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Obama and His Bitch

Oh calm down, I’m not talking about Michelle.

The American Kennel Club had a poll to choose the first Dog for Obama and his family. The Poodle won!

In a national poll of 42,000 people, the Poodle narrowly edged past the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier as the top dog for the Obamas, the American Kennel Club (AKC) said.

Obama has said that he would get his daughters a dog after the election.

What kind of dog would you get for the Obama family?

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  • I think a Bichon Frise would be good. They look a lot like poodles, but without the bitchy attitude. =-)

  • why do ”they” always choose ”old people” dogs? poodles are fine and smart infact, but girls/boys at the ages of 6 to 12 want a German Shepard, Lab, Doberman, A Great Dane, weiner dogs, collie, etc., I don’t think this is what Obama really wants, but he’s being nice.

  • They should get a Big Black Dog from a shelter.

    Big Black Dogs (BBD) hardly ever get adopted. They are usually the sweetest, too. I think it would be a great move.

    Whatever dog he gets, it shouldn’t be some fancypants designer breed. It should be a shelter dog.

  • I’d get them a Standard. They’re like a completely different dog than the toy. And I just can’t see them with a small dog.

  • i am with sillyplant – set a great example and get a dog/puppy from a shelter or rescue group. That’s were i got both of my current dogs and they are the greatest dogs, both lab mixes.

  • yes, yes, for sure, a shelter dog all the way, and even better? a shelter dog thats older – many only want puppies or young dogs…

  • He looks like he’s never held a dog in his LIFE. What a transparent ploy to seem more down to Earth.

  • I can’t help but look at the background
    and the dignity of it
    I don’t like this sort of photoshop
    makes me wonder

  • all dogs nee dlove. whether they are “fancy” or just shelter. geez,. why so bitter about the ”fancy” dogs? love ALL dogs. p.c. police are out.

  • MW why so much hostility because a guy may have never owned or held a dog before? I could see if he was holding an infant that way or something geeze.

    And I’d choose a Schnauzer or Yorkie maybe if we’re talking about getting a pet for two little girls. I do agree though that the shelter idea is a good one, what a cinderella story that dog will have!

  • okay, that dog is just CUTE. which is saying a lot, since I’m more of a golden retriever and labrador retriever person.

  • I promise I have no hostilities towards fancy dogs. You can get fancy dogs at shelters (I did! My cockapoo. I’ve also gotten a chihuahua and terrier mixes at shelters.) I suppose I came across wrong. As a dog lover, I do understand the importance of preserving bloodlines in purebred animals, however, I just don’t choose to participate directly.

    I just think a person in a place of position and influence should do the right thing by adopting a dog that has been cast off, instead of buying a dog from a breeder.

    Your mileage may vary.

  • That has to be photoshopped–I hope. The “looking-into-the-future” expressions on both their faces are hilarious. And yes, he should definitely adopt a dog from a shelter. The White House is big; he could get five or six.

  • Hmm, last I heard, Poodles were the #1 biting dogs, I guess the Don’t like Obama.

    I would get a chow. Everyone I’ve ever had was great with children, but you Damn well better stay away from those kids! When my oldest was 1 he was using my parents chow mix to stand up (grabbing her fur and pullin), I did the gentle tap on the hand and said no. This dog was 5 years old, my chows puppy, had known me her whole life. She turned and nipped ME for tapping my hand. The one I have now attacked a previous neighbor. What can I say, don’t beat your kid (and he was beating, not disciplining) around my dog

  • I do agree with all the shelter dog comments. I actually found her hurt and starving on the side of the road (the vet never could get all the buckshot out of her rear)

  • A shelter dog is an absolutely brilliant idea… not only is it wonderful to save a dog, but very in the spirit of America, right? I mean, the statute of liberty does say:

    “…”Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    And shelter dogs are the most loyal and loving dogs you’ll ever find!

  • A Rhodesian Ridgeback all the way, either from a rescue group or a reputable breeder. They are awesome dogs!

  • a rottweiler. then he would yell “sick em’ boy!” to john mccaine and the terrorists. oh yeaaaaah. B)

  • um, how did my lover get on here?

    any pound puppy would work. let the girls pick, if it’s really for them, and not a media stunt.

  • This is racist. A black man gets to rule the whitehouse with a white dog to lick his feet? What’s next, a white maid? A white butler? A white slut on the side?

  • How about adopting a child in need and a shelter dog. The McCain family did both. Obama could follow their lead. He still needs assistance in becoming a noble individual.