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David Duchovny’s Dark Mysterious Secret

He is addicted to sex. Ummmm, what????

This is a random piece of news.

“I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction,” he said in a statement released through his lawyer, Stanton “Larry” Stein. “I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family.”

Larry, tell us more! Did playing an oversexed guy on “Californication” make you addicted to sex? Have you always been this way? Was it the aliens? Is is porn? Other women????

I hate these weird cryptic statements…I want the dirty details.

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  • He’s married to an ex p. o. r. n. star and costars with one…. not suprised by this news.

    ok seriously – the notes need to be approved with the word p . o . r . n . ?

  • He isn’t married to an ex porn star, he’s married to Tea Leoni.

    P.S. I want to know how his kids are going to help him work through his sex addiction as part of the family. OH, MULDER, WHAT HAST HAPPENED TO THEE?

  • Everyone knew something was wrong when they pulled their Mailbu house off the market, and she never showed up at one X File Movie premier with him. Plus the kids have been hidden away, usually there are beach shots of the family out once or twice at the beach during the summer. Which usually means there is a divorce about to happen.

    There was a rumor he was doing the nasty with a 20 year old bit part chick on the set of Californication.

  • What the hell is it with all this psychological mumbo-jumbo? You screw around on your wife and instead of being a pig, you’re labelled as someone who simply has a medical condition. Fuck that. “Spooky” is nothing more than an asshole.

  • I can see a female addicted to sex. A guy can THINK about sex all the time, but how many times can actually do a day? Medically speaking a male reproduction organ can only produce so much sperms a day. Just wondering?

  • I thought everyone already knew this. I read a magazine several years ago, when he was still on the X-Files, where he said he was addicted to sex.

  • This is way old news. I read an article about it in -96. And they used the picture where he posé with a cup on his.. private parts.

  • xxx, sex aint about the sperm tho you know. A man can have a orgasm and not shoot any load. Its two different things who usally happens at the same time but not always.

  • The fact that he publicly announced this tells me something was about to come out in the public. Either that or he’s trying to be bold about his problem in order to win back his wife.

    LOL, he used to host that soft core show on Showtime, Red Shoe Diaries. Maybe they were all based on his life? :D

  • xxx and Kattis, a man, or woman for that matter, doesn’t necessarily need to have sex multiple times a day to be a “sex addict”. It could simply mean sleeping with a different woman several times (or less or more) a week. However, I do think extreme promiscuity is now being called sex-addiction. He may just be a jerk or have no self control.

  • xxx and Kattis, a man, or woman for that matter, doesn’t necessarily need to have sex multiple times a day to be a “sex addict”. It could simply mean sleeping with a different woman several times (or less or more) a week. However, I do think extreme promiscuity is now being called sex-addiction. He may just be a jerk or have no self control.

  • Hah! Someone at Celeb Cupid got the memo the Beet is on vacation!

    I had the same thought as Amy: if D-Duck had to release an embarrassing statement, that means he’s undercutting someone else who was about to blab. Yikes.

  • ACTUALLY.. sex addiction doesn’t meant addicted to sex (as the label implies). It’s more of a mental condition such as alcoholism where one constantly thinks about sex, tries to work in a field related to sex, rearranges one’s schedule to make time for sex (or porn).. pretty much your life revolves around making time for sexual stimulus (e.g. porn, strip clubs, prostitues anything related to sex although not exclusively sex)

  • 1-Teo Leoni was never in po rn
    2-sex can b an addiction, emphasis on the can part.

    I have to agree with tiger33,
    ” However, I do think extreme promiscuity is now being called sex-addiction.”

    and is being used as an excuse for many people of both genders.
    I know there are several , i want to call them symptoms, but thats not the right word, for sex addiction, and only having one or two does not mean you are one.

  • Pardon, Windy… I mean douchefag, but Tea Leoni was never in porn EVER. David Duchovny himself hosted some soft porn on Cinemax back in the day, but Tea Leoni is a bad actress, not a bad porn star. Get your facts straight before you start being an annoying ass.

  • I guess men think about sex most of the time
    and I agree with the promiscuity theory
    I just cannot understand how to cure a disease that is not tjere at all
    but it’s a way of facilities making their money
    a condition so difficult to heal
    must be soooo expensive to treat

  • Omgosh.. I could understand why… I never ever liked him until I started watching Californication and now I want to fornicate with him.. wait that wouldnt help a thing would it.

  • I am walking on the beach in Malibu with two wonderful huge dogs who are one quarter wolf I find out later. I am new to the dogs and they are new to me. David comes jogging by and because of a rocky out crop we all forced into close proximity of one another. He passed and I feel the dog in back tugging at the leash. I look around and the dog is air born snapping at the back of his head! A little more leash and she would have got him! He never knew and I found something about the dogs that I needed to know.

    Oh… They all just get power mad and it is easy for them to screw anything that moves so they do. No surprise.

  • he’s a fucking pussy. no real guy would admit to entering a clinic for that stupid fucking reason. i’m guessing he got caught with his trousers around his ankles with some underage sitter or something. pussy.

  • hee hee. beet makes you go through the censors when you write ‘p#ussy’ in your text. that’s fucking HIlarious, and my cock thinks so too.

  • I remember reading about him banging his tennis coach, too. I bet his wifey finally found out and went apeshit on him and demanded he go to rehab. She knew the truth would come out and wanted him to do damage control before the shit hit the fan. Love you beet.

  • Sex addiction is a ‘medical condition’ you acquire when you get caught cheating on your wife.


  • Duchovny was about to be outted by the tabloids for messing with trannys so he ran off to rehab and issued a statement like all weasils do when they get nabbed. You heard me, TRANNYS, that was his thing.

  • sounds like he got caught cheating and begged his wife to forgive him bc he has a disease and agreed to enter rehab for it, and didnt want the media to think he was on drugs

  • Any addiction is where you use a substance or activity to medicate feelings and continue even when using causes disruption of other parts of your life. Work can be an addiction, too.

    Can’tKeepItInYourPants-itis would disrupt one’s life especially if he was shelling out big bucks like Brinkley’s hubby was.

  • Brinkley’s hubby is a narcissist as is Mr. XXXFiles. Most hollywood people are, they literally think the world revolves around their self centered need for attention. The only addiction here is to self love.

  • Who says Leoni was a porn star? FACT CHECK!! She is a Sarah Lawrence drop out but never a porn star.


  • Dave and I had copious anal sex while working on the set of X-Files. That was why I was always smoking a cig. He always wanted me to doll up and meet me in my trailer.

  • I always found David Duchovny annoying. Very cocky/arrogant and his acting skills leave much to be desired.
    Many actors are this way, but he certainly doesn’t hide it.

    Sex addiction? Ok, that’s funny. The truth is, all guys love sex and many jump at the opportunity if it’s tossed in their face, i.e. an actor’s lifestyle makes it that much easier.
    Some women are ready to forgive this behavior, others not so much. Besides, Tea has 2 children invested in this relationship so I suppose she has decided to chance it and put up with his lust for booty.

  • Tea Leoni is not a porn star, she may not be a great actress but she is NO porn star. I only liked David in The X Files. I saw only a few episodes of his new show and it was enough to make me stop watching. I find him arrogant and cocky. I agree that his acting skills are not that great. I’m SICK and TIRED of constantly hearing how big his DICK is and how hot he supposedly is. Don’t get me wrong he is not a bad looking guy, but there are PLENTY of men out there, famous or not that look and act better than him.