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Even After Two Oscars, Hilary Swank Still Think She Has to Get Fat for a Role

The super-svelte Hilary Swank is reportedly going to put on between 20 and 30 pounds to play the lead in French Women Don’t Get Fat, an upcoming film based on a bestselling novel. Hilary’s also a producer on the film.

You’ve already won two Oscars, Hilary. Why on earth do you think you need to get fat for a role now? We take your acting prowess seriously, sweetheart.

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  • Beet: The role dictates that she be carrying the extra weight.

    See, they have these things called books…. and sometimes when people read them, they are entertained…. and then Harvey Weinstein makes it into a movie.

    I hardly think this is going to be in the contention for an Oscar…. it would just be a little silly for a woman who looks like a chicken bone to be playing the role of someone who is a little soft around the edges.

  • What is the big deal about gaining for a part? Tom Hanks has done it as well as many other male and female actors. This is how they make their money.

  • Maybe she’s just excited at the idea of being able to eat anything she wants and just lounge around the house rather than spend four hours a day with her personal trainer. I know I would be if, you know, I didn’t already do that.