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Jessica Simpson Makes Grand Ole Opry Debut

Here’s Jessica making her first appearance at the country music institution.

While her performance was mediocre at best (why do they keep panning to the back-up singers?), even the old-fashioned audience members realized that her outfit was abhorrent … but they had different reasons for thinking that than I did.

Audience members, it seemed, couldn’t believe her costume choice. “I think she should have put some clothes on,” one viewer said. While another one responded to how she liked Simpson’s performance with: “I loved that new girl, Crystal [Shawanda] – and she was dressed appropriately.”

I think Jess looks like a bobble-head doll throughout this whole performance. Like a bobble-head doll from 1984. This is all very sad, Jessica.

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  • Weak voice and she makes ugly faces when she sings. Prob gave us the boob show to divert us from what her mouth does when she’s pretending she can sing. She can’t sing country or pop well, maybe she should try mime.

  • OH man, she’s a hot mess. What in the heck is this poor girl good for? Her voice is awful, her style is awful, and her attitude really stinks. Her little sister is just so much more likeable. I don’t think country music fans are that stupid.

  • What are you all on about?! She’s freaking smoking hot, her voice is fine (though I think country music sounds like somebody threw silverware on the floor), and she’s a sweet lady. What attitude stinks? She’s a nice gal. I’d love to see her making that ugly face close up! :-)

  • Her voice is horrendous. I heard that she was “advised” to try the country music industry (as a last resort). It doesn’t seem to be working….LOL. She will probably be getting the boot from her label in the very near future.

  • Oh Evil, you are so correct! She really needs to take a spin to another planet and hang out there. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough that she’ll take Tony with her. Then there will be two less airheads.

  • She’s wearing what Faith, Reba and Carrie use to scub and buff their lawn furniture after a long hot summer.

  • At first I didn’t understand how her dress was inappropriate, but then i looked up pictures of people singing at the grandolopry and saw carrie underwood and I understood. She sounds awful though

  • I doubt she would be under this sort of scrutiny if it weren’t for the fact that she used to have a pretty good music career and now we just see her Proactiv advert looped on afterhours cable. Seriously. What’s the problem with the dress? Looks like vintage Dolly to me. Her voice? She’s every bit as good as any pop country star. I don’t think the transition to country is entirely disingenuous, either — she’s a country girl from way back. She looks goofy and the song is mediocre, but I support her decision to go Shania.

  • I notice all the people who say she sounds good enough or better than any other country singer, don’t like country. Here’s the thing, real country fans can see right through a desperate attempt to maintain fame by switching genres. I’ll put Great country singers up against most pop singers anytime.

    Let’s face it, she was never a “great” singer, and the making faces when she sings, she has done since the beginning. It took her reality show to really bring her to America’s attention. Her acting is abysmal so i don’t see her seeking a career there. I don’t hate the girl. I wish her the best. I just wish she would go away and become some rich guys wife. Maybe she could be on “the real housewives of Dallas”

    Was the top of her dress inappropriate for the opry? It was a gamble.
    I don’t think it paid off. Flaunting her best assests to the GOO not the wisest career move. To the poster who said her dress looked like Vintage Dolly. You are right. The difference?

    She’s no Dolly.

  • okay, she wasnt bad. she was actually pretty good. im typing this in another page while i listen to it, and its really really good! seriously! dont always agree with beet.

  • She looked like a tramp . The Grand Old Opry should have never let on stage dressed like a hooker. What right does she have to be on the stage of the Mother Church of country with Loretta Lynn and Patty Loveless.

  • Dodohead, the guy at :58 is her grandpa. I kid you not. I live in Waco, Texas where her grandparents live. I know one thing for sure, I would never be able to face my grandpa dressed like that and singing about sex.

    If you turn off the sound and just watch her, it’s really funny.

  • It’s all her Dad’s doing. Papa Joe is a disgusting pervert who loves her daughters cleavage! It’s a proven fact! He’s the puppetmaster of her.

  • just goes to show you what alot of computerized voice make over and a little cleavage will get you… if she could sing live, you’d overlook the cleavage, but that’s obviously her best selling point…

  • You all are pathetic. She is a very pretty girl and she has got an unbelivable voise. Compared to most of that crap on pop radio she can sing circles around them!!! I am a huge country fan and have always been and i like her going country. It fits her voice better than pop.

  • I couldn’t agree with Zelphia more. You took the words right out of my mouth. Country fans are very grounded real people and most of the artists that choose that genre are the same. Just because Miss Jessica is from the south doesn’t necessarily mean that she is Country. Jodi Mesina is from Mass. and The real Redneck woman (Gretchen Wilson) is from Illinois. These ladies are the real deal. I could’nt help feeling so bad for Patty Loveless standing backstage with her while she took pictures of Loretta Lynn performing. She seemed to be bitting her tongue. She dosen’t belong sharing the stage with these wonderful women of country. I think she got Willie a bit excited during the ‘Dukes of Hazard” and he opened a few doors. I guess sex really does sell but she need to peddle her wears elsewear. I like the “Housewifes of Dallas” idea.