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Gold medal-winning Olympic decathlete Bryan Clay looking really really sexy with a gold medal to boot!

I understand a lot of you readers don’t think Michael Phelps has the whole package (ie- he kind of looks like Screech Powers from the neck up) but you can’t deny the hotness that is Bryan Clay.

Clay was the first American since Dan O’Brien in 1996 to win gold in the decathlon. Ah, I miss the Olympics.

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  • No no do not use -licious. I have to watch PR once a week and that’s all the -licious I can take.

  • Michael Phelps looks OK until he smiles. Those horse teeth just ruin his pictures. Can’t believe they spent all that money on swimming lessons and training, but none fixing his smile (or cropping those ears).

    Bryan Clay is the real deal.

  • This guy looks like the younger brother of that lead singer from the Fine Young Cannibals. Weird.

    I’m outta touch…I didn’t know the dude won the gold in the decathlon. That’s some in shape shit there, y’all.

  • i don’t understand how why nbc virtually ignored this guy. after the marathon the decathalon is the most difficult event at the olympics.

    congrats to him! thanks for mentioning him evilt! he definitely deserves some notice. i’d buy a box of wheeties with him on it!

  • @Yeah: Wow, he DOES look like the Fine Young Cannibals guy in this picture, only a MUCH prettier version. Being totally superficial here, Phelps has a great body, but Clay has the whole package. Heh heh, I said “package”.

  • actually he is married with at least one small child. he might be gay, but that seems like an extreme cover in this day and age.

  • WOOOOO-HOOOOO He was my favorite Olympian–for both athletically and superficially relevant reasons.

  • overheard just a short time ago: “bryan clay, you are a national hero that we will always admire and appreciate for your hard work”.

    overheard 6 months from now: “hey boy, park my car in a good spot, would you buddy”?