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Second in Command

Defamer has an interesting piece today about how Oscar-winner, box-office champ Reese Witherspoon somehow manages to be billed second to B-lister Vince Vaughn in their upcoming flick.

Is it simply that studios are too terrified to give a woman first billing over a male star, lest people then think the film to be a chick flick? After all, Vaughn’s last hit was The Break-Up, the rare romantic comedy with strong male appeal, something that marketing folks might have felt was in jeopardy had costar Jennifer Aniston been first-billed. Four Christmases isn’t a romcom but a flat-out comedy, but would it be perceived as the former if Vaughn was subservient to Witherspoon in the billing block?

Yes, when compared to Witherspoon, the presence of Vaughn in this film makes us more likely to see it (though still? not very likely), simply because the actor has a track record of enlivening even the most formulaic films with his improvised comic riffs. Still, we wonder just how B- and C-list you’d have to go to find a male costar whom the studio would allow Witherspoon to supplant. In an alternate Four Christmases, could the actress vault over Colin Farrell to claim first billing? Or will she have to settle for a part opposite Freddie Prinze Jr. to claim what, by rights, should be hers?

What do you guys think?

Are studios ever going to be able to give a woman top billing in a comedy without it being labeled a chick flick?

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  • I’m not sure where the ‘golden list’ of A-List, B-List, and C-List actors is located or who the gatekeeper of this magnificent list is, but who voted that Reese was an A-Lister based on an Academy Award? Does her Oscar from Walk the Line dismiss her Legally Blonde movies? Just Like Heaven? Little Nicky???

    Somehow this blog entry pissed me off…

  • I concur that they have an aprapro rationale for their explanation concerning this matter however I am obliged to….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Legally Blonde was actually what helped propel Ms. Withersppons career, and considering her oscar and box office draws for Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama, and e.t.c I’m sure it’s safe to say she’s an A-lister.
    Now about the “being paid less than men” thing, I think it’s all relative to the movie and who’ll be drawing the movie go-ers in. Then again, if I was Sarah Palin I’d just say she deserves to be paid less.

  • How do you know who’s “top billed”? Is it because his name is on the left-hand side of the top of the poster? Or do we somehow know that he got paid more than she did?

    I don’t get it.

  • should Vince be in comedy
    or should he stick to Psycho?
    I hated Wedding Crashers
    slept during the damn movie,
    so, I just leave this question in the open

  • I’m always in zen mode
    especially for haters,
    they bring joy and happiness
    to the whole world,
    bless you too, douche.

  • tracy- what? have you never seen election? and showdown, your comment pissed me off, because the legally blond movies are kinda awesome, and just like heaven was pretty sweet too, lame story but her and mark ruffalo have awesome chemistry. she is so A list.

  • The Break Up was NOT guy friendly, it was like one giant 90 minute awkward moment. It’s like hyaving to sit in the back seat as your best friend and his girlfriend mercilessly fight. I hated that movie and I love both Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston…

  • @ Joan – I was referring to the Angelina Jolie comment. They said that she gets top billing and her movies aren’t chick flicks. I stated that she doesn’t do comedy. Relax. I happen to own 90% of Reese’s movies, fluff or not I find them cute.