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Nadal is Not Changing His Look

Rafael Nadal has decided not to wear the new “look” that Nike developed for this year’s US Open. On first glance, this doesn’t look like a big story except as somebody who goes to the US Open this is a huge coup. Nike most likely developed a whole line of clothes that would be sold in their stores after he most-likely wins the title this year. Yikes.

Nike is trying to make Nadal into a more “proper” tennis player which makes me mad. Ever since he came onto the scene with his manpris (or as my boyfriend says, shants) and sleeveless t-shirts I have really been a fan. He is Spanish, he is sexy and who really cares what a tennis player wears if he can bring some serious championships? I understand the whole “tennis fashion” thing. Venus Williams is actually wearing designs from her own line at this year’s open. For those players, however, who just want to rock out their own style more power to them.

Go Nadal Go!

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  • All I want for Christmas is Nadal.

    Haha I crack myself up (stealing one of your sentences). If only someone else knew that in Catalan (Nadal and I’s mother tongue) Nadal means Christmas.

  • Nadal is a slow court player. It used to be that grass was a fast surface but new seed mixtures changed that in 2002. Wimbledon and the French Open are now much slower. On fast hardcourt (and the US is the third fastest) and at the Australian (also plays fast), Nadal is typically overpowered. He has never made a US semi for example. Look for Nadal to struggle and go out either in the quarters or semis. I’m a big Nadal fan but it is a very bad surface for him (topspin with elongated strokes are certain death).

  • I think Nadal is FINE as hell. Don’t know why… he’s kinda off-beat looking. Just the agressive-ness. hot-a-mighty-dayum.

    love nadal he looks hecka hot. hes a like a mayorkan farmor tho…
    anyway i really really hate federer hez like a …………wannabe elite guy with his lil vests and gold crowns and stuff……..PLUS hes a closeted gey

  • Wait he was wearing clothes? I think I stripped them off in my mind. Look at those arms. Good lord. Umm, is he new Nike look mesh? I think mesh would be an awesome addition to tennis. Wow. Look at that pretty brown skin and lean muscle. He’s kind of built like a soccer player. Thick, long, wavy hair. Please take this post down. Lets pretend it never happened. Are you TRYING to create an international incident, we are already hated around the globe.

    All I need is a little DNA – just a little….