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Mary-Kate Takes Her Man Out

MK brought her boyfriend, Nate Lowman, to the Benjamin Cho show on Tuesday.

Nate’s an artist and an NYU grad. You can check out some of his work here. I’ll be the first to admit that I totally don’t get it. But I don’t get most art things unless they’re spelled out for me. That’s why I’m a writer. I look at art and I’m like, “Uh … it’s … purple?” Then I wait expectantly for someone to praise my observational skills. If nobody does, I hike my skirt up and try again. This is how I navigate the world in general.

But I digress.

I think it’s worth noting that MK has really filled out recently. Now, before you start in on me, I am NOT calling her fat. I do not think she looks fat. I think she looks like a normal healthy human being lately and not like someone whose internal organs may be digesting themselves for sustenance. I wonder if this dude has anything to do with helping her get over her food issues.

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  • I hope Nate doesn’t become ill or she’s no doubt have to call her mani pedi person and gab until he stops breathing too. Hmm, brave or stupid – time will tell, but grab as much of the dualstar loot as you can. Jesus, they are just so creeeeeeeepy, and in that Grey Gardens kind of way.

  • I was just gonna say she has bruises on her knees!! Heh.

    And his “art”… yeah, no. I don’t get those either.

  • Based on this photo it is hard to see if she has filled out. Her jacket is super bulky, her legs are smooshed together due to being folded and the ugly boots cuts her off at an unflattering spot, which would make most look legs look bigger than they actually are.
    Is she the alleged twin who is is faking a pregnancy then?

  • Hey! It looks like somebody took their favorite pet troll out for a walk! As for the beat knees, how do you think MK has been ingesting her sustenance?! Lots of protein will put a bit of weight on one’s bones!

  • why would either of them fake a pregnancy??

    She has defo filled out you can see it in her face and legs. No bad thing.

    Her boyf looks like a 40 yr old reclusive paedo, if there is such a thing. Wouldn’t being a paedo involve leaving the house once in a while? Whatever he needs a haircut at the very least. And handsome features

  • I am afraid that, as of right now, I would have to bite my tongue on your powers of observation just so that I could watch you hike up your skirt.

  • i know art too btw, and those two bullet holes are not art. I would understand if it were a part of an actual series or something… but not really art. he has a BS- in science. how inspiring

  • I am really sad about what happened to mary- kate I think she needs help and I was her biggest fan of her from full house, newyork minute, switching goals, double trouble, and so on I had every movie mad. and I am crying right now she is the most beautiful girl that I always wanted to be, but now she looks horible and I really don’t want my two twin fans to die. They where my idle, and they still are. So mary- kate if your reading this I hope you feel what I feel so I wish you a happy birth day…………… I am crying; shedding tearsright now from all the storys and the photos……….. please, do your self good and don’t do drugs ,,…….. your biggest fan… olivia………..

  • i realy like mary kate and ashley. they are so amazing. i just hope mary kate pulls through. with all the support she’s getting i just know she’ll pull through , so do not worry all you fellow fans. you go olsen twins we believein you