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Lynne Spears in New Book: “I Was a Terrible Mother”

Okay, okay, so she doesn’t actually say that, but if the Daily Mail is to be believed, it’s pretty much the underlying message of Lynne Spears’ new tell-all about what a trainwreck Britney was growing up. The Mail claims they were leaked a copy of the book, Through The Storm: A Real Tale Of Fame And Family In A Tabloid World. Here’s some of what they have to say about its contents.

Lynne Spears claims Britney was drinking not long after joining joined Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, a U.S. variety television show.

Mrs Spears also says her daughter lost her virginity aged 14 to an 18-year-old high school football player soon after she quit the programme.

A source has told how Britney was dating the football star while at school, and how her mother encouraged the relationship because she thought it would make her more popular.

The budding singer spent a lot of time at her boyfriend’s house and eventually lost her virginity there.

Her mother later admitted she regretted allowing her to date an older boy but still allowed her to share her bedroom with new boyfriend, Justin Timberlake.

Mrs Spears was said to be sure the teenagers were having sex.

She did not raise any objections because she thought Britney was in love and Justin was good for her.

The book also reveals that she knew Britney, then 15, was experimenting with drugs when she went to Los Angeles to record her breakthrough album ‘Baby One More Time’.

She thought she was going through the typical teenage problems, but they seemed to be more than that, when the singer was allegedly caught boarding a private plane aged 16, cocaine and marijuana was found in her bag.

Britney was caught by her mother drinking alcohol as young as 13 but she reportedly didn’t mind her children drinking as long as she was there.

She appeared to have little control over her daughter’s party lifestyle, and by the age of 16, Britney was frequenting bars in New Orleans with her brother Bryan, who is five years older than her.

Um, so, I’ll start by saying I don’t know if any of this is actually in the book. For starters, Lynne Spears hasn’t been “Mrs.” Spears since 2002, so that should give you some insight into how much research they’ve done over there at the Daily Mail.

But if it is true?

Why admit to all this stuff in print?

Is Lynne trying to take responsibility for the trainwreck of Britney’s life, or is she just that obsessed with making a buck off this stupid memoir?

For everyone’s sake, I kind of hope this shit is made up. It’s not going to do anyone, least of all Britney, any good to have this shit out there as she’s trying to get her life back together.

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  • TVF – I think it’s the denim from her cutoffs.

    I hope this is bullshit because Brit is finally getting her head together. She doesn’t need anyone else betraying her to try and make a buck, least of all her mom.

  • Since it is my policy to believe the worst, I think it’s all true.

    Just because the Daily Mail calls Lynne “Mrs.” doesn’t mean their facts are wrong. It’s an old-fashioned custom to call divorced women “Mrs.”

  • Brtiney Spears is mentally ill, and has psychotic breaks when she is not appropriately medicated. Having Lynne Spears as a mother could not have helped. Leave the poor girl alone and let her get on with her life (hopefully appropriately medicated).

  • I think the daily mail is one of the most reliable newspapers in the uk. so i dont think they would be making a bunch of this stuff up…

  • This picture is super sad, I remember seeing the video of this on True Hollywood Story and she says, “Please go away…” to the paps and now the picture is posted everywhere. I feel bad for looking at it.