authority! White police officer in black neighborhoods have been historically bully! They have beat black people like animals and justify it. They have murder unarmed black adults and children and justify it! Because they are encourage to bully black and other minority! Bullying in schools have lead to suicide and murder because many is authority have dismiss claim and complain from victims! Now I mention Judge Judy but Judge Joe Brown and Judge Mathis both have threaten litigants with bodily harm from the bench! Are also bully and I must add ignorant! The question of the day….. Why are we as a people surprise that bullying in schools is a horrible problem among our young????? Look at what they see in adults in authority …Look at what they are being taught and by who…. Look at programs like Maruy , Jerry Springer,Jersey Wives of Whatever” Real World” Parent Control” Jersey Shore” …All these programs promote hate and bullying! White men in American Government have historically been bully’s! Newt Gingrich is a old sick and truly disrespectful bully! Bottom line bullying in America can be associate with authority and many TV programs that promote bullying! Then look at Fox News Sean Hannity ” Glenn Beck ‘ Bill O’Reilly all bully! In the case of Bill O’Reilly he is not only a bully he has no respect for women A TOTAL PERVERT! That has been sue by a woman that he sexually harass!